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The European Union as Protector and Promoter of Equality (European Union and its Neighbours in a Globalized World #1) 3547380 Thomas Giegerich 9783030437640 2020
Internet Addiction in Adolescents: The PROTECT Program for Evidence-Based Prevention and Treatment 3410668 Katajun Lindenberg Sophie Kindt Carolin Szász-Janocha 9783030437848 2020 Contains images
Designing for Inclusion: Inclusive Design: Looking Towards the Future 3402969 Jonathan Lazar Patrick Langdon Ann Heylighen Hua Dong 9783030438654 2020 Contains images
Political Activism and Basic Income Guarantee: International Experiences and Perspectives Past, Present, and Near Future (Exploring the Basic Income Guarantee) 3410146 Richard K. Caputo Larry Liu 9783030439040 2020 Contains images
Corporate Conservatives Go to War: How the National Association of Manufacturers Planned to Restore American Free Enterprise, 1939–1948 (Palgrave Studies in American Economic History) 3410474 Charlie Whitham 9783030439088 2020 Contains images
Land Cover and Land Use Change on Islands: Social & Ecological Threats to Sustainability (Social and Ecological Interactions in the Galapagos Islands) 3638972 Stephen J. Walsh Philip H. Page Diego Riveros-Iregui Javier Arce-Nazario 9783030439736 2020 Contains images
Cycling & Walking for Regional Development: How Slowness Regenerates Marginal Areas (Research for Development) 3627058 Paolo Pileri Rossella Moscarelli 9783030440039 2021 Contains images
Trust: A Philosophical Approach (Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics #54) 3398618 Adriano Fabris 9783030440183 2020 Contains images
Challenges of Globalization and Prospects for an Inter-civilizational World Order 3754073 Ino Rossi 9783030440589 2020 Contains images
Shifting Solidarities: Trends and Developments in European Societies 3585030 Ine Van Hoyweghen Valeria Pulignano Gert Meyers 9783030440626 2020 Contains images
How Referendums Challenge European Democracy: Brexit and Beyond (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics) 3406566 Richard Rose 9783030441173 2020 Contains images
Need-Based Distributive Justice: An Interdisciplinary Perspective 3348931 Bernhard Kittel Stefan Traub 9783030441210 2020 Contains images
Trump, Twitter, and the American Democracy: Political Communication in the Digital Age (The Evolving American Presidency) 3547001 Yu Ouyang Richard W. Waterman 9783030442422 2020 Contains images
Graphic Novels as Pedagogy in Social Studies: How to Draw Citizenship (Palgrave Studies in Global Citizenship Education and Democracy) 3371430 Angelo J. Letizia 9783030442521 2020 Contains images
Bills of Rights Before the Bill of Rights: Early State Constitutions and the American Tradition of Rights, 1776-1790 3629922 Peter J. Galie Christopher Bopst Bethany Kirschner 9783030443016 2020 Contains images
The European Central Bank between the Financial Crisis and Populisms 3626742 Corrado Macchiarelli Claudia Wiesner Mara Monti Sebastian Diessner 9783030443481 2020 Contains images
Environmental Performance and Social Inclusion in Informal Settlements: A Favela Project Based on the IMM Integrated Modification Methodology (Research for Development) 3384232 Gabriele Masera Massimo Tadi 9783030443528 2020 Contains images
Capitalism and Freedom in African Political Philosophy 3356786 Grivas Muchineripi Kayange 9783030443603 2020 Contains images
Media Activist Research Ethics: Global Approaches to Negotiating Power in Social Justice Research (Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research - A Palgrave and IAMCR Series) 3628098 Sandra Jeppesen Paola Sartoretto 9783030443894 2020 Contains images
China-India Relations: Geo-political Competition, Economic Cooperation, Cultural Exchange and Business Ties (Understanding China) 3410204 Young-Chan Kim 9783030444259 2020 Contains images
Religion and Economics 3348951 Resit Ergener 9783030444556 2020
Macroeconomics as Systems Theory: Transcending the Micro-Macro Dichotomy 3349447 Richard E. Wagner 9783030444655 2020 Contains images
Joseph Carens: Between Aliens and Citizens (Münster Lectures in Philosophy #6) 3601507 Matthias Hoesch Nadine Mooren 9783030444761 2020 Contains images
Naturally Challenged: Contested Perceptions and Practices in Urban Green Spaces (Cities and Nature) 3596169 Nicola Dempsey Julian Dobson 9783030444808 2020 Contains images
Parental Life Courses after Separation and Divorce in Europe (Life Course Research and Social Policies #12) 3410693 Michaela Kreyenfeld Heike Trappe 9783030445751 2020 Contains images

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Showing 62,951 through 62,975 of 68,899 results