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Recuperating The Global Migration of Nurses 3374416 Cleovi C. Mosuela 9783030445805 2020
Epistemic Democracy and Political Legitimacy (Palgrave Studies in Ethics and Public Policy) 3318567 Ivan Cerovac 9783030446024 2020 Contains images
Global Citizenship Education: Critical and International Perspectives 3626382 Abdeljalil Akkari Kathrine Maleq 9783030446178 2020 Contains images
Contextualizing Jamaica’s Relationship with the IMF 3634707 Carol Nelson Christine Clarke 9783030446635 2020 Contains images
America's Wars on Democracy in Rwanda and the DR Congo 3410399 Justin Podur 9783030446994 2020
Faith-Based Organizations and Social Welfare: Associational Life and Religion in Contemporary Eastern Europe (Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy) 3626378 Paul Christopher Manuel Miguel Glatzer 9783030447076 2020 Contains images
Close Ties in European Local Governance: Linking Local State and Society (Palgrave Studies in Sub-National Governance) 3628086 Filipe Teles Hubert Heinelt Adam Gendźwiłł Cristina Stănuș 9783030447946 2021 Contains images
International Perspectives in Educational Effectiveness Research 3601510 James Hall Pamela Sammons Ariel Lindorff 9783030448103 2020 Contains images
Digital Peripheries: The Online Circulation of Audiovisual Content from the Small Market Perspective (Springer Series in Media Industries) 3378222 Petr Szczepanik Pavel Zahrádka Jakub Macek Paul Stepan 9783030448509 2020 Contains images
Analysis of Environmental Policy in the Power Sector: Equilibrium Methods and Bi-Level Modeling (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science #292) 3348644 Afzal S. Siddiqui Yihsu Chen Makoto Tanaka 9783030448660 2020 Contains images
Nanopesticides: From Research and Development to Mechanisms of Action and Sustainable Use in Agriculture 3738415 Renato Grillo Leonardo F. Fraceto Vera Lucia S.S. de Castro Daiana Ávila Halley Caixeta Oliveira Renata Lima 9783030448738 2020 Contains images
Syria: Borders, Boundaries, and the State (Mobility & Politics) 3646997 Matthieu Cimino 9783030448776 2020 Contains images
Sanctuary Regions and the Struggle for Belonging: Undocumented Immigrants in the United States (Mobility & Politics) 3354543 Zeina Sleiman-Long 9783030448851 2020
Transnational Policy Entrepreneurs: Bureaucratic Influence and Knowledge Circulation in Global Cooperation 3381533 Ulrike Zeigermann 9783030448936 2020 Contains images
Disjunctive Prime Ministerial Leadership in British Politics: From Baldwin to Brexit (Palgrave Studies in Political Leadership) 3479064 Christopher Byrne Kevin Theakston Nick Randall 9783030449117 2020
Civilizational Discourses in Weapons Control 3547714 Ritu Mathur 9783030449438 2020
From 'Japan Problem' to 'China Threat'?: Rising Powers in US Economic Discourse (Global Political Sociology) 3548084 Nicola Nymalm 9783030449513 2020 Contains images
Law, Security and the State of Perpetual Emergency 3479101 Linda S. Bishai 9783030449599 2020 Contains images
Craftspeople and Designer Makers in the Contemporary Creative Economy (Creative Working Lives) 3734452 Susan Luckman Jane Andrew 9783030449797 2020 Contains images
Handbook on Geopolitics and Security in the Arctic: The High North Between Cooperation and Confrontation (Frontiers in International Relations) 3479097 Joachim Weber 9783030450052 2020 Contains images
The Trump Doctrine and the Emerging International System (The Evolving American Presidency) 3587043 Stanley A. Renshon Peter Suedfeld 9783030450502 2021 Contains images
Richard Rorty: Outgrowing Modern Nihilism 3547817 Tracy Llanera 9783030450588 2020
Infrasocial Power: Political Dimensions of Human Action 3457214 Lorenzo Infantino 9783030450816 2020
The Resurgence of Parish Council Powers in England 3431734 Alistair Jones 9783030451288 2020
Gender and Authority across Disciplines, Space and Time 3597974 Adele Bardazzi Alberica Bazzoni 9783030451608 2020 Contains images

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Showing 62,976 through 63,000 of 68,889 results