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Futures of Reproduction: Bioethics and Biopolitics 675857 Catherine Mills 9789400714267 2011
Lawyers Making Meaning.... 1360022 Jan M. Broekman Larry Catà Backer 9789400754584 2012
The Social, Cultural, and Political Discourses of Autism (Education, Equity, Economy #9) 4323829 Jessica Nina Lester Michelle O'Reilly 9789402421347 2021
VAMOS A DORMIR! (EBOOK) 626799 Martin Gruenberg 9789502805849 2012 Contains images
Todo marcha sobre ruedas: Testimonio de un renacer 3272735 María Paz Díaz 9789563841732 2020
Estrella y Luz 3181791 Roberto Fuentes 9789569476433 2020 Contains images
Los increíbles 2833350 Óscar Caro (FIDEC) Diego Rubio 9789585477858 2019 Contains images
Empowering Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 1536917 Amanda Webster Joy Cumming Susannah Rowland 9789811020841 2017 Contains images
From Exploitation to Empowerment: A Socio-Legal Model of Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Intellectually Disabled Children 2282294 Asha Bajpai 9789811317187 2018 Contains images
Politicising Polio: Disability, Civil Society and Civic Agency in Sierra Leone 2959134 Diana Szántó 9789811361111 2020 Contains images
Intellectual Disability and Social Policies of Inclusion: Invading Consciousness without Permeability 3758505 David P. Treanor 9789811370564 2020
New Dynamics of Disability and Rehabilitation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2729053 Ivan Harsløf Ingrid Poulsen Kristian Larsen 9789811373466 2019 Contains images
Economy and Disability: A Game Theoretic Approach (Economy and Social Inclusion) 2837689 Akihiko Matsui 9789811376238 2019 Contains images
Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement: Stories from the Frontline 2959220 Steven K. Kapp 9789811384370 2020 Contains images
Disability Inclusion and Inclusive Education 5029900 Sailaja Chennat 9789811505249 2019 Contains images
Recognising Human Rights in Different Cultural Contexts: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) 5021371 Kelley Johnson Emily Julia Kakoullis 9789811507861 2020
Resilient Cyborgs: Living and Dying with Pacemakers and Defibrillators (Health, Technology and Society) 3402293 Nelly Oudshoorn 9789811525292 2020 Contains images
Disability Studies in India: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 3408630 Nilika Mehrotra 9789811526169 2020 Contains images
An Oral History of the Special Olympics in China Volume 3: Finding and Keeping a Job (Economy and Social Inclusion) 5928268 William P. Alford Mei Liao Fengming Cui 9789811550058 2020 Contains images
India’s Mental Healthcare Act, 2017: Building Laws, Protecting Rights 3384243 Richard M. Duffy Brendan D. Kelly 9789811550096 2020
An Oral History of the Special Olympics in China Volume 2: The Movement (Economy and Social Inclusion) 5924893 William P. Alford Mei Liao Fengming Cui 9789811551284 2020 Contains images
An Oral History of the Special Olympics in China Volume 1: Overview (Economy and Social Inclusion) 5926463 William P. Alford Mei Liao Fengming Cui 9789811551321 2020 Contains images
Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents with Disabilities 3771589 Tafadzwa Rugoho France Maphosa 9789811579141 2021 Contains images
The National Disability Insurance Scheme: An Australian Public Policy Experiment 4232445 Mhairi Cowden Claire McCullagh 9789811622441 2021 Contains images
Love for a Deaf Rebel: Schizophrenia On Bowen Island 4474677 Derrick King 9789811805752 2021

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Showing 6,976 through 7,000 of 7,016 results