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30th Scientific-Experts Conference of Agriculture and Food Industry: Answers for Forthcoming Challenges in Modern Agriculture (IFMBE Proceedings #78) 3400263 Enisa Omanović-Mikličanin Muhamed Brka Lutvija Karić Vedad Falan Almir Toroman 9783030400491 2020 Contains images
36 Nursing Cheat Sheets for Nursing Students 2208710 Jon Haws 9781508558880 2015
36 Steps on the Road to Medicare 1570198 C. Stuart Houston Merle Massie 9780773589582 2013 Contains images
36 zieke kinderen 2129054 Guus Jonge Arwen Sprij 9789031384242 2012
360° Around Shoulder Instability 3446679 Giuseppe Milano Pietro S. Randelli Roman Brzóska Ladislav Kovačič 9783662610749 2020 Contains images
365 Days of Self-Care: A Journal 2217240 Jayne Hardy 9781409183440 2018 Contains images
365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-Care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing 2443004 Eve Menezes Cunningham Amy Brennan-Whittington Alan Cunningham 9781473892811 2017 Contains images
3D Automated Breast Volume Sonography: A Practical Guide 2110754 Veronika Gazhonova 9783319419718 2017 Contains images
3D Bioprinting: Modeling In Vitro Tissues and Organs Using Tissue-Specific Bioinks 2977220 Ge Gao Dong-Woo Cho Byoung Soo Kim Jinah Jang Wonil Han Narendra K. Singh 9783030322229 2019 Contains images
3D Bioprinting in Medicine: Technologies, Bioinks, and Applications 2956482 Murat Guvendiren 9783030239060 2019 Contains images
3D Bioprinting in Regenerative Engineering: Principles and Applications (CRC Press Series In Regenerative Engineering) 2508027 Ali Khademhosseini Gulden Camci-Unal 9781315280479 2018 Contains images
3D Cell Culture: Fundamentals and Applications in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2051058 Ranjna C. Dutta Aroop K. Dutta 9781351378512 2018 Contains images
3D Echocardiography of Structural Heart Disease: An Imaging Atlas 2111851 Hakimeh Sadeghian Zahra Savand-Roomi 9783319540399 2017 Contains images
3D Histology Evaluation of Dermatologic Surgery 2101200 Patrick Adam Helmut Breuninger 9781447144380 2012 Contains images
3D Imaging in Endodontics: A New Era in Diagnosis and Treatment 2109538 Mohamed Fayad Bradford R. Johnson 9783319314662 2016 Contains images
3D Imaging Technologies in Atherosclerosis 2102479 Jasjit S. Suri Rikin Trivedi Luca Saba 9781489976185 2015 Contains images
3D Multiscale Physiological Human 2101284 Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann Osman Ratib Hon Fai Choi 9781447162759 2014 Contains images
3D Printing and Bio-Based Materials in Global Health: An Interventional Approach to the Global Burden of Surgical Disease in Low-and Middle-Income Countries (SpringerBriefs in Materials #First Edition) 2112475 Sujata K. Bhatia Krish W. Ramadurai 9783319582771 2017 Contains images
3D Printing and Biofabrication (Tissue Engineering and Regeneration) 2064475 Aleksandr Ovsianikov James Yoo Vladimir Mironov 9783319454443 2018 Contains images
3D Printing in Biomedical Engineering (Materials Horizons: From Nature to Nanomaterials) 3548107 Rupinder Singh Chander Prakash Sunpreet Singh 9789811554247 2020 Contains images
3D Printing in Medicine: A Practical Guide for Medical Professionals 2112863 Frank J. Rybicki Gerald T. Grant 9783319619248 2017 Contains images
3D Printing of Pharmaceuticals (AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series #31) 2143654 Simon Gaisford Abdul W. Basit 9783319907550 2018 Contains images
3D Sponge-Matrix Histoculture: Methods And Protocols (Methods In Molecular Biology #1760) 2102984 Robert M. Hoffman 9781493977451 2018 Contains images
The 3D Stereotaxic Brain Atlas of the Degu: With Mri And Histology Digital Model With A Freely Rotatable Viewer (Brain Science) 2280602 Noriko Kumazawa-Manita Tsutomu Hashikawa Atsushi Iriki 9784431566151 2019 Contains images
3D Virtual Treatment Planning of Orthognathic Surgery: A Step-by-Step Approach for Orthodontists and Surgeons 2124959 Gwen R. J. Swennen 9783662473894 2016 Contains images

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Showing 76 through 100 of 35,835 results