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Abracadaver (Sergeant Cribb #3)

by Peter Lovesey

Sergeant Cribb and Constable Thackeray prove themselves among Scotland Yard's finest as they pursue the trail of a mysterious and vicious criminal through the riotous music halls of nineteenth-century London. Performers have been falling victim to a series of bizarre and humiliating practical jokes perpetrated during performances. But no one is laughing the night a young woman is murdered during her disappearing act at the Paragon Music Hall. Cribb and Thackeray go undercover to investigate . . .

The Absent Author (A to Z Mysteries)

by Ron Roy

From the Book jacket: Dink Douglas writes his favorite writer Wallis Wallace, and invites him to visit Green Lawn. Wonder of wonders, Wallace says yes! In fact, the famous writer says that the only way he won't come is if he's kidnapped. -But when the big day comes, Wallis Wallace is nowhere to be found. The police think he just missed his plane, but Dink knows better. It's up to Dink and his two best friends, Josh and Ruth Rose, to find Wallace-before it's too late! Don't miss the next book in the A to Z Mysteries series- The Bald Bandit For grades 2-4

Absent Friends

by S. J. Rozan

The secrets of a group of childhood friends unravel in this haunting thriller by Edgar Award winner S. J. Rozan. Set in New York in the unforgettable aftermath of September 11, Absent Friends brilliantly captures a time and place unlike any other, as it winds through the wounded streets of New York and Staten Island. . . and into a maze of old crimes, damaged lives, and heartbreaking revelations. The result is not only an electrifying mystery and a riveting piece of storytelling but an elegiac novel that powerfully explores a world changed forever on a clear September morning. In a novel that will catch you off guard at every turn, and one that is guaranteed to become a classic, S. J. Rozan masterfully ratchets up the tension one revelation at a time as she dares you to ponder the bonds of friendship, the meaning of truth, and the stuff of heroism.

Absent Witness

by Nancy Kopp

Katherine was a patient at nationally renowned Jackson Memorial Hospital when she was mysteriously impregnated, and Carrie knows that behind this institution's carefully maintained facade lies all the evidence she needs to take her case to trial-- and win. But even with the help of her colleague, Will, it's not going to be easy to uncover the truth--because someone with a lot to lose is giving a brutal new meaning to the term "obstruction of justice".

Absolute Fear (New Orleans #4)

by Lisa Jackson

Eve Renner has struggled to remember the night she was almost killed and her lover was tried for murder. Her shattered memory helped Cole walk on murder charges just as a new series of killings began.

Absolute Friends

by John Le Carré

By chance and not by choice, Ted Mundy, eternal striver, failed writer, and expatriate son of a British Army officer, used to be a spy. But that was in the good old Cold War days, when a cinder-block wall divided Berlin and the enemy was easy to recognize. Today, Mundy is a down-at-the-heels tour guide in southern Germany, dodging creditors, supporting a new family, and keeping an eye out for trouble while in spare moments vigorously questioning the actions of the country he once bravely served. And trouble finds him, as it has before, in the shape of an old German student friend, radical, and onetime fellow spy, the crippled Sasha, seeker after absolutes, dreamer, and chaos addict. After years of trawling the Middle East and Asia as an itinerant university lecturer, Sasha has yet again discovered the true, the only, answer to life-this time in the form of a mysterious billionaire philanthropist named Dimitri. Thanks to Dimitri, both Mundy and Sasha will find a path out of poverty, and with it their chance to change a world that both believe is going to the devil. Or will they? Who is Dimitri? Why does Dimitri's gold pour in from mysterious Middle Eastern bank accounts? And why does his apparently noble venture reek less of starry idealism than of treachery and fear? Some gifts are too expensive to accept. Could this be one of them? With a cooler head than Sasha's, Mundy is inclined to think it could. In Absolute Friends, John Le Carré delivers the masterpiece he has been building to since the fall of communism: an epic tale of loyalty and betrayal that spans the lives of two friends from the riot-torn West Berlin of the 1960s to the grimy looking-glass of Cold War Europe to the present day of terrorism and new alliances. This is the novel Le Carré fans have been waiting for, a brilliant, ferocious, heartbreaking work for the ages.

Absolute Power

by David Baldacci

Set in Washington D.C., this fascinating thriller of unparalleled suspense dares to explore an unthinkable abuse of power and criminal conspiracy: a vicious murder involving the US President and a cover-up orchestrated by his zealously loyal Chief of Staff and the Secret Service. But, unknown to the President and his lackeys, one unlikely witness saw everything.Trapped behind a two-way mirror in a country house in Maryland, Luther Whitney, a professional burglar, witnesses an event that destroys his faith in justice. By the time he escapes, pursued by two Secret Service agents, a young woman has been sexually assaulted, then shot dead. And a breathtaking cover-up has been set in motion.

Absolute Rage (Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi #14)

by Robert K. Tanenbaum

New York Times bestselling author Robert K. Tanenbaum delivers his grittiest, most ethically challenging thriller yet, as New York chief assistant district attorney Butch Karp fights for his family in the wilds of West Virginia's coal mining country. While New York City sizzles beneath a blanket of early summer humidity, the Karp family is happily taking refuge in their renovated farmhouse on Long Island's north shore. Karp's battles against the City's corrupt politicians are never-ending. His wife, Marlene, is training guard dogs on their picturesque acreage; Lucy is enjoying her summer break from Boston College and playing the part of the dutiful daughter, assisting with the running of the business and tending to her rambunctious twin brothers. The tide quickly changes, however, when Marlene befriends her beachside neighbor, Rose Wickham-Heeney, a northeastern aristocrat turned wife of West Virginia coal mine union leader Ralph ³Red² Heeney. Soon after the fun-filled weeks of family barbecues and lazy afternoons with the Heeneys, the Karps discover that Rose, Red, and their daughter, Lizzie, have been brutally murdered back home in McCullensburg. Irresistible force meets immovable object when the West Virginia governor appoints Karp as special prosecutor to bring justice to the corrupt town, its union chieftain, and his band of merry thugs. Marlene joins Karp as he searches for the killers and works to save his own family from an evil that runs as deep as the mines that fuel it.

Absolute Zero

by Chuck Logan

On one of the coldest nights in Minnesota history, the difference between life and death is literally the blink of an eye for Phil Broker, until recently St. Paul's most successful undercover cop. That blink will convey the urgent warning of a comatose man who knows the dark truth binding Broker to a remarkable cast of characters -- a weary anesthesiologist, a brilliant surgeon, a wealthy novelist, his exwife (a reformed exotic dancer), and her unrepentant pimp.For Broker it all began when he agreed to take three big-city professionals on a canoeing trip across Minnesota's most remote lakes. One of the three is horribly injured in a freak October blizzard, and Broker embarks on a white-knuckle rescue against time and the elements, ending with a writer in a coma and his accountant dead. Suspicious of foul play, Broker follows a twisted trail of manipulation and revenge that leads back to the writer's beautiful wife -- and a ring of men caught in a deadly competition for her affections.Absolute Zero is suspense writing at its finest, a novel whose surprising reversals and unexpectedly nuanced characters secure Chuck Logan's reputation as "one of the best of the . . . thriller breed" and blows the lid off Minnesota's best-kept literary secret.

Absolution by Murder: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland (Sister Fidelma Mystery #1)

by Peter Tremayne

In seventh century Ireland, the Irish Church and Church of Rome convene a special council to reconcile the differences of their individual religious doctrines. Outspoken and sharp, the young Sister Fidelma of Kildare is among those asked to attend. But when the leading Celtic speaker is found savagely murdered, Sister Fidelma must quickly unmask the culprit--before this debate dissolves into all-out civil war!

Abuse of Power

by Michael Savage

From the New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio talk-show host comes a high-intensity debut thriller, the story of a smeared network journalist who uncovers a chilling terrorist plot Jack Hatfield is a hardened former war correspondent who rose to national prominence for his insightful, provocative commentary. But after being smeared as a bigot and extremist by a radical leftist media-watchdog group, he ultimately loses his job and finds himself working in obscurity as a freelance news producer in San Francisco. One afternoon Hatfield is on a ride-along with the SFPD bomb squad when a seemingly routine carjacking turns deadly, after police find several pounds of military-grade explosives in the jacked car. And when the FBI urges Hatfield to stay out of it, he knows he's onto something big. This event will open up a shadowy trail that leads Hatfield from San Francisco to Tel Aviv, London, Paris, and back again, as he works with a stunning Yemeni intelligence agent and a veteran Green Beret to expose a terrorist group known as the Hand of Allah--and a plot within the highest corridors of power that will dwarf 9/11. In this lightning-paced first thriller, spanning the globe from Europe and Israel to the back alleys of San Francisco's Chinatown, a reporter must make the choice between protecting his own life and investigating a terrorist cell whose goal is nothing less than total political control--no matter what the cost.

The Abyss

by Orson Scott Card

AARON BARNES WAS ON DUTY WITH THE SONAR SYSTEM OF THE USS MONTANA, AN OHIO-CLASS SSBN BALLISTIC MISSILE SUBMARINE. flames took the job seriously. He knew that if he made one mistake, they were all blind and deaf in the belly of the sea. So when the glider, still far off, began to emit a thrumming noise as it moved through the water, it was less than a second before Barnes noticed it, and only a few seconds more before both Barnes and the sonar computer concluded, from the sound-source's course and speed, that it wasn't a fish. Within moments, the whole crew was at battle stations. There weren't all that many countries in the world that even owned submarines, and none of them were neutral. Not at that speed, at that depth, at that time. Not in those waters. How fast was it? Barnes checked again. "Sixty knots," he whispered. "Sixty knots?" said Captain Kretschmer. His voice was calm enough-he simply didn't believe the information. "No way, Barnes. The Reds don't have anything that fast." "Checked it twice, skipper," Barnes told him. "It's a real unique signature. No cavitation, no reactor noise. Doesn't even sound like screws." In fact, it sounded like a fish with an incredibly loud heartbeat. But sixty knots? Wasn't a fish in the sea could move that fast even if it was pissing pure rocket fuel...

Abyss (Kirk McGarvey Series #15)

by David Hagberg

It's a pleasant summer afternoon in the Gulf Stream, twenty-five miles off Hutchinson Island on Florida's east coast, when NOAA scientist Dr. Eve Larsen is about to prove she has the answers not only to global warming but the solution to stopping killer storms across the planet. She is part of a multitrillion-dollar, multinational project to farm clean, endless energy from the ocean currents--and alter the planet's weather for the better. At that very moment, contract killer Brian DeCamp walks into the Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Station aiming to cause a meltdown so catastrophic it'll make Chernobyl seem like nothing. Security cam footage leads to an intervention by legendary former CIA director Kirk McGarvey,, who manages to thwart the catastrophe ... but the failed sabotage sets off a chain of events more terrifying than McGarvey could ever have imagined. The incident sets McGarvey on a trail of assassinations and dirty money that finally leads him to a charismatic preacher... controlled by a vicious derivative fund manager... who in turn is controlled not only by her own greed but by power brokers with enormous fortunes they will stop at nothing to protect.,... In Abyss, New York Times bestselling author David Hagberg pits The Expediter's Kirk McGarvey against the people who mean to destroy our future. With Big Oil ruthlessly hunting for profit after the BP disaster in the Gulf... the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Acceptable Risk

by Robin Cook

Robin Cook has always been on the cutting edge of the latest medical controversies. In Acceptable Risk, he confronts one of the most provocative issues of our time: personality-altering drugs and the complex moral questions they raise. Neuroscientist Edward Armstrong has managed to isolate a psychotropic drug with a strange and dark history--one that may account for the public hysteria during the Salem witch trials. In a brilliant designer-drug transformation, it is developed into an antidepressant with truly startling therapeutic capabilities. But who can be sure the drug is safe for consumers? Who defines the boundaries of "normal" human behavior? And if the drug's side effects are proven to be dangerous--even terrifying--how far will the medical community go to alter their standards of...Acceptable Risk.

Access To Power

by Robert Ellis

Drawing on his experience as a high-profile media consultant, first-time author Ellis spins a potent political thriller that deftly conveys the superficiality and shrewdness of life on Capitol Hill. When renowned image-maker Frank Miles is hired to wage a no-holds-barred advertising blitz for Mel Merdock, a senatorial candidate with deep pockets and few morals, Frank's primary concern is to win the race, even if his client isn't the best man for the job. Three weeks prior to election day, Frank's longtime business partner and friend, Woody, is murdered during what appears to be a botched robbery. Unable to shake the feeling that Woody's death was no accident and aware of the considerable enemies his sometimes sleazy media schemes have earned him, Frank does some investigating of his own and uncovers a shocking trail of corruption that leads all the way to the White House. Ellis writes in crisp, punchy prose, mirrored by the novel's short, sound bite-like chapters, which are skillfully woven to form an absorbing narrative. A side story involving a romance between Frank and an associate is a pleasing touch, and Ellis's painstaking attention to character development, pacing and detail will ensure that this hard-hitting debut will leave conspiracy buffs hungering for more.

Accessory to Murder (Josie Marcus #3)

by Elaine Viets

Josie Marcus, mystery shopper, made High Heels Are Murder "one of the funniest...mysteries to come along in ages."* Now the mall moll is back-and, with the murder of a scarf designer to solve, Josie's fit to be tied.... Retail spy and single mom Josie Marcus knows that mystery shopping isn't always glamorous-like when she has to sample greasy fast food...or when her best friend's husband, Jake, is accused of murder. Someone has killed Halley Hardwicke, the hot young designer of thousand-dollar Italian silk scarves, in the mall parking lot. Now the police suspect Jake, who lives near the wrap maven's home, because Halley and he were a little too neighborly. So Josie decides to go undercover to see if she can find some clues. And there's a lot more at stake than a scarf-even if it is to die for.

The Accident Man (Samuel Carver Series #1)

by Tom Cain

If Princess Diana had been murdered, what sort of man would have killed her? Breathlessly paced and featuring one of the most intriguing heroes in recent fiction, Tom Cain's The Accident Man surprises the reader at every turn. For a certain sum of money, Samuel Carver will arrange a death. A ruptured gas line, an automobile crash, a fall from a window; anything can look like an accident. But when Carver is to carry out a job in a tunnel in Paris, and when the job goes wrong for him, and when he is pursued by the very forces that hired him, Carver must execute his most daring feat yet. A thriller of the grandest and most exhilarating sort, The Accident Man races above and below the streets of Paris, across Europe, and through storms at sea. It is also a startling introduction to a hero engaged in acts of moral violence. With the dissolution of world powers, with everything and anything for sale, how does one justify death? Samuel Carver--a clouded man of determined action--will come to understand the prices to be paid. Fans of James Bond, the Jason Bourne films, and Lee Child will thrill at Samuel Carver's violent and uncertain world.

An Accidental American

by Alex Carr

Forced out of a self-imposed exile, one woman faces a lifetime's worth of secrets and betrayal-all in the name of staying alive. Nicole Blake had planned to leave her criminal life in the past. She had done her time in a dank prison in Marseille and relinquished the world of forgery and counterfeiting for an unassuming career as a freelance consultant. Now her world is a small farm in the French Pyrenees, with daily fresh eggs and the companionship of her devoted dog. But when U. S. intelligence operative John Valsamis shows up at her door, Nicole is reminded that she'll always be an ex-con. Valsamis is after Nicole's former lover, Rahim Ali, and soon Nicole finds herself back in Lisbon, tracking down Rahim in all their old haunts. Except now Rahim isn't just a document forger-he's a suspected terrorist. Unwittingly drawn into an international web of fundamentalism, crime, and corruption, Nicole discovers that its threads stretch from the cobbled streets of Lisbon to the once-beautiful city of her birth, Beirut, and to the top levels of the government that sent Valsamis to find her. And as with any good web, the harder Nicole fights to free herself, the tighter it closes around her. "Thought-provoking . . . The gritty atmosphere is perfectly drawn, and complex layers of lies and betrayal keep the reader happily guessing up to the end. " -Publishers Weekly "Chilling and utterly believable,An Accidental Americanhurls the reader into the dark and forbidding world of espionage. Not to be missed. " -Gayle Lynds, author ofThe Last Spymaster ______________________________________________________________ THE MORTALIS DOSSIER- ALEX CARR'S NOTE ON THE BOMBING OF THE AMERICAN EMBASSY IN BEIRUT On April 18, 1983, at one o'clock in the afternoon, a van carrying two thousand pounds of explosives blew up outside the American embassy in Beirut, killing sixty-three people. Among the victims were seventeen Americans, eight of whom represented the Central Intelligence Agency's entire Middle East contingent. In the years preceding the bombing, an increasing number of attacks on Western and Israeli interests had been carried out by Palestinian and Muslim extremists, but the Beirut bombing was widely seen as a watershed event for American policies in the region. With the exception of the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran four years earlier, an act that was carried out within the framework of Iran's Islamic revolution, the embassy bombing represented the first time America had been so directly and bloodily targeted by Islamic terrorists for its military involvement in the Middle East. It's impossible to see why the United States was such an unwelcome force without an understanding of the history of Lebanon and the surrounding region, and of American and Western involvement in the politics of the Middle East in general. Though Lebanon has existed in one form or another since the ninth century b. c. , the modern country of Lebanon was not established until 1920, when it was granted to the French as part of a system of mandates established for the administration of former Turkish and German territories following World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, almost all of what we think of as the modern Middle East was shaped by these mandates. America's first direct intervention in Lebanese politics came in 1946. During World War II, Lebanon had been declared a free state in order to liberate it from Vichy control. But when, after the war, Lebanon eventually moved toward full independence, the French balked, and the United States, Britain, and several Arab governments stepped

The Accidental Hunter

by Nelson George

The first assignment is unusual. The second will set D Hunter in urgent pursuit of a mysterious entity that is kidnapping Top Forty hitmakers. Always cloaked in the color black, security specialist D Hunter lives on the periphery of the monied Manhattan nightlife. But he's the man people come to when they need help without the interference of the NYPD. When a rising singer called Night is kidnapped, music manager Ivy Greenwich hires D Hunter to deliver the ransom. Mission is accomplished, but Greenwich isn't finished with Hunter. Greenwich has devised a tried-and-true plan to transform Bridgette Haze's mega-pop-star image from the tween-bubblegum-pop genre to an edgier urban one: bring her to New York City where she can be seen at the right night spots and work with leading hip-hop producers. But the recent near tragedy with Night convinces him that she'll need extra protection. D isn't really in the bodyguard business anymore, but he needs the money. So he reluctantly agrees, never expecting he'll need to fight both a surprising sexual attraction to Haze and the determination of one who is seeking revenge for betrayals of the past. Set in the hip-hop clubs and shrouded secret hearts of New York City,The Accidental Hunteris a page-turning adventure.

Accidental Murder (A Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery)

by Claire Mcnab

When people with no obvious connections to each other are dying in what appear to be legitimate accidents -- a fall down the stairs, a single-vehicle car crash, a drowning in a hot tub -- nothing seems amiss. Until, Detective Inspector Carol Ashton receives a call from a private investigator who works for a number of insurance companies. Recently, several large life insurance policy pay outs seem questionable but there is no proof of wrongdoing. As Carol begins an investigation of the completely unrelated deaths, she realizes this could be the toughest case of her career and perhaps, one impossible to solve.

The Accomplice

by Elizabeth Ironside

Jean Loftus has lived at Ashe House for more than 40 years. Its tidy contours, the soft colors of the garden, speak to an orderly, gracious, supremely English life. But when workmen unearth a skeleton from that garden, the skeletons from Jean's past begin rising to the surface. The life they speak of a childhood in Revolutionary Russia, chaotic years as a refugee between the two world wars was neither orderly nor English. Zita Daunsey, Jean's neighbor in this cozy Sussex town, would like to help Jean protect her secrets. But this task is made more difficult with the sudden arrival of a mysterious, aggressively inquisitive Russian student. What aging sin is Jean so anxious to conceal? And at what point does Zita become an accomplice to it?


by Lisa Scottoline

New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author Lisa Scottoline revolutionized crime fiction when she introduced her all-female law firm of Rosato & Associates, thrilling readers with her twisty, fast-paced plots and capturing their hearts with her cast of strong and relatable female characters. Now Bennie Rosato, Mary DiNunzio, Judy Carrier, and Anne Murphy are back with all cylinders firing in Accused. Mary Dinuzio has just been promoted to partner and is about to take on her most unusual case yet, brought to the firm by a thirteen-year-old genius with a penchant for beekeeping Allegra Gardner's sister Fiona was murdered six years ago, and it seemed like an open-and-shut case: the accused, Lonnie Stall, was seen fleeing the scene; his blood was on Fiona and her blood was on him; most damningly, Lonnie Stall pleaded guilty But Allegra believes Lonnie is innocent and has been wrongly imprisoned. The Gardner family is one of the most powerful in the country and Allegra's parents don't believe in reopening the case, so taking it on is risky But the Rosato & Associates firm can never resist an underdog Was justice really served all those years ago? It will take a team of unstoppable female lawyers, plus one thirteen-year-old genius, to find out

Accustomed to the Dark

by Walter Satterthwait

Santa Fe private detectives Joshua Croft and Rita Mondragon have recently become much more than friends and business partners. When Rita is shot and wounded, perhaps mortally, by the same vicious psychopath who tried to kill her once before, Joshua sets out to find the man. His pursuit takes him from the mountains of New Mexico to a posh Denver suburb, from the bleak plains of Kansas to the sweltering depths of the Florida Everglades. Along the way, he meets a sleazy former prison inmate, an eighty-year-old computer expert, a brutal drug dealer, a somber homicide cop, and a hardened mercenary with a very peculiar hobby. As Joshua races across the length of the United States toward a final confrontation with a savage killer, he also travels back through his own past, to the beginning of his relationship with the woman who now lies near death.

Acqua Alta (Guido Brunetti #5)

by Donna Leon

As Venice braces for a winter storm, the Italian sleuth Commissario Guido Brunetti finds out that an old friend has been savagely beaten at the palazzo home of a reigning diva. Then, as flood waters rise, a corpse is discovered. Brunetti must wade through the chaotic city to solve his deadliest case yet.

Across the China Sky

by C. Hope Flinchbaugh

This is the story of Kwan Mei Lin and her family continued from Daughter of China. China.

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