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10 passos para uma vida mais plena

by Dale Carnegie

Do autor de Como fazer amigos e influenciar pessoas, um livro que o ajudará a conseguir uma vida melhor, mais plena, em 10 simples passos. Há pessoas com um magnetismo extraordinário, luminosas, enérgicas. São forças da natureza, animais sociais, envolvidas nas comunidades em que estão inseridas, tão populares, que todas as portas parecem abrir-se à sua passagem e as suas vidas e carreiras avançam em velocidade de cruzeiro. Ser alegre, comunicativo e extrovertido atrai oportunidades, é inegável. E ter uma personalidade forte e uma presença agradável, gregária, é vital para o bem-estar pessoal e determinante para o sucesso profissional. Ser essa pessoa está ao seu alcance. Neste livro, Dale Carnegie ajuda-o a desenvolver o carisma que lhe valerá uma vida mais plena - basta seguir estes 10 simples passos: melhorar a sua autoimagem, estabelecer objetivos realistas, ser gentil, saber conversar, falar com confiança, manter boas relações com quem o rodeia, superar preocupações e medos, aprender a liderar, ajudar os outros a obter o sucesso que merecem e privilegiar a harmonia. Em cada capítulo encontrará as ferramentas essenciais para percorrer, sem medos, o caminho para uma vida melhor.

The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mind-Sets of the World's Richest People

by Alex Becker

USA Today Bestseller: How to think like a multimillionaire and leave 9-to-5 behind.The world has led you to believe that financial freedom is not something you can willfully create. You have been taught to view wealth as something that happens only to a lucky few who win a random business lottery or are blessed with unimaginable talent. The truth is that creating wealth does not come down to luck or talent. It comes down simply to your beliefs, understanding, and views—the &“pillars&” that reinforce your every action.Alex Becker not only breaks down the most important pillars for you, but also shows you how to bring them into your life today—to begin generating lifelong financial freedom. Discover how to: Successfully quit your 9 to 5 and take back your life without taking massive financial risks Separate your time from money so that you are constantly getting paid (even in your sleep) Understand the lessons multimillionaires have learned through years of trial and error Map out the exact steps needed to build million-dollar businesses Skip time-wasting mistakes and learn how to make money quickly by focusing solely on what gets you paid And more

Los 10 principios elementales del emprendedor ético

by Trad. Públ. Mariano Saab Kevin S Allen

Con millones de libros sobre emprendimientos en el mercado, ¿qué hace que Los 10 principios elementales del emprendedor ético sea diferente? La mayoría de estos libros están llenos de planes para hacerte rico y ganar dinero rápidamente. Sin embargo, este libro no expresa ninguna de esas ideas. Te voy a enseñar cómo crear y desarrollar un negocio con honestidad, integridad y un enfoque inquebrantable sobre el cliente, no solo en el dinero. Lo mejor de Los 10 principios elementales del emprendedor ético es que cualquier persona puede poner en marcha estos valores fundamentales en todas las relaciones comerciales y personales, sin contar con una capacitación especializada. Volverse un emprendedor puede ser desafiante, pero también muy gratificante. Requiere de trabajo duro, dedicación y sacrificio. Cuando estás absorto en conseguir dinero, te olvidas de la razón por la que quisiste ser un emprendedor inicialmente: ayudar a los demás y marcar la diferencia. Si bien los siguientes principios no garantizan éxito económico, te ayudarán a desarrollar una actividad comercial honesta.

The 10 Principles of Open Business

by Jamie Burke David Cushman

The 10 Principles of Open Business is a practical guide to organizational design for the Twenty-First Century. Using case studies, the authors define the 10 principles of open business that organisations must adopt to both survive and thrive, and provide a practical method to assess the reader's own organization.

10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Bank (Open Media Series)

by Kevin Danaher Anuradha Mittal

A veritable "Globalization for Dummies," 10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF & World Banklays bare the most common myths of globalization in a clear and understandable way. Looking with hope to grassroots movement-building on a global scale, Danaher presents ten arguments for abolishing the IMF and World Bank and replacing them with democratic institutions that would make the global economy more accountable to an informed and active citizenry. Conceived as an effort to educate the public about how international institutions of "free trade" are widening the gap between the rich and poor globally, Danaher reveals how the lending policies of the IMF and the World Bank fail to benefit Third World peoples, and instead line the pockets of undemocratic rulers and western corporations while threatening local democracies and forcing cuts to social programs.Through anecdotes, analysis, and innovative ideas, Danaher argues that the IMF and the World Bank undermine our most basic democratic values, and calls for reframing the terms on which international economic institutions are operated using the principles of environmental sustainability, social justice, and human rights.

10 reglas para comprender el mundo: Cómo los números pueden explicar (y mejorar) lo que sucede

by Tim Harford

¿Cuándo leíste por última vez unas cifras en un titular y te preguntaste si realmente eran ciertas? ¿Sabes que hay una herramienta que te ayuda a verlo todo con mayor nitidez y no son unas gafas de rayos X? Se trata de los números y los datos que manejan las estadísticas, indispensables en el relato con el que se construye hoy en día la actualidad política, económica y social. Y para comprender la realidad cambiante y compleja en la que vivimos no se necesita un doctorado en matemáticas. Basta un poco paciencia y sentido común, pero sobre todo, se requiere la curiosidad que Tim Harford, autor de El economista camuflado, sabe contagiar a sus lectores para observar el mundo con otros ojos. Reseña:«Tim Harford consigue que disfrutemos de las estadísticas de la vida cotidiana y que incluso lleguen a resultarnos fascinantes.»Bill Bryson, autor de Una breve historia de casi todo

The 10 Rules of Successful Nations

by Ruchir Sharma

The 10 Rules of Successful Nations offers a pithy guide to real-world economics, adapted from the New York Times bestseller The Rise and Fall of Nations. A wake-up call to economists who failed to foresee every recent crisis, including the cataclysm of 2008, The 10 Rules of Successful Nations is a slim primer full of pioneering insights on the political, economic, and social habits of successful nations. Distilled from Sharma’s quarter century traveling the world as a writer and investor, his rules challenge conventional textbook thinking on what matters—and what doesn’t—for a strong economy. He shows why successful nations embrace robots and immigrants, prefer democratic leaders to autocrats, elect charismatic reformers over technocrats, and pay no mind to the debate about big versus small government. He explains why rising stock prices matter as much or more than food prices, which measure of debt is the best predictor of economic crises, and why no one number can accurately capture the value of a currency. He also demonstrates how a close reading of the Forbes billionaire lists can offer the clearest real-time warning of populist revolts against the wealthy. Updated with brand-new data, 10 Rules reimagines economics as a practical art, giving general readers as well as political and business leaders a quick guide to the most important forces that shape a nation’s future.

The 10-Second Philosophy: A Practical Guide to Releasing Your Inner Genius

by Derek Mills

Everything was on a downward spiral in Derek Mills' life - his work, his physical and mental health, his relationships with family and friends. But it only took one insignificant question from an office security guard one night for Derek to stop, connect deep within himself and in the next 10 seconds begin to see a way to change his entire life completely.Over the next few years this led to him making amazing changes that created balance and harmony in all areas of his life, becoming a millionaire businessman and developing and sharing his methodology, The 10-Second Philosophy®, in front of international audiences as a speaker and coach.In this book, Derek invites you to use the words, phrases and questions we encounter in our everyday lives to stop, go inside and access our TrueSelf. From this place, we can set Standards® - not goals - for all areas of our life, to experience the same amazing transformation that he did. With stories, philosophy, exercises and quotes, this is a book of practical enlightenment from a man who became an unintentional guru for many people when they started asking how he changed his life around and how they could too. This is his story so far and it can be the doorway to your own journey of change and instant success.

The 10 Secrets of Entrepreneurs: How to stop being just an employee

by Keith Cameron Smith

The Ten Secrets of Entrepreneurs is a compelling guide to the ten key differences between successful or extraordinary entrepreneurs and unsuccessful or ordinary employees and the way they think and behave. This life-changing book will show how anyone can learn to switch their thinking to that of an extraordinary entrepreneurs and enjoy a more rewarding and fulfilling professional and personal life. The distinctions include:Entrepreneurs have an empowering perspective of failure.Employees see failure as bad.Entrepreneurs are solution finders.Employees are problem solvers.Entrepreneurs look into the future.Employees look into the past.In uncertain times, everyone wants to have more meaning and purpose in their professional and personal lives. In this inspirational and prescriptive guide, Keith Cameron Smith leads readers from a passive and possibly fearful view of their future to one they can actively engage in and firmly believe in.

10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators

by Carmine Gallo

Intended for salesmen and CEOs, this resource shares advice on generating passion, clarity, and authenticity during a business presentation. Examples drawn from interviews with famous leaders illustrate the importance of starting strong, keeping the speech short, being aware of body movement, and dressing well. Despite citing the findings of unnamed studies, no bibliography is provided. Annotation ©2005 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators (Ignite Reads)

by Carmine Gallo

Based on author Carmine Gallo's career as a Fortune 500 communications coach and Emmy Award-winning television journalist, 10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Communicators has been updated and revised to show business people how to achieve their personal and professional goals by mastering the ten simple secrets used by the world's greatest business communicators. The book offers techniques and proven tips that explain how these successful communicators connect with audiences who demand passion, inspiration, preparation, clarity, brevity, command presence, and simplicity, all delivered in a visually compelling package.

The 10 Step MBA for Safety and Health Practitioners

by Waddah S Ghanem Al Hashmi Rob Cooling

As an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) practitioner have you ever wondered "How can I shape my career trajectory to reach a C-suite position in business?" Or perhaps—for those who do not aspire to positions of this nature; "How can I develop my ability to persuade and influence top management more effectively?" The 10 Step MBA for Safety and Health Practitioners answers these questions to enable you to achieve your personal and professional OSH goals. Presented over 10 steps encompassing a typical MBA programme, a transformational model establishes key themes which are deemed critical in understanding the world of business to exert greater influence: Strategic – aligning OSH to the overall direction of a business and creating a lasting OSH purpose that all stakeholders can relate to Cross-functional – understanding the different parts of an organisation and integrating OSH within business functions and ways of working Distinctive – looking for creative new ways of presenting OSH data and information to generate interest and enthusiasm. From strategy and leadership to organisational behaviour and human resource management, from marketing and brand management to interpersonal skills, this book shows you how to combine the best of your specialist knowledge with important business tools, so you can embed OSH at the heart of your company. The book is an indispensable reference for OSH practitioners who want to make a positive change in their careers and become more effective in influencing and leading change.

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell (Ignite Reads #0)

by Paul Smith

NOW AN OWL (Outstanding Work of Literature) Leadership Award Winner!Every great leader is a great storyteller.As a manager, CEO, or team leader, how can you innovatively engage your employees so that they understand where your organization came from, where it's going, and how you're going to get there? How can you connect with your customers in a way that makes them believe in your company as passionately as you do? Paul Smith is one of the world's leading experts in business storytelling. He teaches people how to be more effective leaders by communicating their company's important mission, inspiring creativity, and earning the trust of valued stakeholders. The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell explores the journey behind success, and breaks down not just the importance of your company's story but how to craft compelling ones of your own.

10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College, Revised: The Skills You Need to Succeed

by Bill Coplin

A handy, straightforward guide that teaches students how to acquire marketable job skills and real-world know-how before they graduate—revised and updated for today’s economic and academic landscapes. Award-winning college professor and adviser Bill Coplin lays down the essential skills students need to survive and succeed in today’s job market, based on his extensive interviews with employers, recruiters, HR specialists, and employed college grads. Going beyond test scores and GPAs, Coplin teaches students how to maximize their college experience by focusing on ten crucial skill groups: Work Ethic, Physical Performance, Speaking, Writing, Teamwork, Influencing People, Research, Number Crunching, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving. 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in Collegegives students the tools they need to prepare during their undergraduate years to impress potential employers, land a higher-paying job, and start on the road to career security and satisfaction.

The $10 Trillion Prize

by Michael J. Silverstein David Michael Abheek Singhi Carol Liao

Meet your new global consumerYou've heard of the burgeoning consumer markets in China and India that are driving the world economy. But do you know enough about these new consumers to convert them into customers?Do you know that: There will be nearly one billion middle-class consumers in China and India within the next ten years? More than 135 million Chinese and Indians will graduate from college in this timeframe, compared to just 30 million in the United States? By 2020, 68 percent of Chinese households and 57 percent of Indian households will be in the middle and upper classes? The number of billionaires in China has grown from 1 to 115 in the past decade alone?In The $10 Trillion Prize, bestselling author Michael J. Silverstein and his The Boston Consulting Group colleagues in China and India provide the first comprehensive profile of the emerging middle class, primed to transform the global marketplace. Already the world's biggest buyers of cars, mobile phones, appliances, and more, these consumers are eager for more products and services. In fact, it's estimated that by 2020, consumers in China and India will generate about $10 trillion of total annual revenue for companies selling to them.This book explains who these consumers are-what they buy and why, how they think and shop, and how their needs and tastes are changing. It takes you into their lives so you can better understand what they want and what they're looking for.Only by fully comprehending the forces driving this new generation of consumers will your company be able to capitalize on the opportunities their buying power represents. Insightful and backed by rigorous research, this book takes you inside the hearts and minds of today's emerging Chinese and Indian consumers-both urban and rural, and across all income levels-positioning your company to win as the next wave of global affluence reaches the marketplace.

10 Truths About Leadership

by Peter A. Luongo Curt W. Coffman

Many leaders remember those life-changing moments when it suddenly became crystal clear what had to be done to reach their organizations' goals. It wasn't until Pete Luongo was faced with that one epiphany in his life, a difficult period that required him to rebalance life's priorities and bring a new understanding to his work, that he recognized that all results are based upon behaviors appropriate to the circumstances. Through this understanding - that actions are determined by specific, well-defined standards - he developed a model for success, one that is both sustainable and that allows people to retain their personal dignity as they pursue their life plans. In this book, Luongo illuminates the ten most common obstacles to success and pairs them with the ageless principles that help readers overcome them. His straightforward advice, based on data and hard-won experience, provides an understandable and virtually guaranteed plan for improvement and achievement.

10 Ways To Save On Online Shopping

by Murilo Bisco

Better than shopping over the internet and receiving the product at home, is to doing so while saving and spending less.

10 Ways To Screw Up An Ad Campaign: And How to Create Ones That Work

by Barry H Cohen

10 Ways to Screw Up an Ad Campaign is a practical, no-nonsense guide to avoiding the most common pitfalls. Written for the small business, professional practitioners, and those who work in the advertising field, this book is chock-full of real life examples, provides readers with a guide to avoiding the most frequently made mistakes in advertising. It covers everything from how to select and work with advertising counselors to evaluating which media to use, and when, to how you can “out advertise” the competition—even if you can’t outspend them. In addition to strategies for your creative and media campaigns, 10 Ways to Screw Up an Ad Campaign addresses the most critical item of all—how to effectively measure the success of your advertising.

10 Ways to Stay Broke . . . Forever: Why Be Rich When You Can Have This Much Fun?

by Laura J. Mcdonald Susan L. Misner

How to change your free-spending ways, live luxuriously on a budget, and build a sound financial future From the founders of GoldenGirlFinance. ca comes a new book on how to get your financial house in order and enjoy the freedom and happiness that comes with a secure financial future. In 10 Ways to Stay Broke. . . Forever, you'll learn why focusing on living well now is almost always a path to poverty later. You might have a new car, a beautiful house, and a wardrobe to die for, but you're shortchanging yourself if you haven't started saving and investing for retirement. In 10 Ways to Stay Broke . . . Forever, personal finance gurus Laura McDonald and Susan Misner show you how to start planning for tomorrow today. With simple guidance and straight talk about finances, they explain the things women do to stay broke and what you should do instead. From the founders of GoldenGirlFinance. ca, the leading personal finance site for Canadian women Written in an engaging, accessing, and conversational style that takes the fear out of the complex world of finance Features practical, actionable advice for taking control of your personal finances with real-life examples and handy tools Having money in your pocket is a great feeling. But there's no more amazing feeling than financial security. Having money in the bank means having power, possibility, and opportunity--and nothing feels better than that!


by Bernard Levine Zachary Watts


The $100,000 Club: How to Make a Six-Figure Income

by D. A. Benton

Now bestselling author D. A. Benton shows you how to break through your personal glass ceiling and earn $100,000 a year -- or more! Her can-do plan not only helps you change your whole approach to making money but, more important, helps you make new choices that lead to a happier, more successful life in every way.

The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

by Brian Tracy

The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success explains a series of practical proven methods, techniques, principles and "laws" that underlie virtually all business activity.

The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

by Brian Tracy

Why are some people more successful in business? Why do some businesses flourish where others fail? Renowned business speaker and author, Brian Tracy has discovered the answers to these profoundly puzzling questions. In The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success Tracy draws on his thirty years' experience and knowledge to present a set of principles or "universal laws" that lie behind the success of business people everywhere, in every kind of enterprise, large and small. These are natural laws, he says, and they work everywhere and for everyone, virtually without exception. Every year, says Tracy, thousands of companies underperform or even fail and millions of individuals underachieve, frustrated by thwarted ambition and dreams--all because they either attempted to violate or did not know these universal laws. But ignorance of the law is no excuse!Tracy breaks the 100 laws down into nine major categories: Life, Success, Business, Leadership, Money, Economics, Selling, Negotiating, and Time Management. For each of the nine groups he details the specific laws that govern it-laws such as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Service, the Law of Increasing Returns, the Law of Compensation, and the Law of Independence. Drawing on a lifetime of observation, investigation, and experience, Tracy not only identifies and defines each law, he also reveals its source and foundation, whether in science, nature, philosophy, experience, or common sense. He illustrates how it functions in the world using real-life anecdotes and examples shows how to apply it to your life and work through specific questions and practical steps and exercises that everyone can use--sometimes in just minutes--to begin the journey toward greater business success.Now for the first time in one volume, these key principles can be understood and put to use by business people of all ages and experience for better, faster, more predictable results. "When you know and understand them," writes Tracy, "you gain a tremendous advantage over those who do not. When you organize your life and business according to these universal laws and timeless truths, you find that it is much easier to build and run a successful and profitable business or department, no matter what external conditions might exist...You will attract and keep better people, produce and sell more and better products and services, control costs more intelligently, expand and grow more predictably, and increase your profits with greater consistency."Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success offers a straightforward, eye-opening, life-affirming approach to how the world of business really works.

100 Activities for Teaching Research Ethics and Integrity

by Catherine Dawson

This practical, user-friendly guide consists of 100 original activities that have been designed to inspire and support educators of research ethics and integrity at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Focussing on eight key areas, activities include: • Respecting human dignity, privacy and rights • Obtaining informed consent in the digital world • Capturing data on sexual orientation and gender identity • Recognizing and addressing bias when collecting data • Creating social change through research practice • Assessing the ethical implications of data sharing. Complete with detailed teaching notes and downloadable student handouts, as well as guidance on the type and level of each activity, 100 Activities for Teaching Research Ethics and Integrity is an essential resource for both online and face-to-face teaching.

100 Activities for Teaching Research Ethics and Integrity

by Catherine Dawson

This practical, user-friendly guide consists of 100 original activities that have been designed to inspire and support educators of research ethics and integrity at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Focussing on eight key areas, activities include: • Respecting human dignity, privacy and rights • Obtaining informed consent in the digital world • Capturing data on sexual orientation and gender identity • Recognizing and addressing bias when collecting data • Creating social change through research practice • Assessing the ethical implications of data sharing. Complete with detailed teaching notes and downloadable student handouts, as well as guidance on the type and level of each activity, 100 Activities for Teaching Research Ethics and Integrity is an essential resource for both online and face-to-face teaching.

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