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Human Rights and Legal Services for Children and Youth: Global Perspectives 5739795 Asha Bajpai David W. Tushaus Mandava Rama Krishna Prasad 9789819955510 2023 Contains images
Integrity, Transparency and Corruption in Healthcare & Research on Health, Volume II (Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application) 5757787 Kıymet Tunca Çalıyurt 9789819955022 2023 Contains images
The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law 2020 (The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law) 5836532 Mathew John Vishwas H. Devaiah Pritam Baruah Moiz Tundawala Niraj Kumar 9789819954674 2023 Contains images
The Way of Urbanizing China 5829537 Shilin Liu 9789819954438 2023 Contains images
Digitalization and Competition Policy in Japan 5995436 Shuya Hayashi Koki Arai 9789819953103 2024 Contains images
Hazing (Ragging) at Universities: A Legal Perspective 5887140 Aashish Srivastava Neerav Srivastava D.K. Srivastava 9789819952151 2023 Contains images
Research on Islamic Business Concepts: Proceedings of the 13th Global Islamic Marketing Conference, October 2022 (Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics) 5724173 Veland Ramadani Baker Alserhan Léo-Paul Dana Jusuf Zeqiri Hasan Terzi Mehmet Bayirli 9789819951185 2023 Contains images
Indian Business Groups and Other Corporations: Comparative Organisational Perspectives on Indian Corporate Firms (India Studies in Business and Economics) 5691804 Achin Chakraborty Indrani Chakraborty 9789819950416 2023 Contains images
Biology of Forensically Important Invertebrates 5910852 Shyamasree Ghosh Dhriti Banerjee 9789819950263 2024 Contains images
The River Chief System and An Ecological Initiative for Public Participation in China 5501442 Yaguang Hao Tingting Wan 9789819949212 2023
Sustainable Boardrooms: Democratising Governance and Technology for Society and Economy (Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Management) 5723947 Apoorvi Shrivastava Amlan Bhusan 9789819948376 2023 Contains images
The Right to Privacy 1914–1948: The Lost Years (SpringerBriefs in Law) 5431476 Megan Richardson 9789819944989 2023 Contains images
Comparative Approaches in Law and Policy 5554817 Joshua Aston Aditya Tomer Jane Eyre Mathew 9789819944606 2023 Contains images
Environmental and Resource Protection Law 5644252 Ke Zhou Luozhi Yi Xinjian Su Youhai Sun 9789819944484 2023
Independent Energy Regulation in a Developing Economy: Stakeholder Perspectives and Legal Interpretations 5691968 Sudha Mahalingam Kapilan Mahalingam 9789819943982 2023 Contains images
Global Impact of the Ukraine Conflict: Perspectives from International Law 5935885 Shuichi Furuya Hitomi Takemura Kuniko Ozaki 9789819943746 2023 Contains images
Kriminalpsychologie und das Strafrechtssystem in Indien und darüber hinaus 5750672 Sanjeev P. Sahni Poulomi Bhadra 9789819943166 2023 Contains images
Transforming Unequal Gender Relations in India and Beyond: An Intersectional Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities (Sustainable Development Goals Series) 5644467 Saroj Pachauri Ravi K. Verma 9789819940868 2023 Contains images
Urban Migration and Public Governance in China: A Case Study of Shanghai (Public Economy and Urban Governance in China) 5466399 Shangguang Yang Danyang Wang 9789819940523 2023 Contains images
Cybersecurity and Data Laws of the Commonwealth: International Trade, Investment and Arbitration 5467746 Robert Walters 9789819939350 2023 Contains images
Gandhi for the 21st Century: Religion, Morality and Politics 5465953 Mrinal Miri Bindu Puri 9789819937929 2023
Syrian Chemical Weapons and International Law 5467412 Tatsuya Abe 9789819937004 2023 Contains images
Handbook of Supererogation 5685547 David Heyd 9789819936335 2023 Contains images
The Complementarity Between the Nagoya Protocol and Human Rights: Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (Sustainable Development Goals Series) 5459040 Xiaoou Zheng 9789819935130 2023
Digital International Relations 5680778 Andrey Baykov Elena Zinovieva 9789819934676 2023 Contains images

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Showing 76 through 100 of 33,258 results