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Peterson's College Money Handbook 2008

by Peterson's

Expanded and freshly updated, College Money Handbook is a great resource for anyone looking to supplement his or her federal financial aid package with aid from colleges and universities. This comprehensive directory points you to complete and accurate information on federal grants, need-based grants, academic scholarships, ethnicity-based awards, and more.

Peterson's Master the GMAT 2013

by Peterson's

This no-nonsense eBook includes everything you need to know about the NEW Integrated Reasoning section,along with 9 full-length practice tests (access to 3 computer-adaptive tests online), all with detailed answer explanations. Readers will gain top test-prep tips, a helpful review of all subject areas--reading comprehension, sentence correction, critical reasoning, problem solving, data sufficiency, and analytical writing. The Appendix provides additional valuable information: insightful articles on the value of a graduate-level business degree and choosing the right program for your career needs, resources for GMAT preparation, and a Word List to help boost your vocabulary for the GMAT.

Peterson's Nursing Programs 2007

by Peterson's

Updated with more than 3,600 undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programs in the U.S. and Canada Published in cooperation with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), this well-researched annual guide is students' first resource for the latest information on degree programs for nurse practitioners, clinical specialists, LPNs, RNs, and PhD.s. INCLUDES: Updated facts and figures on research facilities, degree programs, tuition, financial aid, faculty, and entrance requirements; Inside tips from nursing professionals on Ph.D. programs, career choices, and financial aid; Advice on searching and applying for a job during the current nursing shortage; and more.

Peterson's Private Secondary Schools 2006-2007

by Peterson's

For more than 25 years, Peterson's Private Secondary Schools has been the ultimate authority for families searching for a private school for their child. With information on tuition, faculty, student life, and more, parents can read up on independent day, special needs, military, and junior boarding schools in the U.S., Canada, and all over the world. Includes: Tips and advice for parents on planning and paying for school; Quick-reference chart for easy school comparisons; Helpful planning calendar; Updated information on the online application process for private schools, and more.

Peterson's Scholarships, Grants and Prizes 2009

by Peterson's

Scholarships, Grants and Prizes provides up-to-date information on millions of privately funded awards available to college students. It contains detailed profiles of awards, based on ethnic heritage, talent, employment experience, military service, and other categories, that are available from private sources, such as foundations, corporations, and religious and civic organizations.

Peterson's Short-Term Study Abroad 2006

by Peterson's

This is a guide for students who want to join programs to study overseas. Includes: Advice on visas, safety, budgeting, culture shock, and other essentials * Complete data on academic programs, housing, credits, costs, and more * Tips on traveling to nontraditional destinations, and more.

Peterson's Smart Choices: Honors Programs and Colleges (4th edition)

by Joan Digby

This official guide of the National Collegiate Honors Council profiles nearly 600 two- and four-year honors colleges and programs designed to challenge talented students. The volume is organized alphabetically by state, and then by name of institution. Each entry offers information on a particular institution or program, describing its location, student body, and faculty before providing details on academic programs, athletics, costs, and financial aid. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Peterson's Study Abroad 2006

by Peterson's

This is a comprehensive guide book for college students who are looking to study abroad for a long term. It includes the ins and outs of studying abroad, as well as profiles of study abroad programs.

Peterson's Vocational and Technical Schools East (7th Edition)

by Peterson's

A guide book for users to compare the vocational programs in East side of the United States that offer training for many of today's hottest jobs.

Peterson's Vocational and Technical Schools West (7th Edition)

by Peterson's

A guide book for readers to compare the vocational programs in the Western United States that offer training for many of today's hottest jobs.

Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles

by Allan Petretti

Now in its 11th Edition, Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide is the one resource that legions of collectors have turned to as their definitive source for identifying and valuing nearly a century of treasures. This expanded and updated edition - four years in the making - is the best volume yet. In addition to current collector values, descriptions and photos for thousands of items, this edition contains more than twice as much color as in the past - 160 color plates in all - loaded with crisp clear photos of the most-desirable Coca-Cola collectibles. New and expanded color sections feature trays, calendars, bottles, the "Diamond Design" from the 1960s and much more. New guidelines for grading and evaluating items, along with a variety of resources to help both new and experienced collectors, will prove invaluable. This new volume is truly the ultimate resource for answering your Coca-Cola collecting questions.

Philippines - Culture Smart!

by Graham Collins-Jones

Culture Smart! provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in different countries, ensuring that you arrive at your destination aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues. These concise guides tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships.Culture Smart! offers illuminating insights into the culture and society of a particular country. It will help you to turn your visit-whether on business or for pleasure-into a memorable and enriching experience. Contents include* customs, values, and traditions* historical, religious, and political background* life at home* leisure, social, and cultural life* eating and drinking* do's, don'ts, and taboos* business practices* communication, spoken and unspoken"Culture Smart has come to the rescue of hapless travellers." Sunday Times Travel"... the perfect introduction to the weird, wonderful and downright odd quirks and customs of various countries." Global Travel"...full of fascinating-as well as common-sense-tips to help you avoid embarrassing faux pas." Observer" useful as they are entertaining." Easyjet Magazine"...offer glimpses into the psyche of a faraway world." New York Times

The Pill Book (14th Edition)

by Harold M. Silverman

THE CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO PILLS--COMPLETELY REVISED 14th EDITION FOR 2010 WITH MORE THAN 20 IMPORTANT NEW DRUGS AND DOZENS OF NEW BRAND NAMES For more than three decades, millions of consumers have trusted The Pill Book to provide official, FDA-approved information on more than 1,800 of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States with guidelines from leading pharmacists. Each drug is profiled in a concise, readable, easy-to-understand entry, making The Pill Book the perfect reference when you have questions about the medications your doctor prescribes. Inside you'll discover * generic and brand-name listings that can help you save money* What each drug is for, and how it works* usual dosages, and what to do if a dose is skipped* side effects and possible adverse reactions, highlighted for quick reference* interactions with other drugs and food* overdose and addiction potential* alcohol-free and sugar-free medications* the most popular self-injected medications and their safe handling* information for seniors, pregnant and breast-feeding women, children, and others with special needs* cautions and warnings, and when to call your doctor* 32 pages of actual-size color photographs of prescription pills* No home should be without this book!*Not all ereading devices will show the images in color and at the exact size.

The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues

by George Choundas

Ebbry-blastin'-theng ye needs must know-oo to lay tongue liker aargh-thentic pirate, by the devil's twisted tail.Take a tour through the world of piracy with the only authoritative work on the pirate language. A comprehensive course in pirate vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and syntax, The Pirate Primer contains three centuries of distinctive terms and usages uttered by (and attributed to) pirates in film, TV, literature, and history. Discover more than 100 pages of threats, curses, oaths, insults, and epithets; 31 types of pirate drink; 60 different pirate terms for ''woman''; 67 kinds of pirate torture and punishment; 44 distinct definitions of ''aargh''; and more. Each entry in the Primer is accompanied by an excerpt, so you can see the words and phrases used in proper context by actual pirates. And each linguistic concept is introduced by a related anecdote or narrative account, so you can live the language while you learn it. Whether you're simply fascinated by the culture of the Brethren of the Coast or you fancy yourself a modern-day corsair, The Pirate Primer is your guide to authentic pirate speak. Should you ever stare down Davy Jones and he demands proof that you're one who flies no flag, despair not. You'll be able to talk the talk, and no mistake.

A Plain English Reference to the Book of Mormon

by Timothy B. Wilson

With notes that expound on ideas or share insights, and key concepts before each chapter, this book is a useful tool for students of all ages. Quickly and easily gain a better grasp on the stories, timelines, and relationships within "the keystone of our religion" with this book that's perfect for the whole family.

Pocket Book of Quotations

by Henry Davidoff

A collection of quotes and, in the case of those that appeared first in a foreign language, the original wording has been given as well in English version.

The Pocket DJ

by Sarah Lewitinn

With more than two thousand songs handpicked and organized by former Spin magazine writer and editor Sarah Lewitinn (aka Ultragrrrl), The Pocket DJ is the ultimate insider's reference guide for selecting music, downloading MP3s, and making all-purpose mixes for every occasion imaginable

Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage (2nd edition)

by Robert Allen

This invaluable reference work offers the best advice on English usage, drawing on the unrivaled resources of Oxford's English Dictionaries program and language monitoring. This second edition of the "Pocket Fowler" harks back to the original 1926 edition of A Dictionary of Modern English Usage by Henry Fowler, widely regarded as the finest such guide in print. Updated with the use of the Oxford English Corpus, a database of over two billion words, and with up-to-date entries on the language of emails and the Internet, the new edition answers your most frequently asked questions about language use. Should you use a split infinitive or a preposition at the end of a sentence? Is it "infer" or "imply"? "Who" or "whom"? What are the main differences between British and American English? Over 4,000 entries offer clear recommendations on issues of grammar, pronunciation, spelling, confusable words, and written style. Real examples are drawn from classic and contemporary literary sources, newspapers and magazines, and the Internet. Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage, Second Edition is an indispensable companion for anyone who wants to use the English language effectively.

Pocket Guide to Collecting Movies on DVD

by Steven H. Scheuer Alida Brill-Scheuer

Citizen Kane Boogie Nights Sunset Boulevard My Fair Lady Almost Famous Jaws A Hard Day's Night Lord of the Rings Monsoon Wedding Apocalypse Now Redux Moulin Rouge Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Beautiful Mind Shakespeare in Love THEY'RE NOT JUST MOVIES ANYMORE. THEY'RE DVDs. Supplements...special collector's edition...extras...Words that set the heart pounding of every DVD lover. But how do you decide which DVDs to buy? Where do you begin collecting? Which special features are really special? What commentaries are informative or entertaining? Which disks are worth your time and money? Here at last is the portable, one-of-a-kind DVD buyer's guide -- from veteran film and television critics Steven H. Scheuer and Alida Brill-Scheuer. Director/star/crew audio commentaries Outtakes Filmographies and biographies Alternate takes, music, and endings Celebrity interviews Deleted scenes Trailers Lost footage Hidden features and Easter eggs Animated menus Production notes Storyboards Promotional art DVD-rom extras Behind-the-scenes footage Screenplays Souvenir booklets and a special afterword on the best DVDs for kids

A Pocket Guide to Writing in History

by Mary Lynn Rampolla

An essential writing, reading, and research tool for all history students, A Pocket Guide to Writing in History offers a best-selling combination of concise yet comprehensive advice in a portable and accessible format. This quick-reference guide provides a practical introduction to typical history assignments, exercising critical reading skills, evaluating and documenting sources, writing effective history papers, conducting research, and avoiding plagiarism. Building on its time-tested approach, the seventh edition offers expanded, hands-on guidance for writing and researching in the digital age, and additional coverage on working with primary and secondary sources.

A Pocket Style Manual (4th edition)

by Diana Hacker

A compact guide to various writing styles.

Pocket Thesaurus (Special Abridged Edition)

by John Bollard

The Scholastic Pocket Thesaurus is an innovative, easy-to-use title created for the many kids who get frustrated when they try to use a thesaurus. If they look up a word and "it's not there," many students will give up rather than turn to the indexes in the back of their books to redirect their searches. The Scholastic Pocket Thesaurus's innovative same-page index solves this problem.

A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America One State Quarter at a Time

by Jim Noles

A HISTORY-RICH LOOK at the coins in your pocket-the fifty state quarters-and what they tell us about "changing" America Our past is all around us-even in the spare change jangling in your purse or pocket. For the past decade, the United States Mint has offered America a pocketful of history through its popular 50 State Quarters® Program. When the final quarters are released, thousands of us will have collected these commemorative coins, one for each state and territory in the Union. But what can we learn about our country's stories and lore from a mere $12.50 in state quarters? Jim Noles's fascinating book, A Pocketful of History, looks at each quarter in turn to answer these curious questions . . . * Who is Caesar Rodney and why is he riding a horse on Delaware's quarter? * What is the real history behind Abraham Lincoln's political career in his home state Illinois? * What happened to New Hampshire's symbol, the "Old Man in the Mountain," three years after its quarter was minted? * What famous racecourse is memorialized on the quarter from the state known as the "Crossroads of America"? Congress recently extended the program to include six additional quarters for Washington, D.C., and the affiliated territories of the United States, to be released in 2009. Why is Pennsylvania known a the Keystone State? Why did California choose to honor preservationist John Muir rather than a mining '49er? . . . and many, many more. A Pocketful of History tells the story behind each state's quarter-how each state chose its design; what is important about the people, scenes, and themes depicted on the coins; and what the collection tells us about ourselves. It's an entertaining and enlightening journey through four hundred years of America in twenty-five-cent doses.

Political Handbook of the World 2005-2006

by Arthur S. Banks Thomas C. Muller William R. Overstreet

For almost eighty years, researchers seeking governmental and political information on countries around the globe have turned to Political Handbook of the World for the most authoritative and complete presentation of facts and analysis. CQ Press welcomes this renowned publication to its list of acclaimed reference sources, bringing its many current devotees - and future users - a new edition for 2005-2006, with a commitment to continuing the editorial integrity that has become the hallmark of this resource since its initial publication in 1928.

The Population of the United States (3rd edition)

by Richard E. Barrett Donald J. Bogue Douglas L. Anderton

This third edition, written with two new coauthors, combines 1990 census data with information from the Current Population Survey, the National Health Interview Survey, and numerous other sources, even including demographic data not available in any other published source.

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