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Space: A Memoir

by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Kercheval remembers her days growing up in Florida, her mother addicted to Valium and her father turning into a workaholic.

The Spanish Governors Of The Mariana Islands And The Saga Of The Palacio

by Marjorie G. Driver

More than fifty Spanish officers served as governors during the 230 years that Spain administered the Mariana Islands, from 1668 to 1898. A dozen or so received six-year royal appointments, made in Madrid by the king, though the vast majority served three-year interim appointments, made in Manila by the Governor General or the Audiencia. In the nineteenth century, as the newly designated Province of the Mariana Islands, appointments to the governorship were often made by the Captaincy General of the Philippines. The source materials for this work are found primarily among the holdings of the Micronesian Area Research Center, Spanish Documents Collection, a secondary repository with copies of documentary materials concerning Micronesia from institutional collections in various parts of the world, though primarily Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Spanish Passions, Volume 6: Expelled from Spain

by Jacques Casanova

This book is the number 6 of the "Spanish Passions" by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

Spanish Passions, Volume 6: Florence to Trieste

by Jacques Casanova

This book is the number 6 of the "Spanish Passions" by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

Spanning the World: The Crazy Universe of Big-Time Sports, All-Star Egos, and Hall of Fame Bloopers

by Len Berman

NBC Sports journalist gives his humorous insights on athletes, memorable games, scandals, victories, and more. Encompasses a wide variety of sports.

Speak Out! Speeches, Open Letters, Commentaries

by Günter Grass Ralph Manheim

Political opinions of one of Germany's foremost novelists, poets, and dramatists -- Günter Grass.

Speaking for Myself: My Life from Liverpool to Downing Street

by Cherie Blair

Even if she hadn't married Tony Blair, Cherie's story would have been amazing. Abandoned by her actor father, she overcame obstacles to become one of the UK's most successful barristers. But when Labour took power in 1997, she faced new challenges: her husband was the first prime minister in recent history with a young family, and Cherie was the first PM's wife with a serious career. Now, she gives a complete account of her own life-an astonishing journey for a woman whose unconventional childhood was full of drama and who grew up with a fierce sense of justice. In her autobiography she reveals for the first time what it was like to combine life as a working mother with life married to the prime minister. She writes about her encounters with scores of foreign leaders and her friendships with Presidents Clinton and Bush, as well as with Hillary and Laura. And she offers inside details of her relationships with the royals, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana.

Speaking of Pianists... (3rd edition)

by Abram Chasins

Biographies of many noted pianists, and essays on interpretation, concert management, recording, and the formidable demands of a career as a concert pianist.

Speaking Out: Inside the White House

by Larry Speakes Robert Pack

To be press secretary for the American President is to be uniquely in the know about all that happens in the most important office on earth, the White House. For six years-- longer than any of his predecessors save for Jim Haggerty, Eisenhower's secretary-- Larry Speakes occupied this hot seat for President Ronald Reagan. Now, in his aptly titled account, Speakes recounts the inside story of the Reagan presidency with candor and an uninhibited independence that make Speaking Out not only captivating and sometimes shocking but also essential reading for Americans who want to learn about the untold story of the Reagan administration. Speakes, already a veteran press officer for Presidents Nixon and Ford and Senators Dole and Eastland, took over in 1981, the day chief spokesman Jim Brady was shot in the Hinckley assassination attempt on President Reagan. Now, he takes us behind the scenes to tell what really happened -- in the Reagan-Gorbachev summits, the hostage crisis, the Marcos ouster, the Lebanon Embassy bombing, Reagan's cancer, the KAL-007 shootdown, the Achille Lauro incident, the Daniloff affair, the Libyan bombing, the Challenger disaster, the Iran-Contra affair. Larry Speakes is a down-home Mississippian and has the Southerner's special gift for anecdote and an unerring shrewdness about people coupled with earthy humor.

Speaking Sex to Power: The Politics of Queer Sex

by Patrick Califia

Some of the essays were written before Califia began transitioning from female to male and are written from a lesbian perspective. Others ware written both mid- and post-transition. Essays from the late-'90s to early-2000's that were previously published in various formats. They have been grouped into 4 categories, each with a new introductory long essay further discussing the overall category. "The Engagement Party" covers the inclusion of all kinds of sexual minorities, and Califia's perspective that there is an exclusionary hierarchy in existence. The 2nd grouping is "Like Cats and Dogs", which more specifically details politics between various sexual minority groups: gays vs. lesbians, lesbians vs. transsexuals of either direction, able-bodied queers vs. those with disabilities, HIV in the trans community, etc. The 3rd section, "Destroying the Village in Order to Save It," is the most dated, yet the most factual as possibly most educational as opposed to the author's political perspectives. There are articles about the First Amendment, porn, HIV/AIDS as a financial windfall for pharmaceutical companies, the reduction of research aimed at a cure, the very informative "The Nonoxynol-9 Scandal: How 'AIDS Prevention' Put Women and Gay men at Risk." Many of the essays are heavily footnoted with direct sources. The final category is "An Insistent and Indelicate Muse" which veers off to BDSM sex: Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism. Essays discuss why some people enjoy the various roles, cutting flesh and how, and other aspects. The author writes from personal experience.

The Speckled People

by Hugo Hamilton

"The childhood world of Hugo Hamilton, born and brought up in Dublin, is a confused place. His father, a sometimes brutal Irish nationalist, demands his children speak Irish, while his mother, a softly spoken German emigrant who has been marked by the Nazi past, talks to them in German. He himself wants to speak English. English is, after all, what the other children in Dublin speak. English is what they use when they hunt him down in the streets and dub him Eichmann, as they bring him to trial and sentence him to death at a mock seaside court. Out of this fear and guilt and often comical cultural entanglements, he tries to understand the differences between Irish history and German history and turn the twisted logic of what he is told into truth. It is a journey that ends in liberation, but not before he uncovers the long-buried secrets that lie at the bottom of his parents' wardrobe."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Speech Is a River: My Recovery from Stuttering

by Ruth Mead

In this book, Ruth Mead described her journey on how she overcame stuttering. She presented an unique approach to over coming her speech problem that she hopes other people will use to help them speak easy and naturally, without thinking about how to produce speech or formulate in advance what they are going to say. Her experience and thinking go against the traditional approaches that are currently being used to treat stuttering. In this book, she explained the reason these traditional methods did not work for her and offered a new therapeutic approach that predominantly used informal cognitive-behavioral methods that she developed without reference to others. In retrospect, she explained how other people supported her thinking of whom she was initially unaware. Further, she urged people who stutter to research the subject and hopefully, like her, analyze and change their own beliefs about stuttering to help them speak fluently.

Spellbound by Beauty: Alfred Hitchcock and His Leading Ladies

by Donald Spoto

Spellbound by Beauty examines Alfred Hitchcock's well known collaborations with the leading ladies of his day, and, in so doing, delves into his creative life and his uniquely curious professional and personal relationships. The result is a singular kind of life story u a book about film and film stars; business and power; sex and fantasy; romance and derailed psychology. Drawing on explosive, never-before-published material and details gleaned through his friendship with Hitchcock, along with archival material and personal collections only recently made available, Donald Spoto casts a new light on this most famous of directors. He traces Hitchcock's professional and social rise and deals frankly with his strange marriage to Alma Reville, his distance from his daughter, Patricia, and his obsessive relationships with a number of his leading ladies from Grace Kelly and Kim Novak to Tippi Hedren.

Spike Lee (Black Americans of Achievement--Legacy Edition)

by Dennis Abrams

In his own words, Spike Lee is the man who single-handedly "broke the color barrier" in Hollywood in the mid 1980s. In a film career that spans more than 20 years, Lee has established himself as one of the United States' premier filmmakers, a director whose films explore the many aspects of the African-American experience. Never one to shy away from controversy--he has been accused of racism, anti-Semitism, and sexism--Lee uses film to raise tough questions and to provoke discussion. How was he able to break down the doors of Hollywood for himself and for other African-American directors, actors, and technicians? How has he continued to grow and develop as a filmmaker? Spike Lee presents a nuanced portrait of an artist who has become a symbol of contemporary American culture.

Spike Lee: On His Own Terms

by Melissa Mcdaniel

Spike Lee is one of the most popular and innovative filmmakers working today. With films such as She's Gotta Have It, Do the Right Thing, and Malcolm X, Spike Lee has explored complex issues in a style that is both entertaining, challenging, and fun.

Spinoza: A Very Short Introduction

by Roger Scruton

Father of the Enlightenment and the last guardian of the medieval world, Spinoza made a brilliant attempt to reconcile the conflicting moral and intellectual demands of his epoch and to present a vision of man as simultaneously bound by necessity and eternally free. Ostracized by the Jewish community in Amsterddam to which he was born, Spinoza developed a political philosophy that set out to justify the secular state ruled by a liberal constitution, and a metaphysics that sought to reconcile human freedom with a belief in scientific explanation. Here, Roger Scruton presents a clear and systematic analysis of Spinoza's thought and shows its relevance to today's intellectual preoccupations.

The Spiral Staircase

by Karen Armstrong

The moving story of her own search for God by the highly-acclaimed author of the bestselling A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; The Battle for God: A History of Fundamentalism; and Islam: A Short History. In 1969, after seven years as a Roman Catholic nun -- hoping, but ultimately failing, to find God -- Armstrong left her convent. She knew almost nothing of the changed world she was entering, and she was tormented by panic attacks and inexplicable seizures. Her struggle against despair was fueled by a string of discouragements -- failed spirituality, doctorate and jobs, fruitless dealings with psychiatrists -- but finally, in 1976, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and given proper treatment. She then began the writing career that would become her true calling, and as she focused on the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, her own true inner story began to emerge. She would come to experience brief moments of transcendence through her work -- the profound fulfillment that she had not found in the long hours of prayer as a young nun. Powerfully engaging, often heart-breaking, but lit with bursts of humour, The Spiral Staircase is an extraordinary history of self.

The Spirit Catchers

by Kathleen V. Kudlinski

Art Encounters brings the work of famous artists to life through thrilling and evocative stories that reflect the individual paintings featured. This new series of historical fiction introduces young readers to the styles, methods, techniques, and influences of great painters. History and fiction merge in this uplifting novel about a boy whose artistic talent awaits a great mind to uncover it. A child of the Depression, Parker begins his relationship with O'Keeffe by stealing her property, notably a camera. She is prepared to let him rot in jail when she develops the photos he has taken with the stolen camera and recognizes the boy's raw ability. Set against the backdrop of New Mexico's stark beauty, Parker's struggle to find his artistic vision clashes with O'Keeffe's fierce independence and private nature. Parker tries to connect with his surroundings through the use of a camera, while O'Keeffe uses it as an aid for finding points of view otherwise difficult to obtain. This book is a literary interpretation of O'Keeffe's paintingRam's Skull with Brown Leaves, as well as an intimate look at the artist's fame, her relationship with Alfred Stieglitz, and her creative process. Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico Georgia O'Keeffe's single greatest inspiration was the New Mexican desert. She went "half mad with love for the place. " There O'Keeffe collected the dry, white animal bones scattered over the desert, and painted her first "bone" paintings, includingRam's Skull with Brown Leaves. After 1934, she returned to New Mexico every summer, moving there permanently after the death of her husband, the art impresario Alfred Stieglitz. When O'Keeffe visited the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, she knew immediately that she wanted to live there. Later, she bought and restored an abandoned hacienda nearby. Although failing eyesight forced her to stop painting with oil in the 70's, she continued to use pencil and watercolor. Active long into her later years, O'Keeffe died in 1986 at the age of 98. * For readers ages 12 and up * The first book in the new Art Encounters series * The story is based around O'Keeffe's paintingRam's Skull with Brown Leaves(Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell, NM) * Georgia O'Keeffe is one of the top five most studied artists in American schools

A Spiritual Journey Through Breast Cancer

by Judy Asti

Traces the author's journey--physically, psychologically, and spiritually--through her bout with breast cancer

Spiritual Radical: Abraham Joshua Heschel in America, 1940-1972

by Edward K. Kaplan

Born in Warsaw, raised in a Hasidic community, and reaching maturity in secular Jewish Vilna and cosmopolitan Berlin, Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) escaped Nazism and immigrated to the United States in 1940. This lively and readable book tells the comprehensive story of his life and work in America, his politics and personality, and how he came to influence not only Jewish debate but also wider religious and cultural debates in the postwar decades. A worthy sequel to his widely praised biography of Heschel's early years, Edward Kaplan's new volume draws on previously unseen archives, FBI files, interviews with people who knew Heschel, and analyses of his extensive writings. Kaplan explores Heschel's shy and private side, his spiritual radicalism, and his vehement defense of the Hebrew prophets' ideal of absolute integrity and truth in ethical and political life. Of special interest are Heschel's interfaith activities, including a secret meeting with Pope Paul VI during Vatican II, his commitment to civil rights with Martin Luther King, Jr. , his views on the state of Israel, and his opposition to the Vietnam War. A tireless challenger to spiritual and religious complacency, Heschel stands as a dramatically important witness.

A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin

by Jen Bryant Melissa Sweet

As a child in the late 1800s, Horace Pippin loved to draw: He loved the feel of the charcoal as it slid across the floor. He loved looking at something in the room and making it come alive again in front of him. He drew pictures for his sisters, his classmates, his co-workers. Even during W.W.I, Horace filled his notebooks with drawings from the trenches . . . until he was shot. Upon his return home, Horace couldn't lift his right arm, and couldn't make any art. Slowly, with lots of practice, he regained use of his arm, until once again, he was able to paint--and paint, and paint! Soon, people--including the famous painter N. C. Wyeth--started noticing Horace's art, and before long, his paintings were displayed in galleries and museums across the country.Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet team up once again to share this inspiring story of a self-taught painter from humble beginnings who despite many obstacles, was ultimately able to do what he loved, and be recognized for who he was: an artist. Scheider Family Book Award - Children's Book - 2014

Splashdown: The Story of My World Cup Year

by Chris Ashton

From try scoring records to controversial celebrations, Chris Ashton has had an amazing year. Announcing his star presence with an awesome 85-metre try against Australia, Chris burst onto the scene and has lit up Twickenham. In his new book he delves into the England rugby team's renaissance, a victorious Six Nations campaign, the build-up to the Rugby World Cup and the tournament itself in New Zealand. From dynamic tries on the pitch to behind-the-scenes life on tour, this is the story of England's Rugby World Cup journey from the player everyone is talking about.

The Sport of Queens: The Autobiography of Dick Francis

by Dick Francis

Dick Francis is one of the best horsemen in England. He is also a suspense novelist. "A fine mystery writer-perhaps one of the best in the English language," says a reviewer in the Thoroughbred Record. "Dick Francis turns out to be a writer of champion class," says the London Times. "Mr. Francis is not only a very fine writer, but he is an authority on aspects of the thoroughbred scene," says Bing Crosby. Dick Francis (Welshman, ex-jockey, now Racing Editor of London's Sunday Express), author of such popular novels as Blood Sport and Flying Finish, talks about his early life in this informative, beguiling book which will fascinate racing fans and horse lovers and will be of great interest to the readers of his fiction. "I learned to ride, when I was five, on a donkey," says Dick Francis. He learned on his grandfather's farm in Pembrokeshire. His grandfather, Willie Thomas, "was a great man in the Victorian tradition. I remember him as a tall man and certainly he was a popular man. Nearly all our food came from the farm itself. Butter and cheese were made in the dairy and twice a week the great kitchen would be filled with the unique warm-winey smell of bread baking Although the smells and warmth of the kitchen were enticing, the stables drew me most. My grandfather rode to hounds regularly two or three days a week, and he was justly proud of his hunters which he used to breed with great care and success." During most of Dick Francis' childhood his father was the manager of W J. Smith's Hunting Stables and many of the Royal Family were among his father's pupils and patrons. Young Dick Francis had the opportunity to ride every sort of pony. Soon his father was asking his advice about horses and Dick was winning prizes as the "Best Boy Rider." He tells how he worked toward becoming a jockey, and describes vividly the day- to-day perils and pleasures of life as a steeplechase jockey. He talks about his war years with the R.A.F., compares American and English racing and gives firsthand information about many of the world's most famous tracks and famous horse owners. It all added up to an exciting life, and he shares it with his readers-up to the fatal moment when, leading the field in the 1956 Grand National, his horse, the Queen Mother's Devon Loch, fell mysteriously a breath away from the winning post.

Sports Great Herschel Walker

by Jim Benagh

The life story of football running back Herschel Walker, from his youth in the South up through his years with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Spotted Sphinx

by Joy Adamson

From the Book jacket: joy adamson, universally known for her epic of Elsa, the Kenya lioness, and her cubs, has a new and fascinating animal story to tell. This time it is centered on Pippa, a cheetah given to her by her owners, who had raised her as a pet. Mrs. Adamson decided to restore this great and graceful cat to its natural wild heritage, in spite of the fact that no domesticated cheetah had ever consented to return to the bush. Joy Adamson first gained the friendship and trust of her charge; then, with what Julian Huxley termed her "passionate patience and understanding love," she encouraged her to enter the wild life. Eventually Pippa mated with a wild cheetah and lived in the bush. But this did not end her relationship with Joy Adamson: when the first litter was born, Pippa led her to her cubs. The life of a wild animal is harsh-but no less harsh is the life of someone dedicated to keeping in touch (over several years) with a family of wild cheetahs. Against a background of terrifying floods, an alarming bush fire, and the menace of bandits, Joy Adamson kept contact by making long daily treks, always burdened with heavy loads, through bush in which elephants might stampede at any moment, or one might inadvertently arouse the ire of lions and leopards. The record of the three years during which Joy Adamson watched over the development of Pippa and her young is as engrossing and as acutely observed as was her account of her relationship with Elsa. Elsa still looms large in the book as her human friend describes the contrast in character between the elegant, affectionate but enigmatic and elusive cheetah and the magnificent Elsa. The author's photographs of the story is complete and extraordinarily beautiful. JOY ADAMSON was born in Austria and spent nearly thirty years in Kenya. As wife of the Senior Game Warden of the Northern Frontier District of Africa, she explored some of the most inaccessible regions of that vast area. In the fifties, she undertook to make a record, both in paintings and in photographs, of the vanishing customs and costumes of Kenyan tribal life, published in The Peoples of Kenya. Since the publication of her books on the lioness Elsa and her cubs-Born Free, Living Free, and Forever Free-she has been known throughout the world as a best-selling author, dedicated to the conservation of African wild life, which she helps finance through her Elsa Fund.

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