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The Bride (The\lairds' Brides Ser. #1)

by Julie Garwood

By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison...a feisty, violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her...forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to this highland barbarian.<P><P> He was everything her heart warned against—an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And thought Kincaid's scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him...until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses...

A Bride, a Barn, and a Baby

by Nancy Robards Thompson

And the prince wore spurs A bourbon-tinged evening turns into a night of spur-jangling passion. And wrapped in the arms of hunky cowboy Zane Phillips, Lucy Campbell feels like her dreams have come true all at once! But she knows Zane needs a chance to let their move from friends to lovers sink in. That is, until reality knocks...and Lucy discovers she's pregnant. This wasn't how Zane imagined daddyhood would happen. And with pretty Lucy...his best friend's little sister! He wants to do right by her and the baby, but Lucy wants the fairy tale, not a marriage of obligation. And while this simple cowboy isn't sure he can measure up as her Prince Charming, the real magic is that he's had her heart all along...

A Bride and Child Worth Waiting For

by Marion Lennox

Two friends and one orphaned girl might not seem like the average family--but to Medical Director Charles Wetherby and Director of Nursing Jill Shaw it's everything. Yet if they are to keep little Lily they must adopt her--and that means marriage. Charles offers Jill a marriage of convenience--wanting more but always believing his injuries will stop him finding love. But Jill sees beneath his surface--how could she not want this caring, sexy, successful man? She just needs the courage to tell him. Charles and Jill's simmering emotions are unleashed when Lily suffers from a mystery illness. It could be their one opportunity to become the loving family they all need so much.

Bride and Doom (Wedding Planner #6)

by Deborah Donnelly

If anyone can make a bride happy, it's wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid. There's only one problem: this time she's the planner and the bride. The nightmare begins at a party for Carnegie's client, a sexy Goth rocker marrying a Seattle home run king. When murder strikes and Boris the Mad Russian Florist is charged with the crime, Carnegie steps up to the plate to clear him--despite the objections of fiancé Aaron Gold, who has suddenly become a full-time sports nut.

The Bride and the Baby

by Phyllis Halldorson

Christmas Angel, Christmas ChildWas it a snowy mirage or some celestial messenger that steered Mariah Bentley to the tiny orphan stranded in the blizzard? All Mariah knew was that a miraculous Christmas baby now snuggled in her arms, and surely he belonged there.Then ravishing stranger Aaron Kerr laid claim to his little nephew...and laid siege to Mariah's senses! A hasty holiday wedding temporarily made Mariah Tommy's mom...and Aaron's bride. But could the heavenly helper who'd led Mariah to Tommy guide her into her husband's heart...forever?

The Bride and the Bargain

by Allison Leigh

If the running shoe fits. . . As head of his family's Seattle-based software empire, workaholic Grayson Hunt was married to the job. Then Dear Old Dad issued Gray and his brothers an ultimatum--find brides, fast, or lose their fortunes. Gray was at wit's end--until he literally ran into the perfect candidate on his favorite jogging path. But did humble school librarian Amelia White have a hidden agenda? This Cinderella will wear it! Amelia was going to teach this billionaire-in-training that his actions had consequences--and make him pay for what he had done to her sister. But when she signed up for this marriage of convenience, she didn't know she was signing away her heart in the bargain. Could she stick to her plan the more she fell for the man?

The Bride and the Beast: Book 2 In The Once Upon A Time Series (Once Upon a Time #2)

by Teresa Medeiros

Dear Reader, I'd been prowling the crumbling ruins of Castle Weyrcraig for so long that I could no longer remember if I was man or beast. Then one stormy night the superstitious Highlanders of Ballybliss decided to leave a helpless virgin bound to a stake in the castle courtyard to satisfy my insatiable appetites. My demands might strike terror in the hearts of men, but this bold beauty dared to defy me. After she informed me that she didn't believe in dragons, I had no choice but to make her my prisoner—or risk being exposed to those I had sought to deceive with my dangerous masquerade. Soon I found myself stealing into the moonlit tower just to watch her sleep. Little does she know that beneath this beast's gruff exterior beats the passionate heart of a man. Gwendolyn Wilder may not believe in dragons, but I intend to use all my sensual wiles to teach her to believe in something even more magical—true love. Eternally yours, The Dragon of Weyrcraig

The Bride And The Bodyguard

by Anita Meyer

Undercover wedding DO YOU TAKE THIS STRANGER…? Becoming a federal witness against a crime boss changed Caroline Southeby's life. Suddenly she had a new name, a new identity—and a husband? Trust didn't come easily to Caroline, and relying on the blue-eyed stranger assigned to protect her was about as foreign as the vows she'd repeated! After a disastrous "wedding," Jess McKensie whisked his "bride" into hiding, where Caroline's unexpected passion proved to be a whole new temptation. Falling in love with a woman he'd vowed to protect was too dangerous to even consider, for he knew one slip could cost them both their lives!

The Bride and the Mercenary

by Harper Allen

ON THE WAY TO THE CHAPEL...If bride-to-be Ainslie O'Connell hadn't seen the derelict pushing the shopping cart, she might have married the wrong man. Because that "derelict," who now suffered from amnesia, was Seamus Malone-the only man she'd ever truly loved. The man she'd buried two years ago! The man she thought she'd known...but really hadn't. Ainslie knew that unmasking a secret from Seamus's shadowy past as a soldier of fortune would guarantee his safety. But her greatest challenge lay in convincing Seamus he'd never be truly alive without her by his side!

Bride at Bay Hospital

by Meredith Webber

When Sam Agostini left the Bay thirteen years ago he had a reputation as a bad boy - and he left Nurse Megan Anstey broken-hearted. Now he's back, but as Sam fights to make up for his past, new secrets start to bubble to the surface. . .

A Bride at Birralee

by Barbara Hannay

A secret baby... When Sydney girl Stella Lassiter discovers that she's pregnant, she travels to the Outback seeking her ex-boyfriend for help, only to bump into the one man she's hoping to avoid-Callum Roper. ...a whirlwind wedding! A year ago Callum had been drawn to Stella at a party, but quickly realized she was off-limits. Now, however, he is determined to make her unborn baby part of his family. And marriage seems the perfect solution...

Bride at Briar's Ridge

by Margaret Way

Sought-after bachelor Linc Mastermann is used to women falling at his feet. But past experience has taught this handsome sheep baron that women aren't to be trusted. Daniela Adami has come to beautiful Briar's Ridge to escape from her life in London. She's been hurt and her heart is guarded, but when Linc strides into her world he turns it upside down. . . . Linc only wants to marry to produce heirs to his fortune. He isn't interested in falling in love. Or so he thinks. . . .

A Bride at His Bidding

by Michelle Smart

Hired by her enemyYet tempted to say “I do”…Billionaire Andreas Samaras is nobody’s fool. And his beautiful new employee, Carrie Rivers—an undercover journalist—is playing a dangerous game. He’ll keep her at his command until he can expose her deception… But when her ruse is revealed, there’s only one way to protect his spotless business reputation: blackmail innocent Carrie to the altar!

The Bride Bed

by Linda Needham

From fast-growing USA Today bestseller Linda Needham, a medieval historical romance between a young maiden and the powerful knight who's taken over guardianship of her castle - and of her.

A Bride Before Dawn

by Sandra Steffen

Pilot Noah Sullivan had hit some turbulence. First came the mystery baby left on the Sullivan brothers' doorstep-who was the daddy? Plus, Noah's ex-girlfriend Lacey Bell was back in Orchard Hill-coincidence? Noah wasted no time confronting her to get some answers...and steal a kiss. Now he wanted more. But to woo her back, he needed a new flight plan pronto. To Lacey, Noah's questions and kisses came out of the blue. But she felt for the baby, the Sullivans...Noah. And even if the child wasn't hers, she still had secrets of her own. Would revealing them lead to a crash landing? Or was a relationship that had started with a kiss on course for a holiday wedding?

Bride by Accident

by Marion Lennox

The pregnant doctor Dr. Devlin O'Halloran never knew his brother had married. Now his widow, seven months pregnant and stranded in Australia, seems determined to turn Dev's life upside down. He's intrigued by this beautiful young doctor, but Devlin doesn't believe in happy endings anymore, especially under these circumstances. A future for them seems impossible, ridiculous, improbable. Except, against all the odds, lovely, vibrant Emma is bringing the joy back into his world....

Bride by Arrangement

by Karen Kirst

Mail-Order Matchmaking Newly minted Cowboy Creek sheriff Noah Burgess doesn't want a wife-despite his friends insisting that he needs one. So when they send for a big-city single mother to be his mail-order bride, he's fit to be tied. Even if vivacious Grace Longstreet might just be the only person who can see past Noah's scars...and help him heal. Grace needs a husband to keep her and her twin daughters out of her brother-in-law's grasp. And she'll do anything-including taking on her cousin's identity-to find one. But as the attraction between Grace and the lawman sparks higher, she begins hoping for a real marriage. So she needs to tell the truth...or a mail-order match that's meant to be could crumble.

Bride by Blackmail

by Carole Mortimer

Georgie is still in love with her ex-husband, Jed, but has resigned herself to life without him. She is sure that he can never give her what she yearns for-love-and that she can never give him what he needs: a baby.But, as heir to the family fortune, Jed Lord always gets what he wants! And right now the only thing on his mind is to kick-start his marriage again. It's been a year since he last saw Georgie, but he's determined to win her back-even if blackmail is the only way!

A Bride by Christmas: Home For Christmas, The Wise Virgin, Tumbleweed Christmas

by Heather Graham Jo Beverley Candace Camp

Home For Christmas It broke Travis's heart to see Isabelle go, but he was the Yankee captain who had commandeered her home and she was a daughter of the Confederacy. Yet even in the war-torn South, there was room for a Christmas miracle or two. The Wise Virgin Their families have feuded for generations. But will the love of Edmund de Grave and Joan Montelan overcome all this Christmas Eve-or will a family secret keep them apart forever? Tumbleweed Christmas Rancher Daniel MacKenzie met his match in his new housekeeper, Melinda Ballard. She was determined to bring the holiday spirit into his home-and the magic of love into his heart.

A Bride by Christmas

by Kelly Eileen Hake Vickie Mcdonough Linda Goodnight Therese Stenzel

Get caught up in four historical romances in which unusual circumstances cause four young people to seek marriage before another prairie Christmas comes around. When marriage is given a deadline, the results are anything but conventional. Jackson needs a mother for his niece. Jerome needs money that can only come by taking a wife. Katherine needs to fulfill a promise. Anastasia needs to escape an evil plot. Can each find a spouse by Christmas?

A Bride by Christmas

by Joan Elliott Pickart

Wedding planner Maggie Jenkins did not want to marry, but Luke St. John was determined to convince her to marry him by Christmas.

Bride By Day

by Rebecca Winters

Whirlwind Weddings Beauty and the beast? Cynical millionaire Perseus Kostopoulos is no Prince Charming—his Greek-god features are marred by a two-inch scar above his jaw. But Samantha can't help but find her boss attractive, especially when, in return for a simple favor, he offers to grant her three wishes! All she had to do is become his temporary wife…. But this is to be a purely practical marriage; Samantha his bride by day alone. Only she hasn't been bought by the promise of wishes. Perseus himself is the prize she seeks…if only he'd make her his wife for real! Who says you can't hurry love?

Bride by Deception

by Kathryn Ross

Is Zoe Bernard really the awkward, poor little rich girl she appears to be? Certainly Callum Langston is reluctant to employ her. But as a secret favor to his business partner - Zoe's father - Callum agrees to take her on as a temporary housekeeper to protect her from the attentions of a ruthless conman.... Beneath Zoe's glossy, spoiled exterior lies a beautiful, sensual woman.When the sexual tension between her and Callum boils over, she throws caution to the wind and lets him make love to her - not expecting the proposal that follows.... Or her discovery, when she and Callum are married, that she's become his bride by deception!

Bride by Design

by Leigh Michaels

A marriage of convenience is hardly the most romantic proposal Eve has ever received! But family circumstances, and Eve's conviction that she'll never fall in love again anyway, persuade her to say "I do" to a man she barely knows.... True, David Elliot is ideal husband material. He's handsome, talented and happy to fulfill his side of the bargain -- Eve gets to please her family, and David gets to run the business. But sealing the deal with a kiss changes everything. David orders their marriage contract to be torn up -- and Eve to share his bed!

Bride by Friday

by Trisha David

Bride by Friday

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