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Bride for a Single Dad

by Laura Iding

Dr. Jillian Davis has a painful secret and she is in danger of letting it overwhelm her. Until gorgeous single dad and police officer Alex Monroe enters her life, and shows her how to live again. To Alec, his daughter has been the most important thing in his life-being a father was all that mattered-but now Jillian has stolen his and little Shelby's hearts. So when he finds out about Jillian's secret. Alec doesn't care-he won't let it affect them. He wants Jillian and he knows she's the best mother little Shelby could ever wish for. If only he can make Jillian believe that too... BACHELOR DADS: Single doctors... Single Fathers!

A Bride For Abel Greene

by Cindy Gerard

A WIFE IN THE BEDROOM Mail-order bride Mackenzie Kincaid had prepared herself for a loveless marriage to loner Abel Greene. But now her would-be groom wanted out of their deal. Mackenzie was out of options: if she wanted to stay wedded she had to seduce her reluctant husband! A PLACE IN HIS HEART Abel Greene's past made him reluctant to be Mackenzie's husband. But now that his new wife had made her bed, he'd make sure she slept in it. Yet Abel's secrets were about to be exposed, and once he'd opened his heart to Mackenzie, Abel wasn't sure he'd be able to let her go.

A Bride for All Seasons

by Debra Clopton Margaret Brownley Mary Connealy Robin Hatcher

It all started with an ad in a mail-order bride catalogue . . .This charming bouquet of novellas introduces you to four Hitching Post Mail-Order Bride Catalogue prospects in the year 1870, all eager for second chances . . . and hungry for happiness. Year in, year out, they'll learn that love often comes in unexpected packages."And then Came Spring" by Margaret BrownleyMary-Jo has traveled halfway across the country to meet her match, arriving just in time for his funeral. Returning home seems like her only option until her would-be brother-in-law proposes a more daring idea."An Ever After Summer" by Debra CloptonEllie had no idea she's not what Matthew ordered. And what's wrong with being a "Bible thumper" anyway? She's determined to show him she's tougher than she looks--and just the girl he needs."Autumn's Angel" by Robin Lee HatcherLuvena would be perfect for Clay if she didn't come with kids. But kids are a deal breaker, especially in a rough-and-trouble mining town. ­ e trouble is, there's no money to send them back . . . "Winter Wedding Bells" by Mary ConnealyDavid's convinced he's not long for the world. He needs someone to mother his boys when he's gone--nothing more. Can plucky Irish Megan convince him to work at living instead of dying?

A Bride for Barra Creek

by Jessica Hart

Self-made millionaire Tye Gibson has come home to the Outback -- to find himself a bride! Lizzy Walker is delighted when Tye offers her a job. Working for his company could be just what her career -- and her bank account -- need. Only the job is not quite what she expects. She has to find Tye a bride within two months -- or she might have to marry him herself!

A Bride for Calder Brown

by Kristine Rolofson

THIS TAKES THE CAKE!Bliss, Montana, might be staging its annual matchmaking festival-but fun-loving cowboy Calder Brown isn't about to be roped in! He'll throw a stag for his best buddy, Owen, who's snagged himself a filly, but that's it! Except the townspeople have other plans....Lisette Hart bakes cakes for a living-she doesn't jump out of them half-dressed! But the single mom is suddenly needed at the bachelor party to do just that.Calder can't believe his luck that night. Sexy, gorgeous Lisette, clad only in black lace and stockings, is perfect in his arms-and later in his bed. Trouble is, she comes complete with two little girls-and there's no way this bad-boy bachelor is about to become a family man!

A Bride For Crimson Falls

by Cindy Gerard

WILLING GROOM? Colin Slater arrived in Crimson Falls wearing a stylish suit and carrying a Wall Street Journal, and quickly discovered that the only thing interesting in town was his new partner, Scarlett Morgan. Sharing the long, northern nights made his "vacation" worthwhile, although they'd agreed to only a temporary fling. RELUCTANT PARTNER Scarlett had hoped for a silent investor to save her business—not a sexy hands-on workaholic. Colin's passionate kisses and powerful embrace were simply too enticing to resist, yet no matter how much she wanted him to charm her out of her flannels, she never expected to mix business with pleasure!

A Bride for Donnigan (Women of the West #7)

by Janette Oke

Kathleen crosses the ocean from London to meet the man who paid for her passage and the man she was to marry. She left a life full of troubles and grief to enter a life of the unknown. Long synopsis: Responding to an Advertisement, She Crossed an Ocean to Meet a Total Stranger and Became a Mail-Order Bride.... Kathleen O'Malley stood on the deck of the Baireth Lily and watched the land she'd called home for more than a dozen years slip from her view. She had thought she would be glad to see the last of it, but she was not. Emotions in turmoil, her whole being yearned to slip from the ship and return to what she knew. Even though Kathleen had not been happy with her situation, it was all she had ever known. As the shoreline faded into the morning mist, her only certainty was that she was bound for America to marry a man whose name she did not even know and whose face she had never seen. On the other side of the Atlantic, Donnigan Harrison anxiously awaits Kathleen's arrival on a prairie farm far from her port of arrival in Boston. He has known the wonder of a dream fulfilled-a snug frame cabin, the sturdy log barn and outbuildings, a fine herd of livestock, and crops in the field that made his eyes sparkle. Yet Donnigan felt a loneliness on the western frontier that pierced his very soul. With so limited opportunities for finding a wife, the notion of ordering a wife that once seemed unthinkable had come to make some sense. Now that the time has come, Donnigan feels like a small boy waiting for Christmas. But Donnigan's anticipation is overshadowed with terrifying uncertainties-What have I done! And that question is echoed in Kathleen's heart as she nears the point of no return.

A Bride For Dry Creek (Dry Creek Series #16)

by Janet Tronstad

MARRIED? who, us? Francis Elkton hadn't seen Flint Harris since they'd eloped to Las Vegas on prom night. Thanks to a legal loophole, their vows had meant nothing-or so they'd been told. Now both Francis and Flint were back in Dry Creek, where they were about to discover some shocking news.... The fact that he'd unwittingly been married to the woman of his dreams for the past twenty years was the least of Flint's problems. Francis happened to be in danger. As an undercover FBI agent, Flint was determined to save her life. And as her husband, good Lord willing, he was determined to share it from now on....

Bride For Hire

by Patricia Hagan

DO YOU TAKE THIS MAN AND BABY? Sam Rutledge needed a wife&#151now. His little boy was waiting, and Sam was running out of time to prove he could provide Jamie with a suitable home. No one seemed willing to believe that the one-time bad boy had changed. And so, Sam embarked on one last crazy plan…to buy himself a bride. THE BRIDE FOR HIRE Lauren Gentry knew that Sam thought she would make a perfect make-believe wife. But Lauren had a secret. She wanted Sam for real…and for always. Could she find a way to turn their temporary arrangement into a lifetime plan?

Bride For Hire

by Jessica Hart

For better and for worse! Seth Carrington needed a girlfriend and Daisy needed a ticket to the Caribbean…it seemed like a fair exchange! But having survived Seth's extremely thorough interviewing technique—which included kissing—Daisy began to have her doubts. Seth was high-handed and completely ruthless…except when he smiled; then he was devastatingly attractive. Smile or no, Daisy had to face facts: her job was strictly temporary; she was being paid to act as a decoy for Seth's secret affair with a glamorous woman. The terms of the agreement were crystal-clear—but there was no clause about love!

A Bride for His Convenience

by Edith Layton

A bride to save his name . . . Unless he finds a wealthy wife-and soon-Lord Ian Sutcombe will lose everything. Left deeply in debt by his foolish father and greedy stepmother, his only hope is to marry for money. Stung by a suitor's cruel betrayal, Hannah Leeds, daughter of a prosperous merchant, wasn't sure she'd ever love again. So when her father arranges her betrothal to the handsome lord, she agrees. It was no more than a marriage of convenience. They would honor and obey, but never love . . . until a simmering passion exploded into a sizzling affair. Now, with Hannah socializing with members of the ton and another man out to win her heart, Ian will do everything in his power to show Hannah she is his ecstasy, his desire fulfilled . . . and oh so much more than a bride for his convenience.

A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure

by Penny Jordan

The debtIonanthe will leave her freedom at the castle doors. Ancient laws demand an eye for an eye--she must pay the price for her sister's mistake.The paymentRecently crowned Prince Max plans to bring change to his country, but only after his new bride has arrived--as settlement for the debt he is owed....The priceA ruthless ruler and his virgin queen. Trembling with the fragility of a new spring bud, Ionanthe will go to her husband: She was given as penance, but he'll take her for pleasure!

A Bride for Jackson Powers

by Dixie Browning

Iced-in at the airport, cradling the kicking, squealing infant daughter he'd only just discovered, Jackson Powers was fresh out of patience. And now he'd hooked up with fellow strandee Hetty Reynolds, a woman who didn't fit into any of his neat pigeonholes. A woman who spoke softly and sang husky off-key lullabies to a stranger's crying baby...with eyes the color of rainwater and a body created for love. He needed a survival guide to family—and personal relationships—fast! Because once this storm was over, Jackson had to show both these ladies that he was a forever kind of man...

A Bride For John

by Trisha Alexander

DESPERATELY SEEKING DADDY Little Missy Broome really wanted a father. Her hardworking mom, Shelley, could also use a husband. And what better candidate than rich, handsome neighbor John Taylor? The widower's son was Missy's best buddy, his daughter an adoring sidekick. The three would make a perfect brood! Too bad John got on Shelley's nerves—big-time. Too bad Shelley got under John's skin—with a vengeance. Still, maybe three pint-size Cupids could fan that grown-up friction into flames of love…and a family! Not just anyone can tame the Taylors! Watch for more wooing—and wedding!—in Three Brides and a Baby

A Bride for Kolovsky

by Carol Marinelli

Zakahr Belenki has clawed his way out of Russia's gutters to seek revenge on the family that abandoned him. He'll destroy their pride and joy: their fashion empire, the House of Kolovsky. All that stands in his way is his new secretary, Lavinia. Her flirtatiousness, refreshing honesty and passion for her job make Zakahr's conscience-and desire-waver...momentarily. It's not long before the dark knight is crossing the checkered board, ready to take innocent pawn Lavinia....

A Bride for Liam Brand

by Joanna Sims

Liam Brand is done with waiting.The time has come to finally claim his bride!Single mom Kate King is juggling a daughter with a disability, a bustling horse ranch and a disappointing ex. Finding room for romance is more than challenging. But Liam has loved Kate for decades, and it’s time to make his move. Getting to the altar, however, proves to be the easiest part of his plan. Convincing their families is another matter entirely.

A Bride For Luke

by Trisha Alexander

Wedding bells were in the air - but best man Luke Taylor refused to believe the bells were tolling for him! For years he'd leashed his rebellious streak, playing dutiful dad to his six fatherless siblings. Now it was time to shed his shackles, not find his own ball and chain!Still, his brother's new bride had a penchant for matchmaking. . . and a most provocative sister. Sassy, shapely Clementine Bennelli soon had Luke hungering for some wild, unwedded bliss. But was Clem the woman who'd make Luke say 'I do"?

A Bride for McCain

by Mary Burton

Ross has his pride...Ross McCain is determined to bring a schoolteacher to town, even if he has to carry her all the way out West. But he's not anticipated Miss Grimes being so hard to live with-or that he'd wind up proposing to her just to keep her from leaving!Jessica has a secret...Forced to flee Sacramento, posing as a schoolteacher, Jessica Tierney is out of her depth. She knows nothing of country living, let alone children! And now rancher Ross McCain is insisting that they marry. But how can she let their marriage be based on a lie-especially when she discovers she's falling in love with him?

Bride for Real

by Lynne Graham

Their vows have been broken, yet neither is prepared for what this tempestuous reunion will bring... Tally Spencer is an ordinary girl with no experience of relationships; Sander Volakis is an impossibly rich and handsome Greek entrepreneur. What could they have in common? Little-except an overwhelming sexual attraction. But within weeks, Sander finds himself betrayed into exchanging vows with Tally. Just when they think their hasty marriage is finished, Tally and Sander are drawn back together, and the passion between them is just as strong. However, Sander has dark reasons for wanting his wife in his bed again-and Tally also has a terrible secret...

A Bride For Saint Nick

by Carole Buck

HOLIDAY HONEYMOONS Was it too late to make her his wife? SHE WAS THE ONLY WOMAN HE'D EVER LOVED…. One snowy Christmas, John Gulliver came to a sleepy New England town as a stranger. He had a new name, a new face, and even the woman he'd loved and lost didn't recognize him. Because everything from their shared past—except their passion—had been a lie…. Now John wanted to reclaim the bride who should have been his six years ago. And be a father to the son he'd just discovered. Finally having a family would be the greatest Christmas gift of all. But telling Leigh the truth was not without its price…. HOLIDAY HONEYMOONS. Because when you combine holidays with weddings, something magical happens!

A Bride for the Baron

by Jo Ann Brown

A Man Beyond Her Reach Vera Fenwick is everything a vicar's sister should be-helpful, modest and sensible. She knows the perils of falling for a man above her station, but it does no harm to admire Edmund Herriott, Lord Meriweather-from afar. She's perfectly content to help him restore the local rectory...and she's much too reasonable to risk her heart. Working alongside Vera to rebuild the church and foil a smuggling ring is restoring the confidence Edmund lost in battle. Vera may be sure she's not suited to be an aristocrat's wife, but Edmund is utterly confident of one thing-that this unexpected love was built to last. Sanctuary Bay: Where three war heroes find the healing power of love

A Bride for the Black Sheep Brother

by Emily Mckay

Courted by a Cain Cooper Larson doesn't care about finding Hollister Cain's long-lost daughter, even though a huge inheritance hangs in the balance. As Hollister's illegitimate son, the renegade snowboarder broke away and made his own millions long ago. So when his former sister-in-law Portia Callahan insists she's spotted the missing Cain heiress and solicits his aid, it isn't money that motivates him. It's his long-forbidden hunger for Portia. So he agrees to help if she'll collaborate on an event to finance his latest venture. With Portia finally within reach, he quickly melts the cool society princess's resistance...but will the barriers that kept him a black sheep before get the better of him now?

A Bride for the Boss

by Maureen Child

This rich rancher needs his assistant for business and pleasure! Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child Andi Beaumont has a dilemma: she's wedded to her job, when she really wants to wed her boss, Mac McCallum. The only solution: quit and save herself from heartbreak. But Mac isn't having it. The Texas Cattleman's Club stalwart has weathered many storms, including a recent attempt to destroy his ranching business. He can't let Andi get away. So he comes up with a plan to get closer to her. But his all-business approach is about to backfire when he discovers the pure pleasure of being with his alluring assistant...

A Bride for the Brooding Boss

by Bella Bucannon

Melting her boss's frozen heart... Shy computer expert Lauren Taylor can handle any tech issue-it's the clients she finds more challenging! Especially when she realizes her new boss, brooding tycoon Matt Dalton, is the first man she ever kissed... Haunted by his parents' infidelities, Matt's mission was to save his ailing father's company, then leave. Except Lauren's compassion begins to melt his defenses. He never planned on sticking around, but another earth-shattering kiss later, could Lauren give him a reason to stay?

A Bride for the Holidays

by Renee Roszel

Trisha will do almost anything to set up her own business and she can't believe her luck when Lassiter promises to give her a loan. But there's a catch - she has to become his temporary "wife" for the Christmas holidays to enhance his business image. Living as man and wife is harder than either of them expects, but Lassiter discovers he's falling in love!

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