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Stellar Science Fiction Stories, No. 5

by Judy-Lynn Del Rey

This collection of science fiction stories includes: The Sword of Damocles by James P Hogan; Chains of Air, Beb of Aether by Philip K Dick; Grimm's Law by L Neil Smith; Corpus Cryptic by Lee Killough; Elbow Room by Marion Zimmer Bradley; The Nobel Laureate by Robert H Curtis; All That Glitters by G C Edmondson; The Subtle Serpent by Charles Sheffield.

Stellar Science Fiction Stories, No. 6

by Judy-Lynn Del Rey

One poem and eight science fiction stories including: 5980 A.D. by Robert Zend, Till Death Us Do Part by James P. Hogan, ...All Ye Who Enter Here by Jack Williamson, A Gift of Space by Margaret C. Hewitt, The Cerebrated Jumping Frog of Calavaras III by Martha Dodson and Robert L. Forward, Cinderella Switch by Anne McCaffrey, Byte Your Tongue! by Clifford D. Simak, Grandfather Clause by L. Neil Smith, The Slow-Death Corridor by Mark J. McGarry. Some characters in Grandfather Clause have an Elmer Fudd accent making for some unusual spelling of words.

Stellar Science Fiction Stories, No. 7

by Judy-Lynn Del Rey

This book is a collection of short science fiction stories including Making Light by James P. Hogan; Horn of Plenty by Terry Carr and Leanne Frahm; Exclusion Fare by James Tiptree Jr; War Movie by Larry Niven; Folger's Factor by L. Niel Smith; Pelangus by Rick Rapahel; The Mystery of the Duplicate Diamonds by Paul A. Carter; The Two Tsaddiks by Ira Herman; Identity Crisis by James P. Hogan; all edited by Judy-Lynn Del Rey.

Stellar Short Novels

by Gordon R. Dickson Andrew J Offutt Richard S. Weinstein Judy-Lynn Del Rey

This is a collection of three short science fiction novels including: The Mortal and the Monster by Gordon R. Dickson (a delightful story of Nessie), The Greenhouse Defect by Andrew J. Offutt (science fiction locked room mystery cum ecological mayhem), and Oceans Away by Robert S. Weinstein (is it the aliens on a planet circling Alpha Centuri or the octopi being bred to communicate with them that are the most mysterious?)

Stellarnet Rebel

by J. L. Hilton

Welcome to Asteria, a corporate-owned, deep-space colony populated with refugees, criminals and obsessive online gamers. Genny O'Riordan has shifted in from Earth determined to find a story that will break her blog into the Stellarnet Top 100, and even better-expose the degradation of the colony's denizens. Duin is an alien-a Glin-a hero of a past revolution against the Glin royal family, yet branded a terrorist. Duin speaks every day in the Asteria market, hoping to spur humans to aid his home world, which has been overtaken by the evil, buglike Tikati. When Genny and Duin meet, what begins with a blog post becomes a dangerous web of passion and politics as they struggle to survive not only a war but the darker side of humanity...94,000 words


by Piers Anthony

A riveting tale of a barbarian snatched from ninth-century Asia to take part in a deadly far-future game. Alp, a Turkish warrior, is abducted by mysterious Galactics to fight in a strange recreation of his own era, played out on a vast interstellar scale--where horses are starships, cities are planets, and mountains are suns.

Stepsister from the Planet Weird

by Francess Lantz

Although Megan usually discounts her younger brother's outer space fantasies, she is not so certain that he is wrong when he suggests that the unusual man with whom their surfer mother has fallen in love and his seemingly perfect daughter are aliens.

The Stepsister Scheme

by Jim C. Hines

What would happen if an author went back to the darker themes of the original fairy tales for his plots, and then crossed the Disney princesses with Charlie's Angels? What's delivered is The Stepsister Scheme--a whole new take on what happened to Cinderella and her prince after the wedding. And with Jim C. Hines penning the tale readers can bet it won't be "and they lived happily ever after."

Steven Spielberg's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Storybook

by William Kotzwinkle

The enchanting story begins: The spaceship floated gently, anchored by a beam of lavender light to the earth below. Round in shape and glowing warmly, it looked like a gigantic old Christmas tree ornament fallen from the night sky. The Ship landed on Earth purposefully, the intelligence commanding it beyond navigational error. Yet an error was about to be made . . . The hatch was open, the crew out and about, probing the earth with strangely shaped tools, like little old elves caring for their misty, moonlit gardens. It was clear they weren't elves, but creatures more scientifically minded. For they were taking samples -of flowers, moss, shrubs, saplings. Yet their misshapen heads, their drooping arms and roly-poly, sawed-off torsos would make one think of elfland, and the tenderness they showed the plants might add to this impression-were someone of Earth nearby to observe it, but no one was, and the elfin botanists from space were free to work in peace. Even so, they started in fear when a bat twittered by, or an owl hooted, or a dog barked in the distance. Then their breathing quickened and a mistlike camouflage surrounded them, flowing from their fingertips and from their long toes. Nothing could camouflage their Ship, however, and it had already been detected by military radar and other scanning devices. Government specialists in extraterrestrial research were bouncing around the back roads in noisy vehicles, talking to each other on radios, closing in on the great ornament. Other books by William Kotzwinkle are available from Bookshare.

Stewards of the Flame

by Sylvia Engdahl

When burned-out starship captain Jesse Sanders is seized by a dictatorial medical regime and detained on the colony planet Undine, he has no idea that he is about to be plunged into a bewildering new life that will involve ordeals and joys beyond anything he has ever imagined, as well as the love of a woman with powers that seem superhuman. Still less does he suspect that he must soon take responsibility for the lives of people he has come to care about and the preservation of their hopes for the future of humankind. Winner of a bronze medal in the 2008 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards, this controversial novel deals with government-imposed health care, end-of-life issues, and the so-called paranormal powers of the human mind. Despite being set in the distant future on another world, it appeals not only to science fiction readers but to others who question the dominant medical philosophy of today's society, or who value personal freedom of choice.

Sticks and Stones and Doggie Bones (Barkley's School for Dogs #6)

by Marcia Thornton Jones Debbie Dadey

Floyd is forced to wear a big plastic collar after getting stitches, and Sweetcakes teases him unmercifully. Floyd is terribly depressed! Jack just can't stand by and let Floyd suffer, so he and his doggie sidekicks teach Sweetcakes a lesson.

Still Forms on Foxfield

by Joan Slonczewski

The final apocalyptic war was about to destroy the earth and all its civilizations. A group of quakers escapes to a planet called Foxfre where they govern according to the precepts of their church. There is a native life form but cooperation to safeguard the biosphere of the planet assures that there is little conflict. A century later, a ship from earth arrives in orbit. The civilization of earth survived. And now the natives want to destroy the ship from earth.

The Still, Small Voice of Trumpets

by Lloyd Biggle Jr.

The Interplanetary Relations Bureau was founded to bring new star systems into the Galactic Federation by encouraging each planet to form a democratic planet-wide government--but without ever seeming to use direct influence. The people of Gurnil, particularly on the continent of Kurr had stymied the Bureau for over 400 years. Their Kings were as despotic and at times cruel as anywhere, but had always been smart enough to keep the people just happy enough not to provoke a revolt. In desperation, the Bureau has now turned to Jef Forzon, a man more used to evaluating paintings, music and poetry than fomenting revolution. Yet, just perhaps, the unique sensitivity to beauty of the people of Kurr might, just might, give him a lever. The Interplanetary Relations Bureau was founded to bring new star systems into the Galactic Federation by encouraging each planet to form a democratic planet-wide government--but without ever seeming to use direct influence. The people of Gurnil, particularly on the continent of Kurr had stymied the Bureau for over 400 years. Their Kings were as despotic and at times cruel as anywhere, but had always been smart enough to keep the people just happy enough not to provoke a revolt. In desperation, the Bureau has now turned to Jef Forzon, a man more used to evaluating paintings, music and poetry than fomenting revolution. Yet, just perhaps, the unique sensitivity to beauty of the people of Kurr might, just might, give him a lever.Unfortunately, that lever have been weakened by treachery within the Bureau, itself.


by Robert R. Mccammon

Robert R. McCammon, one of the supreme masters of horror, takes us into a mind-bending landscape bursting with the most savage terrors imaginable. enemy more fearsome, more hideous than the most heart-stopping nightmares. STINGER...who ravages a remote Texas town until the men and women of Inferno rise up in a final, desperate battle. No evil yet known to man can match the searing hell of.... Stinger.

Stinker from Space

by Pamela F. Service

An agent of the Sylon Confederacy, fleeing from enemy ships, crash lands on Earth, transfers his mind to the body of a skunk, and enlists the aid of two children in getting back to his home planet.

A Stir of Bones (Red Heart of Memories #3)

by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

After discovering the secrets that lie in an abandoned house, fourteen-year-old Susan Backstrom, with the help of some new friends, has the ability to make a safe, new life for herself.

The Stochastic Man

by Robert Silverberg

Lew Nichols is in the business of stochastic prediction. A mixture of sophisticated analysis and inspired guesswork, it is the nearest man can get to predicting the future.


by Vivian Vande Velde

A girl finds herself running through the forest at the edge of a village with no memory of anything, even her own name, and later learns that she might be twelve-year-old Isabelle, believed to be stolen by a witch six years before.

Stolen Magic

by Stephanie Burgis

In this conclusion to the Regency-era fantasy trilogy Kirkus Reviews calls "enjoyable mayhem," Kat is tasked with saving her family, the Order of the Guardians, and England itself.With just days to go before her sister Angeline's long-delayed wedding to Frederick Carlyle, the impetuous Kat Stephenson has resigned herself to good behavior. But Kat's initiation into the magical Order of the Guardians is fast approaching, and trouble seems to follow her everywhere. First, Kat must contend with the wretched Mrs. Carlyle's attempts to humiliate her sister; the arrival of the mysterious Marquise de Valmont, who bears suspicious resemblance to Kat's late mother; and Frederick's bewitching cousin Jane, who has Charles Stephenson tripping over his feet. But when a menacing boy with powerful magic starts hunting Kat, a dastardly villain tries to kill Angeline, and the Guardians face a magical robbery that could spell the end of their Order, propriety becomes the least of Kat's concerns. Can Kat save her sister's life, the Order of the Guardians, and England itself before it's too late?

Stolen (Women of the Otherworld, Book 2)

by Kelley Armstrong

Elena Michaels, journalist and werewolf travels to Pittsburgh to follow a lead that may expose her pack as well as all other werewolves. What she thought was just a tabloid headline turned out to be one of the biggest and most dangerous adventures of her life. This is the sequel to Bitten.

Stone and Anvil (Star Trek: New Frontier)

by Peter David

Fans of Peter David's bestselling New Frontier saga have been eagerly awaiting a new adventure featuring Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, Captain Elizabeth Shelby, and the crews of the Starships Excalibur and Trident. Now at last, Calhoun and Shelby return in an exciting page-turner that explores the past of both captains -- while simultaneously confronting them with a perilous dilemma in the present. A crewman has been murdered aboard the U.S.S. Trident, and all evidence points to Ensign Janos of the Excalibur. Calhoun is reluctant to accept that Janos, a powerful non-humanoid whom the captain has known and trusted for years, could be a killer and immediately launches an investigation into the crime. But this troubling murder mystery soon escalates into a full-Þedged diplomatic crisis that threatens to pit Calhoun and Shelby against the entire United Federation of Planets -- and the Starship Enterprise . Meanwhile, the turmoil involving Ensign Janos forces Calhoun to recall his own tempestuous past, his rocky relationship with a young Elizabeth Shelby, and a long-ago exploit that may have everything to do with the deadly emergency that now confronts them all! Stone and Anvil is exactly the kind of compelling and original Star Trek adventure that Peter David's thousands of fans have come to expect from The New Frontier.

The Stone God Awakens

by Philip José Farmer

The Earth was desolated. Fiery winds wrapped it. The polar caps had melted, and earthquakes, exploding volcanoes, and crumbling coastal masses had changed the face of what land was left. There was no explanation for what had happened or for what had caused the global holocaust. Possibly, the huge luminous teardrops that tore through the smoke covering the seared earth were the cause. But there was no one to explain.... The teardrops appeared again and hovered ... for a while. None took any action, except one: it loosed energy bolts that burned out the little tree containing the forty survivors of homo sapiens.

A Stone In Heaven

by Poul Anderson


The Stone Key (Obernewtyn #5)

by Isobelle Carmody

There was a great crash and wood splintered . . . I had a brief glimpse of a group of Herder priests, bald and robed, peering at me, and then the sundered remnants of the locker door were torn aside and a rough hand reached in to haul me out by the hair. A Hedra captain stared into my face with eyes that burned with a fanatical fire above a thin nose and a lipless slash of a mouth. . . 'You will die in great pain and very slowly, mutant,' said the Hedra master. When Farseeker Guildmistress Elspeth Gordie sets out from Obernewtyn to travel to Sutrium at the end of Wintertime, she quickly learns that not everyone welcomes the changes brought about by the rebellion. Capture by an old and vicious enemy, she is drawn into the heart of the Herder Faction, where she learns of a terrible plot to destroy the west coast. To stop it, Elspeth must risk everything, knowing that if she dies, she will never complete her quest to find the weaponmachines that destroyed the Beforetime. But if she succeeds, her journey will lead her to the last of the signs left for her by the seer Kasanda . . .

The Stone Light

by Kai Meyer

Deadly magic and malice threaten Merle and Serafin in this breathtaking sequel to The Water Mirror. Merle-- carrying the mysterious Flowing Queen within her-- and Vermithrax, the winged stone lion, are flying into Hell. They are looking for help in freeing Venice from the invading Egyptian pharaoh and his mummy warriors. But some truly nightmarish surprises await them as they travel to the center of Hell and encounter its sinister ruler-- Lord Light. Serafin remains in Venice, where the gorgeous sphinx Lalapeya recruits him into a plot to assassinate the pharaoh. But does Lalapeya really believe a small group of boys can outwit the cunning sphinx commanders and kill the most powerful man on earth? Betrayal lurks in unexpected places, and startling revelations occur as Merle and Serafin learn that evil takes many shapes in the astonishing world of Dark Reflections.

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