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Radiance: Creative Mitzvah Living

by Danny Siegel

The Selected Prose and Poetry of Danny Siegel This first anthology of the most important writings by Danny Siegel, spanning and renewing fifty years of his insights intersperses soulful Jewish texts with innovative Mitzvah ideas to rouse individuals and communities to transform our lives, communities, neighborhoods, and world. As a renowned teacher Siegel describes the creative—often startling—ways individuals from different walks of life have brought compassion into the world, recognizes them as Mitzvah heroes, and suggests how we can apply their life lessons. He also plumbs how giving enriches living and presents Jewishly informed best principles for doing more world repair (Tikkun Olam). As a scholar of rabbinic literature Siegel offers translations and commentaries on Jewish texts illuminating Tzedakah, values, caring, and leadership. In addition he tops off a half-century of his thought with five new essays reflecting on his visions for a better world. The selected poetry asks religious and theological questions in the face of oppression and war, gives voice to personal moments often neglected by ritual, and exults at the wonders of modern Israel and the revelation of love. Both inspirational and pragmatic, this anthology offers practical guidance on using Siegel&’s classic and novel works in personal living and in Jewish organizational settings. Ultimately, in exploring the dynamic interaction between heroes, texts, and ourselves, Siegel seeks to engage each of us in discovering our own radiant potential for creative Mitzvah living.

Radical Wordsworth: The Poet Who Changed the World

by Jonathan Bate

On the 250th anniversary of Wordsworth&’s birth comes a highly imaginative and vivid portrait of a revolutionary poet who embodied the spirit of his age Published in time for the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth&’s birth, this is the biography of a great poetic genius, a revolutionary who changed the world. Wordsworth rejoiced in the French Revolution and played a central role in the cultural upheaval that we call the Romantic Revolution. He and his fellow Romantics changed forever the way we think about childhood, the sense of the self, our connection to the natural environment, and the purpose of poetry. But his was also a revolutionary life in the old sense of the word, insofar as his art was of memory, the return of the past, the circling back to childhood and youth. This beautifully written biography is purposefully fragmentary, momentary, and selective, opening up what Wordsworth called "the hiding-places of my power."

Reading and Not Reading The Faerie Queene: Spenser and the Making of Literary Criticism

by Catherine Nicholson

The four-hundred-year story of readers' struggles with a famously unreadable poem—and what they reveal about the history of reading and the future of literary studies"I am now in the country, and reading in Spencer's fairy-queen. Pray what is the matter with me?" The plaint of an anonymous reader in 1712 sounds with endearing frankness a note of consternation that resonates throughout The Faerie Queene's reception history, from its first known reader, Spenser's friend Gabriel Harvey, who urged him to write anything else instead, to Virginia Woolf, who insisted that if one wants to like the poem, "the first essential is, of course, not to read" it. For more than four centuries critics have sought to counter this strain of readerly resistance, but rather than trying to remedy the frustrations and failures of Spenser's readers, Catherine Nicholson cherishes them as a sensitive barometer of shifts in the culture of reading itself.Indeed, tracking the poem's mixed fortunes in the hands of its bored, baffled, outraged, intoxicated, obsessive, and exhausted readers turns out to be an excellent way of rethinking the past and future prospects of literary study. By examining the responses of readers from Queen Elizabeth and the keepers of Renaissance commonplace books to nineteenth-century undergraduates, Victorian children, and modern scholars, this book offers a compelling new interpretation of the poem and an important new perspective on what it means to read, or not to read, a work of literature.

Refusal: Poems

by Jenny Molberg

In Refusal, her searing new collection of poetry, Jenny Molberg draws on elements of the uncanny—invented hospitals, the Demogorgon of Dungeons & Dragons, an Ophelia character who refuses suicide—to investigate trauma, addiction, and forces of oppression. Exposing the effects of widespread toxic misogyny, this confrontational volume examines societal, cultural, and personal gaslighting in situations of domestic abuse. As Molberg writes in “Loving Ophelia Is,” “love and hate simultaneously is the trick of abuse / and the trick of abuse is a vexation of the mind.” A sequence of epistolary poems looks to friendship as a safe haven from violent romantic relationships, while another series on a mother’s struggle with addiction captures the complicated nature of a parent-child relationship affected by alcoholism. Refusal seeks to break silences and to interrogate a cultural misogyny that weighs heavily on a woman’s position in the world.

RENDANG (Wesleyan Poetry Series)

by Will Harris

Using long poems, ekphrasis, and ruptured forms, RENDANG is a startling new take on the self, and how an identity is constructed. Drawing on his Anglo-Indonesian heritage, Will Harris shows us new ways to think about the contradictions of identity and cultural memory. He creates companions that speak to us in multiple languages. They deftly ask us to consider how and what we look at, as well as what we don't look at and why. It is intellectual and accessible, moving and experimental, and combines a linguistic innovation with a deep emotional rooting.Mother CountryThe shades open for landing, I see the pandan-leafed interior expandingtowards the edge of a relievedhorizon. Down alongthe banks of the Ciliwung are slums I had forgotten, the river like a loosely sutured wound. As we begin our descent into the black smog of an emergingpower, I make out the tin shacks, the stalls selling juices, the red-tiled colonial barracks, the new mall.It is raining profusely.After years of her urgingme to go, me holding back,I have no more excuses.

The Response of Weeds: A Misplacement of Black Poetry on the Prairies (Crow Said Poetry)

by Bertrand Bickersteth

Bertrand Bickersteth’s debut poetry collection explores what it means to be Black and Albertan through a variety of prisms: historical, biographical, and essentially, geographical. The Response of Weeds offers a much-needed window on often overlooked contributions to the province’s character and provides personal perspectives on the question of Black identity on the prairies. Through these rousing and evocative poems, Bickersteth uses language to call up the contours of the land itself, land that is at once mesmerizing as it is dismissively effacing. Such is Black identity here on this paradoxical land, too.

Retorno a Moulinsart

by Tito Muñoz

Tito Muñoz, un poeta excelente que además ha escrito canciones para artistas tan relevantes como Serrat o Ruibal, publica ahora en Verso&Cuento. Estas páginas son una invitación a pasear en pantalón corto o con el uniforme de las teresianas y una tirita en la rodilla por el paisaje de la infancia, los primeros besos y las fotografías de veranos antiguos, rumbo al sótano de Moulinsart, donde se conserva el tesoro de la memoria trazado en línea clara. Con una mirada cínica, callejera y sin concesiones, Tito Muñoz se recrea en la belleza de la invención con el firme propósito de, como recomendaba Ángel González, mantener sucia la estrofa y escupir dentro. Así que, ¡mil rayos, marinero de agua dulce, bachi-bazuk de los Cárpatos!, abre el libro por donde caiga y deja que la poesía de sus páginas te posea y haga cosquillitas en tus vísceras. Reseña:«En este libro, Tito nos va dando una de cal y otra de arena sin hacer apenas aspavientos, sin despeinarse, sin esfuerzo aparente; saca del sombrero el imaginario de la niñez y, cuando te descuidas, esboza la decadencia del pesar de los días o le da la vuelta a la sonrisa huyendo de los sueños».Fragmento del prólogo de El Kanka

Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era (Routledge Research in American Literature and Culture)

by Tiffany Austin Sequoia Maner Emily Ruth Rutter Darlene Anita Scott

Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era is an edited collection of critical essays and poetry that investigates contemporary elegy within the black diaspora. Scores of contemporary writers have turned to elegiac poetry and prose in order to militate against the white supremacist logic that has led to recent deaths of unarmed black men, women, and children. This volume combines scholarly and creative understandings of the elegy in order to discern how mourning feeds our political awareness in this dystopian time as writers attempt to see, hear, and say something in relation to the bodies of the dead as well as to living readers. Moreover, this book provides a model for how to productively interweave theoretical and deeply personal accounts to encourage discussions about art and activism that transgress disciplinary boundaries, as well as lines of race, gender, class, and nation.

Rhymes in the Flow: How Rappers Flip the Beat

by Macklin Smith Aurko Joshi

Despite its global popularity, rap has received little scholarly attention in terms of its poetic features. Rhymes in the Flow systematically analyzes the poetics (rap beats, rhythms, rhymes, verse and song structures) of many notable rap songs to provide new insights on rap artistry and performance. Defining and describing the features of what rappers commonly call flow, the authors establish a theory of the rap line as they trace rap’s deepest roots and stylistic evolution—from Anglo-Saxon poetry to Lil Wayne—and contextualize its complex poetics. Rhymes in the Flow helps explain rap’s wide appeal by focusing primarily on its rhythmic and thematic power, while also claiming its historical, cultural, musical, and poetic importance.

Romances: Poems

by Lisa Ampleman

In this subtle and candid collection, Lisa Ampleman mixes contemporary elements and historical materials as she speaks back to the literary tradition of courtly love. Instead of bachelor knights bemoaning their allegedly cruel beloveds, Romances emphasizes the voices of female troubadours, along with those of historical figures such as Dante’s wife, Petrarch’s Laura, and Anne Boleyn. Ampleman also incorporates the work of the Italian Renaissance poet Gaspara Stampa, mentioned in Rilke’s Duino Elegies, through a series of adaptations of her verse. Elsewhere, a contemporary sonnet sequence dedicated to Courtney Love shows the 1990s grunge rocker as subject, object, performer, and mother. As her poems reflect on popular romantic ideas about the past, the means by which elegies romanticize the dead, or the conventional romance of a happy marriage, Ampleman addresses a range of romantic entanglements: courtly and commonplace, sentimental and prosaic, toxic and mutual.

Romanticism, Philosophy, and Literature

by Michael N. Forster Lina Steiner

This book offers a broad re-evaluation of the key ideas developed by the German Romantics concerning philosophy and literature. It focuses not only on their own work, but also on that of their fellow travelers (such as Hölderlin) and their contemporary opponents (such as Hegel), as well as on various reactions to and transpositions of their ideas in later authors, including Coleridge, Byron, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Dostoevsky.

The Rumi Prescription: How an Ancient Mystic Poet Changed My Modern Manic Life

by Melody Moezzi

A powerful personal journey to find meaning and life lessons in the words of a wildly popular 13th century poet.Rumi's inspiring and deceptively simple poems have been called ecstatic, mystical, and devotional. To writer and activist Melody Moezzi, they became a lifeline. In The Rumi Prescription, we follow her path of discovery as she translates Rumi's works for herself - to gain wisdom and insight in the face of a creative and spiritual roadblock. With the help of her father, who is a lifelong fan of Rumi's poetry, she immerses herself in this rich body of work, and discovers a 13th-century prescription for modern life. Addressing isolation, distraction, depression, fear, and other everyday challenges we face, the book offers a roadmap for living with intention and ease, and embracing love at every turn--despite our deeply divided and chaotic times. Most of all, it presents a vivid reminder that we already have the answers we seek, if we can just slow down to honor them. • You went out in search of gold far and wide, but all along you were gold on the inside. • Become the sky and the clouds that create the rain, not the gutter that carries it to the drain. • You already own all the sustenance you seek. If only you'd wake up and take a peek. • Quit being a drop. Make yourself an ocean.<

rushes from the river disappointment (Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series #53)

by stephanie roberts

"those of us who've seen miracles know how to ask. / if you've asked, do you love me, i almost certainly / don't love you." This meditative, musically attentive collection explores the confounding nature of intimate relationships. stephanie roberts's poetic expression is often irreverent, unapologetic, and infused with humour that can take surprisingly grave turns. rushes from the river disappointment traverses city, country, and fantasy using nature as artery through the emotional landscape. As they wrestle to come to terms with the effects of uncertainty and grief on hope and belief, these diverse field notes are interspersed with the fabulous: a polar bear and owl engage in flirtation, a time traveller appears on a lake, an erotic scene takes place on a train, and we confront "people capable of eating popcorn at the movie of your agony." roberts's language is dense with images and sometimes acrobatic. In poems that affirm love and desire as treasures fought for more than just felt, rushes from the river disappointment turns an unblinking gaze on the failures of courage that distance us from love.

Sacrament of Bodies (African Poetry Book)

by Romeo Oriogun

In this groundbreaking collection of poems, Sacrament of Bodies, Romeo Oriogun fearlessly interrogates how a queer man in Nigeria can heal in a society where everything is designed to prevent such restoration. With honesty, precision, tenderness of detail, and a light touch, Oriogun explores grief and how the body finds survival through migration.


by Elizabeth T. Gray Jr

A riveting lyrical constellation centered on the Battle of Passchendaele in Flanders Fields and tibetan protective magic <p><p> In the foreword to her book-length poem, Salient, Elizabeth Gray writes, “This work began by juxtaposing two obsessions of mine that took root in the late 1960s: the Battle of Passchendaele, fought by the British Army in Flanders in late 1917, and the chöd ritual, the core ‘severance’ practice of a lineage founded by Machik Lapdrön, the great twelfth-century female Tibetan Buddhist saint.” <p> Over the course of several decades, Gray tracked the contours and traces of the Ypres Salient, walking the haunted battlefield ground of the contemporary landscape with campaign maps in hand, reading “not only history, poetry, and fiction, but also unit diaries; contemporary reports and individual accounts; survey information and maps of all kinds; treatises on aerial photography and artillery tactics; and manuals on field engineering and tactical planning.” <p> Out of this material, through a process of collage, convergence, and ritual chöd visualization, Gray has composed a spare, fascinating lyrical engagement with The Missing, in shell hole and curved trench, by way of amulets and obstacles. What is salient rises from the secret signs in song, like a blessing, protected from harm.


by Adrià Salas

Salsa estrena Contraveu, la col·lecció de poesia i textos breus de Rosa dels Vents que arrenca aquest any. No remenis tant. I la resposta és: «sí, trobaràs el temps». Sempre val la pena una immersió guiada al fons de les qüestions. Així com els instruments musicals moren quan no els toquem, també la reflexió va perdent la seva efectivitat quan no la sovintegem. He sabut trobar una part de casa meva a l'horitzó, i us l'apropo a tota vela. No l'he embolicada perquè no pensava regalar-la, però serà l'inici d'una inesperada complicitat. Passa't per aquí quan vulguis. El que et diré no alliçona, però ressona. No soc l'Adrià que havies vist abans i no me n'amago. He recuperat velles cantarelles i les faig parlar, ara que els ha arribat el moment. He preparat per a tu moltes propostes indecents. Adrià Salas

Say Her Name

by Zetta Elliott

Inspired by the #SayHerName campaign launched by the African American Policy Forum, these poems pay tribute to victims of police brutality as well as the activists insisting that Black Lives Matter. Elliott engages poets from the past two centuries to create a chorus of voices celebrating the creativity, resilience, and courage of Black women and girls.This collection features forty-nine powerful poems, four of which are tribute poems inspired by the works of Lucille Clifton, Audre Lorde, Nikki Giovanni, and Phillis Wheatley. This provocative collection will move every reader to reflect, respond-and act.

Say Something Back & Time Lived, Without Its Flow

by Denise Riley

A moving meditation on grief and motherhood by one of Britain's most celebrated poets.Say Something Back will allow readers to see just why Denise Riley has been held in such high regard by her fellow poets for so long. The book reproduces A Part Song, a profoundly moving document of grieving and loss, and one of the most widely admired long poems of recent years. Elsewhere these poems become a space for contemplation of the natural world and of physical law, and for considering what it is to invoke those who are absent. But finally, they extend our sense of what the act of human speech can mean—and especially what is drawn forth from us when we address our dead. Lyric, intimate, acidly witty, unflinchingly brave, Say Something Back—which also includes a powerful new prose meditation about grief and its aftermath, &“Time Lived, Without Its Flow&”—is a deeply moving book by one of our finest poets, and one destined to introduce Riley&’s name to a wide new readership.

Seeing the Body: Poems

by Rachel Eliza Griffiths

An elegiac and moving meditation on the ways in which we witness "bodies" of grief and healing. Poems and photographs collide in this intimate collection, challenging the invisible, indefinable ways mourning takes up residence in a body, both before and after life-altering loss. In radiant poems—set against the evocative and desperate backdrop of contemporary events, pop culture, and politics—Rachel Eliza Griffiths reckons with her mother’s death, aging, authority, art, black womanhood, memory, and the American imagination. The poems take shape in the space where public and private mourning converge, finding there magic and music alongside brutality and trauma. Griffiths braids a moving narrative of identity and its possibilities for rebirth through image and through loss. A photographer as well as a poet, Griffiths accompanies the fierce rhythm of her verses with a series of ghostly, imaginative self-portraits, blurring the body’s internal wilderness with landscapes alive with beauty and terror. The collision of text and imagery offers an associative autobiography, in which narratives of language, absence, and presence are at once saved, revised, and often erased. Seeing the Body dismantles personal and public masks of silence and self-destruction to visualize and celebrate the imperfect freedom of radical self-love.

Selected Poems, 1968-1996 (Penguin Modern Classics Ser.)

by Joseph Brodsky

Joseph Brodsky spent his life advocating for the place of the poet in society. As Derek Walcott said of him, “Joseph was somebody who lived poetry . . . He saw being a poet as being a sacred calling.” The poems in this volume span Brodsky’s career, which was marked by his expulsion from the Soviet Union in 1972. Together, they represent the project that, as Brodsky said, the “condition we call exile” presented: “to set the next man—however theoretical he and his needs may be—a bit more free.” This edition, edited and introduced by Brodsky’s literary executor, Ann Kjellberg, includes poems translated by Derek Walcott, Richard Wilbur, and Anthony Hecht, as well as poems written in English or translated by the author himself. Selected Poems, 1968-1996 surveys Brodsky’s tumultuous life and illustrious career and showcases his most notable and poignant work as a poet.

Sensuale: Una collezione di poesie e prosa da brivido e da batticuore

by R. A. Bentinck

L'attrazione non dovrebbe mai essere sottovalutata. Per non perdere gradualmente la sua deliziosa avventura, lucentezza, fascino e magia eterea. Dovremmo cercare costantemente di rivitalizzare i fuochi morenti della passione. Nutri le fiamme del desiderio in un modo che permetta loro di sfuggire al controllo, anche se momentaneamente. In questa raccolta straordinariamente unica di versi e prosa contemporanei, Bentinck ha riunito diversi pezzi diversi che garantiscono di accarezzare il tuo lato seducente. Ti incoraggia a pensare a una persona speciale con desideri irrequieti che ti spingono verso il precipizio della sensualità prima che il tuo limitato autocontrollo si svegli. Sultry celebra con entusiasmo la magnifica bellezza della passione, della tentazione e dell'irresistibile attrazione con creatività e abilità poetiche. In questa raccolta di poesie sono integrati alcuni abili usi di metafore e immagini immaginarie che tenteranno le tue insaziabili fantasie. Alimenteranno le tue voglie insoddisfatte, delizieranno la tua lussuria setosa e susciteranno la tua curiosità sul culmine di un'esplosione avventurosa. Dopo aver completato questa raccolta, ti lascerà il desiderio di esprimere, esplorare e indulgere con quella persona significativa. Troverai la motivazione per perseguire modi sperimentali e creativi per comunicare la tua passione e desideri senza sensi di colpa.

She Wears Pain Like Diamonds: Poems

by Alfa

From the best-selling author of I Find You in the DarknessShe’s been through more hell than you’ll ever know.But that’s what gives her beauty an edge.You can’t touch a woman who can wear painlike the grandest of diamonds around her neck.—AlfaShe Wears Pain Like Diamonds is a book of poetry about finding beauty in a buried past andunearthing the treasures of strength and resilience.

The Sign of the Dragon: The Sign Of The Dragon Book 1

by Mary Soon Lee

Drawing on Chinese and Mongolian elements, award-winning poet Mary Soon Lee has penned an epic tale of politics, intrigue, and dragons perfect for fans of Game of Thrones and Beowulf.As the fourth-born prince of Meqing, Xau was never supposed to be king. But when his three older brothers are all deemed unfit to rule and eaten by a dragon, as is the custom, Xau suddenly finds himself on the Meqinese throne. The early years of his reign are marred by brutal earthquakes and floods, and the long-simmering tension with the neighboring country of Innis finally erupts into war. Worst of all, a demon thought long-dead walks the realm again, leaving death and destruction in its wake. In a desperate gamble, Xau must broker an uneasy peace with his former enemies and hope their combined strength is enough to vanquish the demon before it destroys them all.The Sign of the Dragon is comprised of over 300 individual poems, including the Rhysling-winning "Interregnum." The first 60 poems appeared in the 2015 Dark Renaissance Books publication Crowned, which won the 2016 Elgin Award, and many individual poems have appeared in award-winning literary magazines such as Fantasy & Science Fiction, Spillway, and Strange Horizons. Collected together in its entirety for the very first time, with over 200 never-before-published poems, readers can finally enjoy King Xau's story of sacrifice and war and dragons from beginning to end.Mary Soon Lee is a poet and storyteller who has won the Elgin and the Rhysling awards. Her work has appeared in Analog, Asimov's, Daily Science Fiction, F&SF, Fireside, Science, and American Scholar. She is also the author of Elemental Haiku: Poems to honor the periodic table three lines at a time. Born and raised in London, she now lives in Pennsylvania with her family.


by F. S. Yousaf

Searching for a profound way to propose to his fiancée, F.S. Yousaf reread the letters she had written him. In them he found his proposal, as well as inspiration to write his own prose and poetry. From this inspiration, Sincerely was born. It carries messages of positivity, hope, and most of all, true love.

Sistemas binarios


El letrista y vocalista de uno de los grupos indies más prestigiosos de nuestro país, Maga, publica ahora su primer poemario. Tú y yo, un sistema de relación capaz de crear un universo, de hablar de todas las cosas que lo componen combinándonos. Y a veces tú es mi propia voz en un intento de establecer comunicación con el yo primigenio. Dos miradas, dos bocas, dos cuerpos contorsionistas que, como un milagro, cuentan al oído la épica historia del inicio del mundo. Un sistema binario cuya correspondencia es capaz de explicarlo todo. Miguel Rivera, vocalista y letrista del grupo Maga, nos atrapa en estas páginas repletas de surrealismo, magia y cotidianeidad, al más puro estilo de su música. A través de poemas y textos narrativos viajaremos a lo largo y ancho de la galaxia imaginativa de este talentoso artista que estrena en este libro su faceta como escritor.

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