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Wyoming True (Wyoming Men #10)

by Diana Palmer

An opposites-attract love may be in store for a gruff rancher and a small-town beauty in a brand-new Wyoming Men romanceJake McGuire has worked hard to earn his success, with holdings that include ranches and a private jet. The only threat to his comfortable existence is the last woman he should ever want. He knows Ida Merridan by reputation only, but the stories he’s heard are enough for him to keep her at arm’s length, until the day fate puts her in his path under circumstances only the most heartless cowboy could ignore. Now, realizing the truth Ida’s been keeping, he’s powerless to give her up.Twice married and independently wealthy, Ida did nothing to deserve her bad reputation—except choose the wrong husbands. Live and learn in a small town, but after everything life has handed her, she’s in no hurry to make any more mistakes or be anyone’s object of pity. Being rescued by Jake throws a wrench into her plans for a solitary existence when one sizzling kiss leads to another, but her past is catching up with her, and there’s only so much she can do when Jake is determined to prove there are still some heroes left in the West.Wyoming MenBook 1: Wyoming ToughBook 2: Wyoming FierceBook 3: Wyoming BoldBook 4: Wyoming StrongBook 5: Wyoming RuggedBook 6: Wyoming BraveBook 7: Wyoming WinterBook 8: Wyoming LegendBook 9: Wyoming HeartBook 10: Wyoming True

Wyoming Undercover

by Karen Whiddon

In need of redemption, a Wyoming rogue must free a woman from a deadly cultPrivate investigator Jack Moreno lives and breathes for the riskiest missions. But not even his elite training can prepare him for his latest operation: going undercover to rescue a child from a cult. In the process, he meets Sophia Hannah, a young, vulnerable nurse, who is days away from a forced marriage to the cult leader.Sophia doesn’t know life beyond the invisible walls around her—or that her searing attraction to a handsome stranger is built on lies. Desperate to escape her fate as the next wife to be used and discarded, she turns to Jack. But as they chase freedom, they’ll confront an even more dangerous threat: the truth.

Wyoming Wedding

by Barbara Mcmahon

HITCHED! Husband for hire? Charity Blackstone knew all there was to know about cowboys. After all, she'd married one. Bobby Blackstone, Charity's feckless husband, had been tragically killed in an accident. The only things he'd left Charity were a ranch and a broken heart. The ranch she was determined to keep. Men like Rafe Carstairs shouldn't be allowed out in public looking that good. Charity didn't care what he looked like. Rafe was the only man who could save her ranch. In return for his help, Rafe wanted to get married-to Charity. It wouldn't have been so bad if Rafe hadn't been a no-good cowboy. It looked as if history was going to repeat itself.... "A delightful relationship romance that sizzles with emotional intensity." -Affaire de Coeur Hit the altar trail with Barbara McMahon's WESTERN WEDDINGS! HITCHED!

Wyoming Wedding

by Sara Orwig

Just two years of her time. That's all handsome billionaire Matt Rome needed. His proposal seemed perfect on paper, and the promise of passion sizzled between them. But becoming a wife for hire? To a man with a cash register for a heart? Pregnant waitress Brianna Costin had no intention of falling for the workaholic financier--her golden ticket to help her struggling family. Yet beneath his heated kisses, the line between business and pleasure started to blur. . . .

Wyoming Widow

by Elizabeth Lane

Desperate Times Called For Desperate Measures...And widow Cassandra Logan was as desperate as they come. Who could blame her for the audacious falsehood she told for the sake of her baby? No one-except maybe straight-arrow rancher Morgan Tolliver, who had every right to distrust her lying ways!When his passion outpaced his suspicions, Morgan knew he was in trouble. After all, Cassandra had suddenly appeared at the ranch carrying nothing but a trunkful of lies. So when exactly had he dismissed her deceit and accepted the truth of his love?

Wyoming Wife?

by Shawna Delacorte

SNOWBOUND WITH A WYOMING COWBOY! Samantha Burkett knew microwave meals, rush-hour gridlock and men in three-piece suits. But an ill-fated trip to Wyoming in the midst of a blizzard set her reality on its ear....Jace Tremayne had literally swooped down from the big sky to save her life. The rugged, tautly muscled rancher hadn't taken no for an answer, flinging her over his shoulder and flying her by copter to his remote ranch to wait out the worst of the storm. But close quarters with this irresistible cowboy showed Samantha how truly different their worlds were. And how completely Jace rocked hers....But could she ever be content as this man's Wyoming wife?

Wyoming Wildcat

by Elizabeth Lane

Ryan Tolliver Was On The Trail Of A WomanThe Wyoming rancher was only looking for the promised reward when he set off to track down the mysterious Molly Ivins, missing some eighteen years. But after a nasty fall robbed him of his memory, things got a lot more complicated.Tragically orphaned at seven, Molly Ivins fell into the caring hands of a Cheyenne medicine man and came to be known as Moon Hawk. Yet when a handsome white man with amnesia burst into her life, she had to decide between newfound love and loyalty to her tribe.

Wyoming Wildcat

by Myrna Temte

HE'D HAVE TO BE BRAVE TO TAKE ON HER BROTHERSGrace McBride Kramer knew two kinds of men-those who stayed and those who left. Trouble was, the men who stayed were her brothers, her self-appointed protectors!But now Travis Sullivan was back in town, and suddenly Grace realized all she'd missed over the years. In Travis's strong, lovin' arms she wasn't a struggling single mother or the good girl Gracie McBride. She was Grace, a woman...born to be with this passionate cowboy-and ready to be his.But was Travis meant to be a family man?Hearts of WyomingRugged and wild, the McBride family has love to share...and Wyoming weddings are on their minds!

Wyoming Wildfire

by Elizabeth Lane

HELLBENT ON JUSTICEJessie Hammond was driven by the need to clear her brother's name. Nothing-and no one-would stand in her way. Not even handsome Deputy Marshal Matthew Langtry, who suspected her of harboring dark secrets....Matt Langtry was a lawman who knew trouble when he saw it. And Jessie Hammond, feisty, determined, and dangerously desirable, was directly in his sights. She made him want things. Permanent things-like a home and happiness. But could such things be found in the arms of a wildfire woman?

Wyoming Winter: A Small-Town Christmas Romance (Wyoming Men #7)

by Diana Palmer

There’s something about those Wyoming men… New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer returns to the Cowboy State with a brand-new tale of desire and deceptionCultivating his vast Wyoming ranch is all security expert J. C. Calhoun wants. His land is the only thing the betrayed rancher can trust in after discovering his fiancée was pregnant by another man. But all J.C. holds dear becomes compromised when a lost little girl leads him to Colie Thompson, the woman who destroyed his life.Colie stops at nothing to protect the people she loves. Years ago she left J.C. for his own good. Now, for the sake of her daughter, she must depend on a hard-hearted man who won’t forgive her. As a band of ruthless criminals tracks their every move through the frozen Wyoming winter, Colie and J.C. will be forced to confront the lies that separated them—and the startling truth that will bind them forever…Bonus book! In a classic Long, Tall Texans tale, a hard-hearted rancher falls for an innocent beauty under the mistletoe in Christmas Cowboy

Wyoming Winter: Sugar Pine Trail A Snow Country Christmas Wyoming Winter Christmastime Cowboy Moonlight Over Manhattan A Chesapeake Shores Christmas (Mills And Boon M&b Ser. #7)

by Diana Palmer

There’s something about those Wyoming men… New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer returns to the Cowboy State with a breathtaking tale of desire and deceptionAll security expert J.C. Calhoun wants is to work his vast Wyoming ranch. His land is the only thing the betrayed rancher can trust after discovering his fiancée was pregnant with another man’s child. But all J.C. holds dear becomes compromised when a lost but strangely familiar little girl leads him to Colie Jackson, the woman who destroyed his life.Colie will stop at nothing to protect the people she loves. Years ago she left J.C. for his own good. Now, for the sake of her daughter, she must swallow her pride and depend on the hard-hearted man who won’t forgive her. As a band of ruthless criminals tracks their every move through the frozen Wyoming winter, Colie and J.C. will be forced to confront the lies that separated them—and the startling truth that will bind them forever…FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME!Guy by New York Times bestselling author Diana PalmerRoguish Guy Fenton is long, lean and impossible to resist, and refuses to be tamed by any woman, let alone a prickly publicist. But beautiful brunette Candy Marshall isn’t your average Jane—she’s able to look past Guy’s bad-boy reputation. In the process, she might just bring the sexy rancher to his knees…Originally published in August 1999 in the anthology Love With a Long, Tall Texan by Silhouette Books.

Wyoming Woman

by Elizabeth Lane

She Hated Him On SightCattleman's daughter Rachel Tolliver believed that sheep ranchers like Luke Vincente had no business out on the open range. Yet despite his troubled past, he was an honorable man, driven by a passion for the West-and for her. But the range war brewing would surely forbid any declaration of their wildfire love!Luke Vincente had little use for rich men's daughters, and Rachel Tolliver's blood ran royal blue with cattle-baron cash. And yet, for all she was "the enemy," he could see them taking on all comers...together. But could she truly make the hard choice to face an uncertain future in his arms?

X: The Erotic Treasury

by Susie Bright

The reigning mistress of erotica, Susie Bright, has expertly chosen 40 of the hottest stories ever written: breathtaking new stories as well as the most sought-after stories from The Best American Erotica series. Designed in a "gotta-touch-it" slipcase with a cloth-covered book, the package cultivates the quality and taboo satisfaction of the stories themselves. Luminaries like Carol Queen and Robert Olen Butler contribute to the stories about all kinds of lovers: heartbreakers, foxes, maniacs, romanticists, hell-raisers, and utter bandits. This delicious collection is certain to satisfy.


by Sean Michael

2nd EditionGame designer Henry Delloit loves his life, his mountain community, his isolated dream home, and the snow. He also loves that the X-treme Games blow into the area for a month every year, bringing with them hundreds of athletes. Ecco Rasmussen loves boarding. He knows he'll never make it to the big time, but as long as he can get on his board and go, he doesn't care. If only his manager, Blake Dobbs, would cut Ecco a break. The man's possessive and mean, and believes he owns Ecco. When Henry and Ecco meet at the Branchberry Games, it's lust at first sight. An injury on Ecco's qualifying run offers an opportunity to spend quality time together at Henry's home, away from the crowds and out from under Blake's thumb. At this rate, lust might turn into love, but not if they can't keep their romance hidden from Blake.First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2010.

X Marks the Spot

by Opal Carew

Opal Carew takes desire to a whole new level in her latest erotic, standalone romance! Abi has been in love with Del for years, but they never got around to acting on their mutual attraction. And then she met and married his best friend, Liam. But when Abi and Liam’s marriage falls apart, Abi decides to take control of her life and find her happily-ever-after with Del. So when they’re all staying in a country inn for her brother’s wedding, Abi decides to slip into Del’s bed and seduce him…except she accidentally ends up in Liam’s instead. Liam never stopped loving Abi, and he plans to use every blazing hot trick in his book to keep her in his bed…even if it means sharing her with Del. X Marks the Spot is emotional, sexy, and is Opal Carew at her best!

X Marks the Spot

by M. J. O'Shea

Jack Hunter is always on a quest for lost art, ancient manuscripts, and anything else that'll romance the millions of viewers who watch his show each week. He hasn't always hit pay dirt in his searches though, and a string of empty global treasure hunts has left his show on the brink of cancellation. Jack needs a white whale, a holy grail, nothing less than a miracle to revive his career. Aloysius "Alo" Green likes his ivory towers. He's content to study from the comfort of a university library and publish papers nobody other than academics will ever read. But coded letters pointing to hidden Nazi treasure fall into his hands, and while colleagues warn him to keep them to himself, Alo can't stop obsessing. He makes a huge mistake and publishes a paper on his find, ignoring the danger doing so will bring. Jack is sure he's struck gold when his assistant brings Alo's paper to him. Alo wants nothing to do with Jack or his televised treasure hunt. But after Alo is threatened, it appears Jack is his best bet to silence those who seek to use him to find the vast wealth first. By trusting Jack, Alo might've saved himself... or made his worst decision yet.

X-Ops Exposed (X-Ops #8)

by Paige Tyler

HE LEFT TO KEEP HER SAFE Believing he's too dangerous to be among people, feline hybrid Tanner Howland retreats deep into the forests of Washington State—with no choice but to leave behind the woman who's captured his heart. What he doesn't know is that she followed him...SHE WOULDN'T STAY BEHINDHeartbroken and determined, Dr. Zarina Sokolov tracks Tanner into the wild. Her presence unleashes Tanner's protective instinct—big time. Locals have been disappearing and he is desperate for Zarina to leave. As the kidnappings escalate, Tanner must embrace the dangerous instincts he fears so much. But with Zarina at his side, he'll have to learn to control his animal impulses, or lose himself—and the woman he loves—to the beast within.BONUS CONTENT: ebook includes a second full-length novel, Hungry Like the Wolf, Book 1 in Paige Tyler's sizzling SWAT Series!X-Ops Series:Her Perfect Mate (Book 1)Her Lone Wolf (Book 2)Her Wild Hero (Book 3)Her Fierce Warrior (Book 4)Her Rogue Alpha (Book 5)Her True Match (Book 6)Her Dark Half (Book 7)X-Ops Exposed (Book 8)What readers are saying about Paige Tyler's X-Ops Series:"Does it get any better than this? an absolute master!"—Fresh Fiction "Sexy, smart and suspenseful!"—HelenKay Dimon, award-winning author "Action-packed and suspenseful...a thrilling read."—Omnivoracious "Hot and wild."—Cynthia Eden, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

The Xandra King Erotic Romance Collection

by Xandra King

From the harem to the palace, two exotic tales of sexual awakening by the talented Xandra KingCelestina and the SultanIn the palace harem, the beautiful Celestina eagerly awaits instruction in the erotic arts so she may learn to please the Sultan. Taught by one of the palace's most gifted instructors, Celestina explores her insatiable appetite for pleasure. But with every lesson, Celestina's hunger for her deliciously strict instructor grows stronger. And all too soon she will lose him when she is summoned to the Sultan's bed....Celestina, Warrior Queen>With the Sultan at her side-and in her bed, and anywhere else he chooses to take his thorough pleasure of her-Celestina has learned that life offers delights and exquisite punishments. But she not only faces the erotic challenges made by her very potent Sultan, but those of being married to the land's fiercest warrior. She will be tested-by her people, her enemies and even herself. And Celestina will have to choose between accepting her destiny...or being destroyed by it.

Xenakis's Convenient Bride: A Marriage of Convenience Romance (The Secret Billionaires #2)

by Dani Collins

The challenge: two weeks without your billionaire fortune! Greek magnate Stavros Xenakis must go undercover to win a bet-and escape his grandfather's demands that he take a bride. Until encountering deliciously tempting housekeeper Calli proves that a wife is exactly what he needs! Calli's baby being taken away robbed her of the ability to trust anyone. Now Stavros's offer to marry her gives her the chance to finally find her son. But Calli doesn't expect their honeymoon to be so sinfully sensual-and for life as the temporary Mrs. Xenakis to be so exquisitely satisfying...


by Scott Brown

Fiercely funny, honest, and poignant, this story of a growth spurt gone wrong is perfect for readers who love Becky Albertalli and Jesse Andrews.WIll Daughtry is a late bloomer--at least, that's what everyone tells him. On his sixteenth birthday, Will is just shy of five feet, and he is bitterly resigned to being tiny forever. His only comforts are his best friend and stepbrother, Drew (6'3"), and their pal Monica (5'10"), the girl Will's been quietly pining for since fifth grade. Everyone else literally overlooks him. But with them, he feels whole. That is, until things take an unexpected turn, and he realizes he's really and truly on his own.That's when he starts to grow. And grow fast. Astonishingly fast. For the first time, Will's happy with his stature, and the world's at his feet (for a change). People see him differently; more important, he sees himself differently. But the highest heights come with some low, low lows, and his most precious relationships suffer excruciating growing pains. Will has to figure out what to do with himself--and all of this new "himself" he never expected to have."A coming-of-height specimen whose humor you won't outgrow."--Kirkus"A delightful romp with heart."--Booklist"Brown gives readers so much to connect to and relate. Characters are sincere, especially in their introspective frustrations about feeling small (physically and metaphorically)."--SLJ

XL Love: How the Obesity Crisis Is Complicating America's Love Life

by Sarah Varney

With two out of every three Americans overweight or obese, it's all hands on deck—scientists are studying how excess fat changes physical and mental health, demographers are calculating how it's shortening life spans, and economists are debating the impact it has on America's productivity and global competitiveness. But how weight affects intimacy and sexuality is barely discussed.Yet it's a question of high importance for the tens of millions of Americans who are overweight or obese and having difficulty sexually and romantically. It is changing and complicating the mating game and married life alike; stunting the ability of young people to find happiness; and tipping some heavy, but otherwise happy, couples into divorce. For many, a larger body has meant a more troubled mind: a decline in sexual quality, an increase in self-loathing, and a tendency to let these factors stand in the way of love.In XL Love, Varney travels the country and tells the personal stories of men and women who are experiencing what millions of others feel every day, along with the stories of those who are in the business of helping them: physicians, researchers, scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and more. Analytic and immersive, personal and eye-opening, XL Love tackles the question: How is sex changing in America as the shape of Americans changes?

Xmas Wars: Pazza di Han

by Pea Jung Maria Di Maro

In un Natale di tanto tempo fa, in una Galassia lontana lontana, Lea rincontra inaspettatamente il miglior amico di suo fratello. Giulio non solo risveglia in Lea alcuni ricordi spiacevoli, ma principalmente torna a scuotere le sue emozioni in maniera considerevole. Galeotto sarà anche il loro comune passato stellare.

Xmas Wars - Crazy about Han

by Charlotte Forsdick Pea Jung

A Christmas short story for every season and every galaxy far, far away. Christmas has never been her thing. On this very special Christmas Lea unexpectedly meets the best friend of her brother again. Not only does Julius bring back a lot of unpleasant memories, he also plunges Lea's emotional world into chaos. Their common history with Star Wars plays a role as well.

xoxo: Sweet and Sexy Romance

by Kristina Wright

Sexy, sweet, and short, this collection of erotic romance is a box of Valentine conversation hearts, filled with fun surprises and unusual twists. With over 30 authors in the anthology and stories from Sommer Marsden, Kathleen Tudor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Elizabeth Coldwell, Saskia Walker, and Cheyenne Blue, XOXO is a Whitman's sampler of decadent delights and the perfect introduction to erotic romance.

Xu Ming's True Love: Volume 1 (Volume 1 #1)

by Tian Xiawushuang

Xu ming around the woman kept changing he never and a woman to keep love for more than a year he never for love and regardless of personal danger in his eyes women just like a plaything in his dictionary never had love the appearance of qin xue let xu ming change let this playboy begin to treat a woman with heart even let him regardless of personal danger just because he discovered he fell in love with her

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