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The Snow (Losing Christina #2)

by Caroline B. Cooney

Winter has arrived, and Christina stands alone against the evil principal, Mr. Shevvington, and his cruel wife. Now, the stakes have increased, as the Shevvingtons set out to destroy Christina's dearest friend -- sweet, trusting Dolly. Can Christina save Dolly . . . and herself?

Class Crush (Junior High #2)

by Kate Kenyon

WILL CEDAR GROVES JUNIOR HIGH SURVIVE A CLASS CRUSH? Eighth-graders Nora Ryan, Jennifer Mann, and their girl friends are acting strangely, and the eighth-grade boys aren't sure why. The girls are doing a lot of whispering, and they're walking around all dreamy-eyed. But Steve Crowley and the other boys do finally figure out what's going on. The eighth-grade girls are madly in love--all with the same guy--their English teacher. Can the boys get Nora, Jen, and their friends to pay attention to them again? Or will Cedar Groves Junior High never recover from the incredible class crush?

The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs

by Steven Kroll Janet Stevens

Wilbur is busy getting everything ready for Easter. He made new baskets, painted the eggs, and made lots of candy. Everything was all set to go, until Easter Eve, Wilbur gets sick. His friends try to help him but it is too big of a job for them. Can they save Easter, or won't there be one this year?

Leave It to Christy

by Pamela Curtis Swallow

Kind-hearted Christy enters seventh grade worrying about what to do for a science project, yearning for the attention of a gorgeous male classmate, surprisingly winning the lead in "Peter Pan," and helping out a boy with really serious problems.

Freshman Class of '89 (Class of '89 #1)

by Linda A. Cooney

The Class of '89. There's never been a class like them. And they couldn't hate each other more. Four girls. Friendly, good-hearted Bets. Laurel, lonely and unsure. Micki, who tries too hard. And Page, who has it much too easy. Micki wants to make her mark freshman year. She's pulling the class together and doing all the work. No wonder she can't stand it that gorgeous Page gets all the credit--without lifting a finger. Laurel's caught between two friends. One's the most popular girl in their class; the other's a boy who doesn't fit in--which one has to go? Bets just wants to be Doug's pal. ... She doesn't know what to do when he says they should be more than friends. Freshman year means they can be anyone they want to be. Why is it so hard to find out who they really are?

Stephanie Strikes Back (Sleepover Friends #7)

by Susan Saunders

Snobby Wendy Rodwin wants to ban Stephanie and Kate and any other fifth graders from the school video-making club, but the Sleepover Friends--especially Stephanie--aren't willing to give up without a fight.

Lauren's Treasure (Sleepover Friends #8)

by Susan Saunders

Buried treasure! The Sleepover Friends are going on a "dig" with their class! Scientists from a nearby town have uncovered some valuable old artifacts, and they've asked the kids from Riverhurst to help out with the digging. Stephanie isn't thrilled about crawling around in the dirt, but Kate thinks it sounds like fun. Who knows what they might find? The boys in 5B want to dig up a skeleton. Stephanie hopes to find something more useful--like jewelry. But poor Lauren's been having a bad week. She's sure the dig will be a disaster, too--until she finds real treasure!

No More Sleepovers, Patti? (Sleepover Friends #9)

by Susan Saunders

What will happen to Kate, Lauren, and Stephanie if Patti's not around to keep everyone happy? Kate and Stephanie will end up fighting! Can Lauren keep the Sleepover Friends together?

Lauren's Sleepover Exchange (Sleepover Friends #10)

by Susan Saunders

Lauren, Patti, Kate, and Stephanie are each having an exchange student from Walden Elementary stay with them for a week. It's going to be a great time! Stephanie and her new friend are going to shop till they drop. There's going to be a big party for the Walden kids...and of course, Patti's organized an eight-girl sleepover! Then Patti finds out she won't be hosting someone. And Lauren's visitor could not care less about making friends. The sleepover exchange sure looks like a washout...until Lauren decides to take charge!

Dog Heaven

by Cynthia Rylant

In Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant's classic bestseller, the author comforts readers young and old who have lost a dog. Recommended highly by pet lovers around the world, Dog Heaven not only comforts but also brings a tear to anyone who is devoted to a pet. From expansive fields where dogs can run and run to delicious biscuits no dog can resist, Rylant paints a warm and affectionate picture of the ideal place God would create for man's best friend. The first picture book illustrated by the author, Dog Heaven is enhanced by Rylant's bright, bold paintings that perfectly capture an afterlife sure to bring solace to anyone who is grieving.

The Hallo-Wiener

by Dav Pilkey

All the other dogs make fun of Oscar the dachshund until one Halloween when, dressed as a hot dog, Oscar bravely rescues the others.

The Secret of NIMH

by Robert C. O'Brien

Mrs. Frisby, a field mouse, asks the rats of NIMH to help move her family's home from the path of the farmer's plow.

Too Many Murphys

by Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna

Collette Murphy, eight years old, wishes she were an only child, and is surprised when her wish comes true for a day.

Fifth Grade: Here Comes Trouble

by Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna

Collette is appalled Marsha is inviting boys to her birthday party. She learns the other girls like the idea and the boys don't mind. Is there anyone who feels as Collette does?

Fourth Grade is a Jinx

by Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna

Collette thought 4th grade was going to be fun, but that was before the teacher had an accident. Now the substitute teacher is her mother!

Revolt of the Eighth Grade (Junior High #12)

by Kate Kenyon

When Cedar Groves Junior High becomes a finalist in the model school contest, Jen and Nora decide to improve a few things before the judges visit. The two girls also make a list of people they'd like to improve. Unluckily, the list falls into the hands of their classmates. Mia is outraged at being rated too punk. Jason is disgusted to discover that he should do without his beloved skateboard, and Tracy is puzzled to read she should act smarter. Soon the eighth grade has its own plans for the judges' visit... plans that are not at all what Nora and Jen had in mind!

Katie And Those Boys

by Martha Tolles

It's not easy being the only girl on the block. Such a nice neighborhood for raising boys! Boys are the last thing Katie Hart wants moving in next door. Especially when she already has a pesty neighbor like Will Madison. Her two brothers and all their friends are nothing compared to him. Will does everything he can to make Katie’s life miserable. A wrecked garden, a FOR SALE sign in front of her house, a make-believe ghost--all add up to Will Madison. Katie’s had all she can take from those boys. Now it’s her turn to get even. RL 4 Ages 8-12 An appealing chapter book. More books by Martha Tolles are in the Bookshare library including Who’s Reading Darci’s Diary? and Darci and the Dance Contest. At the end of the text, books including the popular series, The Babysitting Club, Sleepover Friends, and The Gymnasts are listed. You'll find Dozens and dozens of them in Bookshare's library with more on the way.

The Day the Eighth Grade Ran the School (Junior High #3)

by Kate Kenyon

WHAT'S THE POINT OF BEING AN EIGHTH-GRADER, IF YOU CAN'T MAKE SOME CHANGES? When Nora Ryan makes a list of complaints about school, she and her best friend Jennifer Mann discover they are not the only dissatisfied eighth- graders. The Gripe Revolution they set off does get results. For ONE day the principal puts the eighth grade in charge of Cedar Groves Junior High School. It's wonderful! What could possibly go wrong? Nora and Jennifer find out, long before the end of the unforgettable day that the eighth grade ran the school....

Stephanie's Family Secret (Sleepover Friends #11)

by Susan Saunders

Stephanie is worried about her parents. They seem to be keeping a secret from her, and she's worried that something is very wrong.

Kate's Sleepover Disaster (Sleepover Friends #12)

by Susan Saunders

Four little monsters! It's the Sleepover Friends' turn to be exchange students with their new friends at Walden Elementary for a week, and everyone's looking forward to the reunion. There's plenty to do out in the country-lots of clean air, good food. ..and Sleepovers, too! Then Kate discovers that the girl she's staying with has four brothers and sisters who are total terrors. They're rude and rowdy, and they love to make a mess... out of her things! Poor Kate-this is one Sleepover exchange she'd like to change back!

A Really Popular Girl

by Kathryn Ewing

How much change can one girl take? Life hasn't been the same for Marcy Benson ever since her mom remarried. She's had to make a lot of adjustments - a new stepfather, a new town, and, of course, new friends. It's enough to make a girl just give up! But even Marcy has to admit she's handling it all quite well. That is, until Sheldon Weissman-Cobb comes into her life. No one in school likes Sheldon and he only likes Marcy! Will her friendship with Sheldon spoil her chances of being a really popular girl?

The Terrible Tryouts (Bad News Ballet #1)

by Jahnna N. Malcolm

[from the back cover] "Who thought they'd be friends? McGee, Gwen, Mary Bubnik, Zan, and Rocky are five misfit ballerinas. Zan would rather be reading a good book, and Mary Bubnik is a dancing klutz. Gwen prefers Twinkles to plies; McGee's busy with her ice hockey team...and Rocky is just too cool for leotards and pink tights. Too bad their mothers think ballet is good for them. The girls would never have been friends...if they hadn't gotten stuck together trying out for parts in a professional ballet! Can McGee and her new friends turn themselves into real ballerinas? They'd better--or it's bad news for the gang and their ballet!" This is just the beginning of the funny situations of these ballet school friends who like each other more than they like ballet. The Bookshare collection has the whole series. Check out #2 Battle of the Bunheads, #3 Stupid Cupids, #4 Who Framed Mary Bubnik, #5 Blubberina, #6 Save D.A.D., #7 The King and Us, #8 Camp Clodhopper, #9 Boo Who?, and #10 A Dog Named Toe Shoe, with more to come.

Battle of the Bunheads (Bad News Ballet #2)

by Jahnna N. Malcolm

[from the back cover] "Bunhead (bun-hed) n: snobby ballerina who wears her hair pulled up in abun The gang is definitely not excited when they find out that Courtney and the other Bunheads are going to be in their ballet class. But there is some good news: A famous ballerina is coming to their school for a benefit performance. And there will be a dancing competition to see which student she will select as her flower-bearer on opening night. Courtney, of course, is chosen to compete--she's the best dancer in the whole sixth-grade. But then the Bunheads nominate Mary Bubnik, the worst ballerina in the class! Poor Mary doesn't realize how badly she dances ... andhow terrible she'll look next to Courtney. The Bunheads have played their last dirty trick on the gang.Now it's time to do battle!" This is just the beginning of the funny situations of these ballet school friends who like each other more than they like ballet. The Bookshare collection has the whole series. Check out #1 The Terrible Try outs, #3, Stupid Cupids, #4 Who Framed Mary Bubnik, #5 Blubberina, #6 Save D.A.D, #7 The King and Us, #8 Camp Clodhopper, #9 Boo Who?, and #10 A Dog Named Toe Shoe, with more to come.

Darci in Cabin 13

by Martha Tolles

"From the back cover:] "Will the best cabin win? Darci's at camp for the first time. She likes it a lot. Then she and the rest of the girls in Cabin 13 meet the snobs from Cabin 10. They've been coming to camp for years. They think they'll win all the camp trophies. Cabin 13 is unlucky, they say. Just give up! But Darci and her friends won't quit. Darci makes a winning play during a camp softball game and also proves she is the best at waterskiing. Then Cabin 10 plays a nasty trick on Darci, and Darci gets poison ivy! Cabin 10 and Cabin 13 are tied. Is it worth cheating to win the big canoe race? Darci knows that winners never cheat. But do cheaters ever win?" RL 5, Ages 8-12 There are two more books about Darci in the Bookshare library. They are: Who's Reading Darci's Diary and Darci and the Dance Contest.

Trapped in the Circus of Fear (Give Yourself Goosebumps #3)

by R. L. Stine

In the third special "Power Play" edition, readers must choose the right power objects to bring to the creepiest show on Earth -- or risk becoming a real sideshow freak!

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