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Heat Wake

by Jason Zuzga

Mixing science with humor, humanity, whimsy and love, Jason Zuzga's debut collection is a revelation. In Heat Wake, the reader encounter natures in myriad forms, all crafted from the unusual perspective of a poet astonished by the world and at work among the queerness of life, the odd sweetness of other people, the city, nature, love, and humanity. The poems unfold amid the presence of stubborn rocks, the vast ocean and its shores, the intimate details of a suburban New Jersey landscape. The book's exuberant poems take a journey through time itself: the limited time of humans versus time evolutionary and geological. The poems present in rollicking, playful language and joyful imagery, glancing at the infinite and at the future imagined from the desert in Arizona to Mars. "Charming, witty, and science-y smart, these debut collection poems pop with volleys of youthful and wise acts, tactics, maneuvers, catastrophes, scenes, and did I mention love poems overrunning! --Jane Miller

Career Counseling: Applied Concepts Of Life Planning

by Vernon G. Zunker

This successful and popular book has been completely updated to give you the most recent information on emerging theories, recent research, and current computer-assisted guidance programs in career counseling! Whether you are a counselor or a counselor-in-training, you'll appreciate the way Vernon Zunker presents practical techniques and real-life examples as he patiently helps you understand the theoretical models of career counseling and how to effectively counsel clients about career issues. In the Sixth Edition, you'll find Zunker's clear writing style and interesting exercises, as well as: *Five career counseling models with case illustrations *A new Chapter 8, "Self-Assessment and a Model for Using Assessment," which discusses the rationale for using self-assessment tools *A new Chapter 15, "Career Counseling for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients," which helps familiarize you with the issues and needs of this client population *Theories of career development and counseling models-summarized in tables to help you study and prepare for the licensing examination *Web site information that points you to additional, reliable information online *And much more!

Another Dead Teenager (Paul Turner Mystery #3)

by Mark Richard Zubro

When two suburban high-school students are found murdered--both boys who were well respected and liked, with solid family lives and no apparent enemies--Detective Paul Turner is assigned the case. However, as a gay father with two teenage sons and a new lover in his life, Paul Turner has trouble bringing his full attention to bear on the case. But as details slowly emerge, he begins to suspect that he is investigating something more deadly and horrifying than a pair of senseless killings, something that could threaten the lives of the people he holds most dear.

Dead Egotistical Morons

by Mark Richard Zubro

Seventh in the Paul Turner mystery series.

Drop Dead (A Paul Turner Mystery)

by Mark Richard Zubro

Fifth in the series; Turner investigates the unexplained death of a fashion model.

An Echo of Death

by Mark Richard Zubro

Fifth "Tom and Scott" mystery.

Everyone's Dead But Us

by Mark Richard Zubro

Tenth Tom and Scott mystery; on vacation the two men find themselves solving the murder of the owner of the resort they are staying in.

File Under Dead

by Mark Richard Zubro

Tenth Tom/Scott mystery.

Here Comes The Corpse (Tom & Scott Mystery #9)

by Mark Richard Zubro

Chicago area high school teacher Tom Mason and his lover, professional baseball player Scott Carpenter have had a taxing year. After publicly coming out, Scott and Tom have had to deal with a firestorm of publicity, a major loss of privacy, a great outpouring of support and an equal number of cranks. Now, finally, they are going to do something that they've always wanted - get married in a service before their family and close friends. Despite the potential problems of such of an event, the ceremony comes off with nary a hitch. With the reception in full swing - with a guest list ranging from long-time family friends and co-workers to the cream of the social elite - a small problem emerges. Tom happens to stumble over an ex-boyfriend from many years ago in the bathroom. Unfortunately, what he stumbles across is actually the corpse of the murdered ex-boyfriend and in addition to casting something of a pall across the proceedings, it puts Tom in the awkward position of being the prime suspect in the murder. If he's ever going to get to go on his long-planned honeymoon, Tom is going to have to uncover the truth behind the murder of this unwanted guest.

Hook, Line, and Homicide (Paul Turner Mysteries #9)

by Mark Richard Zubro

Since when are vacations ever relaxing? All Chicago police Detective Paul Turner is hoping for on his annual retreat from the city and his job is a little peace and quiet. This time he's headed to the Canadian Great North Woods for a couple of weeks with family and friends -- his two teenaged sons, his lover Ben, neighborhood pals, and his long-term police partner, Detective Buck Fenwick, along with his wife. But hopes of tranquility are soon crushed when Turner intervenes in a scuffle between a group of First Nations teens and a local bully and his cohorts. In the days following the incident, Turner and company find themselves the object of a series of attacks, break-ins, and sabotage of their equipment. Unable to get the attention of the local police, the events continue to escalate, culminating in the local bully's dead body being found floating in the water near the dock of their houseboat. Making this not only one of the least relaxing vacations ever, but one of the deadliest.

Political Poison

by Mark Richard Zubro

Second Paul Turner mystery; gay detective with two children; sequel to Sorry Now.

The Principal Cause of Death

by Mark Richard Zubro

fourth Tom and scott mystery

Schooled in Murder (Tom & Scott Mysteries #12)

by Mark Richard Zubro

Tom Mason, Chicago area high school teacher, has been teaching at Grover Cleveland High School for a while--long enough to loathe the faculty meetings and long enough to know that as bad as they are, they aren't fatal. Usually. Having had all he can take of the endless bickering, picking and factional disputes, he sneaks out of the meeting for a short break only to find the meeting over when he returns, the usual suspects having departed to the four winds. Having decided that this was a sign of his good fortune, he decides to see if the stockroom actually has the supplies he needs. What he finds there however is a trysting couple in the dark (one married, the other not) and, once the light is turned on, a dead body in the corner. The body is that of one of his colleagues who stormed out of the faculty meeting earlier, a blackboard eraser stuffed into her lifeless mouth. Having disappeared from the meeting at roughly the same time, Tom finds himself in the unwelcome position of prime suspect and with the help of his husband, former baseball player Scott Carpenter, he'll have to figure out who really killed the other teacher before the crime is pinned on him.

Sex And

by Mark Richard Zubro

Sixth Paul Turner mystery.

The Truth Can Get You Killed

by Mark Richard Zubro

The last thing that Chicago Police Detective Paul Turner wants to do on New Year's Day is investigate a murder. But when the body is that of a conservative, homophobic judge and it is found outside a popular gay nightclub, the task takes on a new urgency for him. Now Turner must unravel the threads connecting the unlikely victim to his unsuspected murder scene-and look for answers in the most unusual places.

Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead?

by Mark Richard Zubro

Second Tom/Scott mystery.

Inocente 5: Janeesia

by L. A. Zoe

Con un grado en Artes Dramáticas en la mano, Janeesia apunta al estrellato de Hollywood. Mientras tanto, vende por teléfono inspecciones de equipos de calefacción y refrigeración para pagar las facturas. Para obtener más experiencia de actuación, realiza audiciones para cada papel que se abre. Incluso en una obra "experimental" como Desert Island Blues, escrita y dirigida por la tiránica Tatum, que toma todo en serio. Janeesia no esperaba interpretar un cactus, pero sigue siendo un papel de habla, por lo que lo acepta. Planea bromear cuando acepte su Premio de la Academia. Tampoco planea besar a Tatum, pero en una fiesta de elenco, de alguna manera eso es lo que hace. Lo que lleva a una cita "amigable" para ver una ópera, simplemente porque ambas odian la ópera, y un paseo nocturno en el paseo marítimo que bordea el río Mississippi. Janeesia realmente no espera lo que sucederá esa noche. Después de todo, Janeesia nunca se identificó como lesbiana. ¿Qué le está pasando? Janeesia tampoco sabe que Tatum aún sufre del dolor de perder a su novia más querida que se casó con un hombre, y se automedica con alcohol. Janeesia tampoco se da cuenta de cuánto le persigue el alcoholismo de su padre. O cuánto su ambición por el éxito comercial viola los estándares personales de Tatum de pureza artística y política. Con tantos obstáculos, es una maravilla que Janeesia todavía pueda interpretar un cactus en la obra de Tatum. ¿Cómo pueden vivir con su amor?

Inocente 5: Janeesia

by L. A. Zoe

Descrição do livro: Com diploma de Artes Dramáticas na mão, Janeesia visa o estrelato de Hollywood. Enquanto vende inspeções de equipamentos de aquecimento e resfriamento por telefone para pagar suas contas. Pretendendo obter mais experiência de atuação ela faz um teste pra cada oportunidade de papel que surge. Mesmo numa peça "experimental" como a Blues da Ilha Deserta, escrita e dirigida pela tirânica Tatum, levando tudo muito a sério. Janeesia não esperava representar um cacto, mas ainda é uma parte de fala, então ela aceita. Ela planeja brincar sobre isso quando ela aceita seu Oscar. Ela também não planeja beijar Tatum, entretanto numa festa de elenco, de alguma forma é isso que ela faz. O que leva a uma data "amigável" para assistir a uma ópera - só porque os dois odeiam ópera - e um passeio noturno no calçadão que faz fronteira com o rio Mississippi. Janeesia realmente se surpreende com o ocorrido naquela noite. Afinal, nunca se identificou como lésbica. O que está acontecendo com ela? Janeesia também não sabe que Tatum ainda sofre com a mágoa de perder sua namorada mais amada para se casar com um homem, e se automedica em sua depressão com álcool. Além do mais Janeesia não percebe o quanto o alcoolismo de seu pai perdura assombrando e sua ambição pelo sucesso comercial viola os padrões pessoais de pureza artística e política de Tatum. Com tantos obstáculos é uma maravilha Janeesia ainda poder representar um cacto na peça de Tatum. De Que forma elas podem viver este amor?

Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures

by Adam Zmith

Adam Zmith reveals the long history of the quick rush from sniffing poppers.3, 2, 1... inhale, deep. From the Victorian infirmary and the sex clubs of the 1970s, poppers vapour has released the queer potential inside us all. This is the intriguing story of how poppers wafted out of the lab and into gay bars, corner shops, bedrooms and porn supercuts. Blending historical research with wry observation, Adam Zmith explores the cultural forces and improbable connections behind the power of poppers. What emerges is not just a history of pub raids, viral panics and pecs the size of dinner plates. It is a collection of fresh and provocative ideas about identity, sex, utopia, capitalism, law, freedom and the bodies that we use to experience the world. In Deep Sniff, what starts as a thoughtful enquiry into poppers becomes a manifesto for pleasure.

Corazones oscuros

by Matías Zitterkopf

Esta es una historia de magia tejida por amores, conjuros y traiciones del pasado que vuelven en forma de tormenta oscura. <P><P>Ari Locket y Noah Phoenix se conocen de una manera peculiar y se vuelven cercanos. Se dejan envolver por lo que sienten para convertirse en elementos que producen una magia capaz de iluminar a los corazones más oscuros y hacerle frente a las venganzas. <P><P>Es un cuento lleno de hechizos y palabras poderosas que flotan en la brisa. Es un relato de muchas voces y recuerdos que rondan todavía por el viejo roble de la colina cerca de la casona de Gloriana Mistwood. «Con tres gotas de mi sangre te ato para siempre, te corto las alas para que ya no vueles».

Once Upon a Fling: A Modern Un-Fairytale

by Zion

Experience the pulse racing, erotic true-to-life-tale of characters you can connect to. Their tangled web of secrets and desires come to life on these pages. Witness them jump relationship obstacles as they explore sexuality, hoping for happiness and contentment while catering to their hunger for intimacy. Experience the gruesome pain of deception. Witness innocence being ripped off of the backs of the unsuspecting. Can love still exist in the heart of a young girl, taken from her mother? Does compassion elude a boy lost in a hurricane of mixed feelings? Is love in the air? Does it exist? Or are the streets of Hampton Roads flooded with the lust, deception and regret from five very confused lovers?


by Nell Zink

From the inimitable and utterly unconventional voice of Nell Zink comes a wickedly humorous and sharply observed novel that exposes all of our assumptions about race and racism, sexuality and desire, through the making and unmaking of one American family.In 1960s Virginia, college freshman and ingenue Peggy falls for professor and poet Lee, and what begins as an ill-advised affair results in an unplanned pregnancy and marriage. Mismatched from the start--she's a lesbian; he's gay--Peggy eventually finds herself in crisis and runs away with their daughter, leaving their son behind.Estranged from the rest of the family, Peggy and her daughter adopt African American identities and live in near poverty to escape detection. Meanwhile, Lee and his son carry on, enjoying all the social privileges their gender, class, and whiteness afford them. Eventually the long-lost siblings meet, setting off a series of misunderstandings that culminate in a darkly comedic finale worthy of Shakespeare.With an arch sense of humor and a witty satirical eye, Nell Zink upends the foundational categories of American life--race, class, gender, and sexuality--in a novel that is at once daring, envelope-pushing, and utterly hilarious, all the while tracing how a mother, daughter, father, and son figure out what it means to belong.

Is It Hot in Here (Or Am I Suffering for All Eternity for the Sins I Committed on Earth)?

by Zach Zimmerman

In this debut collection of essays, lists, musings, and quips, New York-based comedian Zach Zimmerman delicately walks the fine line between tear-jerking and knee-slapping, and does so with aplomb. <p><p> In this laugh-and-cry-out-loud, memoir-esque exploration of selfhood, Zimmerman dives into the pros and cons of retiring a Bible-Belt-dwelling, meat-eating, God-fearing identity in exchange for a new, metropolitan lease on life—one of vegetarianism, atheism, queerness, and humor. Whether learning to absolve instilled religious guilt or reminiscing over Tinder dates gone horribly wrong, this book is a candid and hysterical look at one person's journey toward making peace with the past and seeking hope in the future. <p><p> HILARIOUS WRITING: The stories featured in this collection are an uproarious read with a strong and established tone of voice. Featuring pieces that were originally published in the New Yorker, Is It Hot in Here (Or Am I Suffering for All Eternity for the Sins I Committed on Earth)? is a literary gem. <p><p> RELEVANT AND INCLUSIVE: Zimmerman navigates obstacles in the queer community with essays that are not only humorous and heartfelt, but also act as guiding anecdotes for young, queer community members. <p><p> ESTABLISHED AUTHOR AND COMEDIAN: Zimmerman has written dozens of New Yorker humor pieces and essays, a Billboard Top Ten comedy album that debuted at #1, and has been featured in New York Magazine, The New York Times, TimeOut, Vulture, and more.

Closet: A Todd Mills Mystery

by R. D. Zimmerman

One of the earlier books, if not the first, in the Todd Mills mystery series. Todd's lover Michael is brutally murdered and Todd is a suspect.

TransGothic in Literature and Culture (Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature)

by Jolene Zigarovich

This book contributes to an emerging field of study and provides new perspectives on the ways in which Gothic literature, visual media, and other cultural forms explicitly engage gender, sexuality, form, and genre. The collection is a forum in which the ideas of several well-respected critics converge, producing a breadth of knowledge and a diversity of subject areas and methodologies. It is concerned with several questions, including: How can we discuss Gothic as a genre that crosses over boundaries constructed by a culture to define and contain gender and sexuality? How do transgender bodies specifically mark or disrupt this boundary crossing? In what ways does the Gothic open up a plural narrative space for transgenre explorations, encounters, and experimentation? With this, the volume’s chapters explore expected categories such as transgenders, transbodies, and transembodiments, but also broader concepts that move through and beyond the limits of gender identity and sexuality, such as transhistories, transpolitics, transmodalities, and transgenres. Illuminating such areas as the appropriation of the trans body in Gothic literature and film, the function of trans rhetorics in memoir, textual markers of transgenderism, and the Gothic’s transgeneric qualities, the chapters offer innovative, but not limited, ways to interpret the Gothic. In addition, the book intersects with but also troubles non-trans feminist and queer readings of the Gothic. Together, these diverse approaches engage the Gothic as a definitively trans subject, and offer new and exciting connections and insights into Gothic, Media, Film, Narrative, and Gender and Sexuality Studies.

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