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by Myra Mcentire

One hour to rewrite the past . . . For seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole, life is about seeing what isn’t there: swooning Southern Belles; soldiers long forgotten; a haunting jazz trio that vanishes in an instant. Plagued by phantoms since her parents’ death, she just wants the apparitions to stop so she can be normal. She’s tried everything, but the visions keep coming back. So when her well-meaning brother brings in a consultant from a secretive organization called the Hourglass, Emerson’s willing to try one last cure. But meeting Michael Weaver may not only change her future, it may change her past. Who is this dark, mysterious, sympathetic guy, barely older than Emerson herself, who seems to believe every crazy word she says? Why does an electric charge seem to run through the room whenever he’s around? And why is he so insistent that he needs her help to prevent a death that never should have happened? Full of atmosphere, mystery, and romance, Hourglass merges the very best of the paranormal and science-fiction genres in a seductive, remarkable young adult debut.

Four Steps to the Altar

by Jean Stone

They say true love is priceless, but is it worth fifty million dollars? With Second Chances, their wedding planning business, starting to take off, four best friends must decide whether they’ll take some second chances of their own. Free-spirited Lily finds herself forced to choose between her sure-thing inheritance and a chance at true love; the no-longer-predictable Elaine surprises everyone–including herself–when romance comes calling from her past; Sarah, the uncompromisingly unconventional artist, finds herself contemplating the most unexpected choice of all; and the always-clear-eyed Jo suddenly finds herself second-guessing her own second chance at happily-ever-after. The choice for each of them is “I do” or “I don’t,” and the decision will change their lives. Breakups, makeups, and romance at every turn–life always offers up its best surprises to those who leave themselves open to the possibility of second chances. From the Paperback edition.

The Rose and the Warrior

by Karyn Monk

In the breathtaking tradition ofOnce a WarriorandThe Witch and the Warriorcomes Karyn Monk's passionate new tale of a distant time, a proud people--and a forbidden love. She was an infamous thief. . . When the ruthless MacTiers destroyed Melantha's clan, she vowed to do whatever was necessary to keep her people alive. It was a daring risk to disguise herself as "the Falcon," a mysterious horseman who stole food and gold from the enemy, always slipping away unscathed. But when Melantha captured the MacTier warrior who was sent to kill her, the danger she faced was the desire aroused by this enigmatic stranger. . . . . . . until one man stole her heart. Roarke had known only battle for far too long. With his family gone, he had proved his loyalty to his laird in countless conflicts, fighting with the fearless arrogance of a man who had nothing to lose--and untold rewards to gain. But murdering the enchanting spitfire who had waged her own maddening war against his clan was unthinkable. Torn between fealty to his lord and the dictates of his conscience, Roarke would look for an answer in the emerald eyes of a woman who dared to show him the meaning of honor, the bonds of family--and the power of love.

Demon Rumm

by Sandra Brown

It was the publicity stunt from hell as far as Kirsten Rumm was concerned. She may have been writing the book about her late husband, aeronautical daredevil Demon Rumm, but she didn’t see the need to play host to the arrogant bad-boy actor starring in the film version’s title role. Still, for the good of the project, Kirsten agreed to share her beachfront home with the impossibly sexy screen idol. Any other woman would do anything to be in her sandals, but Kirsten wasn’t falling for Rylan North, even if he did play his role of male lead to perfection. His down-home charm, his gentleness and virile charisma, might be seducing her in every sense of the word, but he was an actor, after all. Seducing an audience was his job. Rylan could have any woman he wanted. So why was he so desperately pretending to want her? From the moment he saw her, Rylan North knew that Kirsten Rumm was the woman he’d been waiting all his life to cast as the star in his real-life love story. What did it matter if he was every woman’s fantasy if he couldn’t get Kirsten to so much as glance his way? He’d caught the look of past hurt behind her sky-blue eyes–a dark secret that shadowed the sparkle. Rylan was determined to find out what tragedy held this passionate woman back from a second chance at love even if it cost him his reputation, his career, and his life. But first he’d have to get Kirsten to act on her instincts . . . and to trust the flesh-and-blood man behind the fantasy.

Enough About Love

by Herve Le Tellier

Any man--or woman--who wants to hear nothing--or no more--about love should put this book down. Anna and Louise could be sisters, but they don't know each other. They are both married with children, and for the most part, they are happy. On almost the same day, Anna, a psychiatrist, crosses paths with Yves, a writer, while Louise, a lawyer, meets Anna's analyst, Thomas. Love at first sight is still possible for those into their forties and long-married. But when you have already mapped out a life path, a passionate affair can come at a high price. For our four characters, their lives are unexpectedly turned upside down by the deliciously inconvenient arrival of love. For Anna, meeting Yves has brought a flurry of excitement to her life and made her question her values, her reliable husband, and her responsibilities to her children. For Louise, a successful career woman in a stable and comfortable marriage, her routine is uprooted by the youthful passion she feels for Thomas. Thought-provoking, sophisticated, and, above all, amusing, Enough About Love captures the euphoria of desire through tender and unflinching portraits of husbands, wives, and lovers.

Mrs. Sartoris

by Elke Schmitter

An international sensation, Elke Schmitter's explosive debut novel presents a modern-day twist on Madame Bovary. "" Margarethe can remember very clearly the last time she was happy: she was eighteen, prized for her beauty, and swept off her feet by her wealthy, dashing boyfriend. Then he left her. For the last twenty years she has lived in a provincial German town with her dependable husband, her self-directed daughter, and her adoring mother-in-law. Her life has been one of numbing predictability-until she meets Michael, a married man who stirs her from her resignation, delivering her to heights of rapture only to ignite far more destructive passions. An erotic, psychologically charged thriller narrated with chilling dispassion, Mrs. Sartoris" "opens a bracing portal onto obsession and the crucible of love.

Sunny Chandler's Return

by Sandra Brown

Never. Sunny Chandler always said she'd never go back to the tiny town where she grew up. It was just three years ago that she was at the center of a notorious scandal-and the good folks of Latham Green, Louisiana, made it clear they'd never let her forget it. So Sunny packed up and headed for New Orleans, and now she wouldn't give up city life for the world. But when she's invited to her best friend's wedding, Sunny has no choice but to go home. And with her return come the whispers...the looks...the rumors she tried to escape. It doesn't take Sunny long to see that Latham Green has nothing new to offer. Except maybe Ty Beaumont. The moment Ty and Sunny first meet at a party, he can see she's no ordinary woman. With her dazzling hair, and eyes the color of gold, she's a flesh-and-blood fantasy-and Ty vows he'll have her in his bed before the week is out. Yet even when he turns on his southern charm, Sunny makes it clear she's not interested. Sure, a night with Ty would be wilder than Bourbon Street at Mardi Gras. But Sunny's not in town to become some good ol' boy's latest conquest, no matter how sexy he is. Little does she know that Ty isn't used to taking no for an answer-and he isn't about to start now. Soon what began as an innocent flirtation becomes a tantalizingly slow, skillfully deliberate, and overwhelmingly seductive pursuit that even Sunny finds hard to resist. But resist him she will. For Sunny is harboring an agonizing secret-the painful truth of why she left Latham Green the way she did. What she really needs now is a friend-and that's when she discovers there may be more to Ty Beaumont than meets the eye. Despite his roguish facade, Sunny comes to see he has a heart of gold. Still, she doesn't know if she can trust another person with her secret heartbreak-not even the one man who may be able to heal it.

The Warrior

by Nicole Jordan

Bestselling author Nicole Jordan weaves a breathtakingly sensuous story of love and passion between the valiant Ariane of Claredon and the fierce knight who loses his heart to her. . . . For five turbulent years Ariane has dutifully prepared herself for marriage to King Henry’s most trusted vassal, the legendary Norman knight Ranulf de Vernay. But cruel circumstance has branded Ariane’s father a traitor to the crown. And now Ranulf is returning to Claredon, not as a bridegroom . . . but as a conqueror. Survivor of a hellish youth, Ranulf knows well the treacheries of noblewomen–and mistrusts the regal, defiant beauty to whom he was once betrothed. But while he shields his wounded heart with impenetrable armor, she sears his soul with sensuous fire. Ranulf may have vowed to claim her lands and her body as his prize, but ultimately it is the mighty warrior who must surrender to Ariane’s proud, determined passion–and her remarkable healing love. From the Paperback edition.

Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps

by Allan Pease Barbara

Have you ever wished your partner came with an instruction booklet? This international bestseller is the answer to all the things you've ever wondered about the opposite sex. For their controversial new book on the differences between the way men and women think and communicate, Barbara and Allan Pease spent three years traveling around the world, collecting the dramatic findings of new research on the brain, investigating evolutionary biology, analyzing psychologists, studying social changes, and annoying the locals. The result is a sometimes shocking, always illuminating, and frequently hilarious look at where the battle line is drawn between the sexes, why it was drawn, and how to cross it. Read this book and understand - at last! - why men never listen, why women can't read maps, and why learning each other's secrets means you'll never have to say sorry again.

O Little Town of Glory

by Judith Bowen

MEN OF GLORYThe town of Glory-a good place to go for Christmas!Calgary lawyer Honor Templeman makes a shocking discovery after her husband's death. Parker Templeman had another wife-and two children! They lived in the small ranching community of Glory, and the children have apparently been left in the care of their uncle. Honor's determined to look into that situation.His sister, Sylvie, and Parker Templeman are dead, and Joe Gallant has no intention of handing over their children to Honor-no matter how attractive her finds her. Because neither love nor law will induce him to break the promise he made to Sylvie.But...if Honor married him, she could have a relationship with the kids. They'd be a family. They'd do family things-like ball games and school concerts...and Christmas.A cowboy town in cowboy country. This is a place a woman could love. These are men a woman could love!

American Love Songs (Deutsch)

by Ashlyn Kane Martina Gille

Jake Brenner muss sich erst mal die Hörner abstoßen, ehe er daran denken kann, sich zu verlieben. Abgesehen davon, ist er viel zu beschäftigt mit seiner Band, den Wayward Sons, um sich auf die Suche nach der großen Liebe zu machen. Seine Zurückhaltung hat nichts mit seiner peinlichen Schwärmerei für Chris, den Leadsänger der Band und Jakes ehemals bestem Freund, zu tun. Aber das war, bevor der geheimnisvolle Streuner Parker McAvoy sich als neuer Leadgitarrist der Band eingeschrieben hatte. Er kann die Anziehungskraft, die der süße, schusselige Parker auf ihn ausübt, nur eine gewisse Zeit lang verleugnen, ehe er sein Verlangen, etwas deswegen zu unternehmen, nicht mehr länger ignorieren kann. Das Problem ist, dass Parker genau weiß, was Jake für ein Schürzenjäger ist - und, ach ja, er ist nicht schwul. Das denkt Jake jedenfalls, bis eine Reihe von miteinander verbundenen Ereignissen ihm vielversprechende neue Einsichten verschafft. Kann er Parker überzeugen, über seine schillernde Vergangenheit hinwegzusehen und ihm eine Chance zu geben? Oder wird dieses Liebeslied verklingen, ehe es überhaupt begonnen hat?

Au cœur du typhon (La saga des métamorphes #2)

by M. D. Grimm Iriam Shostakovich

La saga des métamorphes, tome 2Ryan et Caleb sont devenus les meilleurs amis au monde alors que Caleb guidait et accompagnait Ryan sur les pas d'une existence humaine. Ryan est un métamorphe né taureau sous le nom de Typhon, et recueilli par la mère de Caleb afin de le protéger. Caleb ne tarde pas à se montrer protecteur lui aussi. Au fil du temps passé ensemble, la teneur des sentiments qui lient l'humain au métamorphe taurin évolue et l'intensité ne fait que s'approfondir. Mais alors qu'ils décident enfin de donner une chance à leur relation de couple, Ryan est enlevé. Caleb est donc forcé de contacter l'Agence - une organisation qui veille sur les animorphes - s'il ne veut pas que leur nouvelle vie ne se termine avant même d'avoir pu réellement commencer.

Mit ganzem Herzen (Hope Cove (Deutsch) #2)

by Cate Ashwood Nora Lys

Buch 2 in der Serie - Hope CoveOfficer Declan Grant wird zu einem Einsatz am Pier von Hope Coves gerufen. Dort findet er Lucas Hale vor, der zusammengeschlagen von einem Fischerboot geworfen wurde und kaum noch am Leben ist. Das brutale Verbrechen erschüttert die friedliche Gemeinde, in der jeder jeden kennt und die Türen meistens unverschlossen sind. Obwohl Declan noch nicht lange in Hope Cove wohnt, möchte er für immer hier bleiben und nichts würde er lieber tun, als Lucas zu beschützen. Freiwillig beginnt er, sich nach dessen Entlassung aus dem Krankenhaus um Lucas zu kümmern. Lucas will einfach nur die ganze Sache hinter sich lassen und nach vorne schauen. Je besser er Declan jedoch kennenlernt, desto schwerer fällt es ihm, Abstand zu dem Mann mit dem ausgeprägten Gerechtigkeitssinn zu halten. Die Untersuchung des Falls dauert an und Declan steht bald vor einem moralischen Dilemma. Er muss eine Wahl treffen, die sein geordnetes Leben durcheinanderwirbeln könnte und ihn zwingt, sich zwischen Lucas und dem Gesetz zu entscheiden.

Strand der Wünsche (Die Insel Ser. #2)

by Sue Brown Jutta Grobleben

Fortsetzung zu Einsamer StrandBuch 2 in der Serie - StrandNach einem aufregenden Urlaub auf der Isle of Wight, in dem er die Liebe seines Lebens kennengelernt hat, lässt Sam Owens Liam Marshall nach Michigan zurückkehren, um seine Wohnung endgültig aufzulösen, damit sie den Rest ihres Lebens zusammen verbringen können. Als er Liam plötzlich nicht mehr erreichen kann, macht Sam sich Sorgen. Er rechnet sogar mit dem Schlimmsten, deshalb verpflichtet er seinen Bruder, den British Metropolitan Police Officer Paul Owens dazu, ihm zu helfen, Liam zu finden und ihn rechtzeitig zur Hochzeit wieder nach Hause zu bringen. Paul hat keine Hemmungen, sich in das Rätsel auf der anderen Seite des Großen Teichs einzuschalten, außerdem sieht Paul sehr gut aus und ist offen bisexuell, alles sehr zu Entsetzen von Detective Olaf Skandik aus Wisconsin. Olaf ist ein ehemaliger Soldat und immer noch ungeoutet, denn er arbeitet jetzt bei der Polizei. Er ist frustriert und gefangen in den Mauern, die er selbst um sich errichtet hat. Als er Paul kennenlernt, beginnt er, sich zu fragen, ob es an der Zeit ist für eine Veränderung. Während er nach dem vermissten Verlobten seines Bruders sucht, lernt Paul auch Olaf besser kennen. Bald vermischen sich Pflicht und Vergnügen und eine Romanze entsteht, auf die sie vielleicht eine gemeinsame Zukunft aufbauen können.

Sutphin Boulevard (Deutsch)

by Santino Hassell Johanna Hofer Lobenstein

Ein Titel der Fünf Stadtbezirke SerieMichael Rodriguez und Nunzio Medici sind seit zwei Jahrzehnten Freunde. Sie haben alles miteinander geteilt; vom Verlassen ihrer gestörten Familien im Scherbenviertel von South Jamaica in Queens, bis hin zum Unterrichten in einer der schwulenfreundlichsten Schulen in Brooklyn. Zumindest dachten sie so, bis eine schwüle Nacht des Tanzens zu einer unerwarteten Begegnung führt, die für immer ihre Freundschaft verändert. Jetzt sind beiläufige Berührungen und verweilende Blicke mit sexueller Spannung überladen, und Michael kann das Gefühl der Hände seines besten Freundes auf ihm nicht vergessen. Als es sowohl im Beruf als auch zuhause zu Problemen kommt, sucht Michael immer wieder Vergessen in der ungezwungenen Intimität und dem überwältigenden Sex, die er bei Nunzio findet. Aber die Dinge bleiben nicht lange so einfach. Als Michaels Welt anfängt, unter einer Flut aus Tragödie und Komplikationen zusammenzustürzen, weiß er, dass er eine Entscheidung treffen muss: Erlösung auf dem Weg der Selbstzerstörung finden oder die Liebe des Mannes zu akzeptieren, der seit zwanzig Jahren an seiner Seite ist.

Enemigos perfectos (Saga de los Malory #Volumen 10)

by Johanna Lindsey

Los Malory son una familia de granujas apuestos y aventureros libertinos, y damas con carácter. Una saga romántica sobre la aristocracia británica del siglo XIX, creada por el talento incomparable de Johanna Lindsey, una de las autoras más populares del género. Enemigos perfectos es la décima entrega de la emocionante «Saga de los Malory», sin duda la saga familiar más popular del género romántico. Nueve años atrás, Richard Allen huyó de Inglaterra y de su dominante padre. Decidido a vivir su propia vida, terminó por unirse a una banda de piratas cazadores de tesoros en el Caribe. Allí adoptó la identidad de un francés seductor y despreocupado, Jean Paul. Cuando regresa de incógnito a Inglaterra para lleva a cabo una tarea urgente, se enamora de Georgina Malory, una mujer casada. Pero su osado intento de cortejarla en un baile de disfraces se convierte en el peor error de su vida porque lo pone en presencia de otra hermosa mujer. Emocionada porque sus abogados por fin han encontrado la manera de liberarla de un compromiso matrimonial indeseado, Julia Miller espera encontrar al hombre de su vida en el baile de su amiga Georgina. Cautivada por un francés enmascarado, no puede evitar seguir a ese misterioso hombre...

Camp Alien: Alien Novels, Book 13

by Gini Koch

The President and First Lady, aka Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, don't get any downtime once the Mastermind has been revealed to the world. Not only do they have myriad high-level government positions to fill, but the scrutiny and pressure on this Administration has gone into overdrive.The sudden reappearance of a long-forgotten adversary turns out to be the tip of the iceberg. New robots and androids attacking, old enemies making new alliances, and new aliens with interesting abilities almost overshadow the fact that the U.S. still has to host a peace summit at Camp David between Israel and Iraq. It's clear that while the Mastermind may be down, there are plenty of others ready to take his place--and all that stands between them and success are Kitty and Company.Kidnappings, rescues, creepy hideouts, a hidden black site, and a domestic dispute that could end Jeff and Kitty's marriage are nothing compared to finding not one but two hidden labs where dangerous and deadly things are brewing. But when the President and his entourage finally get to the peace talks, things are no better. Mossad rightly suspects something's wrong with both their Prime Minister and the President of Iraq. A hidden in-control superbeing, an android replacement, and an army of Fem-Bots turn the peace talks into a Battle Royale that the team might not actually survive. And if they don't make it, Earth won't make it, either.But no pressure.

El cuervo y el ángel

by Ann R. Bright

Una romántica novela en la que la autora nos invita a viajar con sus personajes o, simplemente, a ser espectadores de su emocionante historia. En un mundo despiadado y sin más ley que la de la fuerza, ella supo encontrar luz. Y lo hizo a través del hombre más oscuro y temido de todos... Año 1736. Decían que sus ojos eran dos abismos, negros y vacíos, como los de un cuervo, que cada barco que divisaban aquellas velas malditas perecía bajo su crueldad, y cada hombre que caía bajo su mano conocía el infierno en vida. Ella, sin embargo, era un ser dulce y maravilloso, ella era luz. Una mañana, después de haber hundido un buque de la Marina Real, el temido pirata al que mentaban como El Cuervo avistó un pequeño paquebote en el horizonte. Sin entender por qué, algo en su oscuro corazón le habló... Y esa mañana, ella oyó loscañones, sintió los pasos arrogantes en la cubierta... Y temió como nunca... Esa mañana fue tomada cautiva... Esa mañana cambió su vida... Esa mañana, la vida de los dos cambió, porque el amor es capaz de abrir brechas en la más profunda oscuridad.

Alien Nation

by Gini Koch

Sci-fi action meets steamy paranormal in Gini Koch's Alien novels, as Katherine "Kitty" Katt faces off against aliens, conspiracies, and deadly secrets. * "Futuristic high-jinks and gripping adventure." --RT Reviews It's a typical day of bureaucracy and stress for President and First Lady Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, made more stressful when alien spacecraft are spotted making a beeline for Earth, none of them from the Alpha Centauri system. Then a cryptic request from an old adversary pulls Kitty out of the White House and into an explosion--and an even more explosive situation. Not only is the Mastermind back in the game, influencing the Club 51 True Believers to find and destroy all Centaurion bases, but he's also found a dangerous benefactor and created some frightening new cloning abilities. And, just to make things a little more challenging, those alien spacecraft are coming to ask Kitty for protection, and asylum on Earth. Police stations being blown up and war helicopters in play aren't enoughto keep Kitty down, especially when she's got some new alien friends helping out. But what these aliens share will rock the world--the other aliens on theirway to Earth are fleeing an enemy so terrifying that even a Z'porrah ship is trying to get to Earth for safety and protection. And if Earth isn't able to stop this threat, there may not be anything left of humanity. Now Kitty and Company have to figure out where the Mastermind is and stop him, before any new aliens land. And then they have to save the world from a deadly invasion. Or, as Kitty calls it, Thursday.

Not So Innocent

by Laura Lee Guhrke

In this wonderfully captivating and sensual page-turner from award-winner Laura Lee Guhrke, a woman who "foresees" a crime and tries to prevent it finds white-hot passion with a sexy, skeptical Scotland Yard inspector. Sophie Haversham would give anything not to have the gift of foresight. After all, her "talent" has already cost her one fiancé. And reporting a crime that hasn't happened yet is no easy task -- especially when the future victim turns out to be the tough, devastatingly attractive policeman handling the case. Inspector Mick Dunbar doesn't believe in visions, and he's convinced that Sophie is actually shielding a would-be murderer. Only when Sophie's life is in danger does Mick realize he has fallen in love with this beautiful, courageous woman who can see into his very mind and heart -- but will the knowledge come too late to save her?

El día y la noche

by Agatha Allen

¿Cuántas razones tiene el primogénito del Conde Flor para odiar a su hermano bastardo? Intensa y perfectamente ambientada en el siglo XVIII, esta nueva novela de Agatha Allen hará que sus personajes lleguen a unos límites que nunca creerías. ¿Puede el odio llevar a un hombre a matar a su hermano? Si su padre prefiere al bastardo incluso para heredar el título de conde; si él consigue robarle a las mujeres más bonitas y tratarlas como esclavas; si triunfa en la Francia de la Revolución Francesa y entra a formar parte de la Cámara de los Lores en Gran Bretaña; si goza del favor de Azhar, la más sensual de las criaturas, y de Amédée, el amigo más fiel; si es menos inteligente que él, menos capaz de enriquecerse y más querido, idolatrado incluso por la propia esposa, Jeanne-Thérèse... ¿No tiene un hombre suficientes razones para matar a su hermano? Si todo lo de Florián le pertenece por razón de su nacimiento... Todo, incluso su vida...

El primogénito (La rendición de un libertino #Volumen 1)

by Laura Mercé

Primera entrega de la trilogía «La rendición de un libertino». ¿Puede un pendenciero y redomado libertino transformarse en un hombre nuevo, cabal y responsable? Diego Ibáñez, a pesar de su hidalguía y sentido del honor, y pertenecer a la alta burguesía, no puede evitar ser el libertino que todos ven en él. Ser un verdadero donjuán desde la adolescencia lo lleva a ser protagonista de sucesivos escándalos amorosos y peligrosos duelos. Y esto genera un constante dolor de cabeza para toda su familia, más aún cuando es el heredero de las bodegas y el encarrilarlo por la buena senda es imposible de lograr. Durante un viaje a Inglaterra, Diego conoce a Brunilda, una mujer que logra lo que ninguna otra: que caiga rendido ante ella. Sin embargo, sus dotes seductoras no serán suficientes para ella, quien ya está comprometida con otro hombre. El tiempo seguirá su curso, pero Diego no se olvida de ella. Así, cumplirá con la promesa hecha a su padre de ser un hombre de provecho y buscar una digna esposa. Pero... ¿podrá un sujeto extravagante como él, acostumbrado a poner en relieve su incontenible vitalidad sensual y mantener relaciones con varias amantes, cambiar de la noche a la mañana y transformarse en alguien que nunca imaginó llegar a ser?

Sister of the Bride

by Valerie Parv

Deception...or desire? Terise O'Neill has a goal-revenge for her stepsister Clair's unhappy marriage. She needs to get close to Ryan Westmore, and a job in his home-as nanny to his and Clair's twin girls-provides her with the ideal opportunity. Close proximity to Ryan, however, reveals a very different man from the one Clair had portrayed. With thoughts of revenge fast receding, Terise is faced with a new challenge. How will Ryan react when he hears about her deception?

Como un sueño en un sueño

by Mina Vera

Una nueva visión del mundo de los vampiros que te hará replantearte todas las ideas preconcebidas que tenías sobre una leyenda que podría ser más real de lo que imaginas. Es el día de Carnaval y Abigail acude a una fiesta de disfraces, donde debe recoger a la niña a la que cuida por las tardes para poder pagarse la universidad. El destino quiere que confunda la dirección y acabe en una fiesta que no tiene nada de infantil. En un ambiente decimonónico, conocerá a Elías, el cautivador hijo del líder del clan vampírico de la margen izquierda de la ciudad de Bilbao, quien la confundirá con una mensajera del clan que controla la margen derecha. Elías le entregará una crucial carta que puede suponer bien una alianza entre clanes o bien la guerra. Tras ser extrañamente embrujada por Elías, será interceptada por los Conciliadores, una organización secreta cuyo objetivo es mantener controlados a los vampiros bajo sus leyes. Max,el líder de la Sede de la ciudad, será el encargado de protegerla. A pesar de que su relación comienza siendo poco amistosa, pronto surgirá una poderosa atracción entre ambos y descubrirán que han nacido el uno para el otro. Pero su amor se verá amenazado por Elías, dispuesto a lo que sea para lograr que Abigail sea para él. Atrapada entre dos mundos, entres dos amores, Abigail deberá encontrar su verdadera naturaleza en su interior y luchar para salvar la paz entre vampiros y humanos, además de su propia vida y la de aquel a quien su corazón ha elegido como compañero para la eternidad.

Nunca es demasiado pronto para decir te quiero

by Antonio Sánchez

Ana te hará reír en su viaje a la sierra. Aunque en su viaje interior se ve obligada a tomar decisiones que no serán sencillas... Ana, divorciada con hijos, se siente sola y estresada en una vida en la que no tiene ni un minuto para respirar. Cuando el padre de los niños se los lleva una semana de vacaciones ella no duda en plantearse hacer un viaje sola a la sierra. Para descansar, para relajarse, para dormir. Pero en unas circunstancias extrañas conoce a un extravagante fotógrafo de naturaleza que le hace una proposición inesperada. A partir de ahí el viaje solitario se transforma para convertirse en una aventura por completo distinta a lo que había planeado. Amena, divertida, ágil y repleta de emociones. Con unos personajes entrañables y cercanos, brutalmente cercanos, que coinciden en uno de los lugares más hermosos de España.

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