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MCSE Training Kit Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

by Microsoft Corporation

Official Microsoft study guide for MCP Exam 70-210 Installing, configuring, and administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

by Greg Palast

A disturbing book about manipulation by the rich of the have-nots.

Access to Information: Materials, Technologies, and Services for Print Impaired readers

by Tom Mcnulty Dawn Suvino

This is a book about alternative media for people with print disabilities

The Best of Times

by Haynes Johnson

Analysis of the 1990s.

Leveling the Playing Field: Improving Technology Access and Design for People with Intellectual Disabilities

by Presidents Committee for People w/Intellectual Disabilities

The President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities is honored to advise the President and the Secretary of Health and Human Services about the role of technology in improving the quality of life for people with ID and ensuring their full citizenship rights. A new generation of technologies continues to redefine, at an accelerated pace, how we all live, grow, and excel. The same should be true for people with ID. Access to technology is critical for people with ID to fully engage in the everyday life of our society.

Doing Data Science

by Cathy O'Neil Rachel Schutt

Data science is an emerging field in industry, and as yet, it is not well-defined as an academic subject. This book represents an ongoing investigation into the central question: “What is data science?”

Presenting ActiveX

by Warren Ernst

Everything you'll need to know to get started with Active A. Active X applets are activated when their icons are clicked.

Red Hat Linux 9: Red Hat Linux x86 Installation Guide

by Red Hat Inc.

Installation manual for Red Hat Linux 9

Twisted Shadows

by Patricia Potter


JavaTM Management Extensions

by J. Steven Perry

Java Management Extensions is a practical, hands-on guide to using the JMX APIs, Sun Microsystem's new Java-based tool for managing enterprise applications. This one-of-a kind book is a complete treatment of the JMX architecture (both the instrumentation level and the agent level), and it's loaded with real-world examples for implementing Management Extensions. It also contains useful information at the higher level about JMX (the "big picture") to help technical managers and architects who are evaluating v

JavaTM Enterprise in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition

by Jim Farley David Flanagan William Crawford

Completely revised and updated for the new 2.0 version of Sun Microsystems Java Enterprise Edition software, Java Enterprise in a Nutshell covers all of the J2EE APIs, including RMI, Java IDL, JDBC, JNDI, Java Servlet, and Enterprise JavaBeans, with a fast-paced tutorial and compact reference on each technology. Then Java Enterprise in a Nutshell goes even further, providing a classic O'Reilly-style quick reference for all of the classes in the various packages that comprise the Enterprise APIs - covering t

JavaTM and XSLT

by Eric M. Burke

Learn how to use XSL transformations in Java programs ranging from stand-alone applications to servlets. Java and XSLT introduces XSLT and then shows you how to apply transformations in real-world situations, such as developing a discussion forum, transforming documents from one form to another, and generating content for wireless devices.

JavaTM and XML Data Binding

by Brett Mclaughlin

This new title provides an in-depth technical look at XML Data Binding. The book offers complete documentation of all features in both the Sun Microsystems JAXB API and popular open source alternative implementations (Enhydra Zeus, Exolabs Castor and Quick). It also gets into significant detail about when data binding is appropriate to use, and provides numerous practical examples of using data binding in applications.

JavaTM and XML, 2nd Edition

by Brett Mclaughlin

New chapters on Advanced SAX, Advanced DOM, SOAP, and data binding, as well as new examples throughout, bring the second edition of Java and XML thoroughly up to date. Except for a concise introduction to XML basics, the book focuses entirely on using XML from Java applications. It's a worthy companion for Java developers working with XML or involved in messaging, web services, or the new peer-to-peer movement.

JavaTM and SOAP

by Robert Englander

Java and SOAP provides Java developers with an in-depth look at SOAP (the Simple Object Access Protocol). Of course, it covers the basics: what SOAP is, why it's soared to a spot on the Buzzwords' Top Ten list, and what its features and capabilities are. And it shows you how to work with some of the more common Java APIs in the SOAP world: Apache SOAP and GLUE. Java and SOAP also discusses interoperability between the major SOAP platforms, including Microsoft's .NET, SOAP messaging, SOAP attachments, messag

Java 2D Graphics

by Jonathan Knudsen

Java 2D Graphics describes the 2D API from top to bottom, demonstrating how to set line styles and pattern fills as well as more advanced techniques of image processing and font handling. You'll see how to create and manipulate the three types of graphics objects: shapes, text, and images. Other topics include image data storage, color management, font glyphs, and printing.

J2METM in a Nutshell

by Kim Topley

J2ME in a Nutshell provides a solid, no-nonsense reference to the "alphabet soup" of micro edition programming, covering the CLDC, CDC, KVM and MIDP APIs. The book also includes tutorials for the CLDC, KVM, MIDP and MIDlets, MIDlet user interfaces, networking and storage, and advice on programming small handhelds. Combined with O'Reilly's classic quick reference to all the core micro-edition APIs, this is the one book that will take you from curiosity to code with no frustrating frills in between.

HTTP: The Definitive Guide

by David Gourley Brian Totty

Web technology has become the foundation for all sorts of critical networked applications and far-reaching methods of data exchange, and beneath it all is a fundamental protocol: HyperText Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. HTTP: The Definitive Guide documents everything that technical people need for using HTTP efficiently. A reader can understand how web applications work, how the core Internet protocols and architectural building blocks interact, and how to correctly implement Internet clients and servers.

GNU Emacs Pocket Reference

by Debra Cameron

O'Reilly's Learning GNU Emacs covers the most popular and widespread of the Emacs family of editors. The GNU Emacs Pocket Reference is a companion volume to Learning GNU Emacs . This small book, covering Emacs version 20, is a handy reference guide to the basic elements of this powerful editor, presenting the Emacs commands in an easy-to-use tabular format.

Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition

by Richard Monson-Haefel

Enterprise JavaBeans 3rd edition has been thoroughly revised to include complete coverage of three major changes in the EJB 2.0 specification: A new version of container-managed persistence; local interfaces; and a totally new kind of bean called the "message driven bean." The 3rd edition also contains an architecture overview, information on resource management and primary services, design strategies, and XML deployment descriptors.

Dreamweaver in a Nutshell

by Bruce A. Epstein Heather Williamson

Dreamweaver in a Nutshell is a quick desktop reference for both new and experienced Dreamweaver developers. It covers everything from the basics to advanced topics, including navigation bars, image maps, modifications with XML, style sheets, positioning elements, HTML cleanup tools, and ways to extend Dreamweaver functions and functionality. The book's quick style and compact format make it indispensable for web site professionals who use Dreamweaver daily.

DNS and BIND, 4th Edition

by Cricket Liu Paul Albitz

The fourth edition of DNS and BIND covers the new 9.1.0 and 8.2.3 versions of BIND as well as the older 4.9 version. There's also more extensive coverage of NOTIFY, IPv6 forward and reverse mapping, transaction signatures, and the new DNS Security Extensions; and a section on accommodating Windows 2000 clients, servers and Domain Controllers.

DHCP for Windows 2000

by Neall Alcott

DHCP for Windows 2000 is custom-designed for system administrators who are responsible for configuring and maintaining networks with Windows 2000 servers. It explains the DHCP protocol and how to install and manage DHCP on both servers and clients--including client platforms other than Windows 2000.

Developing Java Beans

by Robert Englander

Developing Java Beans is a complete introduction to Java's component architecture. It describes how to write Beans, which are software components that can be used in visual programming environments. This book discusses event adapters, serialization, introspection, property editors, and customizers, and shows how to use Beans within ActiveX controls.

JavaScript Application Cookbook

by Jerry Bradenbaugh

JavaScript Application Cookbook literally hands the Webmaster a set of ready-to-go, client-side JavaScript applications with thorough documentation to help them understand and extend the applications. By providing such a set of applications, JavaScript Application Cookbook allows Webmasters to immediately add extra functionality to their Web sites.

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