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The Lifeline of America: Development of the Food Industry

by Merle Wittenberg Edward C. Hampe

This book presents the development of each segment of the food industry, underscores the interdependence of all segments, and traces the development of the entire industry as it has kept pace with the population explosions of the past and present.

Mr. Wolf's Pancakes

by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf cannot stop thinking about pancakes. He has a problem because he does not know how to make them, and he has trouble reading the recipe from his Wolf It Down recipe book.

The Around the World Cookbook: Over 350 Authentic Recipes from the World's Best-loved Cuisines

by Sarah Ainley

This cookbook takes its inspiration from some of the world's most exciting cuisines and brings together a collection which celebrates the diversity of traditional cooking styles around the globe. Most of the recipes use accessible fresh ingredients and store-cupboard staples, and even the more exotic foods are now commonly available from supermarkets and delicatessens. From Africa, India and the Orient, through Europe to the Americas, the classic cuisines of the world are at your fingertips.

Easy Homemade Desserts with Jello Pudding

by General Foods Corporation

Catalogues dozens of recipes that make use of Jello products, from casual treats, to more elegant desserts.

Great Ways with Fish and Seafood

by Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker demonstrates the variety in possible seafood dishes, from appetizers to main coursesm, and includes salads, soups and sandwiches.

Kitchen Hints

by Miriam B. Loo

Miriam B. Loo provides dozens of tips for dealing with everyday problems in the kitchen, like oversalting, undercooking, and cracked eggs.

Louisiana Cookin'

by Tobasco Brand Pepper Sauce

Cajun-style recipes and New Orleans flavors that bring together zesty, spicy flavors.

The Wok Way

by Winnie Tuan

Winnie Tuan provides tips and recipes for using woks, or Chinese pans, to create appetizing meals.

All-Occasion Appetizers

by Miriam B. Loo

Miriam B. Loo shares her knowledge of cooking to help you create appetizers for any occasion.

Good Housekeeping's Summertime Cookbook

by Good Housekeeping Magazine Staff

Good Housekeeping Magazine's editors have selected a range of recipes to keep you cool during the hot summer months.

The Belgian Cookbook

by Mrs Brian Luck

The recipes in this little book have been sent by Belgian refugees from all parts of the United Kingdom, and it is through the kindness of these correspondents that I have been able to compile it. It is thought, also, that British cooking may benefit by the study of Belgian dishes. Many of the recipes within this cookbook do not call for any specific measurements but rather for a pinch of this or a bunch of that. And offer recipes that are both simple and inexpensive.

Favorite Pickles And Relishes

by Andrea Chesman

Basic information on preparing, canning, and freezing pickles and relishes. Contains about 40 recipes.

The Jewish Cultural Tapestry: International Jewish Folk Traditions

by Steven M. Lowenstein

Filled with fascinating facts and keen insights, The Jewish Cultural Tapestry is a richly woven fabric that vividly captures the diversity of Jewish life. All traditional Jews are bound together by the common thread of the Torah and the Talmud, notes author Steven Lowenstein, but this thread takes on a different coloration in different parts of the world as Jewish tradition and local non-Jewish customs intertwine. Lowenstein describes these widely varying regional Jewish cultures with needlepoint accuracy, highlighting the often surprising similarities between Jewish and non-Jewish local traditions, and revealing why Jewish customs vary as much as they do from region to region. From Europe to India, Israel to America, The Jewish Cultural Tapestry offers an engaging overview of the customs and folkways of a people united by tradition, yet scattered to the far corners of the earth.

Tween Life

by Curriculum Technology Education Instructional Materials Center Oklahoma Department of Career

A textbook for learning life skills

The Chemical Feast: The Ralph Nader Study Group Report on Food Protection and the Food and Drug Administration

by James S. Turner

For years the Food Group, as the food lobby is known in Washington, has nearly determined the limits of public dialogue and public policy about food quality. This report provides effective understanding of the secrecy-clouded situation.

The Haphazard Gourmet

by Richard Gehman

Being a Carelessly Compiled, Aimless, Alternately Infuriating and Ingratiating Compendium of Recipes, Personal Reminiscences, and Occasional Jokes Recalled with Affection, More Or Less, by Richard Gehman from Good and Bad Times in His Life, Inspired by Le Grand Dictionnare de Cuisine

Pass It Down and Around the Table

by Arlene Schultheis

A family's collection of every day, seasonal and special occasion recipes from about 1960-2010 along with kitchen tips including food storage, microwave, grilling, and baking tips. Appetizers include: toffee fruit dip, Halloween stix mix, and ranch oyster crackers. Soups include: Creole shrimp & lobster bisque, potato and leek soup and ham and bean soup. Salads include: bing cherry salad, tuna macaroni salad and sweet summer salad. Side dishes include: corn pudding, Hawaiian baked beans, green beans with caramelized onions and country potatoes. Main dishes include: pizza muffins almond chicken with apricot sauce and Saturday night pork chops. Sweets include ambrosia sunshine cake, oatmeal cake, cherry cobbler, super spritz cookies, and cheesecake cookies. The reference pages in part 2 are packed with useful tips and information.

FACS Basics: Building Skills to Last a Lifetime

by Oklahoma Department of Career Technology Education

Text book to cover basic life skills like:<P><P> * Personality, Dating and Close Relationships<P> * Communication and Conflict Resolution<P> * Physical Development<P> * Making Families Stronger <P> * Caring for Children<P> * Applying Design<P> * Sewing Basics<P> * Choosing and Caring for Clothing<P> * Promoting Good Health<P> * Nutrition<P> * Exploring Careers

Economics of Food Retailing

by Daniel I. Padberg

The primary goal in this presentation is to carry the available economic data on food retailing through to logical conclusions on industry performance. The Food Commission could not agree on an interpretation of these data--both majority and minority members showing a strong propensity to political positions of long standing. The large size and importance of the food retailing industry and its proximity to consumers cast this industry inevitably and eternally in the light of public view, political curiosity, and increasing governmental regulation. This vulnerability identifies the need for a clear understanding of the retailing market structure, competitive behavior, and the kind of social performance which grows therefrom..

Simply Shellfish: Quick and Easy Recipes for Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, Clams, Mussels, Oysters, Lobster, Squid, and Sides

by Leslie Glover Pendleton

In Simply Shellfish, seafood expert and acclaimed cookbook author Leslie Pendleton offers up 125 recipes for shrimp, crab, scallops, clams, mussels, oysters, lobster, and squid.

Harvard Business Review: Dealing with Drought (HBR Case Study and Commentary)

by Alison Beard Forest L. Reinhardt

From the November 2016 issue. A farmer debates whether to continue planting or lease his land. By Forest L. Reinhardt, and Alison Beard. Expert commentary by Kim Morison, and Ken LaGrande.

99 Things You Can Do: On The Grill

by Meriel Bradley

Although the recipes in this book are designed for electric grills which we use inside the kitchen, they transfer well to the outside barbecue. What makes this recipe book unique is that it includes less commonly grilled dishes such as snacks and desserts. Don't worry; meats and seafood are featured first. For those, like me, without a grills, skillets and ovens work well, too. No matter what the cooking device, these recipes are delicious! And quick! And easy! This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy. Other "99 Things You Can Do" books are also available from Bookshare.

99 Things You Can Do: Salads and Sides

by Meriel Bradley

"SALADS & SIDES is the natural complement to my book "99 Things You Can Do: ON A GRILL". Now you can add delicious salads and side dishes to any meal quickly and easily. I've designed the recipes to be easy to follow, simple to prepare, and delicious to eat-- all to help you add a little extra flare to your meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Featuring fresh, pure ingredients, these homegrown recipes will be a pleasure to prepare and will surely become family favorites. Follow the Quick Tips and learn how to maximize your time in the kitchen, enhance your meals and bring the best to your table and family." This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy. Recipes for: salads, scones, breads, potatoes and more. Easy and delicious.

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