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Can't Buy Me Love

by Chris Kenry

Buffed, bereaved--and broke. Jack's wealthy, doting lover dies suddenly, and the decade-old will naturally doesn't include Jack. Unceremoniously tossed out of their home, his half-hearted stints as office temp and waiter barely cover the minimum payments on his credit cards. What's a homeless and unemployed shopaholic to do? Perhaps just what comes naturally--with his perfect pecs and sculpted abs, he's one of the most sought-after guys in town... Though he stumbles into running a male escort service purely by accident, it doesn't take long for Jack to reap the financial rewards of all those workouts. Soon he teams up with dark and decadent fellow hustler Ray, and they're making more money than they ever imagined--and falling for each other. With everything going his way at last, Jack can't help wondering--can a pair of entrepreneurial escorts really live happily ever after in suburban Denver?

Daughters Of An Amber Noon

by Katherine V. Forrest

The lesbian classic Daughters of a Coral Dawn told the story of a group of pioneering women who disappeared from Earth and colonized the planet Maternas. But what became of the sisters they left behind? In this highly anticipated sequel, best-selling author Katherine V. Forrest describes an Earth beyond nightmare ruled by dictator Theo Zedera-known simply as Zed-whose weaponry is invincible. With ruthless determination he seeks the vanished women remaining on Unit Earth. Among these women is the leader of the Unity, the extraordinary Africa Contrera, Zed's childhood friend as well as his colleague and intellectual equal. As Africa struggles to build a world safe for women, she is haunted by her past - a time when she trusted Zed and shared with him the deadly knowledge he now uses to hunt her. What future can there be for the women who call themselves the Unity? How can they possibly conceal themselves from a world of savagery and a man who intends to find them at any cost? Just as she did 18 years ago, Katherine Forrest has created a brilliant, breathtaking, and romantic saga of a divided society and the rebels courageous enough to withstand a brutal new world.

Return to Isis (Isis Rising #1)

by Jean Stewart

The year is 2093. In this fantasy zone where sword and superstition meet sci-fi adventure, two women make a daring escape to freedom. Whit, a bold warrior from an Amazon nation, rescues Amelia from a dismal world where females are either breeders or drones. Together, they journey over grueling terrain, to the shining world of Artemis, and in their struggle to survive, find themselves unexpectedly drawn to each other. But it is in the safety of Artemis, Whit's home colony, that danger truly lurks. For beneath Amelia's haunting dreams hides a secret which cannot be allowed to surface. A secret of Isis, the colony mysteriously destroyed ten years earlier. And in the ruins of Isis is the ghost of a fallen Leader who has been waiting for Amelia's return.

The Gilda Stories: A Novel

by Jewelle Gomez

Important and compelling book with lesbian vampires as main characters; explores diverse cultures.

Substitute For Love

by Karin Kallmaker

Lesbian romance.

The Latecomer

by Sarah Aldridge

Lesbian romance.

Finding H.F.

by Julia Watts

Abandoned by her mother and raised by her loving but religiously zealous grandmother, 16-year-old Heavenly Faith Simms (H.F. for short) has never felt like she belonged anywhere. When she finds her mother's address in a drawer, she and her best friend, Bo, an emotionally repressed gay boy, hit the road in Bo's scrap heap of a car and head south. Their journey through the heart of the American South awakens both teens to the realization that there is a life waiting for them that is very different from what they have known and that the concept of family is more far-reaching than they had ever imagined.


by Summer Wood

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

by Lesléa Newman

Short stories

Gay Cuban Nation

by Emilio Bejel

With Gay Cuban Nation, Emilio Bejel looks at Cuba's markedly homoerotic culture through writings about homosexuality, placing them in the social and political contexts that led up to the Cuban Revolution. By reading against the grain of a wide variety of novels, short stories, autobiographies, newspaper articles, and films, Bejel maps out a fascinating argument about the way in which different attitudes toward power and nationalism struggle for an authoritative stance on homosexual issues. Through close readings of writers such as José Martí, Alfonso Hernández-Catá, Carlos Montenegro, José Lezama Lima, Leonardo Padura Fuentes, and Reinaldo Arenas, whose heartbreaking autobiography, Before Night Falls, has enjoyed renewed popularity, Gay Cuban Nation shows that the category of homosexuality is always lurking, ghostlike, in the shadows of nationalist discourse. The book stakes out Cuba's sexual battlefield, and will challenge the homophobia of both Castro's revolutionaries and Cuban exiles in the States.

Light, Coming Back: A Novel

by Ann Wadsworth

Lesbian novel.

This Place Called Absence

by Lydia Kwa

Lesbian novel.

Boulevard: A Novel

by Jim Grimsley

Man goes to New Orleans for a better life.

The Girls: Sappho Goes To Hollywood

by Diana Mclellan

McLellan's investigative account of the lives of Hollywood's most glamorous and uninhibited goddesses plunges deep into the rich stew of love, money, and passion that was the dawn of the movie business. The Girls reveals an early marriage to a communist spy that Marlene Dietrich fought all her life to keep secret and unearths an equally shrouded fling between Dietrich and Greta Garbo as starlets in Berlin. From the complex love life of the elegant Mercedes de Acosta through Isadora Duncan and Tallulah Bankhead to Garbo's lover Salka Viertel, McLellan untangles a passionate skein of connections that stretches from the theater in New York through brazenly bisexual socialites deep into the heart of the film industry.

Brotherly Love

by Randye Lordon

First in series; lesbian detective; prequel to Sister's Keeper.

Mr. Dalloway

by Robin Lippincott

A day in the life of Richard Dalloway.

Women on Women 3: A New Anthology of American Lesbian Fiction

by Joan Nestle Naomi Holoch

Third in this series of anthologies.

Odd Girl Out

by Ann Bannon

First published in 1957; early lesbian fiction; first in Beebo Brinker chronicles.

Beebo Brinker

by Ann Bannon

Early lesbian fiction

Good Moon Rising

by Nancy Garden

Lambda Literary Award winner Good Moon Rising is about two young women who fall in love while rehearsing a school play, realize they're gay, and resist a homophobic campaign against them.

Girl Walking Backwards

by Bett Williams

Sixteen-year-old Sky deals with irresponsible parents and her own life difficulties.

Say Uncle

by Eric Shaw Quinn

A touching story about a gay man who has to fight for custody of his orphaned nephew.

Lesbian Rabbis: The First Generation

by Shirley Idelson Sue Levi Elwell Rebecca T. Alpert

Stories of eighteen lesbian rabbis.

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