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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

by David R. Reuben

A book of questions and answers about sex and all its myriad facets.

Vitamins and Minerals: Partners in Good Health

by The Editors of Prevention Magazine

This pamplet explains how certain vitamins and minerals benefit us and even help protect us from the effects of common pollutants

Oral Caress: A Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman

by Robert W. Birch

A guide to performing cunnilingus.

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science

by Atul Gawande

A surgeon writes about some of his most interesting patients.

The Prison of My Mind

by Barbara Field Benziger

In this memoir of psychiatric illness, the author describes two hospitalizations and her eventual restoration to mental health. In the first hospital she receives indifferent and even abusive treatment. In the second she has the good fortune to be assigned to a wise and compassionate psychiatrist who helps her explore her inner conflicts and find peace. Benziger writes eloquently of the terror of severe panic attacks when the world seems to be collapsing around her.

The Snake Pit

by Mary Jane Ward

Based on the author's experiences as a psychiatric patient in the early 1940's, this novel tells the story of Virginia Cunningham as she wends her way through the frightening and mystifying world of a hospital called Juniper Hill. Her memory clouded by a series of electroshock treatments, Virginia struggles to make sense out of her situation, though the senseless rules and the perplexing behavior of the staff and patients around her are all the more unfathomable as her mind begins to clear. The Snake Pit is the basis for a classic movie of the late 1940's. The book and film helped to bring mental illness out of the closet. Apart from its social significance this is a compelling novel, told with wonderful ironic humor.

I Know How It Feels to Fight for Your Life

by Jill Krementz

This book presents first-person accounts by fourteen children (ages seven to sixteen) who live with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. The conditions include leukemia, spina bifida, juvenile diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and kidney failure. The stories are very positive and pubeat. Most of the children emphasize the importance of the support they have received from family and friends.

Access to Information: Materials, Technologies, and Services for Print Impaired readers

by Tom Mcnulty Dawn Suvino

This is a book about alternative media for people with print disabilities

Assistance Dog Providers in the United States: A Complete Guide to Finding a Guide, Hearing, or Service Dog

by Carla Stiverson Norm Pritchett

This book offers excellent information of guide, service and hearing alert dogs and schools and organizations that train them in the United States. offers information on obtaining a working dog, what the different tasks that the dog do, and gives a list of addresses and contacts.

Your Inner Physician And You: Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release, 2nd Ed.

by John E. Upledger

We are given a step by step discovery and development of a holistic modality that can provide healing in many areas when other modalities fail. This is more of an explanation of the why and how it works than an actual textbook for the classroom.

Your Sixth Sense

by Belleruth Naparstek

activating your psychic ability

Health in Christian Perspective

by Delores Shimmin Gregory Parker

The most important feature of this health textbook is its Christian perspective. It is the authors' desire that as you gain a deeper knowledge of the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the body God has given you, you will be drawn closer to Him. You will be encouraged to reach out to others and to live a happy, healthy life. And you will be challenged to keep yourself pure as you maintain a consistent walk with the Lord.

Multiple Journeys to One: Spiritual Stories of Integrating from Dissociative Identity Disorder

by Judy Dragon Terry Popp

This book compiles the accounts of eight women who developed dissociative identity disorder or DID (also called multiple personality disorder, or MPD) as a means of surviving horrific child abuse. The narratives focus on the process of healing and becoming integrated. In addition to traditional psychotherapy, these women report receiving help from spiritual healers and hypnotherapists.

MegaLiving - 30 Days to a Perfect Life

by Robin S. Sharma

We all have the potential to achieve great things and live a life filled with joy, accomplishment and pure bliss. The most noble of pursuits is to ignite this fire for personal mastery and life excellence. This book is the only tool you will ever need to do this.

Teach Yourself Emotional Intelligence

by Christine Wilding

Understanding emotional intelligence and applying it to your life.

Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

by Ronald D. Hill Pamela Harrison Alexander G. Cheroske Saundra K Minckley

This laboratory manual was written emphasizing the instructional materials available at Mesa Community College.

Tween Life

by Curriculum Instructional Materials Center Oklahoma Department of Career Technology Education

A textbook for learning life skills

Healing and Christianity

by Morton Kelsey

Kelsey has written a book on the history and practices of sacramental healing. Students and clergy should find this book to be especially useful.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation: A Psychiatric Handbook for Practitioners

by Lynda J. Katz

Textbook on mental illness

Spooky Kids (Strange But True Tales)

by Bruce M. Nash Allan Zullo

These amazing true stories are about real kids who have saved lives, discovered missing persons, predicted disasters, and more through dreams and extrasensory powers.

The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche

by Wolfgang Pauli C. G. Jung

Jung's original essay on synchronicity and Pauli's view as a physicist of archetypes and synchronicity.

Discover Yoga

by Elly Lloyd

Lead a healthier lifestyle! By discovering yoga you can help harmonize your body and mind. Yoga is a popular form of exercise and is ideal if you lead a hectic lifestyle because the exercises can easily be done at home.

Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole

by Jerri Nielsen Maryanne Vollers

Dr. Jerri Nielsen accepts an assignment as a physician for the American research base in Antarctica. This is the story of her discovery that she has breast cancer, and a risky air lift of Nielsen for treatment.

Past Lives, Future Lives

by Bruce Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg writes of his findings regarding reincarnation and karma. Not only does he do past life regressions, but he finds that he can do future life progressions as well.

How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States

by Joanne Meyerowitz

How Sex Changed is a fascinating social, cultural, and medical history of transsexuality in the United States. Joanne Meyerowitz tells a powerful human story about people who had a deep and unshakable desire to transform their bodily sex. In the last century when many challenged the social categories and hierarchies of race, class, and gender, transsexuals questioned biological sex itself, the category that seemed most fundamental and fixed of all. From early twentieth-century sex experiments in Europe, to the saga of Christine Jorgensen, whose sex-change surgery made headlines in 1952, to today's growing transgender movement, Meyerowitz gives us the first serious history of transsexuality. She focuses on the stories of transsexual men and women themselves, as well as a large supporting cast of doctors, scientists, journalists, lawyers, judges, feminists, and gay liberationists, as they debated the big questions of medical ethics, nature versus nurture, self and society, and the scope of human rights. In this story of transsexuality, Meyerowitz shows how new definitions of sex circulated in popular culture, science, medicine, and the law, and she elucidates the tidal shifts in our social, moral, and medical beliefs over the twentieth century, away from sex as an evident biological certainty and toward an understanding of sex as something malleable and complex. How Sex Changed is an intimate history that illuminates the very changes that shape our understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality today.

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