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Jackie Robinson: A Biography

by Arnold Rampersad

The extraordinary life of Jackie Robinson is illuminated as never before in this full-scale biography by Arnold Rampersad, who was chosen by Jack's widow, Rachel, to tell her husband's story, and was given unprecedented access to his private papers.

The Case of the Bicycle Bandit (Jigsaw Jones Mystery #14)

by James Preller

Someone stole Ralphie Jordan's rusty old bicycle. Jigsaw and Mila hit the trail to track down the thief. But one piece of the puzzle doesn't fit. Who would take a hand-me-down bike? Solving this case is an uphill ride for ace detectives Jigsaw and Mila.

Racing Through Paradise: A Pacific Passage

by William F. Buckley Jr.

The third of Bill Buckley's brilliant sailing books, chronicling his 4,000-mile voyage across the Pacific with four close friends, including his son and a photographer.

2009 Baseball Rules Book

by B. Elliot Hopkins

The 2009 Official NFHS Baseball rule book

Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio

by Marguerite Henry

Georgio wanted nothing more than to be a fantino in the great Palio of Siena. But being a peasant farmer's son, and living in Montecello, his dreams were just that - dreams. But this is the story based on true accounts of Giorgio Terni's chances to become a famous fantino, and of the Palio, of the race of centuries' traditions, and of dreams and fate. It is also the story of a mare, a half Arabian, born as a cart horse, who with the right training, kind hands, and a willing heart became one of the most famous horses to win the Palio, and win it four times.

You Cannot Be Serious

by James Kaplan John Mcenroe

Autobiography of tennis star.

Beyond a Boundary

by C. L. R. James

In C.L.R. James' classic "Beyond a Boundary", the sport is cricket and the scene is the colonial West Indies. Always eloquent and provocative, James shows us how, in the rituals of performance and conflict on the field, we are watching not just prowess but politics and psychology at play. Part memoir of a boyhood in a black colony, part passionate celebration of an unusual and unexpected game, "Beyond a Boundary" raises, in a warm and witty voice, serious questions about race, class, politics and the facts of colonial oppression. Originally published in England in 1963 and in the United States twenty years later, this edition brings back in to print this emphatic statement on race and sport in society.

Hard Luck Horse

by Fern G. Brown

When Cristi's favorite riding school horse starts going blind from cancer, she can save him--but only by paying for his operation with the money she had hoped to use to buy him.

Action At Third

by R. G. Emery

This book will give a rare satisfaction to the person who knows baseball; and even the casually interested will be stimulated to a new appreciation of America's number-one sport. For Action At Third is more than merely sports fiction-- it is an expertly focused portrayal of defensive baseball, illustrated by a power-hitting team that learns, before it is too late, that good hitting will not always guarantee a win. Johnny Hyland, third baseman for the Dallas Hawks, plays common sense baseball; and he also has some unique ideas about how the Hawks can achieve the proper offensive-defensive balance. When manager Mitch Corey suffers from occupational ulcers, Johnny becomes the player-manager and gets his chance to make third base an outpost of strategy. His radical shake-up of the infield seems to defy accepted practice, and his bold defensive techniques are often bewildering--but they work with amazing success. The reader will admire Johnny's originality and applaud his courage, for this is baseball at its best. By the author of HYLAND OF THE HAWKS, etc.

Fly-by-Night (Hollis #1)

by K. M. Peyton

Unbroken "Fly-by-Night" was not the best choice for an eleven-year-old girl who had never ridden before; but as soon as Ruth Hollis saw the sturdy, lively pony, she knew that he was the one she wanted. All her life Ruth had longed to own a pony and now that her family had moved from London to a new housing estate in East Anglia, she had persuaded her father to let her spend her savings on a pony. But having taken possession of Fly-by-Night, Ruth found that her troubles had only just begun.

Only Earth and Sky Last Forever

by Nathaniel Benchley

Young Dark Elk understood Crazy Horse's words. Brought up at a U.S. Government agency, he saw his people humiliated and impoverished as the white men's promises were broken. Yearning to live free and unshackled on the remaining Indian land, Dark Elk wanted only to prove himself a warrior and win Lashuka, the girl he loved. But when the white man invaded the Black Hills, another promise of freedom was broken. There could be no other choice for Dark Elk but to join Crazy Horse and fight for a future for himself and Lashuka.

Sweat: Stories and a Novella

by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

The stories are about lesbians and some of them are about sports.

The Big Play

by Harold Rosenthal

describes several major plays in NFL football history. history

2009 Baseball Case Book

by B. Elliot Hopkins

Case studies illustrating the 2009 baseball rules. Companion volume to 2009 Baseball Rules Book.

Jackie’s Nine: Jackie Robinson's Values to Live By

by Sharon Robinson

Short essays, by a variety of writers, that illustrate the nine values that Sharon Robinson associated with her father: Courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment, and excellence.

Nadia Comaneci

by Gloria D. Miklowitz

This is a book about Nadia Comaneci, the first person in gymnastic history to score a perfect ten in the Olympic games. It highlights her life, as well as the history with legendary gymnastic coach Bela Karolyi.

The Morgan Horse

by Jeanne Mellin

For the first time in nearly a century--a full and fascinating book about "the wonder colt from nowhere" and the remarkable native American breed he sired... THE MORGAN HORSE. Justin Morgan, the little bay stallion who could outrun, outwork, and outget any other horse brought against him is a familiar hero of American history and folklore. Not so well known is that this amazing horse--"A runt you want to get rid of!" complained the owner who took him in payment of a bad debt--is most famous as a biological sport, so prepotent that 150 years after his death his stamp is clearly evident in his descendents, unique among horses the world over. This complete, up-to-date account of the great Justin Morgan and his stock reveals why the Morgan is the first American breed of horse, and tells about the days when the Morgan was king of American race tracks, how Morgan blood contributed to the American Saddle Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, and the Standardbred breeds (the pedigree of mighty Titan Hanover had 22 crosses to Justin!), why Morgan horse units were the most valued cavalry of the Civil War and why the Morgan is called today's most versatile horse, and how it is that a growing body of horse fanciers is convinced that an old saying is truer today than ever: "The Morgan horse is one thing. Every other kind of horse is something else." Under saddle or in harness, in the show ring, on the trail, or working stock in the West, these alert, intelligent Morgans with their flowing manes and tails are growing more popular every year for their versatility, stamina, and beauty. The Morgan Horse tells why, citing bloodlines and performances. This is not all. The author, also noted as an illustrator of horses, has included four beautiful portraits, meticulously researched and drawn to scale, of Justin himself and his three most famous sons: Woodbury, Sherman, and Bulrush. As none of them was ever known to have been pictured from life, Miss Mellin's portraits are "firsts" of their kind for the collector. From her experience as exhibitor, rider, and trainer of Morgans, Miss Mellin also furnishes drawings of Morgan types, action, conformation, and versatility. In addition, the more than 100 illustrations include historically valuable engravings, lithographs, stud posters, and lineage charts, plus photographs of modern and once-famous Morgans never before published in book form. This accessible version includes described pedigrees, and image descriptions of over 100 images and photographs of Morgan horses.

Hyland of the Hawks

by R. G. Emery

Johnny, Hawks relief pitcher, has to change his game when his knuckler becomes ineffective. He also has to grow up along the way and learn to deal with an uncooperative teammate.

Relief Pitcher

by R. G. Emery

Baseball story about a rookie with confidence and pressure problems. He learns to deal with these and becomes a success.

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