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by Bp Nichol

Originally twelve years in the making! Featuring a cast of thousands. It still stars the letter H, and introduces Probable Systems, Negatives, and the Actual Life of Language! Your heart will pound as you see H's turn into I's before your very own eyes. You'll thrill as words fall apart only to create other words. You'll gasp as bpNichol collaborates with the dead. You'll shake your head in disbelief as he walks the line between fact and fiction one step beyond into the twilight zone of 'pataphysics.

Zwölf Tage (Der\buchladen Ser. #2)

by Feliz Faber Isabelle Rowan

Fortsetzung zu Eine RandbemerkungWeihnachten ist für viele die Zeit der Liebe und Freude, doch für drei Männer in einem Buchladen namens Margins wird die heiße australische Weihnacht auch zu einer Zeit des Nachdenkens über das, was einst war und das, was noch kommen wird und zeigt ihnen auf, wie wichtig Heimat und Familie sind. Ihre Lebenswege führen im Buchladen zusammen, doch dabei hat jeder seine eigenen Hürden zu meistern: David fällt es schwer, mit seinem Sohn wieder eine Verbindung aufzubauen; John erfährt etwas über den Vater, der ihn verlassen hat, und Jamie macht sich darauf gefasst, Weihnachten zum ersten Mal allein verbringen zu müssen.

Zwiegespräche über den Weltkrieg gehalten mit Fischen auf dem Meeresgrund

by Heinrich Hansjakob

Beeindruckt von den traurigen Bildern verwundeter und verkrüppelter Soldaten nach dem Beginn des ersten Weltkriegs verarbeitet Heinrich Hansjakob diese in einer Unterhaltung mit den Fischen auf dem Meeresgrund, die ja auch Zeugen von dem kriegerischen Geschehen auf den Meeren sind.Es entstspinnt sich ein langes Gespräch zwischen Hansjakob und Tiefseefischen, einem Katzenhai und einem Seedrachen, denen Hansjakob die Leiden der Menschen schildert und die er auch von der gerechten Sache, die Deutschland in diesem Krieg verteidigt, zu überzeugen sucht. (Auszug aus Wikipedia)

Zweiter Teil der Essays. Repräsentanten der Menschheit: Revised Edition Of Original Version (Classics To Go)

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson (* 25. Mai 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts; 27. April 1882 in Concord, Massachusetts) war ein US-amerikanischer Philosoph, Schriftsteller und Führer der Transzendentalisten in Neuengland. Sein erstes Buch, Nature, veröffentlichte er 1836 im Alter von 33 Jahren. In dieser Sammlung von Essays vertrat er sein Bekenntnis, dass Menschen in einfacher Art und Weise und im Einklang mit der Natur leben sollten. In der Natur sah er die wahre Quelle der göttlichen Offenbarung. (Auszug aus Wikipedia)

ZVR Diplomacy

by Mike Dubisch Jeff Conner

Zombies vs Robots goes international! It's the Cold War in Hell as undead flesh clashes with uncaring metal. The zombie apocalypse is a true global conflagration, and ZVR: Diplomacy is at the frontlines with a collection of original stories either set in Russia or the UK. On all fronts rabid braineaters battle gleeful warbots, with a beleaguered (and dwindling) mankind caught in the middle. Featuring original stories by today's leading perpetrators of zombie terror and robot rampage, namely Steven Lockley, Rio Youers, Robert Hood, Gary McMahon, Ekaterina Sedia, Simon Clark, Dale Bailey, and Simon Kurt Unsworth, ZVR: Diplomacy is a unique new chapter in the ongoing Zombie vs Robots prose program, and is fully illustrated by horror-master Michael Dubisch.

Zuri's Zargonnii Warrior (Unearthly World #2)

by C. L. Scholey

Zuri finds herself in the hands of a Zargonnii warrior after she and her shipmates are extracted from a strange world. Hunted by the heinous Tonan and sought after by the deadly Gorgano, Zuri is mortified when she realizes humans, especially female humans, are considered a rare, exotic novelty. She has no intention of being put on display for massive warriors to gawk at. She plans her escape. Kobe grows fond of the little mouthy human female placed in his charge for the duration of the space flight home. Once they land, she will no longer be his problem. Everything changes in seconds when he finds her in the ship's bay, hanging by a thread in a teetering space shuttle, bound on either self-destruction or escape. Without thought to his safety, Kobe jumps from the shuttle when Zuri falls out and plunges to the planet beneath. Zuri has no idea what danger they are in as they embark on a perilous journey. Both know if they make it out of the jungle alive, they will be separated--unless Kobe can figure out a way to keep his new mate.

The Zurich Numbers

by Bill Granger

They are immigrants, working in American laboratories and universities. They are Soviet spies, forced into a network of terror, with their families dangling as hostages. When Devereaux--the November Man--uncovers the brutal scheme, the forces of both East and West mark him and the woman he loves for death. From California to Chicago to Switzerland, the November Man tracks the cold-blooded mastermind who controls the numbers. In a vicious maze of power, murder, and greed, every enemy may be a friend--and every friend, a sudden traitor.

The Zurau Aphorisms of Franz Kafka

by Franz Kafka

The essential philosophical writings of one of the twentieth century's most influential writers are now gathered into a single volume with an introduction and afterword by the celebrated writer and publisher Roberto Calasso. Illness set him free to write a series of philosophical fragments: some narratives, some single images, some parables. These "aphorisms" appeared, sometimes with a few words changed, in other writings--some of them as posthumous fragments published only after Kafka's death in 1924. While working on K., his major book on Kafka, in the Bodleian Library, Roberto Calasso realized that the Zürau aphorisms, each written on a separate slip of very thin paper, numbered but unbound, represented something unique in Kafka's opus--a work whose form he had created simultaneously with its content.The notebooks, freshly translated and laid out as Kafka had intended, are a distillation of Kafka at his most powerful and enigmatic. This lost jewel provides the reader with a fresh perspective on the collective work of a genius.

Zundel's Exit

by Michael Hoffman Markus Werner

Scrounged from his notebooks and hearsay, this is the story of a schoolteacher named Konrad Zündel: a philosopher, a wanna-be writer; scattered, self-conscious, glum, anxious, unlucky, discontent . . . At the end of his rope, he decides to flee his workaday life at all costs, only to find escape always a little beyond his reach. First his tooth falls out in the sight of other travelers, then he finds a severed finger in a restroom on a train. In fact, Zündel seems on the verge of falling to bits, as do his words, thoughts, wife, and world--will there be anything left, and anyone to hold the pieces? Zündel's Exit is a Chaplinesque comedy of disintegration, never knowing if it's coming or going.

Zundel's Exit

by Michael Hoffman Markus Werner

Scrounged from his notebooks and hearsay, this is the story of a schoolteacher named Konrad Zündel: a philosopher, a wanna-be writer; scattered, self-conscious, glum, anxious, unlucky, discontent . . . At the end of his rope, he decides to flee his workaday life at all costs, only to find escape always a little beyond his reach. First his tooth falls out in the sight of other travelers, then he finds a severed finger in a restroom on a train. In fact, Zündel seems on the verge of falling to bits, as do his words, thoughts, wife, and world--will there be anything left, and anyone to hold the pieces? Zündel's Exit is a Chaplinesque comedy of disintegration, never knowing if it's coming or going.


by Toni Zuma

An old, smoldering passion turns into a Hot Summer Fling. Home from college on summer break, Lily Rios is bored to tears after only a week. Just when she’s ready to run back to school early, she reunites with Jack Turner, the one who got away. Back in high school, Lily had let others convince her Jack wasn’t the “right” kind of guy: no money, no status and no power. Now that she’s grown up and calls her own shots, she discovers just how very right Jack can be — he knows where her lust switch is, and knows how to use it. Their hot, steamy trysts give her mind and body satisfaction she never imagined until startling accusations threaten to tear the lovers apart a second time.

Zulu Heart: A Novel of Slavery and Freedom in an Alternate America

by Steven Barnes

Sequel to Lion's Blood, in which African nations colonized the New World. Egypt and Ethiopia are locked in a vicious power struggle in the vast land of Bilalistan.

Zulu Hart (George Hart Ser. #1)

by Saul David

GEORGE HART just wants to serve his Queen and honour his family. It?s not that simple.BASTARDHe doesn?t know his father, only that he?s a pillar of the Establishment. His beloved mother is half Irish, half Zulu.ZULU In a Victorian society rife with racism and prejudice, George?s dark skin spells trouble to his regimental commander.WARRIORBut George has soldiering in his blood ? the only question is what he?s really fighting for: ancestry or Empire. In the heat of battle he must decide . . .

Zulu Dog

by Anton Ferreira

In post-apartheid South Africa, a Zulu boy keeps secrets from his family as he cares for an injured dog and befriends the daughter of a white farmer.


by Howard Curtis Caryl Ferey

As a child, Ali Neuman ran away from home to escape the Inkatha, a militant political party at war with the then-underground African National Congress. He and his mother are the only members of his family that survived the carnage of those years and the psychological scars remain. Today, Neuman is chief of the homicide branch of the Cape Town police, a job in which he must do battle with South Africa's two scourges: widespread violence and AIDS. When the mutilated corpse of a young white woman is found in the city's botanical gardens, Neuman's job gets even more difficult. He is chasing one false lead after another when a second corpse, again that of a white woman, is found. This time, the body bears signs of a Zulu ritual. A new evil has insinuated itself into this recently integrated city. And a new drug: traces of an unknown narcotic have been found in the blood of both victims. The investigation will take Neuman back to his homeland, where he will discover that the once bloody killing fields have become the ideal no-man's land for unscrupulous multinationals, and that the apparatchiks of apartheid still lurk in the shadows and the back rooms of a society struggling toward reconciliation. Soon to be a major motion picture.

Zulok the Winged Spirit: Series 20 Book 1

by Adam Blade

Battle Beasts and fight Evil with Tom and Elenna in the bestselling adventure series for boys and girls aged 7 and up!When supernatural events start to occur in Avantia it can only mean one thing - something is afoot in the terrifying Isle of Ghosts, and the Dark Wizard Malvel is to blame. Tom and Elenna must travel to the Isle and first face eagle Ghost Beast Zulok.There are FOUR thrilling adventures to collect in this series - don't miss out! Zulok the Winged Spirit; Skalix the Snapping Horror; Okira the Crusher and Rykar the Fire Hound

Zuleika Dobson

by Max Beerbohm

This satirical novel of life and love at Oxford University is one of the Modern Library's 100 Best Novels Max Beerbohm's only novel is a comic masterpiece set in the privileged environs of Judas College, Oxford. When beautiful prestidigitator Zuleika Dobson gains admittance to the all-male campus, romance is suddenly in the air. But the smitten undergraduates are out of luck, because this femme fatale can only love a man unaffected by her charms. The snobbish and taciturn Duke of Dorset appears up to the challenge, but his wall of indifference crumbles when Zuleika falls for him. She immediately rejects him for reciprocating her feelings, of course, and the Duke is driven to despair. He resolves to kill himself to teach her a lesson, but one small problem remains: Zuleika thinks suicide is romantic--and every lovesick undergraduate at Oxford is dying to agree with her. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Zuleika Dobson

by Max Beerbohm

Ere it had yet stopped, the door of one carriage flew open, and from it, in a white travelling dress, in a toque a-twinkle with fine diamonds, a lithe and radiant creature slipped nimbly down to the platform.

Zuleika Dobson

by Max Beerbohm

One woman's beauty fells the whole of Oxford in this sidesplitting classic campus novel.Nobody could predict the consequences when ravishing Zuleika Dobson arrives at Oxford, to visit her grandfather, the college warden. Formerly a governess, she has landed on the occupation of prestidigitator, and thanks to her overwhelming beauty--and to a lesser extent her professional talents--she takes the town by storm, gaining admittance to her grandfather's college. It is there, at the institution inspired by Beerbohm's own alma mater, that she falls in love the Duke of Dorset, who duly adores her in return. Ever aware of appearances, however, Zuleika breaks the Duke's heart when she decides that she must abandon the match. The epidemic of heartache that proceeds to overcome the academic town makes for some of the best comic writing in the history of English literature.

Zuhaitz zaharrenaren heriotza

by Josu Galdos Kazabon

Eguzkiaren lehen izpiekin esnatu zen. Begiak ireki eta txundituta gelditu zen, hori zen hori edertasuna, zuhaitzak, zerua, haizea? Dena bizi-bizirik zegoen, lurraren indarra bere barruan sentitzen zuen, indar itzela. Denbora eta espazioa desagertu egin ziren, eta ikusten zuen oro ez zegoen ez kanpoan ez barruan, baina berak bere baitan sentitzen zuen. Bera ere indar izugarri haren erdian sentitzen zen, bizitzan guztiz murgilduta, eta inoiz baino esnatuago eta argiago.-Orain ulertzen dut -esan zuen neskak barre ttiki batekin.Erraiak harrotzeko bederatzi ipuin biltzen dira liburu honetan. Mendiaren misterioa, lurraren indarra eta basoaren magian murgilduko gara etorkizun handiko idazle gazte honen eskutik.


by Ronan Bennett

Zugwang: [del alemán Zug («movimiento») y Zwang («exigencia, obligación»)]. En ajedrez se emplea para describir una posición en que uno de los jugadores queda reducido a un estado de total impotencia: está obligado a mover, pero cualquier movimiento solo empeora su situación.San Petersburgo, 1914. El periodista O.V. Gulko es brutalmente asesinado al pie del puente Politseiski. Entonces, el psiquiatra Otto Spethmann recibe la visita de la policía. Un revolucionario relacionado con la muerte del periodista ha aparecido muerto, y entre sus ropas se ha hallado la tarjeta del doctor. De pronto, Otto Spethmann se ve implicado en un complot para asesinar al zar en el que están implicados miembros de su círculo más cercano. Desde ese momento, Spethmann estará en posición de Zugzwang.Una hermosa estudiante envuelta en actividades políticas radicales, una gran dama con un pasado doloroso y un presente sensual, un complejo detective de policía, un portentoso ajedrecista del shtetl, el líder de los bolcheviques, un siniestro plutócrata de derechas, agentes secretos y mafiosos bolcheviques compartirán el tablero.«Zugzwang es un thriller de primera, con reminiscencias de la potencia narrativa de Joseph Conrad y la inteligencia de género de Graham Greene.»San Francisco Chronicle

Zuflucht im Käfig

by Feliz Faber Tempeste O'Riley

Kieferchirurg Kaden Thorn führt ein ruhiges Leben, jedoch ohne jede Hoffnung auf eine Liebe, wie er sie sich ersehnt. Seitdem er von Schwulenhassern brutal zusammengeschlagen wurde, kann er seine Beine nicht mehr gebrauchen und sitzt im Rollstuhl. Er hat die Hoffnung aufgegeben, je einen Dom oder auch nur einen "normalen" Partner zu finden, der ihn liebt. Als er praktisch unter Zwang eine Einladung zum Abendessen bei seiner besten Freundin annimmt, ist das letzte, womit er dort rechnet, ein starker Dom, der über seinen Rollstuhl hinwegsehen kann. Architekt Deacon James ist als Dom sehr anspruchsvoll, hat aber die letzten paar Jahre ohne Sub oder Partner zugebracht. Als einer seiner Angestellten ihn zu einer Dinnerparty einlädt, um ihm seine Lebensgefährtin vorzustellen, riecht Deacon ein abgekartetes Spiel, stimmt aber trotzdem zu. Er ist stolz auf seine ausgezeichnete Menschenkenntnis, und als er den jüngeren Zahnarzt kennenlernt, sieht er nicht den Rollstuhl, sondern einen liebenswerten, devoten Mann, der mehr als nur sein Interesse weckt. Kades Ängste und die Dämonen der Vergangenheit, die ihn heimsuchen, sind eine Herausforderung für Deacon; er braucht sein ganzes Können und seine ganze Erfahrung als Dom, um Kades Vertrauen und Hingabe zu gewinnen. Doch Deacon ist fest entschlossen, diese Schlacht erfolgreich zu schlagen, um Kade an seiner Seite und zu seinen Füßen zu haben.

Zuckerman Unbound

by Philip Roth

Now in his mid-thirties, Nathan Zuckerman, a would-be recluse despite his new-found fame as a bestselling author, ventures onto the streets of Manhattan in the final year of the turbulent sixties. Not only is he assumed by his fans to be his own fictional satyr, Gilbert Carnovsky ("Hey, you do all that stuff in that book?"), but he also finds himself the target of admonishers, advisers, and sidewalk literary critics. The recent murders of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., lead an unsettled Zuckerman to wonder if "target" may be more than a figure of speech. Zuckerman retreats from his oldest friends, breaks his marriage to a virtuous woman, and damages, perhaps irreparably, his affectionate connection to his younger brother...and all because of his great good fortune!

The Zucchini Warriors (Macdonald Hall #5)

by Gordon Korman

The story of a football team trying to get a winning season and their secret weapon is a girl.

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