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The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed

by Andrew Doughty Leona Boyd

The finest guidebook ever written for Kaua'i. Now you can plan your best vacation--ever. This all new ninth edition is a candid, humorous guide to everything there is to see and do on the island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai'i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to dine, relaxing resorts, exciting waterfalls, colorful canyons and so much more. Every restaurant, activity provider, business and resort is reviewed personally and anonymously. This book and a rental car are all you need to discover what makes Kaua'i so exciting. * The most up-to-date and accurate information available anyplace with up-to-the-minute changes posted to our website * Frank, brutally honest reviews of restaurants, hotels and activities show you which companies really are the best...and which to avoid--no advertisements * Driving tours let you structure your trip your way, point out sights not to be missed along the way and are complemented by over 100 spectacular color photographs * 15 specially-created maps in an easy-to-follow format with mile markers--so you'll always know where you are on the island * Clear, concise directions to those hard-to-find places such as deserted beaches, tropical jungles, hidden waterfalls, rugged scenic coastlines, water-filled lava pools and scores of other hidden gems listed nowhere else * Exclusive chapter on Kaua'i's beaches with detailed descriptions including ocean safety * Unique Adventures chapter and 70 pages of exciting activities from ATVs to ziplines * Fascinating sections on Hawai'i's history, culture, language and legends * Companion website with links to every business, events calendar, over 70 resort reviews complete with aerial photos--so you'll know if oceanfront really means oceanfront "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook" covers it all--from the mile-high summit of Mt. Wai'ale'ale, to the sparkling underwater reefs. This is the best investment you can make for your Kaua'i visit. Whether you are a first time visitor, or a longtime kama'aina, you will find out more about Kaua'i from this book than from any other source. Discover the island of your dreams with "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook."

The Ultimate Nascar Insider's Track Guide: Everything You Need to Plan Your Race Weekend

by Liz Allison

With 70 million fans, NASCAR is the #2 spectator sport, after football. But unlike football, going to a race is a full weekend of events. From the tailgating, to the qualifying, to the checkered flag and post-parties--there's enough to fill several days at every event, and that's just at the track. Liz has maximized her personal connections with NASCAR insiders to determine what NASCAR fans really want to know when visiting the tracks, and gives practical answers to the most frequently asked questions, including: -- What to do in a medical emergency, and area hospitals with emergency care, -- Area attractions beyond the track, including popular golf courses where you might just spot your favorite driver between races, -- Where to find veterinary services for the furry four-legged members of your family, and much more! From dining, to shopping, to lodging, not to mention what to wear and pack (and what not to) this is a practical guide that no NASCAR fan should be without!

Ultimate Spa

by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni Judy Chapman

Ultimate Spa is the definitive guide to the best spas in Asia. Highlighting spas in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines, this book is both a showcase of the region's best spas and a comprehensive guide to their offerings. The first half of the book introduces the top spas in the region, giving useful tips regarding the facilities and different types of treatments to be experienced. The second half of the book focuses on the treatments themselves: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and the beauty and health secrets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Endorsed by many well-regarded therapists, doctors, and spokespeople in the spa and wellness industry, this book contains many remedies, treatments, and recipes, and is a must-have for spa aficionados worldwide. Combined with this are yoga, Reiki, meditation and secret recipes for longevity--all complemented by over 600 stunning photographs.

Ultimate Trivia, Volume 2: 840 MORE Fun and Challenging Trivia Questions

by Donna Hoke

Serious trivia challenge—840 questions to rack your brain Whether playing in a pub, along with a TV show, or at a party, people can't get enough of trivia. Keep up with its rising resurgence with Ultimate Trivia, Vol. 2., the book that will put your general knowledge skills through the wringer. What is the largest muscle in the human body? Who designed the city of Washington, D.C.? With over 800 more engaging questions, from geography to pop culture, sports to science, this mind-challenging guide is anything but trivial. Ultimate Trivia, Vol. 2 includes: All new questions—Fresh topics include television shows and movies, capitals of countries, and football—it's all in here. Anywhere with anyone—Pit two groups against each other during a party or go head-to-head at the bar with a friend to see who comes out as a trivia boss. Thoroughly vetted—All the information has been vigorously fact-checked to ensure everything is accurate and up to date. When it comes to trivia books that will put your brain to the test, this one rises above the rest.

Umatilla (Images of America)

by Rebecca Bryan Dreisbach

Located in Florida's lake region, the city of Umatilla sits on a sandy ridge pocked by hundreds of lakes and depressions of sinkhole origin that leak water into the limestone Floridan aquifer, which, in turn, is drained by numerous nearby artesian springs. When Florida achieved American statehood in 1845, following nearly two centuries of ceding by the French, British, and Spanish via treaties, Central Florida was the last frontier of the eastern United States. In the early 1850s, pioneer Nathan Trowell brought his family beyond the St. John's River seeking health and prosperity. The family traveled by horse and wagon through longleaf yellow pine forests following ancient Native American sand trails to the place where they built their homestead. Their home was one of the first in what would become Umatilla. Before the end of the 19th century, Umatilla had become one of Florida's most successful citrus communities, with a general store, a hotel, a post office, a blacksmith shop, a packinghouse, and four churches. Umatilla's temperate weather, natural resources, and beauty drew its original citizens, and while citrus is no longer Umatilla's main industry, the lure of her beauty and charm remains today.

Umgangsformen für perfekte Gastgeber in Hotellerie, Gastronomie und Tourismus: Was Gäste wünschen

by Maria Th. Radinger Lis Droste

Dieses Buch soll Entscheider:innen, Führungskräften und Mitarbeiter:innen im Tourismus ermöglichen, ihr Verhalten aus der Sicht der Gäste zu sehen und einen respektvollen und wertschätzenden Umgang zu entwickeln. Denn dies ist und bleibt das oberste Gebot. Die Autorinnen verbringen als Beraterinnen viel Zeit in Hotels, Restaurants, an der Bar und im Spa und erleben viele Situationen, wie sie auch die Gäste erleben. Sie geben Tipps, die einigen vielleicht als Selbstverständlichkeit erscheinen werden, anderen jedoch die Augen öffnen und zur Verbesserung ihres Umgangs mit ihren Mitmenschen führen. Im Fokus stehen die gehobene Gastronomie und Hotellerie, doch die meisten Empfehlungen gelten für alle Kategorien im Tourismus.Die 2. Auflage wurde vollständig überarbeitet und das Thema „Digitalisierung“ wurde neu aufgenommen.Der InhaltDie Rezeption – Vom Erstkontakt bis zur AbreiseHousekeepingEssen und Trinken – Wissenswertes für Gastgeber:innen und GästeIm SpaDie Rolle als Gastgeber:inAllgemeine UmgangsformenDigitalisierung im TourismusGästetypenFeiern und Messen

Un été inoubliable - La libération des poules et autres aventures: Livre pour enfants de 8-9 à 11-12 ans.

by A. P. Hernández

Les vacances d'été se terminent pour Jean qui n'a pas encore vécu de grande aventure. Mais tout va changer lorsqu'il rencontre Estelle, Camille et Rodrigue. Aigle Chauve sera leur professeur, chargé de les transformer en véritables aventuriers. En avant, braves petits enfants !

Un guide d'Israël pour les enfants

by Linda Henderson

Israël est un endroit fascinant. Tout enfant, adolescent ou adulte devrait savoir pourquoi le Moyen-Orient est d'une telle importance. Comprendre Israël et ses voisins vous aidera à voir qu'il y a au Moyen-Orient plus que de simples conflits ou guerres. Ce livre pourrait changer votre vie. Pourquoi ne pas tenter l'aventure en Terre Sainte ?

Un viaggio così breve: Romanzo di evasione sulla Nuova Caledonia

by Céline Fuentès

Quando la felicità è quasi arrivata, quando la strada è già scritta, e se fosse il momento di cambiare tutto? « La felicità non è più così lontana, Elisa può quasi toccarla con mano. È sicuro, il suo futuro sarà fatto di matrimonio e bomboniere e andrà tutto bene. Eppure, durante questa giornata perfetta di tranquillità, mercoledì tredici febbraio 2013, verso le quattordici e quarantacinque, mentre è ancora in ufficio, il telefono di Elisa inizia a vibrare. “Numero sconosciuto” ». Elisa, la trentenne, non immagina che una telefonata possa sconvolgere una vita. Accettando le incredibili opportunità che si offrono a lei, Elisa si lancia in un viaggio sbalorditivo che la porterà alla scoperta del Pacifico del Sud, in Nuova Caledonia. Romanzo finalista del premio Femme Actuelle 2017 con il titolo Le destin n'attend pas les gens tristes (Il destino non aspetta le persone tristi)

Unauthorized America: A Travel Guide to the Places the Chamber of Commerce Won't Tell You About

by Vince Staten

"The travel brochures never mention JFK's Love Nest, where he and Marilyn Monroe would meet for an after-noon tryst, or Elvis's Drugstore, where the King loaded up on downers. But let's face it: not everyone wants to spend summer vacation watching Junior slither down the water slide or trailing Grandpa as he treks from one historic marker to the next. Not everyone wants a Disney World vacation. This book boldly dares to take you where no travel brochures have taken you before, to the out-of-the-way sights and the offbeat vacation spots nobody touts. This is an underground guide to America, to the places that you Really want to see: where John Lennon was shot, where Margaret Mitchell was run over by a car, where Sean Penn punched out a photographer, where Fawn Hall shredded boss Ollie North's papers. These are the places the local Chamber of Commerce won't tell you about. But we will."

Unbeaten Tracks In Japan: An Account Of Travels In The Interior, Including Visits To The Aborigines Of Yezo And The Shrine Of Nikko

by Isabella Bird

The author's account of travelling through Japan in 1878. This is a narrative of travels in Japan communicated via letters. First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

by Isabella L. Bird

The daughter of a country parson, Isabella Bird was advised to travel for her health. Bird's compliance with her doctor's orders took her to the wildest regions of the American West, Malaysia, Kurdistan, Persia, the Moroccan desert, and China, among other places. One of nine popular accounts of her adventures around the world, Unbeaten Tracks in Japan traces the intrepid Victorian explorer's 1878 excursion into the back country of the Far East.Japan had just opened its doors to the West within the past decade, and Bird traversed regions unknown to many of the island nation's inhabitants. Traveling more than 1,400 miles by pack horse, rickshaw, and foot, she followed winding mountain trails and crossed countless rivers to meet villagers in their remote communities and peasant farmers in their fields. In poignant, vivid letters to her sister and friends, Bird describes the vicissitudes of her journey--the discomforts and difficulties as well as the pleasures and excitement of discovery. 40 of the author's own sketches and photographs illustrate her captivating stories.

Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

by Isabella Lucy Bird

In 1878, a decade after Japan was launched into the world of modern nations by the Meiji restoration of 1868, Isabella Lucy Bird set off alone to explore the interior.Ninety years ago Japan was still a mysterious country to Westerners. <P><P>Miss Bird must have presented a fearsome sight to Japanese villagers when she came into view clad in American mountain dress and Wellington boots. However the country people liked her. She took off her boots before entering houses, she was of small stature, of quiet voice, and courteous! Many of the Japanese she met had never seen a European before. They were convinced all Westerners were uncouth barbarians.The Japan Isabella Bird describes is not the sentimental world of a Madame Butterfly, festooned with cherry blossoms. She describes real people in back country districts. Peasant life in Japan had never been easy but in early Meiji Japan, when the country was in a state of cultural shock following the opening of its doors to Western civilization, the drain of wealth from rural Japan to all-important Tokyo was particularly hard on the rural population. In this classic Japanese travelogue we see a side of Japan that is little known today.

Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery

by Steph Jagger

A young woman follows winter across five continents on a physical and spiritual journey that tests her body and soul, in this transformative memoir, full of heart and courage, that speaks to the adventurousness in all of us.Steph Jagger had always been a force of nature. Dissatisfied with the passive, limited roles she saw for women growing up, she emulated the men in her life—chasing success, climbing the corporate ladder, ticking the boxes, playing by the rules of a masculine ideal. She was accomplished. She was living "The Dream." But it wasn't her dream.Then the universe caught her attention with a sign: Raise Restraining Device. Steph had seen this ski lift sign on countless occasions in the past, but the familiar words suddenly became a personal call to shake off the life she had built in a search for something different, something more.Steph soon decided to walk away from the success and security she had worked long and hard to obtain. She quit her job, took a second mortgage on her house, sold everything except her ski equipment and her laptop, and bought a bundle of plane tickets. For the next year, she followed winter across North and South America, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand—and up and down the mountains of nine countries—on a mission to ski four million vertical feet in a year.What hiking was for Cheryl Strayed, skiing became for Steph: a crucible in which to crack open her life and get to the very center of herself. But she would have to break herself down—first physically, then emotionally—before she could start to rebuild. And it was through this journey that she came to understand how to be a woman, how to love, and how to live authentically.Electrifying, heartfelt, and full of humor, Unbound is Steph’s story—an odyssey of courage and self-discovery that, like Wild and Eat, Pray, Love, will inspire readers to remove their own restraining devices and pursue the life they are meant to lead.

Uncharted Waters

by Leslie Bulion

Most teenage boys would love to spend a summer with a bachelor uncle in a seaside cabin. But not Jonah Lander. He has secrets—lots of them—and they weigh heavily on his mind. One deception leads to another, and he lies to his Uncle Nate about joining the local swim team, not wanting to explain his fear of the dark salt water. When Sumi, a budding marine biologist, asks him to be her research assistant, he jumps at the chance to make some money. But he gets into a lot more than he bargained for. Soon he will have to face his greatest fears and give up his secrets forever.Bulion's satisfying novel is further enhanced by a rich ensemble of supporting characters, interesting facts about marine life, and a text that perfectly captures the special rhythms of small town seaside living.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into California (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Look beneath the surface of the world's most interesting people--past and present--to uncover what makes them tick. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Great Lives looks beneath the surface and uncovers fascinating but little-known stories behind the famous, the near-famous, the infamous, and the should-have-been famous. You'll meet child prodigies, spies, traitors, celebrities (and sidekicks), gossips, hermits, humanitarians, and zealots. There are incredible stories here, and every one is true. Sit back and prepare to be amazed when you read about:America's first prima ballerinaThe man who invented tap dancingStephen Hawking and his ongoing quest for loveVidal Sassoon: hairdresser by day, freedom-fighter by nightSex therapist Dr. Ruth's early years as an Israeli soldierThe other Boleyn girl in Henry VIII's bedThe nerd who changed the worldSix degrees of Kevin Bacon And much, much more!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Canada: Illustrated Edition (Uncle John's Illustrated Ser.)

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John and the folks at the Bathroom Readers' Institute love all things Canadian and figure that just because we weren't lucky enough to be born in the Great White North doesn't mean we can't devote an entire Bathroom Reader to the cause . . . and this time we're doing it in Technicolor!Uncle John's Plunges into Canada (Illustrated Edition) is full of cool trivia and fascinating facts about the greatest country in the world, but now it's jam-packed with photographs and illustrations too! So put away the hockey gear, grab a plate of Kraft dinner, and join us. Whether you're a true Canuck or just always wanted to be one, this book is for you!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Canada, Eh! (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

For 25 years, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader has been wildly popular in Canada, so we decided to dedicate an entire edition to our friends in the Great White North-even though much of the continental U.S. is north of Canada's southernmost point. That misconception-and a whole lot more-is revealed in this loving ode to a friendly nation with a colorful history and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Whether you're a true Canuck, or just always wanted to be one, Yukon count on us to deliver great bathroom reading! Read about...Stealing the Stanley Cup (literally)The origins of Tim Hortons and Kraft dinnersJellied moose nose and other Canadian delicaciesMove over Napa: the story of Canadian "ice wine"The government's secret official UFO divisionCanada's homegrown rock 'n' roll bandsAll about those dam beaversThe answer to Canada's most burning question: Does Santa Claus really have his own postal code?And much, much more!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Michigan (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

What do Yoopers and Trolls have in common? Not much to hear them tell it, but both types of Michigander appreciate great bathroom reading. And they're proud to call Michigan home! Celebrate the state that brought us Motown, Henry Ford, and the world's only floating post office. So no matter which peninsula you call home, get ready for a funny, unforgettable visit. Read about...Feather bowlingShipwrecked in ParadiseGo to Hell and back in Hell, MichiganMichigan's other famous Ford: a president named GeraldThe Red Flannel Festival, and other ways Michiganders brave the winterHow a 1966 Michigan State University game changed football foreverMichigan's role in the birth of rock 'n' rollTest your knowledge of the Great LakesDetroit's Whiskey RiverSmelt dipping 101And much, much more!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Minnesota (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

"My favorite sandwich is peanut butter, baloney, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise on toasted bread with catsup on the side." -Hubert H. Humphrey (former Senator from Minnesota) Humphrey's sandwich doesn't include any of the top 5 food gifts from Minnesota-wild rice, potato lefse, lutefisk, maple sugar and syrup, or bison jerky-but it provides a glimpse into Minnesotans' unique character. And favorite son Garrison Keilor isn't the only Minnesotan with a sense of humor; St. Urho Day, created as a joke by a couple of Minnesotan Finns, is today recognized in all 50 states. And whereas all states have official flowers and birds, Minnesota has a state beverage (milk) and muffin (blueberry). Sounds like a good place for breakfast.Its people are just one interesting facet of a state where travelers can find such fascinating curiosities as the SPAM Museum or the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. And Uncle John cannot help but be enamored of a state with a town competing with cities in Illinois and New York to lay claim to the world's only two-story outhouse.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into National Parks (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

If you like the great outdoors, you're going to love this book. We're plunging into every national park, monument, site, and trail (more than 150 in all!) in true Uncle John fashion and uncovering some unique stories behind all of them. You're sure to find hidden facets of each national park that you never imagined. Read about...- Yosemite's firefall and why it came to a sudden end- How to avoid bear attacks, buffalo stampedes, and moose on the loose- Ghosts, legends, and myths in the remotest parks of the country- The wild horses of Assateague and why they still roam the island- How an isolated tree in Yosemite inspired the most famous photograph of all timeAnd much more!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into New Jersey (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is plunging into another superb state. This time around, it's New Jersey, the Garden State, long proud of its traditions, its history, and its accent. From Jersey tomatoes and blueberries, the Tigers of Princeton and the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers, the songs of the Boss and the Chairman of the Board, the Garden State has long provided a treasure trove of exceptional sons and daughters, legends and folklore, amazing facts and figures-not to mention a wealth of jokes. Whether going "down the shore," getting lost in the Pine Barrens, dining on great cuisine in Newark's Ironbound district, or driving down the Turnpike, traveling around New Jersey captures the imagination. Interesting and entertaining articles cover tons of little-known facts like:* Known as the "Pathway of the Revolution," New Jersey was the site of over 100 battles during the War for Independence.* Mud from a secret South Jersey riverbank rubs the sheen off of every new baseball used in the Major League.* A gas station in Englewood sports a plaque saying "It All Started Right Here." What started there? Frank Sinatra's career. The station sits on the site of the Rustic Cabin where he worked as a singing waiter.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into New York (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Start spreading the news. You're reading today. You're going to be a part of it--New York, New Yooooork! In this ode to the greatest place on Earth, Uncle John takes you through Ellis Island and down the Hudson to bring you the tome about New York that could only come from the Bathroom Readers' Institute. Find out why the Empire State is the Big Apple of the world's eye as you read about...ManhattanhengeThe Big Apple on $0 a dayHeroes and horses of the NYPDFran Lee: the Pooper Scooper LadyThe extraordinary evolution of the Bronx RiverIncredible the city's sewersHow New Jersey lost Staten IslandCharlie Dickens disses New YorkThe alien hunters of Pine BushBig Apple bird watchingUpstate utopiasAnd much, much more!

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into Ohio (Plunges Into)

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

We've assembled a crackpot team of Ohio investigators to comb the countryside, explore the cities, and uncover the history, trivia, and fun facts that make the Buckeye State such a unique and special place. Read about . . .- Ohio firsts- John Glenn, Johnny Appleseed, and other famous Ohioans- Cleveland rocks!- From Ada to Youngstown: a crossword puzzle- The pride of the Buckeyes- The Wright sister's role in history- Akron's All-American Soap Box Derby!- Wacky OhioAnd much, much more!

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