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Franz, A Dog of the Police

by S. P. Meek

Franz is the story of a Doberman pinscher who was trained for police work in the famous C. A. Roy kennels of Berkeley, California. He is purchased by the Berkeley police department, and soon gains a state-wide reputation for the excellence of his work. Later, when the Berkeley officers are sent to Honolulu to reorganize the department there, Franz goes with them. And in the Hawaiian city, he adds to his already great reputation and gathers fresh laurels for himself and his master.

The Mystery of the Swaying Curtains (Kay Tracey Mystery #3)

by Frances K. Judd

Kay's friend, Sissy Weller, unexpectedly learns that she is to inherit a fortune if she can prove that her real name is Christine Cleveland. The mystery is how anybody could connect Sissy with Christine when Sissy is adopted and has no knowledge of her true identity. After hearing additional details, Kay is convinced that Sissy is Christine, but how did the lawyer know? Kay learns that the lawyer received an anonymous letter telling him about Sissy, but who sent him the letter? How did that person know where Sissy is staying?

The Shadow on the Door (Kay Tracey Mystery #4)

by Frances K. Judd

They say truth is stranger than fiction and in The Shadow on the Door, the old maxim is once again proven. Follow intrepid teen sleuth, Kay Tracey, as a mystery written for a competition parallels and is eventually exceed by a real life mystery. Kay creates a mystery for a school competition but soon is amidst a vulnerable assistant, a gullible dowager, a lonely boy, and labor agitators. What will it take to solve the mystery and association of a chemist and his lab explosion with the mysterious shadows, grotesque and scary?

A Three-Cornered Mystery (Dana Girls Mystery #4)

by Carolyn Keene

The Dana Girls, Jean & Louise end up in another mystery as they come across a old acquaintance from back home. They follow the trail and discover the truth about Mrs. Flower's family.

Tom Swift and His Planet Stone (Tom Swift No. #38)

by Victor Appleton

This is book 38 in the Tom Swift Senior series. In the last book in the original Tom Swift series, Tom Swift's giant gets a letter from his brother telling of trouble in South America and of a meteor that fell from the sky. Tom and his friends make a trip down to South America to retrieve the meteor for study and become embroiled in a civil war. How Tom recovers the meteor and uses its amazing medical powers are told in this hard-to-find volume.

The Voice In The Suitcase (Judy Bolton Mysteries #8)

by Margaret Sutton

A picnic, a strange suitcase with voices from within, a surprise golden anniversary party and a friendship across the proverbial railroad tracks the Judy into her latest mystery. Everything begins with Judy and her friends befriending a pair of hungry hobos caring a strange suitcase making very peculiar sounds resembling words. After accidentally being left behind, Judy and Honey on a man appears to be left for dead in a ditch. Now he has the strange suitcase which continues to talk to them. After dropping them off the middle of nowhere at an isolated, you would think the mystery is behind them. However, Judy befriends two younger girls one poor, one entitled, and befriends the poor one, helping her prepare her grandparents home for a surprise golden anniversary party. Soon Judy becomes concerned, however, when it appears that an uncle may be involved in criminal activity. Come along with Judy and her friends on her next adventure! The thirty-eight volume Judy Bolton series was written during the thirty-five years from 1932-1967. It is one of the most successful and enduring girls' series ever published. The Judy Bolton books are noted not only for their fine plots and thrilling stories, but also for their realism and their social commentary. Unlike most other series characters, Judy and her friends age and mature in the series and often deal with important social issues. To many, Judy is a feminist in the best light-smart, capable, courageous, nurturing, and always unwavering in her true beliefs; a perfect role model.

The Mysterious Half Cat (Judy Bolton Mysteries #9)

by Margaret Sutton

Judy is excited that her old friend, "Scottie", is returning to Farringdon. They plan a huge welcoming party for Scottie at the railroad station, but things turn for the worse when Scottie is upset and agitated, trying to control her little sister, Carol. Carol is a very difficult child and Scottie expects Judy to help her find a way to help Carol while also searching for lost relatives. Unfortunately, Judy is in the midst of two other mysteries. Strange happening at the Chinese laundry and disappearing objects have Judy in detective mode. Follow Judy as she helps solve Carol's problem and helps everyone come together. The thirty-eight volume Judy Bolton series was written during the thirty-five years from 1932-1967. It is one of the most successful and enduring girls' series ever published. The Judy Bolton books are noted not only for their fine plots and thrilling stories, but also for their realism and their social commentary. Unlike most other series characters, Judy and her friends age and mature in the series and often deal with important social issues. To many, Judy is a feminist in the best light-smart, capable, courageous, nurturing, and always unwavering in her true beliefs; a perfect role model.

The Secret at the Hermitage (Dana Girls Mystery #5)

by Carolyn Keene

Delusional Harold Norton, ex-warden of the Pinecrest Reformatory, accuses Louise Dana of being escapee Nina Regan. Louise clears herself, only to find that Norton continues to stalk her every move. After Louise is attacked by Norton, she is lost in the woods and spends the night with a strange hermit. Upon Louise's return to Starhurst, she becomes intrigued with Nina's strange case. Nina was never proved guilty of her crime, so Louise wants to help her. The girls discover that the old hermit may know where Nina is hiding. Meanwhile, Harold Norton relentlessly hunts for Nina, endangering both Louise and the old hermit. Louise and Jean must quickly discover Nina's whereabouts and learn whether she is guilty.

Sword of the Wilderness

by Elizabeth Coatsworth

A well researched novel for young adults about a young man captured in an Indian raid on an early English settlement on the coast of Maine, and taken as prisoner through the wilderness to Quebec. The action takes place over the course of a year, and the fate of several other captives is part of the story. The relationship between Indians, the English, the French, and the Church turns the plot, and is historically accurate. Elizabeth Coatsworth was ahead of her time in her respect for the Indians.

Las zapatillas de ballet

by Noel Streatfeild

Un verdadero clásico de la literatura juvenil inglesa, Las zapatillas de ballet ha estado disponible en las librerías del Reino Unido desde su publicación en 1936. En 2007 se convirtió en un telefilme para la BBC protagonizado por Emma Watson. Apadrinadas por un anciano paleontólogo que lleva años viajando por el mundo, Pauline, Petrova y Posy han crecido al cuidado de una tutora y de una niñera. Estamos en Londres, en los años treinta. Pauline sueña con ser actriz, Petrova lee cuanto puede sobre coches, aviones y motores, y Posy podría pasarse el día entero bailando, pero la ausencia prolongada de su benefactor dificulta gravemente la situación económica de las niñas. Por eso, cuando se presenta la ocasión de formarse y trabajar como actrices profesionales, las tres hermanas no dejarán escapar la oportunidad. Con su talento, esfuerzo e ilusión lograrán costear los gastos familiares, conseguirán triunfos inesperados, aprenderán a valorar la generosidad, la independencia, y, sobre todo, a desconfiar del éxito como única meta. Reseñas:«Mi escritora favorita es Jane Austen. Pero cuando era más joven me gustaba mucho Noel Streatfeild. Aún releo Las zapatillas de ballet.»J.K. Rowling «Uno de mis libros favoritos de todos los tiempos. Y no hace falta ser un amante de la danza para disfrutar de su lectura.»Jacqueline Wilson «Una delicia.»The Sunday Times «Un clásico.»The Guardian «Una obra maestra.»The Daily Telegraph

The Circle of Footprints (Dana Girls Mystery Stories #6)

by Carolyn Keene

Guarding a stolen treasure, Louise and Jean follow the mysterious circle of footprints to a happy solution of the problems of seven good friends. Every girl will love these fascinating stories which tell how the Dana girls, like Nancy Drew herself, meet and match the challenge of each strange new mystery.

Dignity: A Springer Spaniel

by S. P. Meek

The day that Dignity accompanied his master, Private Jimmy Howell to Fort Lewis proved an auspicious day for both of them. Dignity was a big spaniel of superior intelligence and excellent training. The dog and man were a rare combination of fine judgment and perfect teamwork. From the moment of their arrival, adventures followed one another in quick succession. Promotion came to Jimmy, while Dignity received the Diploma of Honor which is bestowed only on dogs who distinguish themselves above the rest of the canine world.

Kay Darcy and the Mystery Hideout

by Irene Ray

Kay Darcy and her little brother Jimmie are boarders in a house their grandfather built. After Kay an another boarder discuss a jewel theft, Kay shows him the handful of jewels her mother left her. When the boarder and Kay's jewels disappear, she must find out the truth about the boarder, retrieve her jewels, and catch a gang of thieves. Irene Ray was an early pen name for Margaret Sutton who went on to write the beloved Judy Bolton Mysteries.

Moonshine in Candle Street

by Constance Savery

An irresponsible young Lord's young undisciplined daughter demands to live with a gentle artisan tradesman, wreaking havoc wherever she goes.

The Riddle Of The Double Ring (Judy Boltom Mysteries #10)

by Margaret Sutton Pelagie Doane

Judy is surprised when Arthur Farringdon-Pett slips an engagement ring, a pigeon's blood ruby, on her finger. She forces Arthur to keep the engagement secret, as she still feels torn in her feelings between Arthur and Peter and needs more time to think. Meanwhile, Lorraine Lee guesses that Arthur has proposed to Judy. Lorraine decides to try to capture the thieves who robbed a fur store in Farringdon in an attempt to prove to Arthur that she can be just like Judy. When Lorraine disappears Judy and Arthur begin a desperate search for her, with no clue as to where she has gone. Judy and Arthur fly in Arthur's plane, which crashes. Arthur is hurt, and Judy knows what must be done, if only she can locate Lorraine. Judy's search for Lorraine also leads her to the fur thieves and an exciting confrontation.

Silver Chief to the Rescue (Silver Chief, Book #2)

by Jack O'Brien

Here is a dog story that quivers with human life and drama, with the beauty and thrill of the Northland, with the courage of men and women pitted against the eternal cold. It is a heroic tale of the most ancient struggle of man against the elements in which modern innovations--serums, radio, the airplane--play a vital part. A handful of courageous men, women, and children locked in the boundless snows of the North were suddenly caught in the grip of diphtheria. Only serum could save them. One lone doctor was waging a losing battle against the horrible scourge which was stalking the silent wastes again. When hope was almost abandoned, Jim Thorne and Silver Chief arrived with the precious life-saving serum. The little outpost was saved. With the arrival of the Mountie and his stalwart dog, the luck of the community seemed to have changed. Drifting herds of caribou cast their shadows over the wastes--rich game and nourishing food to the isolated village. Following them came the fox. This meant priceless skins and a season of plenty. But mysteriously the skins of the fur-trappers were vanishing out of the traps, and none other than Silver Chief was blamed. Jim Thorne set himself the task of clearing Silver Chief's name, and the trail of investigation led him through many dangers and surprises. This is a tale that, without sacrificing one second of sheer narrative spell, is richly instructive in the lore of hunting, trapping, sledging, and the maintaining of order.

Gray Wolf

by Rutherford Montgomery

Last of the great gray wolves--fleet, savage Speed, iron-jawed killer of the high country. Too cunning for poison and traps, too swift for men and dogs, he eludes every hunter. Can one of his own breed be trained to challenge him? What will happen when the two mighty lobos--father and son--meet in deadly battle?

The Message in the Sand Dunes (Kay Tracey #9, Original Version)

by Frances K. Judd

Sixteen-year-old Kay Tracey is a charming and surprising heroine whose life is one exciting thrill after another. By clever deduction and a persistent follow-up of clues, Kay unravels the tangled snarls of mysteries that will grip the reader from the opening page. In these stories you will find puzzling problems, strange situations, exotic objects, mysteries that plague professional sleuths, only to be solved by this lively and lovable girl. Kay finds a mystery wherever she is, even on vacation at the seashore. When a rash of burglaries plague the cottages, Kay is disappointed with local efforts to find the culprit. Whether befriending odd neighbors or a vagabond, Kay keeps her eyes open, trying to put the pieces together. Then, topping things off, there is a cantankerous artist and a lost couple... can Kay end an age old feud and solve the mystery?

The Murmuring Portrait (Kay Tracey Mystery #10)

by Frances K. Judd

"Snakes!" The place is alive with them. They're dropping from that tree!" While Betty and Wilma Worth run for safety, Kay goes to investigate the weird attack, which she finds has not happened by accident, but has been planned by a thief after their pocketbooks. Kay, though alert to danger, finds herself each day more deeply involved in a strange mystery. It leads her finally to the Moleson Mansion, where the "murmuring portrait" of a gypsy hangs. Suddenly the picture vanishes, then reappears. Why? And where is the sinister-looking person who poses for it? Is the missing Moleson heir the same person? How to untangle a seemingly hopeless riddle takes all the uncanny insight of Kay's sleuthing ability, as she endeavors to prove the identity of a odd character, and to protect a fabulous treasure sought by a crafty gang of thieves.

The Mystery of the Locked Room (Dana Girls Mystery #7)

by Carolyn Keene

Louise and Jean Dana, the teenage sisters, need to figure out what happened to Louise's notes for the professor. In the meantime, they meet a new student and Mrs. Crandall decides to bring the girls to a new property for a possible camp. Will they figure out the strange happenings at the old house?

Penny Marsh, Public Health Nurse

by Dorothy Deming

A well written and interesting story of a graduate nurse who decides on a public health nursing career. The reader follows Penelope Marsh from private duty nursing, through a period of work with the Visiting Nurse Association, to the special course of study in the graduate school of a university. While the book is a novel relating the experiences and adventures of one nurse, it makes an eloquent plea for the public health branch of nursing service. The book will be especially enjoyed by the nurse in training as well as the young women in college and senior high school who are planning a nursing career. The physician will find this a splendid volume to recommend to his families whose daughters have expressed a desire for information about nursing. . . .

Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse (Sue Barton #3)

by Helen Dore Boylston

Having finished her course in a metropolitan hospital, Sue moves on to New York where she and her friend Kit are fortunate enough to secure positions with the Visiting Nurse Service of the Henry Street Settlement - a service made famous by Lillian Wald. The city is new to them and the test of their skill is absorbing. Their assignments take them to the most colorful slums in the world. They work with newborn babies and obstinate old people, with immigrants who can hardly speak English, and with people in Harlem. Their uniforms are their passports wherever they go, but more than once they have to rely on the friendly assistance of Sergeant O'Day. The girls find quarters for themselves in a tiny frame house in Greenwich Village, and at the outset their days are so crowded that they have almost no time for themselves. Gradually the suspicion dawns upon them that either their house is haunted or someone else is living in it when they are away. As if this were not enough to worry about, along comes Dr. Bill Barry, who was an intern when Sue was in training, and now urges her to step out of the ranks and marry him. Sue ultimately has to make a choice between the work she loves and the man who loves her.

The Unfinished House (Judy Bolton Mysteries #11)

by Margaret Sutton Pelagie Doane

Judy and Peter work to expose and outsmart a group of real estate swindlers. The Piper family has won a piece of property in Roulsville which is 15 feet by 100 feet. Since the property is not wide enough for a house, Mrs. Piper must purchase the adjoining property at a much higher than usual price so that she can build a house. Peter is determined to help Mrs. Piper, so the young people design a home that can be built on a narrow lot of land and hire men to begin building the home. Soon after construction begins, the young people are warned to beware of the Red Circle. Strange sounds are heard at night as the Piper home is built. Several people become sick with a strange illness apparently caused by the Red Circle. Judy's search for the mysterious culprit becomes even more desperate when her beloved cat Blackberry falls ill!

The Clue in the Cobweb (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories #8)

by Carolyn Keene

Jean and Louise Dana continue as students at Starhurst School. Jean come up with a new invention. Will she be able to make it work correctly? Their uncle, Captain Ned, lost a passenger. Can Jean and Louise help their uncle unravel this new mystery? Follow Jean and Louise, and their new friend, Frances Roy as they untangle a mystery of illegal immigrants and jewelry thieves from Penfield to New Mexico and back again.

The Midnight Visitor (Judy Bolton Mysteries #12)

by Margaret Sutton Pelagie Doane

When Judy and Peter become stranded in an abandoned house during a storm, the last thing they expect is to meet a ghost. The ghost turns out to be a girl named Sally who insists that she is being plagued by ghosts. While Judy and Peter hardly believe the girl, they do like her and want to help her. Judy takes her home, only to have her disappear during a party. Later, Judy and Peter learn that Sally's full name is Sally Vincent, of the crooked Vincent family. Sally is fortunately not like the rest of the family. She is to receive an inheritance in a will but the rest of the family is contesting it. Peter agrees to be Sally's attorney even though fighting against the Vincent family could prove to be dangerous. As the case unfolds in court, Judy makes a shocking discovery that will mean everything to Sally and will thwart the plans of the rest of the Vincent family.

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