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Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop®

by Gurpinder Singh

The ultimate troubleshooting guide for clear, concise, and real-world solutions to a wide range of common Citrix XenDesktop problemsAbout This BookExplore the XenDesktop architecture and work with various troubleshooting tools that every Citrix admin should know aboutDiscover how to troubleshoot performance, VDA registration, and NetScaler integration issuesA fast-paced troubleshooting guide to help you identify and resolve any kind of problem you might face while working with Citrix XenDesktopWho This Book Is ForTroubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop is targeted at Citrix Administrators or Citrix Engineers who are working on Xendesktop and want to learn tips and techniques required to deal with the issues they face in their day-to-day life. A working knowledge of core elements and concepts of Xendesktop would be an added advantage.What You Will LearnSolve VDA registration problems and Citrix session launch difficultiesIdentify and resolve XenDesktop service issuesTroubleshoot performance issues related to the XenDesktop architectureWork around common printing issuesUnderstand the Citrix XenDesktop HDX policies and deal with the HDX MediaStream challengesResolve the common MCS and PVS configuration issues in your XenDesktop environmentFind solutions to some general issues that have been identified and recorded by Citrix in their database that every administrator must be aware ofIn DetailIn today's world, many organizations have decided to move to secure and stable VDI platforms to benefit their organization to meet their security needs. To meet an organization's requirements, Citrix XenDesktop serves as the best desktop virtualization solution available, providing the optimum user experience.Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop is a single resource guide that will help you dig deep into all the technical issues you encounter to resolve them using an autonomous and well-defined approach.The book starts by walking you through the XenDesktop architecture and the troubleshooting toolkit for Citrix XenDesktop. The subsequent chapters will help you identify possible causes of various types of Citrix XenDesktop problems that may arise while installing, configuring, or troubleshooting day-to-day problems. You will also be dealing with the most common and important VDA registration problems that you might often face while working with the XenDesktop product suite. Additionally, you will resolve issues that arise while launching Citrix sessions, troubleshoot performance issues, and learn how to integrate Citrix NetScaler with your XenDesktop environment.Style and approachThis book is an easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide with real-world examples of resolving XenDesktop issues. Each chapter is focused on a specific troubleshooting area, giving you the time to learn about and apply relevant tools and practices to troubleshoot the problems using a systematic approach.

Troubleshooting Docker

by Rajdeep Dua Vaibhav Kohli John Wooten

Strategically design, troubleshoot, and automate Docker containers from development to deployment About This Book • Utilize current and emergent technologies for effective Docker orchestration and management • A step-by-step guide to diagnosing and fixing problems with Docker containers. Who This Book Is For This book is intended for seasoned solutions architects, developers, and programmers, system engineers, and administrators to help you troubleshoot common areas of Docker containerization. If you are looking to build production-ready Docker containers for automated deployment, you will be able to master and troubleshoot both the basic functions and the advanced features of Docker. Advanced familiarity with the Linux command line syntax, unit testing, the Docker Registry, Github, and leading container hosting platforms and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are the prerequisites. What You Will Learn • Install Docker ecosystem tools and services, Microservices and N-tier applications • Create re-usable, portable containers with help of automation tools • Network and inter-link containers • Attach volumes securely to containers • Consume and troubleshoot Docker APIs • Troubleshooting issue of Docker deployment in Public cloud • Ease the process of container management with Kubernetes In Detail This book will traverse some common best practices to for complex application scenarios where troubleshooting can be successfully employed to provide the repeatable processes and advantages that containers can deliver. This book will be a practical guide showing how to fix real-life issues related to installation, memory, Dockerfile syntax, connection, authorization, networking and so on in Docker. This book will also teach how to solve errors that occur during advanced setup and administration and deployment in a step-by-step fashion. By sequentially working through the real-world production scenarios in each chapter throughout the book, you will gain insight into and mastery of common areas not only for effective troubleshooting, but ways and means to avoid troubleshooting in the first place. This book will also cover tips and tricks that make the workflow easier. Style and approach An easy-to-follow guide full of interactive examples of real-world development and deployment scenarios. Ample screenshots, workflows, complementary tools, and related terminal commands are provided to address a wide range of practical and situational applications.

Troubleshooting Electric Motors (Fourth Edition)

by Thomas E. Proctor Glenn A. Mazur

Troubleshooting Electric Motors is a text/workbook that includes information and procedures for troubleshooting motors and motor circuits commonly used in industrial applications. It includes all aspects of troubleshooting, from locating the problem using test instruments to selecting the correct motor for replacement. Each chapter concludes with activities and trade tests to help reinforce troubleshooting concepts. This edition includes an introduction to test instruments, AC and DC generators, and servo-motors. Information on energy-efficient motors and safety has been expanded.

Troubleshooting Finite-Element Modeling with Abaqus: With Application in Structural Engineering Analysis

by Raphael Jean Boulbes

This book gives Abaqus users who make use of finite-element models in academic or practitioner-based research the in-depth program knowledge that allows them to debug a structural analysis model. The book provides many methods and guidelines for different analysis types and modes, that will help readers to solve problems that can arise with Abaqus if a structural model fails to converge to a solution. The use of Abaqus affords a general checklist approach to debugging analysis models, which can also be applied to structural analysis.The author uses step-by-step methods and detailed explanations of special features in order to identify the solutions to a variety of problems with finite-element models. The book promotes: • a diagnostic mode of thinking concerning error messages; • better material definition and the writing of user material subroutines; • work with the Abaqus mesher and best practice in doing so; • the writing of user element subroutines and contact features with convergence issues; and• consideration of hardware and software issues and a Windows HPC cluster solution.The methods and information provided facilitate job diagnostics and help to obtain converged solutions for finite-element models regarding structural component assemblies in static or dynamic analysis. The troubleshooting advice ensures that these solutions are both high-quality and cost-effective according to practical experience. The book offers an in-depth guide for students learning about Abaqus, as each problem and solution are complemented by examples and straightforward explanations. It is also useful for academics and structural engineers wishing to debug Abaqus models on the basis of error and warning messages that arise during finite-element modelling processing.

Troubleshooting iOS

by Paul Mcfedries

Understand and solve many different kinds of iPhone and iPad problems. This book covers both general troubleshooting techniques applicable in a wide variety of situations as well as specific fixes for topics such as networking, apps, photos, the battery, and syncing. Glitches, hiccups, and crashes just aren't supposed to happen with iOS, but alas, all too often they do. It is these non-obvious fixes, workarounds, and preventative measures that form the core of iOS Troubleshooting. With clear, straightforward prose, this book will take the reader through hundreds of iOS problems, explain the reasons for them, and provide easy to understand solutions to get the device (and you) back in business. What you'll learn: Fix cellular and networking connections Incorporate accessories effectively Solve battery and charging issues Clear up syncing and iCloud glitches Who this book is for: Any person who uses an iOS device.

Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

by Dan Gookin

Diagnose and solve your PC problems with this easy-to-understand guide Written by veteran For Dummies author Dan Gookin, this straightforward guide shows you how to diagnose and solve the most common hardware and software problems your PC may encounter. In addition, he presents advice for preventing PC problems in the first placeand clearly explains how to create a safe and secure PC environment. Walks you through ways to diagnose the most common PC hardware, software, and operating system problems Offers clear and easy-to-understand solutions for confidently handling these problems Shares valuable advice about maintaining your system to maximize its lifespan Reviews an array of useful tools Covers Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Internet Explorer 8 Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you to confidently handle whatever PC problems you may encounter.

Troubleshooting NetScaler

by Raghu Varma Tirumalaraju

Gain essential knowledge and keep your NetScaler environment in top form About This Book * Learn how the main features - Load Balancing, Content Switching, GSLB, SSL offloading, AAA, AppFirewall, and Gateway work under the hood using vividly explained flows and traces * Explore the NetScaler layout and the various logs, tools and methods available to help you when it's time to debug * An easy-to-follow guide, which will walk you through troubleshooting common issues in your NetScaler environment Who This Book Is For This book is aimed at NetScaler administrators who have a basic understanding of the product but are looking for deeper exposure and guidance in identifying and fixing issues to keep their application environment performing optimally. What You Will Learn * Troubleshoot traffic management features such as load balancing, SSL, GSLB and content switching * Identify issues with caching and compression * Deal with authentication issues when using LDAP, RADIUS, certificates, Kerberos and SAML * Diagnose NetScaler high availability and networking issues * Explore how application firewall protections work and how to avoid false positives * Learn about NetScaler Gateway integration issues with XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile * Deal with NetScaler system-level issues * Discover the NetScaler troubleshooting tools In Detail NetScaler is a high performance Application Delivery Controller (ADC). Making the most of it requires knowledge that straddles the application and networking worlds. As an ADC owner you will also likely be the first person to be solicited when your business applications fail. You will need to be quick in identifying if the problem is with the application, the server, the network, or NetScaler itself. This book provides you with the vital troubleshooting knowledge needed to act fast when issues happen. It gives you a thorough understanding of the NetScaler layout, how it integrates with the network, and what issues to expect when working with the traffic management, authentication, NetScaler Gateway and application firewall features. We will also look at what information to seek out in the logs, how to use tracing, and explore utilities that exist on NetScaler to help you find the root cause of your issues. Style and approach This helpful guide to troubleshooting NetScaler is delivered in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow manner. The topics in the book adopt a step-by-step approach.

Troubleshooting OpenStack

by Tony Campbell

Get unstuck and start stacking! About This Book * Easily fix the nagging problems that commonly plague OpenStack and become the go-to person in your organization * Get better equipped to troubleshoot and solve common problems in performance, availability, and automation that confront production-ready OpenStack environments * Save time and decrease frustration by solving significant issues that arise from OpenStack deployments pertaining to storage and networking Who This Book Is For You will need a basic understanding of OpenStack, Linux, and Cloud computing. If you have an understanding of Linux, this book will help you leverage that knowledge in the world of OpenStack, giving you confidence to tackle most issues that may arise. What You Will Learn * Diagnose and remediate authentication and authorization problems in Keystone * Fix common issues with images served through Glance * Master the art of troubleshooting Neutron networking * Navigate and overcome problems with Nova * Troubleshoot and resolve Cinder block storage issues * Identify and correct Swift object storage problems * Isolate and fix issues caused by Heat orchestration * Leverage Ceilometer and other metering and monitoring tools for effective troubleshooting In Detail OpenStack is a collection of software projects that work together to provide a cloud fabric. OpenStack is one of the fastest growing open source projects in history that unlocks cloud computing for everyone. With OpenStack, you are able to create public or private clouds on your own hardware. The flexibility and control afforded by OpenStack puts the cloud within reach of anyone willing to learn this technology. Starting with an introduction to OpenStack troubleshooting tools, we'll walk through each OpenStack service and how you can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and correct problems in your OpenStack. Understanding the various projects and how they interact is essential for anyone attempting to troubleshoot an OpenStack cloud. We will start by explaining each of the major components and the dependencies between them, and move on to show you how to identify and utilize an effective set of OpenStack troubleshooting tools and fix common Keystone problems. Next, we will expose you to common errors and problems you may encounter when using the OpenStack Block Storage service (Cinder). We will then examine Heat, the OpenStack Orchestration Service, where you will learn how to trace errors, determine their root cause, and effectively correct the issue. Finally, you will get to know the best practices to architect your OpenStack cloud in order to achieve optimal performance, availability, and reliability. Style and approach This is straight-to-the point guide to fixing your OpenStack cluster. Common problems are identified and suggestions to resolve these problems are presented in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

Troubleshooting OpenVPN

by Eric F. Crist

The book is for system administrators who are experienced and well versed with OpenVPN. You should possess intermediate to master level proficiency with OpenVPN. All OpenVPN users can leverage this book.

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance

by Christian Antognini

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, 2nd Edition is your systematic guide to diagnosing and resolving performance problems in database-backed applications involving Oracle's database engine. Christian Antognini brings a decade and a half experience to his topic. His first edition is one of the most well-respected books in its field. This second edition has been rigorously updated to cover the latest developments in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 through Oracle Database 12c. What do you do when your database application isn't running fast enough? You troubleshoot, of course. Finding the slow part of an application is often the easy part of the battle. It's finding a solution that's difficult. Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, 2nd Edition helps by providing a systematic approach to addressing the underlying causes of poor database application performance. The author freely shares his experience while explaining the underlying foundations of how SQL statements are executed by the Oracle database engine. You'll be able to draw a solid foundation of theory and shared experience as you face head-on the performance challenges in your daily work. Written for developers by an application developer who has learned by doing Gives a systematic approach to solving database application performance problems Helps you plan for performance as you would for any other application requirement What you'll learn Systematically identify performance problems Configure the query optimizer to meet performance goals Read and recognize inefficient execution plans Minimize the impact of parsing upon performance Optimize data access, joins, and the physical design of your database Improve performance through parallel processing, materialized views, and result caching Apply SQL tuning techniques such as hints, SQL profiles, stored outlines, and SQL plan baselines Reduce inefficiencies from too much procedural code Who this book is for Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, Second Edition is targeted at application developers and database administrators involved in troubleshooting performance problems in Oracle-based applications. Table of Contents Part I: Foundations 1. Performance Problems 2. Key Concepts Part II: Identification 3. Analysis of Reproducible Problems 4. Real-Time Analysis of Irreproducible Problems 5. Postmortem Analysis of Irreproducible Problems Part III: Query Optimizer 6. Introducing the Query Optimizer 7. System Statistics 8. Object Statistics 9. Configuring the Query Optimizer 10. Execution Plans Part IV: Optimization 11. SQL Tuning Techniques 12. Parsing 13. Optimizing Data Access 14. Optimizing Joins 15. Beyond Data Access and Join Optimization 16. Optimizing the Physical Design Appendix A

Troubleshooting PostgreSQL

by Hans-Jurgen Schonig

If you are a database administrator looking for solutions to common PostgreSQL problems, this is the book for you. The book is suitable for people with intermediate and professional expertise.

Troubleshooting Puppet

by Thomas Uphill

Troubleshoot your Puppet infrastructure to leverage your system's performance effectively About This Book * Covers major tools in Puppet deployment * Fix catalog compilation problems and deal with issues found in larger deployments, such as scaling and improving performance. * A fast-paced guide with real-world examples Who This Book Is For If you are a beginner to intermediate Puppet Engineer looking for guidance to help fix problems with your Puppet deployments, this book is for you. What You Will Learn * Debug your Puppet infrastructure * Use APIs to ensure services are working properly * Fix catalog compilation issues * Solve problems using Hiera tool * Detect problems in your environment using PuppetDB tool * Learn ways to format code to aid in identifying errors * Troubleshoot errors in modules and templates In Detail Puppet is a configuration management system written for system administrators to manage a large number of systems efficiently and help maintain order. Deploying Puppet becomes more complex as you increase the number of nodes in your environment. The Puppet tool is an intelligent solution that increases the automation footprint for the proactive management of server infrastructures. Puppet's simple programming language is usable on most operating systems and is portable on different deployment environments. We begin by looking at the puppet.conf server configuration file, and talk about possible problems that can occur. What does puppet really do in the background and what options does it provide for troubleshooting? This is what we will explore. Moving on, we will be troubleshooting errors made in modules and templates, finding the best solutions. We will be writing code that will helping us in identify errors. Then we will explain how several ENCs do their job and how puppet communicates with them. We will learn how PuppetDB collects data generated by Puppet. It also enables advanced Puppet features like exported resources, and can be the foundation for other applications that use Puppet's data. By the end of the book we will have learned the best debugging tips for Puppet and PuppetServer. Style and approach This is a quick-paced guide packed with real-world examples and solutions to obstacles in your Puppet infrastructure.

Troubleshooting System Center Configuration Manager

by Gerry Hampson Peter Egerton

Troubleshoot all the aspects of your Configuration Manager installation, from basic easy checks to the advanced log files and serious issues About This Book * Learn to troubleshoot Configuration Manager 2012 based versions of Microsoft System Center * Understand the usability of tools and find resolutions to all the issues of Configuration Manager * A step-by-step practical guide with the necessary screenshots and examples Who This Book Is For If you are new to Configuration Manager or have experience with it, and are interested in identifying, diagnosing and resolving the System Center Configuration Manager administration issues then this book is for you. What You Will Learn * Fix your clients and install them correctly * Understand how your Configuration Manager hierarchy works * Extend your error information * Troubleshoot Configuration Manager roles * Know your options when faced with problems * Prevent future problems occurring In Detail Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is the most popular enterprise client management solution in the world with some of the best features available. Troubleshooting this product, however, is not always as simple as you might want, not least getting to know the hundreds of log files and understanding how the various components work. The book starts with discussing the most commonly used tools for troubleshooting the variety of problems that can be seen in Configuration Manager. It then moves to providing a high level view of the available log files, their locations, what they relate to and what they typically contain. Next, we will look at how we can fully utilize and extend all the available information from the console monitoring pane through to the status messages and down into error logging with some further reaches into WMI, SQL, registry and the file structure. You will then learn what the common error codes mean, how to make sense of the less common ones and what they actually mean with respect to Configuration Manager. Further to this, you will pick up widely acknowledged best practices both from a proactive stance when carrying out your daily administrative tasks and also from a reactive position when the green lights start to turn red right down to a complete failure situation. By the end of the book, you will be competent enough to identify and diagnose the root causes of System Center Configuration Manager administration issues and resolving them. Style and approach An easy to follow yet practical guide that will advise you on what tools and information you have available to troubleshoot with, if you can extend that information and what to look for solving the issues.

Troubleshooting Ubuntu Server

by Skanda Bhargav

Make life at the office easier for server administrators by helping them build resilient Ubuntu server systems About This Book * Tackle the issues you come across in keeping your Ubuntu server up and running * Build server machines and troubleshoot cloud computing related issues using Open Stack * Discover tips and best practices to be followed for minimum maintenance of Ubuntu Server 3 Who This Book Is For This book is for a vast audience of Linux system administrators who primarily work on Debian-based systems and spend long hours trying fix issues with the enterprise server. Ubuntu is already one of the most popular OSes and this book targets the most common issues that most administrators have to deal with. With the right tools and definite solutions, you will be able to keep your Ubuntu servers in the pink of health. What You Will Learn * Deploy packages and their dependencies with repositories * Set up your own DNS and network for Ubuntu Server * Authenticate and validate users and their access to various systems and services * Maintain, monitor, and optimize your server resources and avoid tremendous load * Get to know about processes, assigning and changing priorities, and running processes in background * Optimize your shell with tools and provide users with an improved shell experience * Set up separate environments for various services and run them safely in isolation * Understand, build, and deploy OpenStack on your Ubuntu Server In Detail Ubuntu is becoming one of the favorite Linux flavors for many enterprises and is being adopted to a large extent. It supports a wide variety of common network systems and the use of standard Internet services including file serving, e-mail, Web, DNS, and database management. A large scale use and implementation of Ubuntu on servers has given rise to a vast army of Linux administrators who battle it out day in and day out to make sure the systems are in the right frame of operation and pre-empt any untoward incidents that may result in catastrophes for the businesses using it. Despite all these efforts, glitches and bugs occur that affect Ubuntu server's network, memory, application, and hardware and also generate cloud computing related issues using OpenStack. This book will help you end to end. Right from setting up your new Ubuntu Server to learning the best practices to host OpenStack without any hassles. You will be able to control the priority of jobs, restrict or allow access users to certain services, deploy packages, tackle issues related to server effectively, and reduce downtime. Also, you will learn to set up OpenStack, and manage and monitor its services while tuning the machine with best practices. You will also get to know about Virtualization to make services serve users better. Chapter by chapter, you will learn to add new features and functionalities and make your Ubuntu server a full-fledged, production-ready system. Style and approach This book contains topic-by-topic discussion in an easy-to-understand language with loads of examples to help you take care of Ubuntu Server. Plenty of screenshots will guide you through a step-by-step approach.

Troubleshooting vSphere Storage

by Mike Preston

This is a step-by-step example-oriented tutorial aimed at showing the reader how to troubleshoot a variety of vSphere storage problems, and providing the reader with solutions that can be completed with minimal effort and time in order to limit damage to work.If you are a vSphere administrator, this is the book for you. This book will provide you with 'need to know' information about the various storage transports that ESXi utilizes, the tools and techniques we can use to identify problems, and the fundamental knowledge and steps to take to troubleshoot storage-related issues. Prior knowledge of the VMWare environment is assumed.

Troubleshooting Windows® 7 Inside Out

by Mike Halsey

You're beyond the basics, so dive right into troubleshooting Windows 7 -- and really put your PC to work! This supremely organized reference describes hundreds of prevention tips, troubleshooting techniques, and recovery tools in one essential guide. It's all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts keep their Windows 7-based systems running smoothly -- and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery. Take control of essential Windows 7 maintenance and security features, such as the Action Center and User Account Control Master quick fixes to the most common problems using expert tips and step-by-step repair guides Implement best practices to help prevent and combat viruses, malware, and identity theft Apply advanced troubleshooting techniques by understanding how Windows 7 works Diagnose hardware problems and work safely with your PC Develop a recovery plan to restore your system and data in the event of a disaster Know when to use power utilities for advanced performance, maintenance, and diagnostics Your book -- online! Get your fully searchable online edition -- with unlimited access on the Web. Customer Service Note: We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the voucher with the online access code is missing from the first printing of this title. However, we do have the code, available upon request. Please contact O'Reilly Media Customer Service at or call 800-889-8969 or 707-827-7019 to obtain your 24-character access code. This code will give you access to your online edition of this Microsoft Press book that is hosted on Safari Books Online! Once you have obtained your unique access code: Go to safarienabled and enter your unique 24-character access code, including the hyphens. Set up your free Safari account (required), following the instructions on-screen. Enjoy unlimited access to your online edition on the Web! PLEASE NOTE: Each access code may only be redeemed once. Again, for assistance, please contact O'Reilly Media Customer Service at or call 800-889-8969 or 707-827-7019.

Troubleshooting Windows Server with PowerShell

by Derek Schauland Donald Jacobs

This book shows you how to use PowerShell to quickly pinpoint, diagnose, and solve problems with your Windows Server environment, reducing the need for external tools, and ensuring you stay up-to-date with PowerShell as it quickly becomes one of the most useful tools in an administrator's toolkit. Authors Derek Schauland and Donald Jacobs take you through a range of examples, showing you how to gather information from different computer sources. Whether you are logged into the server locally or just wanting to check the status of a server from your local computer, the right PowerShell cmdlets can give you a lot of information quickly, and allow you to troubleshoot your servers from the command line with little interaction with the server's desktop. What you'll learn Understand PowerShell versus the GUI Gather information from Windows event logs Gather information from your server, including memory, hardware configurations, and disk space available Find out what applications are installed on a server Find out which Windows updates have been installed on your computer Check the processes running on your computer and gather information about them, or start and stop them from the command line Quickly check if services are running, and stop or start them as needed Who this book is for Windows Administrators, IT Professionals and support personnel needing ways to quickly find and troubleshoot issues in their environment using the included tools. Those entering IT or wishing to develop their PowerShell skills will also benefit from this book.

Troubleshooting With The Windows Sysinternals Tools (Second Edition)

by Mark Russinovich Aaron Margosis

IT pros and power users consider the free Windows Sysinternals tools indispensable for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and deeply understanding the Windows platform. In this extensively updated guide, Sysinternals creator Mark Russinovich and Windows expert Aaron Margosis help you use these powerful tools to optimize any Windows system's reliability, efficiency, performance, and security. The authors first explain Sysinternals' capabilities and help you get started fast. Next, they offer in-depth coverage of each major tool, from Process Explorer and Process Monitor to Sysinternals' security and file utilities. Then, building on this knowledge, they show the tools being used to solve real-world cases involving error messages, hangs, sluggishness, malware infections, and much more.

Troubleshooting Xcode

by Magno Urbano

Troubleshooting Xcode is a handbook for software developers of all levels creating applications for iOS and OS X using both Objective-C and Swift. If you''ve struggled in the past to make Xcode work as expected, to solve problems that defy logic, and to understand Xcode''s misleading or cryptic error messages and unexpected crashes, Troubleshooting Xcode is for you. Troubleshooting Xcode is great for the developer wanting to extend his or her knowledge about obscure problems and limitations involving the use of Xcode, Objective-C, and Swift as well as how to use automation to increase productivity and make some repetitive tasks easier. What you''ll learn Learn about some classical bugs and limitations of iOS, OS X, and Xcode and how to solve or avoid them. Know when you should never use Storyboards for your OS X application. Discover several workarounds you can use to bypass some of the hardest problems you may face. Know how to use scripts to automate repetitive tasks like the creation of in- app purchase packages or icons for your application. Understand how you can create images that are better compressed and smaller. Learn how to avoid falling into common pitfalls. Learn how to use C to workaround some Objective-C limitations. Who this book is for iOS and OS X developers who need to troubleshoot problems and limitations with Xcode. Developers with all levels of experience will find helpful information in Troubleshooting Xcode. Table of Contents Xcode crashing when opening a project file The identity used to sign the executable is invalid Xcode fails to compile and blames "SBPartialInfo" No matching provisioning profiles found Compressing images better than Photoshop Creating packages for in-app purchases Reduce up to 75% of the compiling time Declaring impossible "constants" in Objective-C Concurrency with Core Data Creating icons for your apps from Terminal UINavigationBar tint not working Debugging an insanely hard Quartz error Adding objects to a mutable array concurrently The app is damaged and can''t be opened Application failing to obtain a receipt Classes with the same name on different targets A case against Base Internationalization Checking for missing Localizable. strings You are declaring your NSString wrong CocoaPods: /Manifest. lock: No such file or directory Asset Catalogs bug App crashing without giving you clues NSUserDefaults not working for a sandboxed app Interface elements not updating Find and replace using regex Extracting a dictionary from an array Magical way of counting elements on an array OS X app not launching with the correct size Detecting the application target Disabling a method Deprecating a method Xcode "beachballs" when opening a project UIButton not grayed out Catching memory corruption SpriteKit crashing on didBeginContact: SpriteKit object not respecting boundaries A case against using Storyboards for Cocoa apps UIView Classes with independent rounded corners Making NSViews compatible with UIViews Detect with the UIPickerView stops spinning "Insane" NSDates Localizing the application name Centering views horizontally with Auto Layout Elements grayed out on Storyboard after copying Debugging Core Data "The package does not contain an Info. plist" Check the version of an app on the App Store Power tips: Beyond Xcode

Troux Enterprise Architecture Solutions

by Richard J. Reese

The book introduces topics in a broad context using a "best practices" model. Then the Troux Transformation Platform is used to provide concrete examples for the concepts. The book reads more like a novel than a manual, but provides insight and background to topics. In addition to clear language, many illustrations and graphics are included to enhance concepts. The book is not intended to be a user manual nor does it take the place of online content best managed by websites. This book is for the IT professional interested in using the rich content available in IT management systems to drive business value. Anyone involved in managing IT systems, defining IT architectures, managing IT standards, responsible for Enterprise Architecture, or the Enterprise Program Management Office, will enjoy reading this book. In addition, users of the Troux Transformation Platform or IT professionals implementing the TOGAFTM methodology will find this book a useful reference tool.

A Truck Full of Money: One Man's Quest to Recover from Great Success

by Tracy Kidder

"A perfectly executed, exquisitely reported parable of the Internet age and the wild, mad adventure that is start-up culture."--Charles Duhigg Fortune, mania, genius, philanthropy--the bestselling author of Mountains Beyond Mountains gives us the inspiring story of Paul English, the founder of and Lola. Tracy Kidder, the "master of the nonfiction narrative" (The Baltimore Sun) and author of the bestselling classic The Soul of a New Machine, now tells the story of Paul English, a kinetic and unconventional inventor and entrepreneur, who as a boy rebelled against authority. Growing up in working-class Boston, English discovers a medium for his talents the first time he sees a computer. As a young man, despite suffering from what would eventually be diagnosed as bipolar disorder, he begins his pilgrim's journey through the ups and downs in the brave new world of computers. Relating to the Internet as if it's an extension of his own mind, he discovers that he has a talent for conceiving innovative enterprises and building teams that can develop them, becoming "a Pied Piper" of geeks. His innovative management style, success, and innate sense of fair play inspire intense loyalty. Early on, one colleague observes: "Someday this boy's going to get hit by a truck full of money, and I'm going to be standing beside him." Yet when English does indeed make a fortune, when the travel website Kayak is sold for almost two billion dollars--the first thing he thinks about is how to give the money away: "What else would you do with it?" The second thing he thinks is, What's next? With the power of a consummate storyteller, Tracy Kidder casts a fresh, critical, and often humorous eye on the way new ideas and new money are reshaping our culture and the world. A Truck Full of Money is a mesmerizing portrait of an irresistibly endearing man who is indefatigable, original, and as unpredictable as America itself. Advance praise for A Truck Full of Money"A perfectly executed, exquisitely reported parable of the Internet age, and the wild, mad adventure that is start-up culture."--Charles Duhigg "A Truck Full of Money brings us into unknown spaces of the complex workings of the mind--of a brilliant software engineer, of this new decade, of the brutal/fast business of technology, of stunning privilege, and of one man's efforts to put his fortune to humane use."--Adrian Nicole LeBlanc"The story of [an] entrepreneur's remarkable life [and] the new American economy and the technological world that built it. More engrossing work from a gifted practitioner of narrative nonfiction."--Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Hardcover edition.

Truffle Quick Start Guide: Learn the fundamentals of Ethereum development

by Nikhil Bhaskar

Develop, test, and deploy decentralized applications for Ethereum platformKey FeaturesBuild your first Ethereum Dapp with Truffle: the most popular Ethereum development frameworkBuild, compile, and deploy smart contracts in your development environmentEmbrace Blockchains and utilize it to create new generation of secured and scalable appsBook DescriptionTruffle is a world-class development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for Ethereum, aiming to make life as an Ethereum developer easier.If you are a web developer wanting to try your hand at developing Dapps with Truffle, then this is the book for you. This book will teach you to write smart contracts and build Dapps with Truffle. You will begin with covering the basics of Truffle, briefly explaining how it integrates Solidity and Web3, in orderto start building a mini decentralized application. Also, you will dive into migration, testing and integrating Truffle with the use of popular JavaScript frameworks. Lastly, you will ship your decentralized application and package it into a product. Moreover, you will go through the best practices in Truffle,so as to increase your proficiency in building Dapps with Truffle.By the end of the book, you will be able to write smart contracts and build decentralized applications with Truffle on Ethereum blockchains. What you will learnUnderstand the fundamentals of Truffle and Web3Build a decentralized application with Truffle, while choosing the correct Ethereum clientConnect your Dapp to Ethereum clients including Geth, Parity, and GanacheMigrate and test your Dapp with the correct networks such as Ropsten and RinkebyPackage a decentralized application into a user-friendly product by integrating Truffle with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React and VueExplore tools including Ethereum Package Manager, the Registrar and browser wallets, and exploit third-party smart contract libraries.Evaluate the common migration pitfalls and how to mitigate themWho this book is forThis book is for web developers who are interested in the new world blockchain. Some basic understanding of JavaScript and web services is required. No prior knowledge of Decentralized applications or blockchain is required.

Trump and the Media

by Zizi Papacharissi Pablo Boczkowski

The election of Donald Trump and the great disruption in the news and social media. Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the United States came as something of a surprise—to many analysts, journalists, and voters. The New York Times's The Upshot gave Hillary Clinton an 85 percent chance of winning the White House even as the returns began to come in. What happened? And what role did the news and social media play in the election? In Trump and the Media, journalism and technology experts grapple with these questions in a series of short, thought-provoking essays. Considering the disruption of the media landscape, the disconnect between many voters and the established news outlets, the emergence of fake news and “alternative facts,” and Trump's own use of social media, these essays provide a window onto broader transformations in the relationship between information and politics in the twenty-first century. The contributors find historical roots to current events in Cold War notions of "us" versus "them," trace the genealogy of the assault on facts, and chart the collapse of traditional news gatekeepers. They consider such topics as Trump's tweets (diagnosed by one writer as “Twitterosis”) and the constant media exposure given to Trump during the campaign. They propose photojournalists as visual fact checkers (“lessons of the paparazzi”) and debate whether Trump's administration is authoritarian or just authoritarian-like. Finally, they consider future strategies for the news and social media to improve the quality of democratic life. Contributors Mike Ananny, Chris W. Anderson, Rodney Benson, Pablo J. Boczkowski, danah boyd, Robyn Caplan, Michael X. Delli Carpini, Josh Cowls, Susan J. Douglas, Keith N. Hampton, Dave Karpf, Daniel Kreiss, Seth C. Lewis, Zoey Lichtenheld, Andrew L. Mendelson, Gina Neff, Zizi Papacharissi, Katy E. Pearce, Victor Pickard, Sue Robinson, Adrienne Russell, Ralph Schroeder, Michael Schudson, Julia Sonnevend, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Tina Tucker, Fred Turner, Nikki Usher, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Silvio Waisbord, Barbie Zelizer

The Trump Presidency, Journalism, and Democracy (Routledge Research in Journalism)

by Robert E. Gutsche Jr.

This book examines the disruptive nature of Trump news – both the news his administration makes and the coverage of it – related to dominant paradigms and ideologies of U.S. journalism. By relying on conceptualizations of media memory and "othering" through news coverage that enhances socio-conservative positions on issues such as immigration, the book positions this moment in a time of contestation. Contributors ranging from scholars, professionals, and media critics operate in unison to analyze today’s interconnected challenges to traditional practices within media spheres posed by Trump news. The outcomes should resonate with citizens who rely on journalism for civic engagement and who are active in social change

Trust and Communication in a Digitized World

by Bernd Blöbaum

This book explores models and concepts of trust in a digitized world. Trust is a core concept that comes into play in multiple social and economicrelations of our modern life. The book provides insights into the current stateof research while presenting the viewpoints of a variety of disciplines such ascommunication studies, information systems, educational and organizational psychology,sports psychology and economics. Focusing on an investigation of how the Internetis changing the relationship between trust and communication, and the impact thischange has on trust research, this volume facilitates a greater understandingof these topics, thus enabling their employment in social relations.

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