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Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child's Financial Future

by Kevin Urbatsch Michele Fuller-Urbatch

Leave money to a loved one with a disability—without losing benefits Use a special needs trust to provide financial security for your child (or anyone) with a disability, without jeopardizing important government benefits. Funds in a special needs trust do not count against eligibility for benefits and can be used to improve the quality of your child’s life. This book provides everything you need to know about special needs trusts—whether you make one yourself or have an attorney draft one for you. The authors explain: how special needs trusts work the trustee’s role ways to pass important information to successor trustees the pros and cons of joining a pooled trust, and creating special needs trust with or without a lawyer. This edition is thoroughly updated and includes new chapters on ABLE accounts and letters of intent. All forms are downloadable through a special link in the book.

The Profession of Orientation and Mobility in the 1980s: The AFB Competency Study

by Mark M. Uslan Everett W. Hill Alec F. Peck

This book is a report of two national studies to compile descriptive statistical information about the demographic trends that will influence the future of the O&M profession--one conducted in 1983 and the other in 1985.


by Karla M. V. Regina Alonso

The present study gathered mentions and historical data on the vision of society about deaf people dating back the first mankind reports on the topic. The analysis of the facts accessed several sources, comprising a broad variety of texts, from books and scientific websites to entertainment brochures. The study had as objective and goal the compilation of a material with examples of some of the most absurd myths and mentions ever documented about human deafness, showing the power of creative ignorance and how this can hinder even more the life of people inflicted by hearing impairment. The findings pointed out to some considerations; the most obvious is the power of religious ignorance and ill-conceived interpretations and translations, as well as the people's fear when coming across something they do not understand and, for this reason, they end up not knowing how to react. However, it is necessary to make clear that the authors never had the intention of disrespecting, offending or humiliating the authors of the examples used and their religious beliefs. Ultimately, the present study has the purpose of introducing myths and considerations about deaf people and trying to unveil these myths to elucidate and provide explanations for their correction. It also aims at divulging obtained and analyzed technical data to record them permanently, providing a study and data source to encourage other researchers in the area to develop further studies.


by Karla M. V. Roberto Carlos Pavón Carreón

Esta investigación tuvo como objetivo recoger citas y datos históricos tratando la visión de la sociedad acerca de los sordos desde las primeras documentaciones de la humanidad sobre el tema. El análisis de los hechos requirió el acceso a diferentes fuentes de la investigación, que abarcando una gran variedad textual de libros y sitios científicos de diversos sitios. Uno de los objetivos de la investigación tenía era un trabajo con ejemplos de los mitos y las citas más absurdos ya documentados sobre la sordera humana, lo que demuestra la ignorancia o el poder creativo y cómo eso puede dificultar más a la vida de quienes padecen deficiencia auditiva. Los hallazgos señalan algunas consideraciones, y, lo más obvio de ellas, el poder de la ignorancia religiosa e interpretaciones así como de traducciones mal concebidas, así como el miedo de la gente a enfrentar algo que no entiende y, por lo tanto, terminan por no saber cómo actuar. Aún así, es preciso aclarar que no se tuvo intención alguna de ofender, humillar o faltar el respeto a los autores de los ejemplos y sus creencias religiosas. De todos modos, esta obra sólo tiene la intención de presentar mitos y sus consideraciones acerca de los sordos y tratar de acabar con tales historias a fin de aclarar y dar explicaciones en las correcciones, mostrando los datos técnicos obtenidos y analizados, para registrarlos en carácter permanente; pudiendo proporcionar una fuente de estudio capaz de estimular futuros trabajos de otro investigadores en el área.

Vocabulary Instruction for Struggling Students

by Patricia F. Vadasy Patricia Nelson

Addressing a key skill in reading, writing, and speaking, this comprehensive book is grounded in cutting-edge research on vocabulary development. It presents evidence-based instructional approaches for at-risk students, including English language learners and those with learning difficulties. Coverage ranges from storybook reading interventions for preschoolers to direct instruction and independent word-learning strategies for older students. Guidance is provided on using word lists effectively and understanding how word features influence learning. The book also reviews available vocabulary assessment tools and describes how to implement them in a response-to-intervention framework.

Handbook of Reading Interventions

by Patricia Vadasy Rollanda O'Connor

Comprehensive, authoritative, and designed for practical utility, this handbook presents evidence-based approaches for helping struggling readers and those at risk for literacy difficulties or delays. Leading experts explain how current research on all aspects of literacy translates into innovative classroom practices. Chapters include clear descriptions of effective interventions for word recognition, spelling, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing, complete with concrete examples and teaching scripts. Coverage also encompasses preschool literacy instruction and interventions for older readers, English language learners, and students with learning disabilities, as well as peer-mediated and tutoring approaches.

Smart Kids with School Problems: Things to Know and Ways to Help

by Priscilla L. Vail

Priscilla Vail has created an authoritative guide to spot conundrum kids, evaluating their problems, and using the right do and don't strategies for dealing with them in the school environment and at home.

D/deaf And D/dumb: A Portrait Of A Deaf Kid As A Young Superhero (Disability Studies In Education Ser. #10)

by Joseph Valente

d/Deaf and d/Dumb chronicles the author's dumb, 'deaf kid' origins in Bayport, New York to his current life as a «young superhero» writer. Portraying the conflicting cultural worlds of hearing and Deaf, it describes his life in an in-between underworld and his identity as it alternates between being oppressed and empowered. These feelings are inescapably and forever the reality of those who live on the margins of our larger society.

Rethinking Disability: A Disability Studies Approach to Inclusive Practices

by Jan Valle David Connor

In a series aimed at pre-service and beginning in-service teachers that is meant to boost teacher retention, this volume by Valle (City College, City U. of New York) and Conner (Hunter College, City U. of New York) brings together theory and practice in explaining how and why to implement inclusive education. They discuss inclusion through the frame of disability studies in education, which offers new ways to think about disability as a marker of identity and inclusive practices through a social model. They address the effects of teachers' knowledge, beliefs, and values on practice; misperceptions of disability; problems with the medical model of disability; how to create inclusive classrooms through classroom culture, assessment, and co-teaching; and acknowledging disability as part of diversity. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Big and Small: A Cultural History of Extraordinary Bodies

by Lynne Vallone

A groundbreaking work that explores human size as a distinctive cultural marker in Western thought Author, scholar, and editor Lynne Vallone has an international reputation in the field of child studies. In this analytical tour-de-force, she explores bodily size difference—particularly unusual bodies, big and small—as an overlooked yet crucial marker that informs human identity and culture. Exploring miniaturism, giganticism, obesity, and the lived experiences of actual big and small people, Vallone boldly addresses the uncomfortable implications of using physical measures to judge normalcy, goodness, gender identity, and beauty. This wide-ranging work surveys the lives and contexts of both real and imagined persons with extraordinary bodies from the seventeenth century to the present day through close examinations of art, literature, folklore, and cultural practices, as well as scientific and pseudo-scientific discourses. Generously illustrated and written in a lively and accessible style, Vallone’s provocative study encourages readers to look with care at extraordinary bodies and the cultures that created, depicted, loved, and dominated them.

Complexity and Social Work

by Hans Van Ewijk

Being socially competent is essential in late modern society. We expect people to find their own accommodation, partner, job, community and lifestyle and struggle to find answers for those who are not able or do not have the opportunity to achieve these things. By placing social complexity, social vulnerability and social efficacy within a framework of social policy and social practice, Complexity and Social Work argues that growing social complexity excludes more and more citizens from social participation. The book starts with exploring complexity, super-diversity, vulnerability and social efficacy. From there the book deals with the discourses of social policy, social work and social work research, pledging for social policy aiming at desired outcomes, for generic contextual social work, and for a research practice that recognises practical wisdom. Aimed at final year undergraduates, postgraduates, professionals, trainers and lecturers involved in social work, social policy, social care, mental health and allied fields who are committed to treating socially vulnerable people with respect and acceptance, this book, the first of its kind, offers new perspectives on social complexity for practice, theory and research in human services.

Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act: Inclusive Policy and Practice for Higher Education

by Mary Lee Vance Neal E. Lipsitz Kaela Parks

A primer and quick reference book, it is for higher education professionals including administrators, faculty, and staff, who work with students with disabilities, both apparent and hidden. The book is divided into four parts. Part I addresses the ADA and changing perspectives on disability. Part II covers information and communication technology. Part III addresses emerging and growing populations and their impact on higher education. Part IV provides examples of best practices in student affairs and disability services.

Making Rights a Reality? Disability Rights Activists and Legal Mobilization

by Lisa Vanhala

Making Rights a Reality? explores the way in which disability activists in the United Kingdom and Canada have transformed their aspirations into legal claims in their quest for equality. It unpacks shifting conceptualizations of the political identity of disability and the role of a rights discourse in these dynamics. In doing so, it delves into the diffusion of disability rights among grassroots organizations and the traditional disability charities. The book draws on a wealth of primary sources including court records and campaign documents and encompassing interviews with more than sixty activists and legal experts. While showing that the disability rights movement has had a significant impact on equality jurisprudence in two countries, the book also demonstrates that the act of mobilizing rights can have consequences, both intended and unintended, for social movements themselves.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want (Inspirational Ser.)

by Iyanla Vanzant

You know where you want to be, but you have no clue how to get there. You know exactly what you want in life, but what you want is nowhere in sight. Perhaps your vision is unclear, your purpose still undefined. On top of it all, your relationships, particularly your romantic relationships, are failing. If these scenarios feel familiar way down in the deepest part of your gut-then you, my dear, are smack dab in the middle of the meantime. Your mother, bless her heart, and your father, with all of his good intentions, did not prepare you for the meantime. They did not because they could not. No one can prepare you or help you find what you are looking for. What you need is love, not romance. Love, not more money. Love, not a new car. Love is the only thing that can make the meantime worthwhile. Once you find love, true selflove, and unconditional love for everyone all the time, things will look, feel, and be a lot better. The question is: What do you do in the meantime? Every living being wants to experience the light of love. The problem is that our windows are dirty! The windows of our hearts and minds are streaked with past pains and hurts, past memories and disappointments. The windows are so clouded by fear, self-doubt, and inaccurate information that the light of love cannot shine through. In the meantime, we keep looking through the foggy window, trying to convince ourselves that what we see is the real thing. It's not, and we know it, but we can't seem to figure out what to do until the real thing comes along. What we must do is clean. We must clean the windows, floors, walls, closets, and corners of our mind. We must mop and sweep away the stuff that trips us up, keeps us confused, and makes the meantime miserable. In this book, Iyanla Vanzant tells us how we can do this thorough mental housekeeping. If we do a good job of it, the light will come through. Once that happens, our spirits will shine, bringing in the light of true love and happiness.

Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching

by Julie S. Vargas

Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching is a clear, comprehensive book on the integration of non-aversive behavior analysis principles into classrooms and other school settings. Carefully revised and updated throughout, this third edition includes new content on precision teaching and a new chapter on how teachers can provide appropriate education for students with special disabilities who are included in their classrooms. Focused on merging behavior management with effective student instruction and illustrated with examples from real teachers’ experiences, the book is an ideal primary resource for undergraduate and graduate courses in teacher education, special education, school psychology, and school counseling, as well as for preparation toward the BACB Credentialing Exam.

Disability and Information Technology

by Eliza Varney

Disability and Information Technology examines the extent to which regulatory frameworks for information and communication technologies (ICTs) safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities as citizenship rights. It adopts a comparative approach focused on four case studies: Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. It focuses on the tension between social and economic values in the regulation of ICTs and calls for a regulatory approach based on a framework of principles that reflects citizenship values. The analysis identifies challenges encountered in the jurisdictions examined and points toward the rights-based approach advanced by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a benchmark in protecting the rights of persons with disabilities to have equal access to information. The research draws on a wealth of resources, including legislation, cases, interviews, consultation documents and responses from organisations representing persons with disabilities.

Deaf in DC: A Memoir

by Madan Vasishta

In his first memoir, Madan Vasishta described being a deaf boy in his homeland India, where "deaf" meant someone who is not human. After rising from herding cattle to being a respected photographer in Delhi, his first memoir concluded with his acceptance at Gallaudet College far away in America. Vasishta's new memoir begins with his arrival in Washington, DC in 1967 with $40.00 in his pocket and very little knowledge of the new worlds he was entering. Vasishta faced myriad challenges from the outset-- he knew no American Sign Language and could not speech read, yet he found himself thrust into classes at Gallaudet two weeks into the semester. Cultural differences mystified him, such as how all American car accidents were someone else's fault even when one's car hits a stationary object. He was amazed that his fellow students did not deride him for his mistakes, unlike in India where he would have been scorned for his weakness. After five years, he returned home to India for a visit and was stunned to learn that he no longer fit in, that "even if you do not have an American Dream, the American Dream will have you." Deaf in DC follows Vasishta through half a century living in America. He witnessed the transformation from facing bias as a deaf, foreign man of color who could not get a job despite having a Ph.D., to receiving five offers as a school superintendent in the wake of the Civil Rights movement and Deaf President Now. His new memoir reflects a genuine worldview informed by the sage perceptions of a person who has lived widely in many worlds.

Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning and Behavior Problems,Ninth Edition

by Sharon Vaughn Candace S. Bos

For courses in Mid/Moderate Disabilities Methods (Special Education); Methods for Students with Learning and Behavior Problems (Special Education) This bestselling text focuses on presenting the ideal content for preparing teachers to meet the needs of elementary and secondary students with learning and behavior problems in a variety of settings. Streamlined in the previous edition to provide more hands on applications and classroom strategies than any other methods text on the market, this new Ninth Edition presents fresh ideas and information on best practices through the use of embedded video clips, web links, and step-by-step instructional strategies. Featured in this edition are a new emphasis on and integration of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) throughout; updated coverage of RtI; a new emphasis on higher level thinking, including reading comprehension and complex texts as well as problem solving, fractions, and algebra; increased focus on classroom management and positive behavior support; and updated and enhanced key research, practice opportunities, and strategies throughout.

Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, And At Risk In The General Education Classroom

by Sharon Vaughn Candace Bos Jeanne Schumm

In this widely popular book, pre- and in-service elementary and secondary school teachers get the tools and confidence they need to meet the educational, behavioral, and social needs of every student in today’s diverse classrooms. With its numerous learning activities and sample lessons—plus stories from teachers, students, and parents—it features a strong focus on applying practical, proven strategies for effective teaching and learning. Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, and at Risk in the General Education Classroom is the ideal guide for today’s busy classroom teachers who identify students with special needs as both their greatest challenges and often their greatest rewards.

Teaching Students who are Exceptional, Diverse, and at Risk in the General Education Classroom

by Sharon Vaughn Candace Bos Jeanne Schumm

Teaching Students Who Are Exceptional, Diverse, and at Risk in the General Education Classroom is the ideal guide for classroom teachers who identify students with special needs as both their greatest challenges and often their greatest rewards. With its numerous learning activities and sample lessons—plus stories from teachers, students, and parents—it strongly focuses on applying practical, proven strategies for effective teaching and learning. The authors go above and beyond simply describing curriculum adaptations by providing step-by-step procedures for implementing those adaptations in the actual classroom. After reading this book, pre- and in-service teachers alike are armed with the tools and confidence they need to effectively meet their students’ diverse academic, behavioral, and social needs.

Developmental Perspectives on Children With High-incidence Disabilities (The LEA Series on Special Education and Disability)

by Sharon Vaughn Ronald Gallimore Lucinda P. Bernheimer Donald L. MacMillan Deborah L. Speece

This volume has two purposes. The first is to summarize, substantiate, and extend current knowledge on the development of children with high incidence disabilities--most notably, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and mild mental retardation. The second is to honor the career of Professor Barbara K. Keogh and her contributions to the developmental study of children with high incidence disabilities. Internationally recognized for her accomplishments, Keogh is esteemed for her originality and clarity of thought. For nearly forty years, she has set an extraordinary model of analytic rigor combined with a kind and generous manner that inspires, supports, and sets an exacting standard of scholarship. The contributing authors to this volume represent only a fraction of the students and scholars touched by her distinguished career. In conceiving this volume, the editors sought to represent the topics, problems, and issues to which Keogh has devoted herself. They invited chapters that summarize what is known about the high incidence handicapping conditions that her research has mainly addressed and sought to reflect the probing, questioning style that she brings to her own work. Researchers, policymakers, and graduate students in special education and associated disciplines who seek to stay current will find this volume crucial reading.

Contemporary Special Education Research: Syntheses of the Knowledge Base on Critical Instructional Issues (The LEA Series on Special Education and Disability)

by Sharon Vaughn Russell Gersten Ellen P. Schiller

Considerable research in the past 30 years has accumulated regarding the academic and social functioning of youngsters with disabilities. Only in the past decade has there been sufficient special education research published from which meta-analyses and syntheses can be conducted. In this volume, seven sets of authors grapple with synthesizing the knowledge base on an array of critical topics in the field of special education. Among others, specific chapters include: * a synthesis of what is known about effective instructional grouping practices for reading. * an examination of the differences between students classified as learning disabled and other low-achieving students on a range of academic performance measures. * a review of effective instruction for English-language learners. * an examination of the research on behavioral supports for low-incidence special education populations. * a synthesis on how technology supports literary development, across the full spectrum of disabilities categories. These papers provide up-to-date, informative summaries of current knowledge and a base from which further venture into the critical area of instructional intervention in special education can occur.

Promise of Response to Intervention

by Sharon Vaughn Todd Glover

As response to intervention (RTI) is adopted by increasing numbers of schools and districts, knowledge about "what works" continues to grow. This much-needed book analyzes the key components of RTI service delivery and identifies the characteristics of successful implementation. Critically reviewing the available research, leading authorities describe best practices in multi-tier intervention, assessment, and data-based decision making. Clear-cut recommendations are provided for implementing evidence-based interventions to support students' needs in reading, writing, math, and behavior. A state-of-the-art resource for K 12 practitioners and administrators, the book also will fill a unique niche in graduate-level courses.

Teaching Reading Comprehension to Students with Learning Difficulties, 2/E

by Sharon Vaughn Janette K. Klingner Alison Boardman

This practitioner resource and course text has given thousands of K-12 teachers evidence-based tools for helping students--particularly those at risk for reading difficulties--understand and acquire new knowledge from text. The authors present a range of scientifically validated instructional techniques and activities, complete with helpful classroom examples and sample lessons. The book describes ways to assess comprehension, build the skills that good readers rely on, and teach students to use multiple comprehension strategies flexibly and effectively. Each chapter features thought-provoking discussion questions. Reproducible lesson plans and graphic organizers can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. New to This Edition *Chapters on content-area literacy, English language learners, and intensive interventions. *Incorporates current research on each component of reading comprehension. *Discusses ways to align instruction with the Common Core State Standards. *Additional instructional activities throughout.

Reading: A Special Issue of Exceptionality

by Sharon Vaughn Joanna P. Williams

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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