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The Boyfriend Subscription

by Steven Salvatore

Equal parts sizzling, sweet and irresistibly fresh, Steven Salvatore&’s The Boyfriend Subscription is the LGBTQIA+ Pretty Woman rom-com fans have been waiting for.What happens when a simple deal gets…complicated?After losing his marriage and his beloved retail plant business, Teddy Hughes is ready to drown his sorrows—or would be, if he could afford another beer in his favorite dive bar. He has no choice but to uproot his dreams and leave New York for good. And then a gorgeous stranger walks in with cheekbones that could cut glass and a confidence that leaves Teddy panting.Like the leather harness he wears under his designer suit, Cole Vivien is a mass of contradictions. He&’s a successful entrepreneur whose app, VERSTL, allows consumers and sex workers to form real—if temporary—connections. But now Cole is in the unfamiliar position of needing something from someone else. A fake boyfriend can help Cole project a more traditional image for a potential investor. And Teddy—shy, smart and so much hotter than he knows—is perfect for the part. Maybe too perfect.Cole just has two conditions: no kissing and no falling in love. In exchange for one week together, Teddy will get enough money to get back on his feet, and no messy feelings will be in the mix.But some rules are made to be broken…From showing up to glowing up, these characters are on the path to leading their best lives and finding sizzling romance along the way.Don&’t miss these other fun titles from Afterglow Books:The (Fake) Dating Game by Timothy JanovskyThe Bookbinder&’s Guide to Love by Katherine GarberaThe Devil in Blue Jeans by Stacey KennedyFrenemy Fix-Up by Yahrah St. JohnManila Takes Manhattan by Carla de GuzmanFake Flame by Adele BuckOut of Office by A.H. Cunningham

Breaking the Curse: A Memoir about Trauma, Healing, and Italian Witchcraft

by Alex DiFrancesco

A tour de force of narrative nonfiction, a reimagining of the self-help genre, and a brave memoir about mystical forces, trauma, trans life, and how we must heal ourselves to survive.For readers of memoirs by Elliot Page (Pageboy) and Elissa Washuta (White Magic), and fans of writers like Carmen Maria Machado, Samantha Hunt, and Chavisa Woods.In Breaking the Curse, Alex DiFrancesco takes their own crushing experiences of assault, addiction, and transphobic violence as the starting point for a journey to self-reclamation. Reeling in the aftermath of a rape that played out as painfully in public as in private, DiFrancesco begins to pursue spirituality in earnest, searching for an ancestral connection to magic as a form of protection and pathway to transformation. Propelled by a knowledge of the spiritual role of the transgender person in society, Alex winds through Cleveland and Brooklyn and Philly—from rehab and pagan AA meetings and friends&’ spare mattresses to tarot readers and books about Italian witchcraft to daily ritual, prayer, altar-making, and folk tradition. In so doing, they begin to not only piece together a way to heal but also call into existence a life that finally feels worth living. Breaking the Curse weaves spells, blasphemous novenas, and personal memories to imagine a new memoir form. Speaking about trauma does not always take its power away, DiFrancesco reminds us, but one can write their truth so that the hurt no longer fills the whole horizon."'I see this world as few others do,' writes Alex DiFrancesco, and thank goodness for that. In their memoir, Breaking the Curse, DiFrancesco offers readers a mesmerizing vision of this world and the workings of trauma, gender identity and magic within it. A spell-binding work."—Molly Roden Winter author of More: A Memoir of Open Marriage

The Breakup Lists

by Adib Khorram

Love is more complicated than &“boy meets boy&” in bestselling author Adib Khorram&’s sharply funny new romantic comedy, set in the sordid world of high school theaterJackson Ghasnavi is a lot of things—a techie, a smoothie afficionado, a totally not obsessive list-maker—but one thing he&’s not is a romantic. And why would he be? He&’s already had a front row seat to his parents&’ divorce and picked up the pieces of his sister Jasmine&’s broken heart one too many times.No, Jackson is perfectly happy living life behind the scenes—he is a stage manager, after all—and keeping his romantic exploits limited to the breakup lists he makes for Jasmine, which chronicle every flaw (real or imagined) of her various and sundry exes.Enter Liam: the senior swim captain turned leading man that neither of the Ghasnavi siblings stop thinking about. Not that Jackson has a crush, of course. Jasmine is already setting her sights on him and he&’s probably—no, definitely—straight anyway.So why does the idea of eventually writing a breakup list for him feel so impossible?


by Margaux Vialleron

A novel on consent told in five acts over the course of one weekend. Cloe and Gertrude and the Jenkins-Bell sisters, Mathilde and Sarah, have never met. They are strangers who share a city. It is Sunday morning. Cloe has woken-up in someone else&’s home; Gertrude starts her shift in the pub kitchen, while Mathilde and Sarah are on their way to lunch. Soon, these four women&’s lives will overlap. Saturday felt like a normal day, but on Sunday the past will catch-up with them as they realise that there never is only one side to a story.Sharply observed and painfully relatable, Breaststrokes is a novel that seems to emerge from the haze of our current time. This story of unexpected encounters and intimacies is perfect for fans of Cleopatra and Frankenstein and Beautiful World, Where Are You.

Breathe: Journeys to Healthy Binding

by Maia Kobabe Sarah Peitzmeier

A graphic guide to chest binding with real-life stories and research-backed advice from bestselling Gender Queer author MAIA KOBABE and University of Michigan professor SARAH PEITZMEIER. Breathe arose from the need for a resource for folks considering chest binding as gender-affirming care. Dr. Peitzmeier interviewed twenty-five people of different ages and backgrounds about their journeys with binding, and then she and Kobabe combined excerpts from those interviews with evidence-based resources on binding into this extremely accessible guide. Breathe is both a practical resource for trans and nonbinary folks and an engaging and perspective-broadening read for anyone interested in what it means to be on a journey of expressing one&’s gender in ways that are joyful, healthy, and affirming.

Bridging Hope (Bridging Hearts)

by Greyson McCoy

When workaholic Pierce Simms&’s sister passes, he suddenly finds himself unemployed, back in the hometown he fled, and raising his niece and nephew. Despite that, he&’s confident he has things under control—at least until his sister&’s high-school sweetheart shows up. With his teaching grant ended, Dalton O&’Dell is at loose ends and tight purse strings. Just as the world crashes down on him, he learns his ex-girlfriend has passed and named him guardian of her two young children. Chaos ensues when he and her brother, Pierce, are forced together to raise the toddlers in Pierce&’s family farmhouse. Nestled in the enchanting beauty of the farm, Pierce and Dalton bond over the challenges of co-parenting and their shared grief as unexpected love blossoms. Love might not be enough, however, if they can&’t learn to bridge the gap between their different worlds and overcome the trauma of their pasts.

The Broken Heart

by Aaron Chan

A younger sister tries to put her brother&’s heart back together after his boyfriend breaks up with him—a touching story of how to support a loved one who&’s grieving.Stephanie loves to fix broken things, but when her older brother Cody walks in and says his heart is broken, she&’s not sure how to fix it. All the pieces of his heart are spread out, Cody tells her. So Stephanie sets off to track them down by going to Cody&’s high school, the movie theater, the beach—all places that were special to Cody and his ex-boyfriend. Still, even with all the pieces, Stephanie&’s not sure she can fix Cody&’s broken heart—but maybe she can help him heal.

Broughtupsy: A Novel

by Christina Cooke

At once cinematic yet intimate, Broughtupsy is an enthralling debut novel about a young Jamaican woman grappling with grief as she discovers her family, her home, is always just out of reachTired of not having a place to land, twenty-year-old Akúa flies from Canada to her native Jamaica to reconnect with her estranged sister Tamika. Their younger brother Bryson has recently passed from sickle cell anemia—the same disease that took their mother ten years prior—and Akúa carries his remains in a small wooden box with the hope of reassembling her family.Over the span of two fateful weeks, Akúa and Tamika visit significant places from their childhood, but time spent with her sister only clarifies how different they are, and how years of living abroad have distanced Akúa from her home culture. "Am I Jamaican?" she asks herself again and again. Beneath these haunting doubts lie anger and resentment at being abandoned by her own blood. "Why didn&’t you stay with me?" she wants to ask Tamika.Wandering through Kingston with her brother's ashes in tow, Akúa meets Jayda, a brash stripper who shows her a different side of the city. As the two grow closer, Akúa confronts the difficult reality of being gay in a deeply religious family, and what being a gay woman in Jamaica actually means.By turns diasporic family saga, bildungsroman, and terse sexual awakening, Broughtupsy is a profoundly moving debut novel that asks: what do we truly owe our family, and what are we willing to do to savor the feeling of home?

Bugsy & Other Stories

by Rafael Frumkin

From the author of Confidence and The Comedown comes a wildly imaginative story collection about queerness, neurodivergence, sexuality, and self-discovery. Frumkin&’s latest book is a deliciously entertaining collection of five genre-defying stories that range from downright hilarious to brilliantly unhinged. Taken together, they celebrate a wide variety of human experiences. In the title story, a queer young adult with bipolar disorder drops out of college in a fog of depression, aimlessly drifting between maintaining their job at a fast food restaurant and dodging their mom&’s texts. But when they fall in with a group of sex workers starring in BDSM films, they find radical freedom, love, and community. In other stories, we meet a psychiatrist whose meticulously-maintained life is upended by an Alex Trebek-like voice in his head, an e-girl celebrity who is being courted by a delusional fan, a young boy on the spectrum at odds with a neurotypical world determined to &“cure&” him, and an elderly woman whose consciousness is being transformed by her oncoming death. With incredible insight, compassion, and honesty, Frumkin unravels each story with tantalizing precision. Sexy and raw—and compulsively readable—this collection offers a look at our innermost selves as we all try to make sense of the world and our place in it.

The Bump

by Sidney Karger

"With a fresh mix of Little Miss Sunshine and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Bump takes us on a laugh-out-loud and moving adventure. Wyatt and Biz are such vivid, relatable characters to root for as they navigate love and family with tears and hilarity. It's another sweet book from Sid and I didn't want this fun ride to end!"—Molly Shannon, New York Times bestselling author, comedian, and actressTwo men expecting a baby via surrogate go on the road trip of a lifetime in this hilarious and poignant novel by Sidney Karger, author of Best Men. Wyatt Wallace is a practical, super organized director of TV commercials. Biz Petterelli is a child-actor-turned-magazine-writer who thrives on spontaneity. Though polar opposites, they are fully committed to their relationship and their life in Brooklyn with their dog, Matilda. They&’re also about to have a baby together. And they&’re freaking out. They&’ve both dreamed of becoming parents, but now that it&’s happening, they&’re doubting everything. Their baby is due in a few weeks and instead of flying to California just before the birth as planned, Biz has a better idea. They could use one last hurrah, along with some serious &“us-time&” to mend the issues they&’ve been having lately—before they get tied down by fatherhood and its impending responsibilities. So the daddies-to-be load up their 1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet and embark on an epic cross-country babymoon. They attempt to recharge at the beach in Provincetown, stumble through their impromptu baby shower in Chicago, and endure a Star Wars-themed wedding in Colorado before heading west for the baby. But when they take several unexpected detours, old wounds are reopened and secrets spill out that could change their relationship for better or for worse, forcing the couple to reexamine the meaning of family while building their own. After all, what&’s a road trip without a few bumps along the way?

But Everyone Feels This Way: How an Autism Diagnosis Saved My Life

by Paige Layle

Autism acceptance activist and TikTok influencer Paige Layle shares her deeply personal journey to diagnosis and living life autistically. &“For far too long, I was told I was just like everyone else. But knew it couldn&’t be true. Living just seemed so much harder for me. This wasn&’t okay. This wasn&’t normal. This wasn&’t functioning. And it certainly wasn&’t fine.&” Paige Layle was normal. She lived in the countryside with her mom, dad, and brother Graham. She went to school, hung out with friends, and all the while everything seemed so much harder than it needed to be. A break in routine threw off the whole day. If her teacher couldn't answer &“why&” in class, she dissolved into tears, unable to articulate her own confusion or explain her lack of control. But Paige was normal. She smiled in photos, picked her feet up when her mom needed to vacuum instead of fleeing the room, and earned high grades. She had friends and loved to perform in local theater productions. It wasn&’t until a psychiatrist said she wasn&’t doing okay, that anyone believed her. In But Everyone Feels This Way, Paige Layle shares her story as an autistic woman diagnosed late. Armed with the phrase &“Autism Spectrum Disorder&” (ASD), Paige challenges stigmas, taboos, and stereotypes while learning how to live her authentic, autistic life.

But How Are You, Really: A Novel

by Ella Dawson

A burned-out bisexual confronts old demons, her estranged chosen family, and the ex she maybe shouldn&’t have walked away from when she attends her five-year college reunion.Charlotte Thorne does not want to go back to Hein University. Her life postcollege isn&’t what she expected—her career in media is stalled, her passion for drawing has fallen by the wayside, and she&’s done a terrible job keeping in touch with her queer chosen family since graduation day. Willingly spend a full weekend with her incredibly successful classmates? Hard pass.But when her demanding boss, tech journalist Roger Ludermore, is invited to give the commencement address at this year&’s graduation—which falls on the same weekend as her five-year reunion—Charlotte has no choice but to return to campus.The minute she steps foot on Hein property, the past comes crawling back in its glory and cringe: disco parties at the LGBTQIA+ program house, sleeping in a twin XL bed, and her chemistry with Reece Krueger, the hockey player she rebounded with after a traumatic breakup. Suddenly the weekend Charlotte has dreaded for months feels like an opportunity to go back in time. Determined to have some fun, Charlotte dodges her best friend&’s questions about her mental health, ignores her boss&’s constant Slack messages, and tries to avoid the truth about why she ghosted Reece five years ago. But can she really outrun her past and get her life together in seventy-two hours?


by K. Matthew

Alex était venu pour un job, mais ce qu'il trouva fut bien plus que cela. Shannon étant partie, c'était à Alex de répondre à tous les besoins de M. Dacey. Tout se passait bien jusqu'à ce que M. Dacey invite Alex à déjeuner, et lui offre un cadeau plutôt offensant. La décision d'Alex de se rebeller lui fit réaliser que déplaire à son patron était l'une des pires choses qu'il puisse faire.

Canto Contigo: A Novel

by Jonny Garza Villa

When a Mariachi star transfers schools, he expects to be handed his new group's lead vocalist spot—what he gets instead is a tenacious current lead with a very familiar, very kissable face.In a twenty-four-hour span, Rafael Alvarez led North Amistad High School’s Mariachi Alma de la Frontera to their eleventh consecutive first-place win in the Mariachi Extravaganza de Nacional; and met, made out with, and almost hooked up with one of the cutest guys he’s ever met. Now eight months later, Rafie’s ready for one final win. What he didn’t plan for is his family moving to San Antonio before his senior year, forcing him to leave behind his group while dealing with the loss of the most important person in his life—his beloved abuelo. Another hitch in his plan: The Selena Quintanilla-Perez Academy’s Mariachi Todos Colores already has a lead vocalist, Rey Chavez—the boy Rafie made out with—who now stands between him winning and being the great Mariachi Rafie's abuelo always believed him to be. Despite their newfound rivalry for center stage, Rafie can’t squash his feelings for Rey. Now he must decide between the people he’s known his entire life or the one just starting to get to know the real him.Canto Contigo is a love letter to Mexican culture, family and legacy, the people who shape us, and allowing ourselves to forge our own path. At its heart, this is one of the most glorious rivals-to-lovers romance about finding the one who challenges you in the most extraordinary ways.

Capturing a Deputy's Heart

by Adrian Crawford

One evening Deputy Rob Davenport pulls over a car for speeding. While his patience is tested by a condescending driver, his heart is captured by the passenger in the car, Max Winters. They’re mutually attracted to one another but fail to connect due to the driver being arrested for a warrant. The next day, a chance encounter at their favorite restaurant gives Max and Rob a chance to shoot their shot and leads to Rob asking Max on a date. Weeks of dating blossom into a loving relationship.But two people are unhappy with this coupledom, including Randall Wilson, the car's driver who has crushed on Max since their freshman year of college, and Bryce Turner, who’s been in love with Rob since middle school. Both men join forces to see if they can end Max and Rob’s relationship by any means necessary. Will they accomplish their goal of getting the man they love? Or are Max and Rob simply meant to be?

The Caravaggio Syndrome: A Novel (Other Voices of Italy)

by Alessandro Giardino

Leyla is a headstrong Brooklyn-born art historian at a prestigious upstate New York college. When she meets feckless young computer technician Pablo at a party, she quickly becomes pregnant with his child. There’s only one problem: she can’t stand him. And one more problem: her student Michael wants Pablo for himself. Amid this love triangle, the objects of Leyla and Michael’s study take on a life of their own. Trying to learn more about Caravaggio’s masterpiece The Seven Works of Mercy, they pore over the journal and prison writings of maverick 17th-century utopian philosopher Tommaso Campanella, which, as if by enchantment, transport them back four centuries to Naples. And while the past and present miraculously converge, Leyla, Michael, and Tommaso embark on a voyage of self-discovery in search of a new life. In this fusion of historical, queer, and speculative fiction, Alessandro Giardino combines the intellectual playfulness of Umberto Eco with the psychological finesse of Michael Cunningham.

Care Less, Cowgirl

by D. J. Fronimos Elke Lakey

Steph Haas cares. For the patients in the nursing home she runs, for her family, but most of all, for her partner Lilou, whom she adores. Life is good when she’s pleasing her woman even if it has Steph playing über butch to Lilou’s demanding femme. For them it works ... until suddenly it doesn’t.Annika mistrusts all women, yet longs for a steady relationship. After unsuccessfully throwing herself at yet another prospect, almost ruining her career in the process, Annika’s boss forces her to take a vacation. Having nowhere to go and no one to go with, Annika is grateful when her gay friend Leo suggests she join him and his partner on the very trip to the US Steph was supposed to take with Lilou.Knowing Annika and she will be the only non-couple on the Gittie-Up Ranch, Steph is determined to make the best of an altogether bad situation. But traveling with Annika isn’t easy, especially when the maddening woman rebuffs Steph’s attempts at being nice. Instead, Annika drools incessantly over the resident lesbian, a butch cowgirl named Jesse.Somehow they still become friends, with Steph valiantly fighting her physical attraction to the gorgeous femme, only to give in when Annika suddenly shifts gears and they land in bed together. So what? It’s just a vacation fling. Nobody cares, right?

Central Avenue Poetry Prize 2024 (Central Avenue Poetry Prize #1)

by Beau Adler

Imagine if you could have the best debut poetry from the widest variety of up-and-coming poets in one, single place. A compilation of fresh faces from all walks of life, The Central Avenue Poetry Prize assembles a swathe of standout poetry and delivers it straight to your bookshelf. A collaborative effort between poets from all corners of the world and all walks of life, The Central Avenue Poetry Prize presents a collection of poetry like no other. Rife with heartache, longing, laughter, and life, this book captures the spark of creativity and the vastness that is the human soul within its pages. This collection contains stories that are funny, some that are sad, some that are beautiful—and all that are true. Diverse in content and rich in talent, this is a testament to the art of poetry, and a reminder that the act of writing comes from the act of living, and when we create, we allow ourselves to see and be seen.

Chase This Light

by Eve Morton

When Jason Flores moves to the Yukon for a new job, he’s not sure what to expect. His son Micah seems enchanted by the wildlife, but his recent fear of the dark means that the eighteen-hour nights in the winter will be a difficult adjustment. When Jason takes Micah to the local museum’s interactive lecture series on the Gold Rush, it turns out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made.Pete Odjick, a tattooed First Nations man, dresses up for the weekly lectures as Skookum Jim, one of the first prospectors to find gold. He takes an immediate interest in Micah and an even bigger interest in Jason.As their flirtation grows into something more serious, Jason’s job at a big name oil company and Pete’s volunteer work with an environmental group become a point of contention. Can they come to an understanding and give Micah a family again? Or will the drastic differences between them tear them apart? As the winter nights grow longer, Pete and Jason worry their love won’t be enough to chase the darkness away.

Chesapeake Howl

by Rafe Jadison

When he’s whisked away from Manhattan and summoned to his father’s Long Island estate on a weekday, James Tetherington knows he isn’t there to get good news, but still he’s surprised when his father insists James leave New York and return to Milligan Island, a place James has not been since he was a boy. Not only is James commanded to return, but he’s also told to solve a war between two Wolf packs, one he must lead and the other one he must subdue or destroy. As for the witches on the island, his father says it’s time for them to go.Chase Howard hasn’t been to Milligan Island since his father died a few years earlier, but when his coven has visions of him making peace between the two Wolf factions on the island, he knows it’s time to return. As a strong and powerful witch, Chase has never been scared of Wolves, but on his first night back to the island, when a wounded Wolf gets through a ward that’s held for centuries, Chase is forced to rethink his ideas. Chase soon finds himself nursing the gorgeous Wolf man back to health and protecting him from an island full of Wolves who seem to want him dead. Unfortunately, saving this Wolf may kill every chance Chase has to broker peace on the island.Although James and Chase may not know exactly what they want to happen on Milligan Island, they do know there’s an attraction between them neither man can battle. With angry Wolves and mysterious men in silver coats following them about, can James and Chase find a way to protect the island, or will it all disappear in the wind like a Chesapeake howl?

Chico con Suerte

by Jade Sand

Conocido por salir adelante siempre sin grandes esfuerzos y por su despreocupación por el futuro, el joven Alexandre atraviesa un momento difícil. Desempleado y moroso con sus facturas, ve en la sugerencia de un amigo, un chico de compañía de éxito, la oportunidad de resolver sus problemas inmediatos y mantener su nivel de vida. Pero los servicios esporádicos y las prácticas que acaba de empezar no son suficientes, y necesita dinero urgentemente. Es entonces cuando una oferta inesperada pero irrechazable le pone en manos del misterioso Jefe, un excéntrico hombre de negocios lleno de artimañas. Mediante un acuerdo de exclusividad, inician una relación que trasciende lo comercial, hasta el momento en que los verdaderos sentimientos y situaciones quedan al descubierto. Un mundo donde el sexo y el dinero son vicios, y el placer un remedio fugaz. Romance gay para adultos.

The Children’s Hour (Queer Film Classics #10)

by Julia Erhart

Based on a play by Lillian Hellman, The Children’s Hour (1961) was the first mainstream commercial American film to feature a lesbian character in a leading role. It centres on a teacher at a girls’ school (Shirley MacLaine) who is accused of harbouring feelings for her co-worker (Audrey Hepburn) and depicts the intense moral panic that ensues. Produced in the social climate of the Lavender Scare, the film reveals deep insights into the politics of sexuality and censorship in midcentury America, only a few years before more visible struggles for queer liberation.The director, William Wyler, lobbied hard to get the film made after an earlier straight-washed version in 1936. The tense road to production included debates about whether to eliminate mentions of lesbianism from the script and how implicitly queer subject matter might conflict with the Production Code, by then weakened but still in force. Julia Erhart’s reading of the film’s conception, production, and reception advances a nuanced case of censorship as a productive force. While contests between Hellman and Wyler suppressed scenes of overt affection between main characters Karen and Martha, reception was comparatively fixated on the characters’ lesbianism: it threatened middlebrow movie critics in the mainstream press and resonated with queer audiences. Erhart’s attentive interpretation of both the script and the sonic landscape yields a detailed analysis of the soundtrack as an original pro-lesbian element.As issues of queer censorship continue to permeate life and culture more than fifty years later, Erhart demonstrates that The Children’s Hour is as salient to social and political tensions around gender and sexuality today as it was in the 1960s.


by Mags Hayward

Amy doesn’t know who she is. Determined to put that right, she’s arranged a date through the Pink Roses website. The hotel room is booked, she’s bought wine to break the ice, and now she’s face to face with prospective lover, Kayla.Kayla’s gorgeous but Amy’s terrified. She’s new to dating, and new to women. Torn between, curiosity, lust, and fear, she doubts her ability to continue the date in spite of Kayla’s reassurances.Was this all a mistake? Has she left it too late to explore her true self? Is she destined to remain the chrysalis, never the liberated butterfly?

Cinema Love: A Novel

by Jiaming Tang

&“Exceptional, moving, and not to be missed.&”—Alice Hoffman &“Gentle and fierce, heartbreaking without sacrificing its sense of humor . . . I have never read anything like it.&”—Robert Jones, Jr. A staggering, tender epic about gay men in rural China and the women who marry them. For over thirty years, Old Second and Bao Mei have cobbled together a meager existence in New York City&’s Chinatown. But unlike other couples, these two share an unusual past. In rural Fuzhou, before they emigrated, they frequented the Workers&’ Cinema: a theater where gay men cruised for love. While classic war films played, Old Second and his countrymen found intimacy in the screening rooms. In the box office, Bao Mei sold movie tickets to closeted men, guarding their secrets and finding her own happiness with the projectionist. But when Old Second&’s passion for his male lover is revealed, a series of haunting events unfold, propelling these characters toward an uncertain future in America. Spanning three timelines—post-socialist China, 1980s Chinatown, and contemporary New York—Cinema Love is an &“exceptional" and "moving&” (Alice Hoffman) epic about men and women who find themselves in forbidden relationships; the weight of secrets; and the way memory forever haunts the present.

Cinema Love: 'Not just an extraordinary debut but a future classic' Jessamine Chan

by Jiaming Tang

*A stunning and compelling novel for fans of PACHINKO, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, and SHUGGIE BAIN*'Cinema Love is not just an extraordinary debut but a future classic' Jessamine Chan, author of The School for Good Mothers'I loved it. Cinema Love fizzes with energy. The characters are rich and warm and the prose is perfect. Jiaming Tang is a remarkable new voice' Fiona Mozley, author of Booker-shortlisted Elmet'A tender and enrapturing feat of storytelling' Vanessa Chan, author of The Storm We MadeFor over thirty years, Old Second and Bao Mei have cobbled together a meagre existence in New York City's Chinatown. But unlike other couples, these two share an unusual past. In rural Fuzhou, before they emigrated, they frequented the Workers' Cinema, where gay men cruised for love.While classic war films played, Old Second and his fellow countrymen found intimacy in the privacy of the Workers' Cinema's screening rooms. Elsewhere, in the box office, Bao Mei sold tickets to closeted men - guarding their secrets and finding her own happiness with the projectionist. But when secrets are unveiled, they set in motion a series of haunting events that propel Old Second and Bao Mei towards an uncertain future in America.Spanning three timelines - post-socialist China, 1980s Chinatown, and contemporary New York - Cinema Love is a tender epic about men and women who find themselves in forbidden and frustrated relationships as they grapple with the past and their unspoken desires.

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