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Rival Crock-Pot Recipes

by The Editors at the Rival Company

Recipes using a crock-pot for Mexican, Italian, Asian dishes and hearty meals, chili, barbecue, classic regional dishes, and desserts.

Bon Appétit Best International Recipes

by The Editors at Condé Nast Publications

Recipes from Bon Appétit magazine - appetizers, soups, beverages, meat and meat-less main courses, sides, salads, breads, and desserts.

The I Hate to Cook Book

by Peg Bracken

Some women, it is said, like to cook. This book is not for them. It's for those of us who want to fold our dishwater hands around a dry martini instead of a wet flounder. Also contains a collection of 75 household hints, along with 180 recipes, sprinkled generously with spiced wit and savory comments.

The Pleasures of Chinese Cooking

by Grace Zia Chu

Recipes for popular Chinese-American dishes, how to work with woks and cleavers, the story of tea, how to order in a Chinese restaurant, and more.

The Pleasures of Japanese Cooking

by Heihachi Tanaka Betty A. Nicholas

Recipes for many Japanese dishes, also a glossary, an index, info on seasonings and flavorings, table settings, utensils, etiquette, how to serve a meal.

Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition

by Marilyn M. Shannon

How your diet affects your menstrual cycles and fertility.

Weber Owner's Guide

by Weber/Stephen Products Co.

This owner's Guide contains important product dangers, warnings and cautions for your safety, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures, helpful hints, cooking methods, and recipes. Outdoor cooking is fun and it's easy!

Better Homes and Gardens Barbecues and Picnics

by The Editors of Better Homes and Gardens

From casual family barbecues to fancy company barbecues and from porch picnics to picnics on the go, there are many fast and easy meal ideas.

Garfield's Longest Catnap

by Jim Kraft Jim Davis Jack C. Harris

Garfield says he could sleep for fifty years, and then finally feel rested, but when he wakes up, after doing just that, the future is not all that he dreamed it would be. How can he survive, or is all of this a terrible nightmare?

More Flavor, Less Fat: Easy Lowfat Cooking

by HealthSystem Minnesota

Lowfat cooking doesn't have to be low on taste, and More Flavor, Less Fat shows you how. This collection of fat-reducing techniques and recipes emphasizes how to cut the fat and keep the flavor in your favorite meals. Tried and tasted by cooking class participants and their families, the recipes in this booklet include twists on old favorites as well as new foods that your family will look forward to eating. Instead of listing dozens of recipes for unfamiliar foods, More flavor, Less Fat focuses on how you can use and vary a few simple cooking techniques and recipes for healthier, great-tasting meals.

The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

by Richard Heller Rachel Heller

This book postulates a carbohydrate addiction syndrome. The carb addict is profiled and a diet to break the addiction is described. The book includes some recipes.

Texas Cooking

by Lisa Wingate

From the Book Jacket: No one is more surprised than Colleen Collins when she's offered a job writing fluffy magazine articles about rural Texas cooking. The big-city investigative reporter knows nothing about goats, prickly pears, or peafowl, and to make matters worse, she can't even cook. But thanks to a political scandal that cost Collie her job, her boyfriend, and now-with this demeaning [assignment-her self-respect, she has no choice but to drag herself out of bed and head to the Texas hill country. After only a few days in the charming little town of San Saline, Collie finds her affection growing for its bighearted residents. And despite her intentions to me contrary, she's finding it impossible to resist the infuriating True McKitrick, a local boy made good vhose mere presence makes her feel utterly alive...and nexplicably at home. Soon, this unlikely romantic >airing is stirring up more than just desire. It's making Collie wonder about the life that once seemed perfect- ind the chance of starting over...with a man who's True.

Let's Have Healthy Children

by Adelle Davis

The famous food expert give the vital nutritional do's and don'ts for expectant mothers, babies and growing children.

T.O.s Finding Fitness

by Terrell Owens Buddy Primm Courtney Parker

At the top of his game and his sport, Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Terrell Owens has a phenomenal body: Muscle & Fitness magazine said this when they chose T. O. for the cover, but anyone who's ever seen him play knows he has the best physique in football. Strong, fast, agile, and focused -- when T. O. takes the field, he's in complete control. Such mastery might seem out of reach for an ordinary athlete or someone just starting to think about getting in shape, but T. O. believes that everyone is c...

Thendral: Vol 10, Issue 09, August 2010

by Madhurabharathi

This issue features interviews of Hema Rajagopalan and Dr.Ira.Nagasamy, Coriander Dosai by Kala Gnanasambhandam, Anbulla Snehitiye by Chithra Vaitheeswaran, Valam Tharum Varalakshmi by Sita Durairaj etc.

The Sugar-Free Cookbook of Family Favorites

by William J. Kaufman

122 recipes using Sweeta, a liquid concentrated sweetener.

Cepuros Foods Malaysia: Finding the Secret Sauce for Growth

by Hbsp

HBS Professor Emeritus John A. Quelch and Ohio University Professor Katherine B. Hartman prepared this case solely as a basis for class discussion and not as an endorsement, a source of primary data, or an illustration of effective or ineffective management. Although based on real events and despite occasional reference to actual companies, this case is fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental. The authors gratefully acknowledge Chad Boeninger, Business Librarian at Ohio University, for his research assistance.

Weight Watchers TurnAround Program Cookbook: 125 Easy Recipes for both the Flex and Core Plans

by Weight Watchers International

time to turn your life around! And lose weight with the newest Program from Weight Watchers. The TurnAround program supplies you with plenty of can-do options for shedding pounds. We've taken things one step further by giving you a delicious variety of 125 mouthwatering, super-easy recipes in this TurnAround Program Cookbook. Inside the pages of the TurnAround Program Cookbook, you'll find all the meal ideas you'll ever need with tasty dishes that conform to both the Core Plan and the Flex Plan. CHECK OUT OUR... Super-Easy Morning Meals and Lunch Specials So-Good Just Soups Hearty Main-Dish Salads and Side Satisfying Everyday Dinners Tasty Veggies on the Side bonus! Best Salsas, Dressings, and Sauces. Other Weight Watchers books are available from Bookshare. This file should make an excellent embossed braille copy.

Weight Watchers Slow Good Super Slow-Cooker Cookbook

by Weight Watchers International

Special chapters just for super-easy stews and zesty chilis Easy Does It family (or crowd-pleasing) dinners that require a mere seven ingredients (or fewer) Amazing slow-cooker desserts-like cookies and cheesecake-to satisfy your sweet tooth Dozens of cooking tips, handy hints, and over 60 mouthwatering photographs of your favorite recipes BONUS! Over 35 super-delicious Core Plan recipes Plus, you can count on recipes in SLOW GOOD to include helpful serving suggestions, complete nutrition information, and POINTS values.

Thendral: Vol 10, Issue 10, September, 2010

by Madhurabharathi

This issue features interview of Dr.Era.Nagasamy, Articles on famous writers of 50s Late Devan and Kothamangalam Subbu, Mouthwatering Recipe of Paruppu Urundai Morkuzhambu, Counseling Column of Anbulla Snehitiye, Three short stories, Jokes etc.

Weight Watchers Tis The Season

by Weight Watchers International

INSIDE YOU'LL FIND: Tasty appetizers, holiday roasts, and gifts from the kitchen, Our best collection of Thanksgiving side dishes and pies, Great leftover ideas for holiday turkey and ham, BONUS! Six easiest-ever holiday menus, Over 60 recipes low in points® values, and fitting the Flex Plan or the Core Plan. Other Weight Watcher cookbooks are available from Bookshare.

The Devil's Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee

by Stewart Lee Allen

From the book: In this captivating book, Stewart Lee Allen treks three-quarters of the way around the world on a caffeinated quest to answer these profound questions: Did the advent of coffee give birth to an enlightened western civilization? Is coffee, indeed, the substance that drives history? From the cliff-hanging villages of Southern Yemen, where coffee beans were first cultivated eight hundred years ago, to a cavernous coffeehouse in Calcutta, the drinking spot for two of India's three Nobel Prize winners...from Parisian salons and cafes where the French Revolution was born, to the roadside diners and chain restaurants of the good ol' USA, where something resembling brown water passes for coffee, Allen wittily proves that the world was wired long before the Internet. And those who deny the power of coffee (namely tea-drinkers) do so at their own peril.

James McNair's Fish Cookbook

by James Mcnair

Recipes and techniques for cooking fish.

Ginnie and Geneva

by Catherine Woolley

[From the dust jacket:] "Ginnie had not started going to school as early as other children, but because of her mother's lessons she was ready for fourth grade. Although she had looked forward to school eagerly, it was a disappointment at first, for she hadn't played games or roller skated or had any practice in comradeship of boys and girls. Geneva Porter, the most confident and popular girl in the class, bothered Ginnie most of all, for Geneva loved to tease. But Ginnie, who found it hard to defend herself, had no trouble at all in standing up for another little girl. This is a warm and understanding story of children learning to get along with each other and having a wonderful time as they do." Don't miss the other great books in the Ginnie series. Bookshare has them including: Ginnie's Babysitting Business, Ginnie's Mystery Cat and Ginnie and the Mystery Doll.

Thendral: Vol 10, Issue 11, October 2010

by Madhurabharathi

This issue features Interview of Anuthama(novelist), Anu Natarajan, Kamala Haris and Thamarai(Poet), a nostalgia on Tamil Tinsel world Emperor of yester years M.K.T. Bhagavathar, Recipes of Soya Bean Kurma, Dosa and Curry, two short stories, “Kanavu Veedu” and “Sangeetha Gnaanam”, Children’s fiction, “Pesum Kili” and regular features of Anbulla Snehitiye, Kathiravani Kelungal, Thendral Pesukirathu, Nalam Vaazha, and jokes.

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