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Developing Good Health

by Delores Shimmin

a Christian textbook for 4th grade

Ring the Night Bell: the Autobiography of a Surgeon

by Paul B. Magnuson

Very readable, entertaining, fascinating historical facts about the early years of the Veterans Administration and medicine before 1950.

TTouch Magic Cards for Dogs and Cats

by Linda Tellington-Jones

This little booklet, actually a series of cards that can be used to teach and remind you of the way to do each of the different TTouches are a handy reference for any dog owner who wants to learn TTouch. This series of massages using pressure and small circular motions also seems to be quite effective on humans. Discusses pressure, proper techniques, gives directions to seventeen different TTouches, and discusses the benefits of each ttouch. Good for anyone interested in massage or just ways to make your relationship with your pets or friends a bit closer. Also available from Bookshare: Ttouch Tips for Dogs by Linda Tellington Jones.

Curious George Goes to the Hospital

by Margret Rey H. A. Rey

Curious George wakes up with a tummy ache. When doctor Baker examines the little monkey, he says that George must go to the hospital for some tests. While in the hospital, George gets his tummy trouble fixed up but he also gets into some trouble and makes other children laugh. This is an excellent book to acquaint children with what it can be like to be in a hospital. Information concerning procedures is accurate. Other books about Curious George are also available from Bookshare.

The Tellington TTouch Guide Book for Dogs

by Linda Tellington-Jones

This book explains the circular touches involved in TTouch. It also gives a background on the research about the TTouch, where it came from, and testimonials about the TTouch. Companion to TTouch Magic Cards for dogs and cats, and TTouch Tip book for Dogs and Puppies--also available from Bookshare. Also works quite effectively on humans. No experience necessary as it is not a form of massage, it is only on the skin.

Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul

by Jalaja Bonheim

HOW DOES A WOMAN'S SEXUAL EXPERIENCE AFFECT HER SPIRITUAL UNFOLDING? Join Jalaja Bonheim on a fascinating journey of exploration as she invites dozens of women from a wide range of spiritual traditions and backgrounds to tell the stories of their sexual experiences. By sharing our stories, and by contemplating them in the context of the spiritual journey, we begin to heal centuries of repression and shame and rediscover the innocence and beauty of sexual pleasure. The stories gathered in this extraordinary book open our eyes to the rarely acknowledged power of sexual experience to serve as spiritual teacher and guide. Reflecting upon love and lust, sex and marriage, wounding and healing, women on the spiritual path share their most intimate erotic secrets with astounding honesty, courage, and passion. Aphrodite's Daughters sends a strong, persuasive message that it is time to honor sex as a sacred, soul-making force. No matter what a woman's experience has been, this book will transform the way she feels about her sexual journey. A must read for every man and woman on the spiritual path.

Healing After the Suicide of a Loved One

by John Guinan Ann Smolin

Helps family and friends work through grief following a suicide.

Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition

by Roberto Cabeza Alan Kingstone

The theoretical and methodological developments in the use of functional neuroimaging techniques to study the neural basis of cognition, from early scientific efforts to link brain and behavior to the latest applications of fMRI and PET methods.

Voice for the Mad: The Life of Dorothea Dix

by David Gollaher

This is a comprehensive biography of a nearly forgotten social reformer of the 19th century. After her own experience with depression and recovery, Dorothea Dix became a passionate champion of the "moral treatment" popular in Europe. In her native Massachusetts she documented the horrific treatment that was the lot of most people with mental illness, and petitioned the legislature to establish asylums that would provide loving care. Dix took her crusade across the country, and for a time her work transformed psychiatric care. Gollaher describes Dix's public persona and delves into her often troubled private life as well.

2sexE: Urban Tales of Love, Liberty and the Pursuit of Gettin' It On

by Jennifer Lee Antonio Cuevas

What do you get when you gather a group of savvy Generation X-ers and ask them to speak out? It's not "Dr. Ruth Meets The Joy of Sex" and not "Madonna Does Bondage." It's more "Oscar Wilde Talks Naughty on a Cell Phone." Conversational and candid, this collection of writings range from the hilarious to the lyrical. Whether it's Internet mating, sex and spirituality, ethnic penises, or bad seduction music, these young writers bring intelligence, fun, and a refreshing no nonsense approach to discussing sex, identity, and lust.

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live

by Martha Beck

Self-help, attempts to teach self-actualization.;

No More Water In The Tub!

by Tedd Arnold

From the Book jacket: Leave the faucet on another minute, then no more water in the tub!" William's mother warns him as he prepares for his nightly bath. But when the faucet breaks, William and his tub are suddenly sent swooping through the building! Happily surfing in and out of his neighbors' apartments, William collects a strange fleet in his wake-from Uncle Nash, who sits in the trash, to Little Dottie, who sails the potty. Who will William carry off next? "Full of amusing detail that will keep young readers coming back again and again." -School Library Journal Tedd Arnold is the author and illustrator of many books for children, including No Jumping on the Bed!, The Signmaker's Assistant, Green Wilma, and most recently, Parts.

The Hidden Mind: Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Unconscious Processes

by Israel Orbach

An examination of the various models of the unconscious used in the various psychological schools of thought.


by Dave Elman

Classic work by a professional hypnotist who, for many years, taught physicians and other professionals the use of hypnosis.

Health and Wellness (7th Edition)

by Kelli Mccormack Brown Eric Golanty Gordon Edlin

A text for an introductory class about health. Textbook has not been proofread.

Health In Christian Perspective Quiz and Test Book

by Calyn Ohman

The quiz and test book is correlated with the text Health in Christian Perspective, 2nd ed., and Health in Christian Perspective Teacher Edition, which includes the curriculum/lesson plans. Answers and grading guidance are sold separately in Health in Christian Perspective Quiz/Test Key. Grades 9–12. One semester. Product Features · The 16 quizzes of 10 questions each provide weekly reinforcement of concepts and an opportunity for you to evaluate your teen’s weekly progress. · A variety of quiz formats such as multiple choice, short answer, matching, labeling, and sorting prepares your teen for the tests and requires him to consider the information from various aspects. · Along with objective questions, the 4 unit tests include an essay question that gives your teen the opportunity to apply his learning to practical life situations. · A nine-weeks and final exam further reinforce the concepts learned throughout the semester so that your teen will retain this vital information. · Since each quiz and test specifies the section of the textbook it covers, you can easily adjust quizzes and tests to your schedule for greater flexibility.

Health Grade 2: My Second Health Book

by Gordonville Print Shop

A health book for grade 2.

The Anatomy of Fate: Astrology and Kabbalah

by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

The author explores the intertwining of astrology and Kabbalah in a person's life, the life of a nation, and the history and destiny of human beings. How can these tools be used to evolve as individuals and as souls? The Kabbalah is the secret doctrine underpinning the esoteric tradition of the West, and Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, who has spent over thirty years studying and writing about this mystical path for the modern pilgrim, unveils its astrological dimension and encyclopaedic survey of celestial influences upon the fate, free will and destiny of us all; a journey through time charting a coherent, divine purpose in the universe. The Anatomy of Fate, a book about spiritual roots and reasons, is one of the wisest and most learned books on astrology you are likely to read - a classic, already, since its first publication in 1978.

"Mommy, What Is Dead?"

by Nikki Sian-Leigh Aksamit

"We owe kids explanations, its part of our responsibility as parents and educators." says Nikki Sian-Leigh Aksamit, author of "Mommy, What is Dead?" "Children can comprehend and understand a lot more than most people give them credit for, especially preschoolers. Kids need answers when they are confused and grieving over the loss of a loved one." "Mommy, What is Dead?" (copyright June 2007) is a fifteen page illustrated book explaining death and dying, aimed at preschoolers and young children. It explains the difference between body and soul, and the various ways people and animals die. Taking no religious stance, it offers two of the most common beliefs as to what happens to the soul after death ("heaven" and reincarnation). "Mommy, What is Dead?" offers comfort by telling children that our memories are the way love continues on. With gentle text, and simple illustrations, young children instantly understand its message. "Mommy, What is Dead?" was written in the hopes of becoming a tool for parents, care givers, teachers and educators to use to provide clarity and comfort to young children who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, pet or to help answer some of the difficult questions they have about death.

Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual (Third Edition)

by David H. Barlow

Written primarily from a cognitive-behavioral perspective, this book describes treatment methods for various disorders.

Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings

by David J. Chalmers

A collection of articles ranging from Descartes to the present, covering the major issues and controversies in the philosophy of mind.

Analytical Hypnotherapy, Volume 1: Theoretical Principles

by Jacquelyne Morison

The first volume of a two-volume work. Analytical hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to uncover and deal with inner conflicts.

Analytical Hypnotherapy, Volume 2: Practical Applications

by Jacquelyne Morison

The second volume of a two-volume work. Analytical hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to uncover and deal with inner conflicts.

Current Theories of Psychoanalysis

by Robert Langs

Each chapter is written by one or more contributors who make the case for the particular version of psychoanalytic theory and practice to which they are committed

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