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Woodrow Wilson

by Louis Auchincloss

Woodrow Wilson sheds new light on Wilson's upbringing and career, from the grim determination that enabled him to overcome dyslexia to the skillful dance of isolationism and intervention in World War I to the intransigence that--despite his most cherished vision--caused the Senate's rejection of the League of Nations. Here, from the dynamic figure whose ringing speeches hypnotized vast crowds to the gentle voice reading poetry aloud and the comic star of family skits and charades to the rising academic and president of Princeton who made the giant leap into politics are all the triumphs and final tragic irony of this flawed apostle of world peace. Our twenty-eighth president was, says Louis Auchincloss, "the greatest idealist who ever occupied the White House." And who better than Auchincloss, with his penchant for quirky personalities and fascination with fin-de-sicle society, to explore this complex persona?

Irish Whiskey

by Andrew M. Greeley

3rd novel of Nuala Anne McGrail series.

On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency

by Mark Hertsgaard

Examines relationship and coverage of press during Reagan presidency.

Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi

by Bob Woodward

Story of John Belushi.

A Lawyer's Life

by Johnnie Cochran David Fisher

Begins with the Simpson trial then reviews his previous career.

Safer Than a Known Way

by Pamela Rosewell Moore

life story of Pamela Roswell Moore, companion to Corrie Ten Boom for the last years of her life

The Civil War Letters of Joseph Taylor

by Kevin C. Murphy

Letters of a civil war Massachusetts soldier to his father

A. N. Krishnarao

by G. S. Amur

Biography of Krishnarao by one of his admirers.

The Original Has This Signature--W. K. Kellogg

by Horace B. Powell

The Story of a Pioneer in Industry and Philanthropy--W. K. Kellogg,who built a world-wide cereal industry and amassed one of the great fortunes of the twentieth century and reinvested his fortune in a philanthropic foundation designed to help people to help themselves.

Nuremberg Diary: Formerly Prison Psychologist at the Nuremberg Trial of the Nazi War Criminals

by Gustave M. Gilbert

In August 1945 Great Britain, France, the USSR and the United States established a tribunal at Nuremberg to try military and civilian leaders of the Nazi regime for the plotting of aggressive warfare, the extermination of civilian populations, the widespread use of slave labor, the looting of occupied countries, and the maltreatment and murder of prisoners of war. G.M. Gilbert was the prison psychologist before and during the Nuremberg trial. He had an unrivaled, firsthand opportunity to watch and question the Nazi war criminals. With scientific dispassion he encouraged Goering, Speer, Hess Ribbentrop, Frank, Jodl, Keitel, Streicher, and the others to reveal their innermost thoughts.

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution

by Carol Berkin

Constitutional history.

Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War

by T. J. Stiles

Accurate history.

Sri Ramanin Pathayil Oru Siru Payanam

by Geetha Sambasivam

This book describes the experiences of the author in her pilgrimage trip to certain places like Ayodhya, Citrakutam, Naimicaraniyam etc. said to be toured by Sri Rama in the Indian epic Ramayana.

Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Woman

by Queen Latifah Karen Hunter

Autobiography of a rap star.

Francis Bacon and the Modern Dilemma

by Loren C. Eiseley

A critical examination of Francis Bacon, the scientist and educator who founded the scientific method that is used even today to deduce the answer to a given problem.

Adultery and Other Diversions

by Tim Parks

In Adultery and Other Diversions, author Tim Parks gives his own intellect free rein to cartwheel and skylark among a variety of subjects from the dangerous allure of adultery to the creative power of rancor. With each essay, Parks begins by grounding himself and the reader in a concrete experience--a bus ride across Europe, for instance, or cleaning his daughter's room, or translating an Italian novel into English--then lets his mind loose to joyously observe, reflect, and comment on what it all means.

The Sixties: The Last Journal, 1960-1972

by Lewis M. Dabney Edmund O. Wilson

Edited by Wilson's biographer, this volume poignantly -- and defiantly -- records the final years of one of our foremost critics and writers, taking its place alongside his major works, including "To the Finland Station", "Patriotic Gore", "The Shores of Light, and Letters on Literature and Politics", as an enduring contribution to American culture. In "The Sixties" Wilson also struggles with his aging, as intellectual and personal curiosity contend against weakening physical powers, and flirtations that afford a sense of biological revival strain his relationship with his wife, Elena. He watches his children establishing their own lives and is aware of unfulfilled relationships with them. Yet, as he plunges into the contemporary scene of art, thought, and public affairs, the pull of his personal and cultural past is strengthened by the sense of his approaching end. Witnessing his own foibles and the ironies of human nature, expressing feeling more deeply than he often had in his journal, he writes his account of this decade with a concentration undiluted by other large-scale projects. The extraordinary personal record begun in another pivotal period in American life, with "The Twenties", comes to a fitting culmination in "The Sixties".

Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters

by Harold E. Meyer

Provides letters that can help you think of what to write.

A Redefined Life: Lessons from a Pitchfork

by Ashlee Lundvall

After a paralyzing ranching accident when she was sixteen years old, Ashlee Lundvall was forced to redefine her life. What she discovered was that through hard changes and loss comes beautiful hope and life-changing lessons. Once a basketball player, she has found she can continue to be competitive in a new stadium--the great outdoors. Join her on her journey home as she shares her struggles, triumphs, and the lessons she learned along the way following her Pitchfork Moment.

Lesbian Rabbis: The First Generation

by Rebecca T. Alpert Shirley Idelson Sue Levi Elwell

Stories of eighteen lesbian rabbis.

Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay

by Mahasveta Devi

This book depicts the life story of this great novelist, who is like a historiographer, narrating the saga of the rise, fall, continuation and resurrection of a people.

M. P. Paul

by K. M. Tharakan

M. P. Paul biography.

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