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Weight Watchers Momentum Cookbook

by Weight Watchers International

How about enjoying all the foods you love, feeling satisfied, and staying on track? You can do it with the new Weight Watchers® Momentum® plan and our Momentum Cookbook. This sensational new cookbook has 200 delicious, healthful, and easy recipes, including: *Lunches that can be enjoyed at home or brown-bagged *Easy suppers for those nights when time is short *Robust meals for the times when you are really, really hungry *Slow-cooker meals that can be prepared without fuss *Snacks that will satisfy your cravings in no time flat *And a host of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. With our Momentum Cookbook, which includes Filling Extra tips and recipes that work with the Simply Filling technique, you will incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, and whole grains and legumes into your diet and produce tasty dishes.

Weight Watchers Momentum Healthy & Happy Celebrations

by Weight Watchers International

Entertaining just got easier! And yes, you can stick to a smart eating plan while playing host to family and friends. We created Healthy & Happy Celebrations and packed it with all the information you need to make your next gathering a smashing success. Inside you'll find: Entertaining Guidelines -- from invitations to cleanup, 135 Winning Recipes -- including holiday and dinner-party favorites, 23 Delicious Menus -- each with a do-ahead list.

Weight Watchers Best Eats

by Weight Watchers International

Family-approved, easy-to-make, crazy delicious, and good for you, BEST EATS is an exclusive collection of WeightWatchers recipes deemed favorites by WeightWatchers members, leaders, and online subscribers. Inside, you'll find a compilation of prized recipes from Weight Watchers cookbooks,, and Weight Watchers Magazine. Devotees of the Flex Plan and the Core Plan® will quickly see that BEST EATS provides great-tasting options for recipes that work any time of day, everyday.

Thendral: Vol 10, Issue 12, November 2010

by Madhurabharathi

The November issue features interviews of Deepa Ramanujam, Artist Gopulu, nostalgia on Tamil Scholar Dr.Va.Suba. Manickanar, Three short stories, Children’fiction “Kadalil Kidaitha Puthayal”, an article on Thanjai Big Temple and Bala Sahitya Puraskar awardee M. Kamalavelan and other regular features such as Recipes (with Horse grain-Kuruma, Idly and Idly powder), Nalam Vazha, Anbulla Snehitiye, Travelogue: Nadai Sutrula at Kodaikanal, Thendral Pesukirathu, Kathiravanai Kelungal, and Jokes.

Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating

by Geneen Roth

This is a book about breaking free from the desire to overeat, eat for emotional reasons, and/or binge on food. The author shares her personal story of dieting, her use of food for comfort, and how she found a way to make peace with food and herself. This isn't a diet book. It's more like a conversation with a friend who has been there and believes she has ideas to share that can help to end your struggle with your weight and life. This is a companion to the book Feeding The Hungry Heart.

Appendix to the I Hate to Cook Book

by Peg Bracken

140 brand-new recipes and more of those hilarious tips on how to stay happy on the kitchen front

Scholastic At-Home Phonics Reading Program # 27: Food

by Wiley Blevins Cary Pillo

While strengthening their reading skills, a beginning reader will learn alot about food.

Of Beatles and Angels: a Boy's Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to harvard

by Mawi Asgedom Dave Berger

Mawi Asgedom moved from a Sudanese refugee camp to Chicago when he was three years old. His father, formerly a doctor in Ethiopia had to do back-breaking work in order to support his family, but he always encouraged the author to dream and to educate himself. After years of struggle, he was accepted with a scholarship to Harvard University. Includes recipes. An excellent biography for young readers.

Thendral: Vol 11, Issue 01, December 2010

by Madhurabharathi

This issue features Interviews of Anu Natarajan, Dr. Prasad Srinivasan, Actor Nasser; Biography of famous Carnatic Musician G.N. Balasubramaniam and Writer Sandilyan; Three short stories; Nostalgia on Kanchi seer Maha Periyava; a spiritual article on Gunaseelam Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal; Two recipes with Tomatillo and other usual features such as Anbulla Snehitiye, Nalam Vaazha, Kathiravanai Kelungal, Jokes, etc.

Thendral: Vol 11, Issue 02, January 2011

by Madhurabharathi

This issue contains Interviews of G. Asokan and Dr. Balaji Sampath, an article on Pandit Gopala Iyer and Muthu Srinivasan, nostalgia on Pope John Paul II, Four Short Stories, a spiritual page on Shirdi Sai Baba, Biography of eminent Children’s writer ‘Vaandumama’, mouth watering jackfruit recipes, besides the regular features of Anbulla Snehitiye, Nalam Vaazha, Kathiravanai Kelungal, Jokes, Ilanthendral, etc.

Thendral: Vol 11, Issue 03, February 2011

by Madhurabharathi

The current issue features Interviews of Carnatic vocalists Bombay Sisters (C.Saroja and C.Lalitha), & Comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Recipes of Rava Rotis, Biography of the writer, publisher, journalist and orator 'Somale', an artile on 'Tirunelveli Nellaiappar Temple', Short Story (Veettil Oruvar), Nostalgia (Travelogue) - 'Ayyanar Statue in Haryana', Health (Ten Commandments for Ten Years), A write-up on writer Gopikrishnan and his short story (Izhantha Yogam) plus usual features of Anbulla Snehitiye, Kathiravanai Kelungal, Jokes, and Ilanthendral.

The Art of Cidermaking

by Paul Correnty

This book is not just about how to make the cider, it is about how to enjoy making the cider. What equipment does the beginner need? Which apples are best? Which apples are affordable? What is the history of fermenting apple juice? A fine book for the cider enthusiast and the armchair cook.

Ginnie and the Cooking Contest

by Catherine Woolley

"When Ginnie spotted the newspaper headline announcing a juvenile cooking contest, she was immediately fired with enthusiasm and determination to win first prize, a trip to Washington, D. C. For weeks she pored over a multitude of cookbooks trying to find the ideal menu to submit and a superlative recipe to prepare the day of the contest. Although an experienced cook for her age, Ginnie began to lose confidence as she sampled her friends' mouth-watering dishes and still could not decide on her own entry. Even with her plans settled, Ginnie found she had not allowed enough time to prepare her material. How she manages to enter the contest on time, and what happens then, makes a suspenseful climax to a warm, appealing story. Ginnie's refreshingly natural personality has won her many loyal fans. This new book about her, illustrated with charming line drawings, is one of the most enticing. Ginnie's experiments with cheese soufflé, homemade bread, and chicken loaf are described with relish, and they are guaranteed to turn every reader into an eager cook." You can read much more about Ginnie and her friends in Ginnie and Geneva, Ginnie's Baby-sitting Business and Ginnie and the Mystery Cat and more in the Bookshare collection.

Wellness Shakes and Juice Bar Drinks

by University of California

Most people view beverages as mere thirst-quenchers, not as a source of nutrients. And, in the case of most popular store-bought beverages, with good reason: Sodas contain empty calories, providing few nutrients for the calories they contain; diet sodas, although they contribute minimal calories, are very low in vitamins and minerals.

Classic American Pies

by Keebler Company

The Keebler Company presents a varied assortment of easy to follow pie recipes using their ready made pie crusts in various flavors such as butter, chocolate and graham cracker. The recipes can easily be adapted to use home made crust or another brand of prepared pie crust. Chapter one includes family favorites like Dutch apple, pecan, custard, fudge brownie, and apricot chiffon. Examples of the quick and easy pies in chapter 2 are Creamy Coconut, raspberry yogurt, Mississippi mud, banana pistachio, and 2 minute pineapple. Chapter 3 features cheese cakes like cappuccino, tropical, lemon, and blueberry. Samples of the regional pies in chapter 4 are cranberry velvet, Virginia peanut brittle, cream raisin, Pacific country apple, macadamia nut, peach shoofly and Florida orange blossom. The final chapter is devoted to celebration pies such as eggnog praline, brandy Alexander, Cinderella pumpkin tarts, Million $, chocolate mousse, baked Alaska tarts, grasshopper, and cherries jubilee. Helpful tips features provide practical instructions on specific pie making skills like melting chocolate in the microwave, softening cream cheese and making fruit garnishes. An alphabetical index of pie recipes and an index of helpful tips are included.

Thendral: Vol 11, Issue 04, March 2011

by Madhurabharathi

The current issue features interviews of Dr. Padmini Sharma and novelist Indira soundararajan, Biography of a famous woman novelist of yester years Vai.Mu. Kothainayaki, a spiritual article on Lord Saneeswarar of Thirunallaru, a short story (Gnanakkoothan), nostalgia, a health page on "Bone marrow Transplantation" for Leukemia, a write up on writer Uma Maheswari followed by one of her best short stories, Recipe section containing sambar powder, rasam powder etc. plus other usual features of Anbulla Snehitiye, Kathiravani Kelungal, Jokes, Sirappu Paarvai, Ilanthendral, etc.

The Tupperware Book of Picnics Parties & Snacks Around the World

by Mary Ann Zimmerman

[Selected From the back cover] "Picnics, Parties & Snacks Around the World" tells you how to COOK EXOTICALLY but in easy-to-follow, quick-to-make recipes. Featured are unusual, delicious dishes. Recipes from the foremost chefs and best restaurants on five continents.

So, Now What Do I Eat? The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Convenience Foods

by Gail Davis

From the book: Discover How to: *Shop for the most delectable vegetarian foods * Create award winning meals without spending hours in the kitchen * choose nutritious foods your kids will love * Find vegetarian foods your pets will love * Interpret food labels and know which ingredients to avoid * Buy foods you cannot find at your local store * Replace your favorite animal-based foods with delicious vegetarian alternatives that taste even better! An excellent resource!

Thendral: Vol 11, Issue 05, April 2011

by Madhurabharathi

The current issue features Interviews of Krishna, a Director of Tamil Tinsel World; Narasaiah, Recipes of Rice kichu; vada pav, Biography of Tamil film superstar of '40s- 50s-P.U.Chinnappa, an artile on Tiruvidanthai Nityakalyana Perumal, Three Short Stories, A conversation with Devi Narayani Amma of Vellore Golden Temple, Health (Araiappukkatti), A write-up on writer Stella Bruce and his short story (Enathu Maharaniyin Ninaivaga) plus usual features of Anbulla Snehitiye, Kathiravanai Kelungal, Jokes, and Ilanthendral.

What to Eat for a Long & Healthy Life

by The Editors at the University of California at Berkeley

5 chapters: Diet for a Healthy Heart, Diet to Lower Blood Pressure, Diet and Cancer Prevention, The Right Diet for Diabetes, and Nutrition for Strong Bones. Includes 12 recipes.

Thendral: Vol 11, Issue 06, May 2011

by Madhurabharathi

The current issue features Interviews of Saranathan and Narasaiah, a special article on "Sri Sathya Sai Baba", a tribute to Tamil novelist Ra.Su. Nallaperumal, Three Short Stories, an article on writer "Keeranoor Jagir Raja" and his short story titled "Budhi Begum Theru Irandavathu Sandhu", a Biography of Tamil Scholar A. Sa. Gnanasambhandhan, Nutritious recipes of Puzhungal Arisi roti (Boiled rice roti) and Dates Halwa, A health page on "The two sides of Contraceptive Pills" a Spiritual round up on Singavaram Sri Renganathar Alayam, plus other usual features of Thendral Pesukirathu, Anbulla Snehitiye, Kathiravanai Kelungal, Jokes, Ilanthendral, etc.

Eat This Book: A Year of Gorging and Glory on the Competitive Eating Circuit

by Ryan Nerz

From the Publisher: Sparing no one's appetite, Nerz reveals the training, game-day strategies, and after-effects of competition in this delectably shocking banquet of gorging and glory on the competitive eating circuit. With barbecue sauce-soaked tongue planted firmly in cheek, Nerz chronicles his amusing adventures in the perverse, repellent, strangely heroic world of "competitive eating." Having moved beyond county fair pie-eating contests, competitive eating is now a global challenge involving national pride, superstars and, in 2005, $200,000 in prize money. Freelance journalist Nerz falls in with the denizens of this world while covering the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest for the Village Voice. There, the diminutive Japanese Takeru Kobayashi overturns years of American dominance by consuming 50 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. From the gastronomical excesses of Coney Island, it's a short hop to the sadomasochistic extremes of Japan, where, during the Superman Dash, "Hungry" Charles Hardy and Kazutoyo Arai devour 180 bento box lunches between them. Along the way, records are broken and countless calories are consumed. Hired by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE), Nerz travels the U.S., promoting jambalaya-eating contests in New Orleans, chicken-eating blowouts in Philadelphia and fried asparagus feasts in Sacramento. Despite disgusting details-vomiting, distended bellies, etc.-Nerz presents his story with glee and good humor. 30 pages of b&w photos. --Publisher's Weekly

The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Usable Trim, Scraps, and Bones

by Anthony Bourdain

Essays from the long time chef and host of his travel show and author of Kitchen Confidential.

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