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John the Balladeer

by Manly Wade Wellman

John the Balladeer appeardd in fantasy magazines for over two decades. He is one of the most enigmatic and down-to-earth heroes in the fantasy genre. He is just a wandering minstrel with a silver-stringed guitar who wandrs the hills and valleys of rural America and finds magic there.

The Road Home (Guardians of the Flame, Book #7)

by Joel Rosenberg

This is part of a long series of books written in the same universe. This series is well-written and appeals to young adults as well as young older people.

Bounty Bride

by Emily Bradshaw

Romance and adventure set in the Arizona Territory in 1870.

The Other Brother

by Lena Nelson Dooley

Christian romance set in Minnesota in 1891.

Death Cruise: Crime Stories on the Open Seas

by Lawrence Block

CAN THERE BE a more romantic and exciting setting for a crime story than a ship on the open sea?

Family for Keeps

by Margaret Daley

Love inspired Christian romance set in Colorado.

Jungle Fire

by Bruce Porterfield

The many instances in this book have been drawn from the experiences of many missionaries. Some of the heartaches, clashes of ideas concerning methods of mission boards, love affairs, raw jungle life in reaching savage tribes, the defeats and victories, have been the realities of many new and experienced servants of God. Some of the methods and practices of a number of mission boards and their personnel are clearly seen in this novel. However, it is not the author's intention to single out any one organization while writing about some of the things that commonly occur. The inward struggles and outward circumstances that Brian Allmand faces are the very things that many new missionaries have come up against. These or similar experiences have crushed and defeated many well intentioned missionaries because methods and principles became insurmountable barriers to them. Brian is one of the few missionaries with firm convictions who is willing to challenge what appears to be man-guided rules. He gets into all kinds of difficulties for speaking out on his convictions. Was it worth it? The results in principle of his convictions have also been those of a few in true life.

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel

by April D Brown

Sunshine and horses were all Tammy dreamed of. Her first paid summer spent training the horses at Mare Valley with her best friend is lost when her best friend forbade her interaction with the foal that survived. Her older sister takes her to college to work for the summer, and instead, she suffers a serious set of complications from a diet and workplace high in gluten. Her best friend does not believe her new lifestyle is necessary. Due to her own issues, she takes out revenge on the loss of her mare against the stallion who bred her. In so doing, Tammy's best friend dies, and her older sister's best friend is severely injured. Erin watches the young adult she has helped raise, and all the losses of her 18th summer. She unexpectedly feels lost and adrift without a purpose in the only home she remembers. The family secret her father shares on his first visit in 18 years is more than she can bear alone. At least, she is no longer alone. Now, she has three sisters, instead of none. Together, Tammy and Erin must unearth forgotten family secrets, and cement the ties that will bind them as sisters while building a future for all of them.

Twice Burned

by Bruce Porterfield

Bruce Porterfield spent three terms in Bolivia with the New Tribes Mission. Much of his time there was spent with other missionaries in seeking to make a friendly contact with primitive tribes in remote areas of the country. The story of this work is told in his book, Commandos for Christ. In his second book, ["jungle Fire," which is also available in this library] Porterfield uses the novel as a means of revealing much truth about missionary work, the needs, problems and opportunities faced. In his latest book, Twice Burned, he again turns to the novel as a means of clarifying the issues between ecumenical and mass-meeting evangelism compared to the New Testament pattern of Gospel preaching and church planting.

Amber Brown is Not a Crayon

by Paula Danziger

A great read for kids.

The Blind Colt

by Glen Rounds

Moving story of a mustang colt who was born blind and eventually adopted and trained by a ten-year-old boy. Story based on author's own experience as a youth with a blind wild colt on the family's ranch.

Kiss of Death

by Debbie Viguié

In the wake of a failed attempt to defeat the vampire Richelieu, Susan and her friends are weakened and divided. Raphael must set aside his animosity and join with his enigmatic sire Gabriel to discover a powerful weapon before Richelieu claims it. Meanwhile, Susan and her cousin Wendy translate a 12th century diary belonging to their ancestor, Carissa, to learn the origin of their family's connection with the vampires. As Carissa's story of love and betrayal unfolds, they discover the secrets of the present will only be revealed by solving the mysteries of the past.

Isaac's Universe: The Diplomacy Guild (vol #1)

by Martin Greenberg

Short stories by various authors based on a Universe invented by master science fiction author Isaac Asimov

Her Home or Her Heart

by Kasandra Elaine

Christian romance set mostly on a cruise ship on the Mississippi River.

Rumpole of the Bailey

by John Mortimer

Horace Rumpole, barrister-at-law, takes on a violent robbery, a drug deal, a rape, a divorce, a safe-cracking and a murder in these 6 stories.

The Case of the Backward Mule

by Erle Stanley Gardner

[from the back cover] "Clane closed the bedroom door and looked at the woman. She was wearing nothing but a slip. Her blond hair was uncombed. A cigarette dangled from her lower lip. "What the hell do you want?" she spat out. What Clane wanted--and fast--was the answer to one question: Who killed Horace Farnsworth? But to get the truth he had to handle this tough babe just right. She was as touchy as a trainload of nitroglycerine. One wrong move on Clane's part and she might blow his case so high he could never find the pieces again... just out of pure, overdeveloped viciousness!"

The Mystery at Star-C Ranch

by Hildegarde Hawthorne

A thrilling and joyous story has been told by Hildegarde Hawthorne in relating these new adventures of the boys and girls who already have appeared in Makeshift Farm and other books by this author. Deedah and Wendy, the girls, and Enley and Zach, the boys, and Treachy the youngest, go to visit their friend, Ralph St. Clair, on his father's big ranch in Wyoming. They are all primed for adventure and excitement which they find galore. The young people go on a long horseback trip through Yellowstone National Park, participate in a big round-up and a thrilling adventure with some cattle rustlers. The mystery in the plot will keep every reader absorbed in the story until the last chapter, while the lively and attractive boys and girls make every page enjoyable.

Gloria at Boarding School

by Lillian Garis

Gloria and Trixie head off to boarding school. When Gloria opens the trunk that she thinks is hers, she finds beaded costumes and a mysterious jewel instead. Jack, a flashy talkative girl, suddenly departs from school. Gloria saves Jack from the water and becomes her confidant. Will Gloria fit in and will the girls figure out the mystery behind the jewel?

The Great War and Modern Memory

by Paul Fussell

Fussell writes: This book is about the British experience on the Western Front from 1914 to 1918 and some of the literary means by which it has been remembered, conventionalized, and mythologized. It is also about the literary dimensions of the trench experience itself. Indeed, if the book had a subtitle, it would be something like "An Inquiry into the Curious Literariness of Real Life." <P><P> Winner of the National Book Award

Hopalong Cassidy

by Clarence E. Mulford

Jim Meeker came down from Montana to run Texas cattle--only to find that Hoppy's Bar-20 ran the water. So when a trio of snake-mean rustlers started themselves a cattle war, the powder was primed, the guns cocked, and Hoppy was smack in the middle. it's friend against friend, brother against brother, gun against blazing gun. Time's running out, and the range is red with blood, in Clarence E. Mulford's Hopalong Cassidy.

Dice Angel

by Brian Rouff

Jimmy Delaney is on another bad roll. His ex-wife is cranky. A homeless guy keeps scaring the hell out of him. Burglars clean out all the coins from the video poker machines at his saloon, Jimmy D's. His accountant is missing-with all the bar's money. He can't get a loan because the IRS has a lien on the joint and a rogue revenue agent with a personal grudge is seizing Jimmy D's on Friday unless Delaney can come up with $50,000 in back taxes. Losing streaks in Las Vegas can be the worst in the world. And then a mysterious woman enters his life. A karma-spouting planet-charting colon-cleansing floozy -- the Dice Angel. Can Delaney save Jimmy D's with a supernaturally hot hand at the crap tables at Luxor? Or does Lady Luck bite off, chew up, and spit out another Las Vegas loser?

Change of the Heart

by Lynn Bulock

Love Inspired Christian romance set in Missouri and Tijuana, Mexico.

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