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Catalina Magdalina Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name

by Tedd Arnold

Though she has two arms that drag along the ground, two feet bigger than a bathroom mat, and just two teeth in her mouth, life for Catalina is full and fun! Meet CATALINA MAGDALENA HOOPENSTEINER WALLENDINER HOGAN LOGAN BOGAN! She had a funny name but she wasn't much to blame, Her mother gave it to her just the same, same, same! Bestselling author/illustrator Tedd Arnold has transformed this popular camp song into a wild, wacky, happy story!

Perloo the Bold

by Avi

Meet Perloo, retired scholar and member of a race of jack-rabbit-like creatures called Montmers. He's the unwilling leader in an attempt to end a feud between the Montmers and their enemies, the coyote-like Felbarts.

The Mighty (Point Signature)

by Rodman Philbrick

Originally published as "Freak the Mighty"

Santa Claus, Inc.

by Linda Ford

[From the back cover:] Do you know the truth about Santa? Nick Martin thought he did, until he found out that there really is a Santa Claus. Santa Claus, Inc., that is. Believe it or not, Nick's parents want him to be Santa Claus! But Nick doesn't think the Santa-life is for him. The reindeer won't cooperate, the elves go on strike, and Nick just can't seem to get the hang of steering that cool antigravity sleigh. Can Nick ever escape the North Pole? Or will he be left out in the Cold?" Bookshare has all the books about Nick's funny Christmas adventures trying to help his Grandfather, Santa Claus, even though he's afraid of heights, is allergic to reindeer and doesn't like them and thinks being Santa is the most boring job in the world. Look for these fast paced, short chapter books: The Santa Solution, Santa S.O.S., The Santa Season and The Santa Contest.

Fun with Zip and Zap: Phonics Chapter Books:

by John Shefelbine

"I am Zip and this is Zap. We are dogs. I am little and fast. Zap is fast, but he is big. I like Zap and Zap likes me. We like Ben and Jen. ..." Ben and Jen take Zip and Zap to the pet store to buy beds. What a mess! A fun book for beginning readers.

Mouse Soup

by Arnold Lobel

An inventive mouse escapes from a weasel's soup pot by telling four marvelousstories. "An artistic triumph, with enough suspense, humor and wisdom to holdany reader". --New York Times. Three-color illustrations. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Cats Add Up! (Hello Reader! Math)

by Dianne Ochiltree Marcy Dunn-Ramsey Marilyn Burns

Including a complementary article showing parents how to explore the mathematical concepts involved in the story with their children, a humorous tale for young pet lovers demonstrates the mechanics of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Original.

Help! I'm Trapped in My Principal's Body

by Todd Strasser

A bully is beating up students in Jake Sherman's eighth grade class and it looks as if no one can stop him, until Jake causes his buddy Josh to switch bodies with the principal. <p> <p><b>Lexile Level: 590L</b></p>

The Garden

by Carol Matas

After leading a group of Jewish refugees to Israel after World War II, sixteen-year-old Ruth joins the Haganah, the Jewish Army, and helps her people fight to keep the land granted to them by the United Nations.

Escape from Thyferra (Star Wars Missions, #2:)

by Ryder Windham

The Rebel forces have found an Imperial conspiracy involving a contaminated bacta, a deadly substance that can poison entire planets. In order to stop the Empire, the Rebels travel to Thyferra, where they are trapped by a squadron of stormtroopers. Your mission: to escape from Thyferra before it's too late!

In the Eye of the Tornado

by David Levithan

Stieg Atwood has the Sense. He can tell when natural disasters are going to hit. Now, with his parents dead, Stieg and his brother Adam must save people before disasters strike -- like the twister that's guaranteed to hit somewhere soon.

Salty Dog (Wishbone #2)

by Brad Strickland

Buried treasure is always a good reason to dig up adventure! There's treasure buried in Oakdale! To find it, Wishbone, Joe, Samantha and David must enter the condemned Trumbull barn.

On the Far Side of the Mountain

by Jean Craighead George

This book is the sequel to My Side of the Mountain. My Side of the Mountain was a Newbery Honor Book, an ALA Notable Book, a Hans Christian Andersen Award Honor Book, and was made into a major motion picture.

Little House Chapter Book Pioneer Sisters

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Paperback Scholastic book with illustrations by Renee Graef. This PBK is an adaptation based on Laura Ingalls' "Little House" novels written for younger children. There are a number of "Little House Chapter Books" of which this is just one.

Help! I'm Trapped in Obedience School Again

by Todd Strasser

Andy borrows his friend Jake's dog in order to meet the new girl in town, who also has a dog. Sounds simple? Nope... <p> <p><b>Lexile Level: 570L</b></p>


by Philip Pullman Leonid Gore

Borrowing elements of Frankenstein, Pinocchio, and Faust, the popular author of The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife creates a suspenseful fantasy tale about an apprentice clockmaker who sells his soul.

Franklin's Secret Club

by Paulette Bourgeois

Franklin's secret clubhouse is very small, so only his smallest friends, like Rabbit and Snail, can join. But when his other friends find out, they are hurt and angry. Can Franklin find a way to bring everyone together again?

The Grouchy Ladybug

by Eric Carle

The story is about an arrogant ladybug who challenges another ladybug and other animals to a fight.

The Junkyard Dog

by Erika Tamar

A girl befriends a stray dog.

Guilty (Nightmare Hall #6)

by Diane Hoh

High on a hillside overlooking Salem University, hidden in shadows and shrouded in silence, sits Nightingale Hall. Nightmare Hall, the students call it. Because that's where the terror began. Katie Sullivan has everything--nice roommate, cool friends, and a great guy. Until the day she and her boyfriend are out on the river and their canoe overturns. She survives. He doesn't. Katie can't stop thinking about the accident, weighing the evidence, wondering if it was her fault. But someone else has already reached a decision about Katie. The verdict is guilty. The punishment is death.

Trouble on the Tracks

by Donna Jo Napoli

While traveling across the Australian outback on a train, thirteen-year-old Zach and his younger sister, Eve, uncover an endangered bird-smuggling ring and try to save two trains from a full-speed collision.

Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan

by Mary Pope Osborne

A Quaker girl's diary reflects her experiences growing up in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania and her capture by the Lenape Indians in 1763. Historical fiction.

Julie of the Wolves (Julie Of The Wolves Ser. #1)

by Jean Craighead George John Schoenherr

NIMAC-sourced textbook


by David Galef

When Albert breaks his glasses while supervising the laying of the railroad tracks between two towns, he becomes responsible for one of the most exciting rides that the townspeople have ever had.

Arthur's Eyes

by Marc Brown

None of Arthur's friends wear glasses and his classmates tease him! But when he stops wearing them, he gets in all kinds of trouble. Maybe four eyes really are better than two.

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