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The Floodgate

by Elaine Cunningham

After a fight, some warriors seek to return home. Others seek revenge.The battle of Akhlaur's Swamp is over, and its heroes part ways. One becomes a wizard's apprentice and tries to unravel her mysterious lineage. Another hero returns to his queen, only to find that all is not as it was.Hidden from them both, the Magehound broods. She cannot forgive those who drove her from power, and she will stop at nothing to be avenged. Her bitterness ensures that Akhlaur's


by Matt Richtel

It's Watergate. On servers. On the eve of the presidential election, a conspiracy threatens to alter the outcome of the vote—and the future of American politics. At the heart of the plot is a powerful computer program, aimed at rooting out hypocrisy among politicians to expose their truths . . . and ours. Left to unravel the conspiracy is a bitter, hotheaded former journalist, but he's just not sure he cares enough to get to the bottom of it.

The Floodgate (Forgotten Realms: Counselors and Kings #2)

by Elaine Cunningham

After a fight, some warriors seek to return home. Others seek revenge.The battle of Akhlaur's Swamp is over, and its heroes part ways. One becomes a wizard's apprentice and tries to unravel her mysterious lineage. Another hero returns to his queen, only to find that all is not as it was.Hidden from them both, the Magehound broods. She cannot forgive those who drove her from power, and she will stop at nothing to be avenged. Her bitterness ensures that Akhlaur's


by Mary Calmes

Tracy Brandt considers himself a lucky man. He has a wonderful family, good friends, and a dependable job. His love life, however, features a cheating ex who, though out of the house, is not yet out of the picture--with a past that just might get Tracy killed. Homicide inspector Cord Nolan wants nothing more than to show his best friend's little brother that he's a reliable man, but to do that he'll have to get Tracy to look past the player he used to be. It'll be a tough sell; reputation is everything, and Cord's is tarnished by his past indiscretions. Tracy and Cord have spent five years trying to suffocate their fiery attraction under a blanket of grudging antagonism. When Tracy finds himself with a target on his back, Cord finally has the chance to ride to the rescue and break through the dam of Tracy's reserve. But he'd better be careful: if Cord is breaking the floodgates to wash away the past, he's going to have to hold tight to Tracy to make sure they're still standing when the tumult recedes.

Floodgates (Faye Longchamp Series #0)

by Mary Anna Evans

Centuries of tragedy shadow New Orleans--wars, slavery, and a monumental flood that killed a thousand people and still threatens to wash all that history away. Faye Longchamp and her team of archaeologists, fighting to save New Orleans' past, are horrified when they discover a corpse that's far too new to be an archaeological find. The police presume it's just another dead body in the long, sad sequence of dead bodies left by Hurricane Katrina, until Faye shows them a truth that only an archaeologist could see: the debris piled on top of the dead woman is all wrong. Someone brought Shelly Broussard to this flooded-out house and left her dead body behind. Presumably, that someone was her killer. Faye and her assistant Joe Wolf Mantooth are drawn into the investigation by a detective who believes their professional expertise is critical to the case. They quickly learn that trouble swirled around the victim like winds around the still, quiet eye of a hurricane. Is Shelly's heroic rescue work in the aftermath of Katrina the key to her death? Or does the sheaf of photos in her work files hold the answer? Will Faye and Joe be the next innocents engulfed in this deadly deception?


by Marcus Sedgwick

Imagine that a few years from now England is covered by water, and Norwich is an island. Zoe, left behind in the confusion when her parents escaped, survives there as best she can. Alone and desperate among marauding gangs, she manages to dig a derelict boat out of the mud and gets away to Eels Island. But Eels Island, whose raggle-taggle inhabitants are dominated by the strange boy Dooby, is full of danger too.The belief that she will one day find her parents spurs Zoe on to a dramatic escape in a story of courage and determination that leads to an unexpected and touching conclusion. FLOODLAND has a powerful and emotive theme, handled with warmth and humanity.


by Marcus Sedgwick

In Marcus Sedgewick's vivid portrayal of a future in which global warming has flooded the world, ten-year-old Zoe finds herself stranded alone, without her parents. When she discovers a small rowboat, Zoe sets out to find her family - and dry land.


by Nic Brown

Lystra, North Carolina. A fictional town full of very real people who survive the attack of Hurricane Hugo and then find their bearings in the aftermath-often in wild and hilarious ways. The days leading up to the impending disaster are not at all unusual-no portents of disaster, no signs of impending calamity. Bryce works his night shift at the hot dog factory, Isaac drives the bus to school, Evelyn attends a funeral. But when the electricity fails in the middle of the night on September 21, 1989, it marks the moment when everything will change: Hugo has arrived.The storm builds, the wind whips by faster and faster, and interpersonal dramas, grudges, and rivalries are dredged up along with the flotsam and debris. Meanwhile, flood markers, painted red, track the height of the water from past rainstorms, and as the creek level rises higher than ever before, so do the emotions of the townspeople. Alternating between weather forecasts and short stories, Floodmarkers is an exquisitely crafted day-in-the-life of a town. And as Nic Brown has us look bravely at the eye of the storm, he cleverly shows us that human nature can stir up a spectacular tempest all its own.

The Floods #1: Good Neighbors

by Crab Scrambly Colin Thompson

The Floods may bury relatives in their backyard, grow cobwebs in every room, and eat slugs for breakfast, but this loving family of wizards and witches is a delight to have next door...unlike their neighbors the Dents-a mean, nasty family that shatters the calm of the whole block. Maybe a little of the Floods' magic will cure the Dents of their obnoxious ways. And if not, a lot of magic will rid the neighborhood of the Dents once and for all!

The Floods #2: School Plot

by Crab Scrambly Colin Thompson

Orkward Warlock hated everyone. Sometimes, for practice, he even hated himself. But Orkward Warlock had one hate that was deeper than all his other hates. The thing that he hated more than anything in the whole universe was the Floods.

The Floods #3: Witch Friend

by Crab Scrambly Colin Thompson

Looks can be deceiving. . . . Betty Flood looks normal, she attends a normal school, and she does normal homework. She comes from a family of wizards and witches, though, and that means she is anything but normal. Betty's new best friend, Ffiona Hulbert, however, is a completely ordinary girl from a regular family. She even has normal problems-like school-yard bullies. When Betty decides to use the Floods' magic to help Ffiona and her family, you can bet that even they won't be normal for long!

Floods and Drought (Clouds and Rain Stories #3)

by Zahra Owens

A Clouds and Rain StoryTim Conroy knows all about patience. He's waited three years for Rory McCown to get out of jail after doing time for stealing horses from the Blue River Ranch. Now that Rory is eligible for parole, Tim makes it his goal to persuade his boss, Hunter Krause, to give Rory a second chance. He almost regrets it when Hunter agrees. Rory is a morose loner one moment, then arrogant and overconfident the next. The attraction between them is still there, but as soon as they start to get close, an old enemy throws a wrench in the works... and their fledgling relationship may not be strong enough to weather the coming storm. Honorable Mention: Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction

Floods and Drought - Eine zweite Chance für Rory (Clouds and Rain Serie #3)

by Zahra Owens Melina Wilke

Ein Titel der Clouds and Rain SerieTim Conroy ist es gewohnt, geduldig zu sein. Er hat drei Jahre darauf gewartet, dass Rory McCown aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wird, nachdem er auf der Blue River Ranch Pferde gestohlen hatte. Doch nun, da Rory auf Bewährung entlassen wird, macht Tim es sich zur Aufgabe, seinen Chef Hunter Krause davon zu überzeugen, Rory eine zweite Chance zu geben. Er bedauert es fast, als Hunter seinem Vorschlag zustimmt, denn Rory ist in einem Moment ein schlecht gelaunter Einzelgänger, nur um sich im nächsten arrogant und unnahbar zu geben. Die beiden fühlen sich trotzdem zueinander hingezogen, doch als sie sich endlich näherkommen, taucht ein alter Feind auf, um Unfrieden zu stiften. Wird ihre Beziehung stark genug sein, diesen Sturm zu überstehen?

Floor Games; a companion volume to "Little Wars"

by H. G. Wells

The jolliest indoor games for boys and girls demand a floor, and the home that has no floor upon which games may be played falls so far short of happiness. It must be a floor covered with linoleum or cork carpet, so that toy soldiers and such-like will stand up upon it, and of a color and surface that will take and show chalk marks; the common green- colored cork carpet without a pattern is the best of all. It must be no highway to other rooms, and well lit and airy. Occasionally, alas! it must be scrubbed - and then a truce to Floor Games. Upon such a floor may be made an infinitude of imaginative games, not only keeping boys and girls happy for days together, but building up a framework of spacious and inspiring ideas in them for after life. The men of tomorrow will gain new strength from nursery floors. I am going to tell of some of these games and what is most needed to play them; I have tried them all and a score of others like them with my sons, and all of the games here illustrated have been set out by us.

The Floor of the Sky (Flyover Fiction)

by Pamela Carter Joern

In the Nebraska Sandhills, nothing is more sacred than the bond of family and land—and nothing is more capable of causing deep wounds. In Pamela Carter Joern's riveting novel The Floor of the Sky, Toby Jenkins, an aging widow, is on the verge of losing her family's ranch when her granddaughter Lila—a city girl, sixteen and pregnant—shows up for the summer. While facing painful decisions about her future, Lila uncovers festering secrets about her grandmother's past—discoveries that spur Toby to reconsider the ambiguous ties she holds to her embittered sister Gertie, her loyal ranch hand George, her not-so-sympathetic daughter Nola Jean, and ultimately, herself. Propelled by stark realism in breakneck prose, The Floor of the Sky reveals the inner worlds of characters isolated by geography and habit. Set against the sweeping changes in rural America—from the onslaught of corporate agribusiness to the pressures exerted by superstores on small towns—Joern's compelling story bears witness to the fortitude and hard-won wisdom of people whose lives have been forged by devotion to the land.

The Floor of the Sky

by Pamela Carter Joern

Toby Jenkins, an aging widow, is on the brink of losing her family's farm when Lila, her young granddaughter who is pregnant comes to spend the summer with her. While she is trying to shape her future she notices some secrets about her grandma.

Floors (Floors #1)

by Patrick Carman

Charlie had his chocolate factory. Stanley Yelnats had his holes. Leo has the wacky, amazing Whippet Hotel. <P><P>The Whippet Hotel is a strange place full of strange and mysterious people. Each floor has its own quirks and secrets. Leo should know most of them - he is the maintenance man's son, after all. <P><P> But a whole lot more mystery gets thrown his way when a series of cryptic boxes are left for him . . . boxes that lead him to hidden floors, strange puzzles, and unexpected alliances. Leo had better be quick on his feet, because the fate of the building he loves is at stake . . . and so is Leo's own future!

Flor and Miranda Steal the Show

by Jennifer Torres

Enjoy carnival rides and deep fried pickles in this warm, funny middle grade novel about family and friendship.Miranda is the lead singer in her family's musical band, Miranda y Los Reyes. Her family has worked hard performing at festivals and quinceañeras. Now, they have a shot at the main stage. How will Miranda make it a performance to remember?Flor's family runs the petting zoo at Mr. Barsetti's carnival. When she accidentally overhears Mr. Barsetti and Miranda's dad talk about cutting the zoo to accommodate Miranda y Los Reyes's main stage salary, she knows she has to take action. Will she have the heart for sabotage once she and Miranda actually start to become friends?

Flor de Loto

by Antonio Almas

¿Qué sería de la vida si su objetivo fuera la muerte? ¿Valdría la pena el sufrimiento y el dolor? Pero la vida es más que nada una caminata, una larga lección que nos permite evolucionar y superar a cada oportunidad, un desafío, en cada desaire, un deseo de levantarse y estar otra vez vivo. El amor es el eslabón que nos une de una vida hacia la otra, un puente que se extiende más allá de la neblina y la muerte es sólo nuestra capacidad de enfrentar ese telón que separa los mundos. Saltemos al abismo con la seguridad de que del otro lado, hay mucho más para ser vivido.

Flor de sal

by Agatha Allen

Una novela romántica, de acción y aventuras, escrita con la trepidante narrativa de Agatha Allen y ambientada en la maravillosa isla de Menorca. ¿Podrá Diodor conseguir el amor de doña Catalina, dama de alto copete, pese a su humilde cuna? ¿No es suficiente que él sea bizarro, ella hermosa y estén profundamente enamorados? ¿Puede un hombre emprendedor llegar a ser aceptado por una familia aristocrática? En los amores de Diodor y Doña Catalina se entremete el doncel don Domènec, de alto linaje, y el capitán Martí Dasi, soldado de Su Majestad Británica y mujeriego empedernido, pero cuentan con el favor de Emilia, madre ajusticiada y convertida en sombra protectora de su hijo. Asistimos al convulso siglo XVIII en la isla de Menorca, dominada alternativamente por ingleses y franceses, con un período español. Se trata dela lucha entre el absolutismo y la ilustración, que en la isla tuvo dos focos de atención contrapuestos, Ciutadella y Maó. Pero sobre todo se trata de una novela de amor y aventuras, a través de la vida de un personaje hecho a sí mismo. ¿Acaso no le bastaría a Diodor con el amor de Moza, mujer exuberante, para llenar su ajetreada vida? Una novela que mereció el premio Eugenio Nadal de 1985 y el premio Chianti Ruffino Antico Fattore de 1986.

Flor de sangre (Trilogía de la Resistencia #Volumen 1)

by Louise Boije af Gennäs

La primera entrega de la «Trilogía de la Resistencia» es un impactante thriller que pone al descubierto las zonas más oscuras de un poder capaz de manipular la realidad y para el que la verdad es la peor de las amenazas. Sara ha decidido dejar su hogar para comenzar una nueva vida en Estocolmo y tratar de olvidar el último año de su vida. No solo sufrió un salvaje ataque a manos de un desconocido camino de la fiesta de una amiga, sino que su padre murió en un incendio en circunstancias no aclaradas. Recién llegada a Estocolmo, Sara conoce a Bella, quien le ofrece trabajo inmediatamente en una de las agencias de relaciones públicas más importantes de la capital. También conoce a Micke, un hombre muy atractivo que parece interesarse por ella. ¿No resulta todo demasiado bonito para ser verdad? ¿Por qué Sara no acaba de desprenderse de la sensación de que hay alguien que la observa y de que todo resulta demasiado perfecto? Quizás Sara es solo una mujer traumatizada, quizás no es capaz de aceptar que la vida puede sonreírle... O quizás la intuición de Sara esté mucho más cerca de la verdad de lo que debería para que su vida no empiece a correr auténtico peligro. La crítca ha dicho:«Un cruce entre "Millennium" y La chica del tren en un thriller que es imposible dejar de leer.»Nextory «Una novela que se lee conteniendo el aliento.»Camilla Läckberg

La flor más falsa del mundo

by Sebastián De Caro

Un ojo puesto sobre el mundo mutante que nos rodea, en la agresividad que impregna las relaciones virtuales, en el cyber bullying convertido en moneda corriente, en un universo de falsas amistades y brutales enemistades, en una cultura que nos impulsa una y otra vez al vacío. Remo Ingrao ha muerto... Carismático, seductor e irresistible, tocó de un modo intenso y profundo las vidas de todos aquellos que lo conocieron. Con su suicidio se abre un misterio insoportable. ¿Qué lo llevó a quitarse la vida? Las claves, intuyen Joaquín y Valentina, acaso se hallen en los registros de la infinidad de proyectos que emprendió: apuntes sueltos de la adolescencia, notas para una novela inconclusa, relatos de sus originales, encendidos y atrevidos juegos sexuales, y especialmente los posteos que hizo en Londa. ¿Qué es Londa? Lo último en redes sociales, una experiencia que se elevó, ardió y se extinguió entre Facebook y Twitter, y expuso en muy poco tiempo lo más descarnado de la naturaleza humana. En su segunda novela Sebastián De Caro se sumerge en un terreno nuevo con las mejores armas de la ficción -el pulso y las ansiedades del Palahniuk de El club de la pelea y el Easton Ellis de Las leyes de la atracción.

La flor púrpura

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

La sorprendente primera novela de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, ganadora del Commonwealth Writers' Prize como Best First Book. Una conmovedora historia sobre una virulenta relación familiar ambientada en un África de conflictos políticos y sociales. La joven Kambili, de quince años, y su hermano mayor Jaja llevan una vida privilegiada en la ciudad de Enugu. Viven en una hermosa casa y frecuentan un elitista colegio religioso, pero su vida familiar dista mucho de ser armoniosa. Su padre, un poderoso y respetado hombre de negocios, es un fanático católico que alienta expectativas de cariño imposibles de cumplir. Cuando los jóvenes visitan durante unos días a la cariñosa y atrevida tía Ifeoma en su humilde apartamento, descubren un mundo totalmente nuevo: el rico olor a curry que inunda el lugar, las continuas risas de sus primos, las flores exuberantes, la calidez, el respeto a las ideas, la libertad, el amor y la ausencia de castigos.Al regresar a su hogar, transformados por la libertad conquistada, la tensión familiar crece de forma alarmante. En La flor púrpura oímos la voz de una juventud que rechaza las prohibiciones que se ciernen sobre su vida y que ahogan a su pueblo. Un relato tierno, sereno y conmovedor sobre los lazos familiares, la pasión de la adolescencia y la represión, y que trasciende el paisaje de una Nigeria convulsa para cobrar un cariz universal. Esta novela pertenece al FONDO DE EDITOR de Literatura Random House«Un relato embriagador sobre la pérdida de la inocencia de una joven nigeriana en una región asolada por la brutalidad política, la brujería y la religión. Nunca África había resultado tan universal.»Sigue la conversación con el editor en @claudiothelopez Reseñas:«La historia sensible y conmovedora de una niña expuesta demasiado pronto a la intolerancia y a la cara más horrible del estado de Nigera.»J.M. Coetze «Adichie está configurando la historia de su país. Es afortunada, y nosotros, sus lectores, lo somos aún más.»Edmund White «He aquí una nueva escritora dotada con la habilidad de los antiguos contadores de historias.»Chinua Achebe

La flor que nunca se marchitó (Los días robados #Volumen 2)

by Luna Dueñas

Continúa la serie de Luna Dueñas «Los días robados». Más misterio, intriga y amor se citarán en esta segunda parte de la vida de Adriana. «Ahora sé con certeza que siempre hay buenas personas. Ángeles que te ayudan a ver un rayo de luz hasta en el más doloroso y oscuro de los infiernos.» Adriana cree que la vida, después de perder a Daniel, va a volver a la normalidad tras haber aparecido Ángel en su vida. Sin embargo, todo se vuelve a poner patas arriba con la llegada de un chico misterioso que oculta mucho más de lo que ella cree en un principio y que se convertirá en su sombra. Todos los misterios irán a más cuando las cosas empeoren con su padrastro, una persona que mostrará su verdadera cara y que la apartará del mundo para hacerla callar por saber su gran secreto. Ella centrará sus días en intentar escapar y hacer justicia, mientras su corazón se divide totalmente en dos con el regreso de una persona inesperada. Decenas de secretos luchan por ver la luz, y en cuanto lo hagan, la vida de Adriana y de todos los que la rodean dará un giro de ciento ochenta grados, y la mayoría de ellos no están preparados para hacerle frente a toda la verdad.

Flora and Grace

by Maureen Lee

The Second World War - a mother must make a heartbreaking sacrifice in order to save her child...A poignant and powerful family saga from the author of Au Revoir Liverpool.1944. It is spring, late morning, when Flora's life changes for ever. She is standing on a platform in the Swiss mountains, watching as a cattle train draws near. From within the wooden trucks she can hear human voices - groaning, pleading and desperate.Horrified, she begins to run alongside the train, frantically trying to help. But as the train picks up speed, a filthy bundle of rags is thrust through the slats and into her arms - 'Take him. His name is Simon.' Flora stands on the platform, a baby boy cradled against her. And although everything looks exactly as it did moments before, nothing will ever be the same again.Sunday Times bestseller Maureen Lee has written a powerful, moving story of war, motherhood and love.

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