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Badger in the Basement (Animal Ark #6)

by Ben M. Baglio

The rescue of a baby badger leads Mandy and James to the discovery of a group involved in the cruel sport of badger baiting. Will the culprits be arrested before the baby badger is released back into the wild?

Cub in the Cupboard (Animal Ark #8)

by Ben M. Baglio

Somebody has to look after a mischievous fox cub after its mother has been caught in a trap. Mandy and James learn to cope with a baby fox until it is strong enough to return to the wild.

Piglet in a Playpen (Animal Ark #9)

by Ben M. Baglio

Mr. Gill's farm is having money troubles, and he tells his son, Brandon, that they can't afford to keep a runt piglet named Ruby. Can Mandy and James help Brandon secretly raise Ruby into a strong healthy pig, and also find help for the farm?

Sheepdog in the Snow (Animal Ark #7)

by Ben M. Baglio

It's almost Christmas, and Mandy and James have just rescued a wounded sheepdog. But when local farmers accuse the dog of attacking their sheep, Mandy and James must prove the dog's innocence.

The Passengers

by Nancy Krulik

The Robinsons have picked up a small rescue capsule carrying two orphaned children. Soon all the instruments on board the "Jupiter 2"--including Robot--are dangerously out of whack.

Journey to the Planet of the Blawps

by Nancy Krulik

The Robinsons land on an alien planet to make repairs on their spaceship. They soon discover that it's the home planet of Penny's two pet Blawps. Soon the self-replicating Blawps take over the ship!

The Westie Winter: A Story of a West Highland Terrier (Dog Tales #2)

by Coleen Hubbard

[From the back cover:] Who could say no to a puppy? Every Christmas, Kelly asks her parents for a puppy. But she never gets one. This year Kelly has a great idea. She'll get a puppy for somebody who loves dogs as much as she does -- her Grandpa Dunc, who has just moved in with Kelly's family. Kelly meets a breeder and picks the perfect puppy on her own. But suddenly Grandpa Dune starts acting strange. Could the puppy present be all wrong? Book jacket. If you love dogs, Bookshare has more books in the Dog Tales series for you. Check out #1 The Golden Year: A Story of a Golden Retriever, #3 Mountain Dog Rescue: A Story of a Bernese Mountain Dog, and #4 The Great Spaniel Escape.

Mountain Dog Rescue (Dog Tales #3)

by Coleen Hubbard

A Bernese Mount Dog is the star of this snowy adventure that includes factual information on the breed. Jon's brother, Eric, is a skiing champion. Jon is only good at thinking up inventions and playing with his dog, Mogul. As the brothers go skiing together, Eric has a serious accident and must depend on his brother's quick mind and his strong dog for help.

The Great Spaniel Escape: A Story of an English Cocker Spaniel (Dog Tale Series #4)

by Coleen Hubbard

[from the back cover:] "Where, oh where, has that little dog gone? Lindy and Rachel are having a great summer running a dog-walking business. They even have a famous client--Fannie, a sweet, lively English Cocker Spaniel. Fannie belongs to the mayor, and she has lived a sheltered life. Playing with Rachel and Lindy is the best time she's ever had! One hot afternoon, Fannie breaks loose and disappears. Now Lindy and Rachel are in a lot of trouble. Can the girls find Fannie before the mayor finds out she's gone?" Pictures are described. RL 4, Ages 8-12 Look for the other books in the Dog Tales series in the Bookshare collection including: #1 One Golden Year, #2 The Westie Winter and #3 Mountain Dog Rescue.

When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry

by Molly Bang

Sophie gets mad, climbs a tree to calm down, and is soon ready to come home to her loving family. "The text is. . . brief, for it is Bang's double-page illustrations, vibrating with saturated colors, that reveal the drama of the child's emotions. " - School Library Journal, starred review. "Bang's strong, nonproscriptive acknowledgment of a feeling most children will recognize will be welcomed. " - Booklist, starred review<P><P> Winner of the Caldecott Honor

Mrs. Jeepers' Secret Cave (The Bailey School Kids Super Special #3)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

Exploring the cave on Ruby Mountain sounds like a cool way to spend a few days in the summer until the kids find out their leader will be the battiest teacher of them all, Mrs. Jeepers! Will they every get out of the cave alive?

Phantoms Don't Drive Sports Cars (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #32)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

From the Book Jacket: There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the strange man who plays in the orchestra, wears a cape and always has one side of his face shaded really be a phantom haunting the opera? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out! "I'm not talking about pretend phantoms," Melody snapped. "I'm talking about a real phantom. I saw him in the orchestra pit." "The only pit where you saw a real phantom is in the black hole of your brain," Eddie said with a laugh. Liza patted Melody's shoulder. "The boys are right," she told her friend. "Phantoms are made-up ghosts." "And they don't drive sports cars," Howie added.

Giants Don't Go Snowboarding (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #33)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

This is a story about children going for snowboarding classes and having an adventure with a giant. They learn snowboarding and also have a lot of fun playing with snowballs.

Frankenstein Doesn't Slam Hockey Pucks (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #34)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the large man coaching the new hockey team really be Frankenstein's monster? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out! "I bet the north Pole is where Frank learned to ice-skate," Liza said. Howie nodded. "Maybe he got all his scars in the north Pole playing hockey." Eddie shook his head and laughed. "No, the North Pole is busy with Santa and his elves. I'm pretty sure there's no room for Frankenstein." Melody giggled. "Maybe Eddie's right," she said. "After all, it seems pretty weird to think about a monster playing hockey." "Yeah," Eddie said. "I'm sure Frankenstein doesn't slam hockey pucks."

Trolls Don't Ride Rollercoasters (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #35)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the small woman selling Tshirts at the carnival really be an evil troll? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out! "What do trolls have to do with Bailey City?" Eddie said. "Shhh," Howie warned. "We can't let J.J. find out we know she's a troll or we'll be in big trouble." "You are already in trouble," Eddie said with a laugh. "You're in trouble of being crazy." "Trolls are made-up creatures from fairy tales," Melody reminded Howie. "They don't sell T-shirts at carnivals," Liza said. "And they definitely don't ride roller coasters," Eddie told Howie.

Wolfmen Don't Hula Dance (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #36)

by Debbie Dadey Marcia Thornton Jones

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. Could the hairy, fire-eating hula dancer at the Luau really be a wolfman? The Bailey City School kids are going to find out!

Firehead (Scholastic Press)

by K. M. Peyton

Edmund Firehead (so-called because of his fiery red hair) is left behind, expected to die from his infected broken leg, when his family flees the Norsemen. But he does not die. This is the story of his life among the Norsemen, and his journey into manhood.

Plain Jack

by K. M. Peyton

Fire of England and Plain Jack are two young foals. Fire is brilliantly talented but never tries hard. Plain Jack has only a little talent but always does his best. This is Plain Jack's story ...

The Great Redwall Feast

by Brian Jacques

The inhabitants of Redwall Abbey are planning a fantastic feast. Will it be ready in time, will it be kept a secret from the guest of honor the Abbot. Can the rewallers keep the Abbot busy while the feast is getting ready, and will Bungo the pesky troublesome mole ruin the Abbot's cake? Find out in this delightful rhyme from Redwall.

Danny Is Dead Meat!

by Moya Simons

[From the back cover:] "What do you do when everything you do gets you in to trouble? Ask Danny Thompson and he'll probably tell you to join the club. Even when he tries to stay out of trouble, it just follows him around. Like the time he loses his baby sister in the supermarket. Who would guess that a kid in a stroller could get away so fast? Or the time when the same baby sister decides to smear paint all over Danny's already completed art project--and it wins first prize! Will Danny ever find his kid sister?(Yes.) Will he have the guts to explain that he's not exactly an artistic genius? (Maybe.) Will the biggest (and meanest) kid in Danny's class let Danny live to see his next birthday? (Uh, probably.) Things look pretty bad, but Danny knows they can't possibly get any worse--or can they?"

The Pirate's Son

by Geraldine Mccaughrean

14-year-old Nathan dreams of fighting pirates in faraway lands. Then his father dies, leaving Nathan penniless. When Tamo, the son of a famous pirate, invites Nathan to join him in Madagascar it seems as if Nathan's daydreams are coming true. Nathan, his sister Maud, and Tamo seem to find adventure -- and danger -- everywhere.

Winter Camp

by Kirkpatrick Hill

To survive the Alaskan winter they needed strength, courage - and luck!

Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers

by Laura Joffe Numeroff

This is a poetry book that explains what would happen if different animals learned how to play sports, teach school and shaved like people do.


by Laurence Yep

On the morning of August 6, 1945, an American bomber, the Enola Gay, roars down the runway of the Pacific island, Tinian. Its target is Hiroshima, Japan. Its cargo is an atom bomb.

The Turtle Street Trading Co.

by Jill Ross Klevin

Morgan, the president of the Turtles of Turtle Street, decides that the Turtles could run their own business. Club meetings are much more exciting and interest is rekindled.

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