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Zoo Song

by Barbara Bottner

Gertrude, Herman and Fabio are neighbors. Gertrude the hippo loves to sing. Herman the lion plays the violin. Fabio the bear dances. They can't stand each other's noises and try to drown each other out. The zoo is an uproar until the three neighbors discover a delightful solution to their ear-shattering problem and learn to make beautiful music together. In this warm and humorous story, author Barbara Bottner and artist Lynn Munsinger have achieved a harmony that rivals that of the zoo neighbors.

Dinosaurs' Halloween

by Liza Donnelly

An encounter with a fellow trick-or-treater whose dinosaur costume is remarkable realistic gives a boy a Halloween full of surprises.

Charles in Charge Again!

by Elizabeth Faucher

Charles is back.... And is he in for a surprise! The family he worked for has moved to Seattle, and a new family, the Powells, is living in their house. The Powells have three kids who need him - shy thirteen-year-old Sarah, outgoing fourteen-year-old Jamie, and quiet twelve-year-old Adam. Can Charles do it all - keep up with college, have fun with best friend Buddy Lembeck, and provide a shoulder to lean on for the whole Powell family? You bet! Charles is in charge, again!

Paradise Lane

by William Taylor

When fifteen-year-old Rosie Perkins, an outcast at school, saves the life of a baby opossum, she finds an unlikely friend and ally in Michael Geraghty, a classmate who is her complete opposite. [From the front dust jacket flap] "No one likes Rosie Perkins. She lives in a rundown house on Old Dump Road (once called Paradise Lane), and she's too much of a loner to miss having friends. When she rescues a baby possum and lovingly takes it home, the class bullies play a loathsome trick on her: They shower her with dead possums on her way home from school. To Rosie, who only wants to be ignored, it seems like the end. Only Michael Geraghty goes back to where the boys leave Rosie. He finds her sobbing on the dusty ground, and out of remorse--a new emotion for him--he tries to apologize. But when Michael and Rosie talk, it's as if they're from different worlds, not neighboring houses: Michael's family is large and loud; Rosie's, confined and repressed. Rosie invests her possum Plum with all her love; Michael traps possums for money. But despite--or because of--their differences, they're drawn to each other. Not the tragic death of Plum, the truths Rosie uncovers about her mother, or the abuses of a possessive father can stop their feelings. A writer new to American readers brings to life two memorable characters and their extraordinary romance, which changes the life of one of them, and the thinking of both."

Eighth Grade Hero? (Junior High #6)

by Kate Kenyon

THIS IS THE WORST IDEA THEY EVER HAD. When Jason Anthony performs a daring karate move at school, gullible Jennifer and determined Nora see a chance to turn him from class nerd to class hero. Without telling him, they enter him in a karate competition. Stunned by the news, Jason confesses he's a karate klutz. But the two girls won't give up. There's only one problem. Jason is hopeless. Can anything save them?

Gingerbread Man

by Karen Schmidt

The classic folk fairy tale of the little Gingerbread Man, who ran as fast as he could, and could not be stoppped, until he met a fox.

Laura's Luck

by Marilyn Sachs

"What is Laura going to do, stuck in "the wilderness" all summer? Laura's never been to summer camp before. She hates the idea of leaving home and she hates sports--she's just not good at them. Her idea of fun is reading a good book. So now that she's been pushed into going to camp, what's she going to do? She's convinced the other girls won't like her and that she'll feel like a misfit. Laura never thought, though, that there'd be girls as fun as Anne at camp or that she'd get the lead role in a camp play. Was it possible that she could actually have fun at camp?" RL 5, Ages 8-12

Eight Tales of Terror

by Edgar Allan Poe

8 short stories: MS. Found in a Bottle; The Masque of the Red Death; The Cask of Amontillado; Ligeia; The Fall of the House of Usher; William Watson; Hop-Frog; The Imp of the Perverse

The Little Red Hen

by Lucinda McQueen

The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it.

Those Crazy Class Pictures (Junior High #7)

by Kate Kenyon

SMILE. PLEASE? Boy-crazy Tracy isn't crazy about the way the eighth-grade boys start following her around when her photograph mysteriously appears all over school. Worse, one photo shows her with the boy Nora likes. Tracy's new fame even attracts the attention of Jen's friend Tony, and Mia thinks Andy is a little too interested in Tracy as well! Tracy is famous but friendless, until weird photos of her classmates start appearing, too. Who is taking those crazy class pictures? And why?

Starring the Eighth Grade (Junior High #8)

by Kate Kenyon

NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A STAR. Ever since the eighth grade has been invited to join the high school production of Grease, all the world's a stage--and everyone is acting crazy! Tracy and Denise are going for the same part. Nora and Jen, best friends forever, are suddenly against each other. Nora is coaching Tracy. Jen is helping Denise. Jen is getting starstruck herself. The stage, she declares, is meant to be her life. As opening night approaches, everyone gets more and more distracted. Will the play go on?

Pippi Goes On Board (Pippi Longstocking #2)

by Astrid Lindgren

The spunky, red-haired Pippi Longstocking has no parents around and no rules to follow, so she lives according to her own daredevilish ways. In her latest wild adventures with her sibling neighbors, Tommy and Annika--she's been treating town children by buying and eating seventy-two pounds of candy, or sailing off to an island in the middle of a lake to see what it's like to be shipwrecked. But then Pippi's long-lost father returns, and she has decide between her beloved, cannibal king Pappa and her best friends in Villa Villekulla (Sweden)! From the Hans Christian Andersen Medal-winning author of the classic Pippi Longstocking, this is another rollicking adventure that's sure to please fans of the freckled, fun-loving little girl. "Lovers of Pippi Longstocking will welcome this rollicking tale of a topsy-turvy world in which Pippi and her next-door neighbors put into practice some ideas about good times." - School Library Journal

Rosie's Walk

by Pat Hutchins

Rosie the chicken takes a stroll around the barn yard, while a fox is stealthily following her. But before he could catch Rosie, the fox is chased away by the bees stirred from the beehives when Rosie walks by oblivious to the danger behind her.

Blue Willow

by Doris Gates

Janey Larkin can't remember when she's lived in the same place for more than a year. Her family has to keep moving so that her father can find work. But Janey longs for a real home and the chance to make friends. When Mom gets sick and the Larkins don't have rent money. Janey offers to pay the rent with her beloved treasure - the beautiful blue willow plate that once belonged to her great-great-grandmother. Losing the plate seems like the end of the world to Janey, but it's really the beginning of something wonderful. A Newbery Honor book.

Sisters in Charge (Stepsisters #4)

by Tina Oaks

How can you trust a stepsister? -- With their parents away for a week, Paige Whitman and Katie Summer Guthrie are on their own together for the first time. And they don't like it. -- Paige stays out all night and won't explain why to Katie, who catches Paige sneaking in. And Katie invites a few friends over--and unwittingly starts a monster party. -- Paige has her stepsister right where she wants her. There is no way Katie could ever get the house cleaned up now, before their parents get back. Is there? The stepsisters expected the worst. And they got it.

The Hairy Horror Trick

by Scott Corbett

This Halloween was going to be great. Kerby and Fenton had plotted the perfect scare for mean Mrs. Pembroke, and Kerby’s cousin Gay had even agreed to help. But then Gay finds Kerby’s Feats O’ Magic Chemistry Set, and persuades the boys to show her a trick. What a disaster! Before they know it, Kerby sprouts a beard, Fenton grows a mustache--and poor Waldo the dog loses all his fur! Something went haywire, and the boys have to find a remedy. Because if their parents find out what they’ve been up to, they’ll take away the Feats O’ Magic Set, and Kerby and Fenton will be stuck with whiskers forever. Then things will really start to get hairy!

The Zucchini Warriors (Macdonald Hall #5)

by Gordon Korman

The story of a football team trying to get a winning season and their secret weapon is a girl.

Lauren's Big Mix-Up (Sleepover Friends #5)

by Susan Saunders

One Big Mess! When the Sleepover Friends go to the city for a weekend, they expect it to be pretty exciting. But Lauren gets a real surprise when she opens her suitcase...and finds a gigantic men's undershirt! Poor Lauren - she picked up the wrong bag at the bus station! The bad luck isn't over yet. Stephanie accidentally reads Kate's secret journal, Patti gets trapped alone on a bus, and Stephanie's city friend turns out to be a real snob. Plus, Lauren still doesn't have her clothes back. Will the girls make it through their sleepover without everything going wrong? RL 4 ages 8-12

Kate's Camp-out (Sleepover Friends #6)

by Susan Saunders

Ghost Busters! When Kate's family invites the Sleepover Friends to camp-out on Spirit Lake, nothing goes the way Kate expects it to. There are mice in the cabin, spooky stories about the lake, and two dumb boys who love playing practical jokes--on girls! Kate's sure this will be their worst sleepover ever, but Patti, Lauren, and Stephanie are determined to make the best of it. After all, who wants to sit around roasting marshmallows when there are ghosts to be found?

Short Season

by Scott Eller

[from the back cover] "Striking Out For Brad, it's always been great having an older brother like Dean--to play stickball with, to have as a buddy or just to talk to. And on the baseball field, Dean's golden glove and Brad's hitting eye can't be beat. They're more than brothers--they're a team. But Dean's been acting different lately, and Brad doesn't know why. He hardly talks to Brad anymore--all of a sudden he's just too busy. Things are bad enough, but the league play-offs are coming up, and Brad doesn't have Dean to cover for him in the outfield anymore. Brad's spent his life being part of a team--can he really make it on his own?"

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic

by Betty Macdonald

Everyone loves Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle: children because she's lots of fun, and parents because she can cure children of any bad habit through unusual means.

Who's The Junior High Hunk? (Junior High #9)

by Kate Kenyon

IT'S TOO WEIRD FOR WORDS. Beautiful French exchange student Monique Gorgee has the eighth grade in an uproar. Everyone is crazy about her. But Jen is jealous because she thinks Monique is replacing her as Nora's best friend. Most of the girls copy everything Monique wears. They even believe bell-bottoms are back! And most of the boys just like to hang around her. Monique's style is definitely cool, but her taste in boys is not so hot. She's fallen for, "How do you say? A hunk!" Only he's the last person on earth a girl could like. What is going on at Cedar Groves Junior High?

Ten Tales of Christmas

by Lynne G. Miller

This book has special gifts for you--stories and poems to read under the Christmas tree. You'll enjoy hours of holiday cheer with such favorite authors as Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Christmas Horses; Michael Bond in Paddington's Christmas; The Christmas Spider by Marguerite de Angeli; A Christmas Tree for Lydia by Elizabeth Enright; Perfect Present by Dr. Seuss and more. Ten Tales of Christmas has a special gift for everyone. Some stories have happy endings, some are cautionary, some are funny and some will evoke memories of your own Christmases. All are well worth reading and will add to the pleasure and depth of your celebration of Christmas. This is a good read for children age ten and older. It's also great for reading aloud in groups or in families. Adults will also find much to think about and enjoy in this book.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

by Freya Littledale

A retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale of the elves and the shoemaker.

Junior High Jitters (Junior High #1)

by Kate Kenyon

FRIENDS, FEUDS, . BOYS, BOOKS. EIGHTH GRADE. Best friends Nora Ryan and Jennifer Mann have finally reached eighth grade, and their first day is crazy. Class nerd Jason Anthony is up to his usual gross tricks. Nasty Susan Hillard has an insult for everybody, and Tracy is acting dumb, as always. While Nora gets caught up in all the excitement, Jen wonders if things will ever be normal again. But eighth grade only gets more complicated. When Denise Hendrix, a sophisticated new student, suggests the girls invite boys to the Halloween Dance, Jen and Nora begin to worry. Dealing with eighth grade is hard enough. Can they deal with boys, too?

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