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Just Say Yes (Clearwater Crossing, #17)

by Laura Peyton Roberts

From the book jacket: Peter never expected running a day camp to be like this. Jesse is sulking, Nicole's skipped out on them, and Melanie is flirting with his brother! Jenna has a cold, the kids are acting like pro wrestlers, and bumbling Counselor Ben is about to wear through Peter's last good nerve. What did he get himself into? Who would have guessed that little Elton had such a pretty sister ... or that Ben could have a chance with her? If only he can keep his rep as a geek under wraps, this could be his summer of love! Melanie and Jesse have seen their ups and downs. First she hated him, then she liked him, then she dumped him ... and then she fell in love. Their timing has always been terrible. Will they ever get things sorted out? Or is it time to walk away for good?

Just the Two of Us (Nancy Drew on Campus # 12)

by Carolyn Keene

Doing the right thing -- it can be the toughest test of all. Making choices. That's what college is all about. True or false? A, B, C, or none of the above. But sometimes you can't find the answer in a book. You have to search your heart. Charley Stern has popped the question, and now it's up to Casey to make her decision. The future is in her hands... but what does it hold? Stephanie has her hands full, too, trying to get her father's attention. Money can't buy love, but who knows what a credit card can do? Nancy, meanwhile, has found a cause -- animal rights -- and a cause for concern. But the movement may be headed in the wrong direction, leading Nancy into a trap!

Just Words Student Notebook

by Barbara Wilson

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Justice and Her Brothers

by Virginia Hamilton

Justice's brother Thomas can control people with his mind. But does Justice have special powers, too?For Justice and her identical twin brothers Levi and Thomas, the summer begins like any other. But as the slow days pass, Justice begins to notice a strange energy between her brothers, beyond their normal twin connection. Thomas becomes increasingly bossy and irritable, while Levi seems weak and absentminded. And there are changes happening within Justice, as well. Soon she discovers that she possesses a mysterious, extraordinary ability. Will Justice and her brothers uncover the secret behind their newfound powers? Justice and Her Brothers is the first book in Virginia Hamilton's compelling dystopian fantasy series, the Justice Trilogy, comprised of Justice and Her Brothers, Dustland, and The Gathering. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Virginia Hamilton including rare photos from the author's estate.

Kaleidoskop: Kultur, Literatur und Grammatik

by Barbara Mabee Jack Moeller Simone Berger Winnifred R. Adolph

Kaleidoskop is essentially two books in one: a cultural and literary reader with a comprehensive review of grammar. This combination allows maximum flexibility for instructors to design their own programs. The 10 topics of the LektÜre section contain a variety of texts and activities and the 10 Kapitel of the self-contained grammar section (Grammatik) allow instructors to work with the grammar topics in whatever order they choose; the grammar chapters may be treated independently of the reading chapters or used concurrently with the Themen of the same number. Given these materials the instructor can provide a learner-centered classroom with activities that lend themselves to cooperative learning. Kaleidoskop features a flexible four-skills, learner-centered approach that promotes communication and focuses on the literature and culture of the German-speaking world. Reading plays an important role in this text, with exercises for listening, speaking and writing revolving around the wide range of authentic reading selections. These texts are authentic and include advertisements, charts, newspaper and magazine articles, letters, e-mails, forum mails, polls, interviews, biographies, songs, poems, and fiction. New! Updated readings in the LektÜre section feature high-interest selections, including seven new cultural texts, three new poems, and a modern short story from a young writer. New! Situation-based grammar examples relate grammar to real-world scenarios so that students see how form serves function. New! Enhanced integration of color inserts supports learning and assists instructors with in-class integration of the material. New! Marginal icons inform students as to the purpose of the activity they are doing (partner or group work) and refer them to additional multimedia support activities, such as readings on the In-text Audio CD and grammar and web-search exercises on the web site. Flexible organization offers two books in one: a cultural and literary reader with a comprehensive grammar review. Strong correlation between the LektÜre and Grammatik features 10 Themen in the reading section that correspond with the 10 Kapitel in the grammar review. LektÜre also provides a systematic review of the literary texts and practice of the grammar featured in each reading. Grammatik offers a clear and concise format for easy reference, and provides contextualized, proficiency-oriented grammar practice. Pre- and post-reading activities provide important background information and strategies to prepare students to read, understand, discuss, and write about authentic texts.

Kaplan ACT: Strategies, Practice, and Review

by Kaplan Publishing

Kaplan's exclusive strategies, practice, and review help high school students ace the ACT exam. A record number of students is taking the ACT--over 1. 5 million 2011 high school graduates took the exam. As more students take the ACT, the need for a higher score increases as colleges can be more selective. A strong ACT score can help students get crucial financial aid and stand out from the competition. Kaplan ACT 2013: Strategies, Practice, and Review contains proven tools to help raise ACT scores, as well as a variety of effective self-study options to help students with this crucial exam. Included in this book: A reader-friendly design to appeal to high school students New tips and strategies from a Kaplan expert for achieving higher scores Advice from an ACT tutor, and a Kaplan student who got a perfect score on the test A Parents' Guide ACT group study guide Three full-length practice tests An online diagnostic quiz Detailed answer explanations Coverage of all test material .

Kaplan AP Statistics 2014

by Bruce Simmons Mary Jean Bland Barbara Wojciechowski

The book helps to prepare for the AP Statistics exam by providing Kaplan's test-taking strategies, a targeted review that highlights important concepts on the exam, and practice tests.

Kaplan SAT Subject Test: U.S. History 2011-2012

by Mark Willner Joann Peters Eugene V. Resnick Jeff Schneider

This book is designed to help high school students understand their SAT U.S. history test.

Katya's World

by Jonathan L. Howard

The distant and unloved colony world of Russalka has no land, only the raging sea. No clear skies, only the endless storm clouds. Beneath the waves, the people live in pressurised environments and take what they need from the boundless ocean. It is a hard life, but it is theirs and they fought a war against Earth to protect it. But wars leave wounds that never quite heal, and secrets that never quite lie silent. Katya Kuriakova doesn't care much about ancient history like that, though. She is making her first submarine voyage as crew; the first nice, simple journey of what she expects to be a nice, simple career. There is nothing nice and simple about the deep black waters of Russalka, however; soon she will encounter pirates and war criminals, see death and tragedy at first hand, and realise that her world's future lies on the narrowest of knife edges. For in the crushing depths lies a sleeping monster, an abomination of unknown origin, and when it wakes, it will seek out and kill every single person on the planet.

Keep on Loving You

by Linda Lewis

Just when Linda thinks her boyfriend has finally got it together, everything goes wrong. Lennie drops out of school, her parents think he is a bad influence, and Linda learns he has been gambling. Linda knows what Lennie should do--but knowing the right thing doesn't always help when you're in love.

Keeping Secrets (Nancy Drew on Campus #18)

by Carolyn Keene

Revealing the truth can be a real pain. Especially the truth about yourself... All her life Stephanie's been looking for a guy like Jonathan. But now that she's found him, she's going out of her way to mess up -- and finding plenty of guys willing to help. Bess, meanwhile, can't get past the tragic loss of her boyfriend. But she may find the support and comfort she needs in the most surprising place. The place to be, though, is Club Z and Nancy wants to check it out. She's working on an expose for Wilder Times that could put her at odds with her editor and with Jake. Everybody's feeling the pressure, and opening night at the club will be a time to blow off steam or blow the lid off all the secrets on campus!

Kevin (Archie Comics)

by Paul Kupperberg

Kevin Keller is the first openly gay character in the history of Archie Comics and currently stars in his own best-selling series of comic books. In this special paper-over-board novel, we focus on Kevin's early, awkward years and the struggles and joys of his inspirational road to self-discovery. This sweet and funny coming-of-age story features a strong anti-bullying message and is a perfect gift for Archie fans, parents, and anyone who has--or is--struggling to find their place.

The Key to Understanding U.S. History and Government 4th Edition

by James Killoran Stuart Zimmer Mark Jarrett

New York State Regents and RCT Competency Test in U.S. History and Government test preparation

Keys To Learning: Skills And Strategies For Newcomers

by Anna Uhl Chamot Kristina A. Anstrom Catharine W. Keatley

Keys to Learning: Skills and Strategies for Newcomers, by Anna Uhl Chamot, Catharine W. Keatley, and Kristina Anstrom, provides middle and high school newcomers with the skills and strategies to make a great start in reading, writing, and grammar. Research-based and standards-driven,Keys to Learninggives newcomers step-by-step tools for developing their academic skills and becoming successful lifelong learners. Using a four-skills approach, students gain solid foundation in essential skills and strategies through authentic literature and informational readings. Keys to Learningbuilds skills and experiences needed to develop literacy and bring students up to speed for academic learning.

Keys to the Demon Prison (Fablehaven Series, Book 5)

by Brandon Mull

For centuries, mystical creatures of all description were gathered in a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction. The sanctuary survives today as one of the last strongholds of true magic in a cynical world.


by Stevenson Robert Louis

This is the story of sixteen-year-old David Balfour, an orphan, who after being kidnapped by his villainous uncle manages to escape and becomes involved in the struggle of the Scottish highlanders against English rule.

Kidnapped by the Cult! (Sweet Valley High #82)

by Francine Pascal Kate William

A dangerous cult has entered Sweet Valley and Jessica has fallen under its spell. Elizabeth is worried so she is trying to help Jessica.

Kidnapped! (Sweet Valley High #13)

by Francine Pascal Kate William

A living nightmare ... Elizabeth Wakefield never imagined that her evening of volunteer work at Sweet Valley's hospital would turn into the most horrifying night of her life. But when a strong hand clamps a chloroformed rag over her mouth and she is pulled from her car, Elizabeth's hellish ordeal begins. When she regains consciousness, Elizabeth finds herself tied to a chair in an isolated shack. She has been kidnapped by Carl, a lonely and disturbed orderly from the hospital. Elizabeth doesn't know what Carl wants from her, but it's clear he's on the brink of insanity. Somehow Elizabeth must escape before it's too late!

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow

by Faiza Guene

He thought I'd forged my mom's name on the slip. How stupid is that? On this thing Mom just made a kind of squiggly shape on the page. That jerk didn't even think about what he was saying, didn't even ask himself why her signature might be weird. He's one of those people who think illiteracy is like AIDS. It only exists in Africa. --from Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow "A tale for anyone who has ever lived outside looking in, especially from that alien country called adolescence. A funny, heartfelt story from a wise guy who happens to be a girl. If you've ever fallen in love, if you've ever had your heart broken, this story is your story." -- Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street The Paradise projects are only a few metro stops from Paris, but here it's a whole different kind of France. Doria's father, the Beard, has headed back to their hometown in Morocco, leaving her and her mom to cope with their mektoub--their destiny--alone. They have a little help-- from a social worker sent by the city, a psychiatrist sent by the school, and a thug friend who recites Rimbaud.It seems like fate's dealt them an impossible hand, but Doria might still make a new life. She'll prove the projects aren't only about rap, soccer, and religious tension. She'll take the Arabic word kif-kif (same old, same old) and mix it up with the French verb kiffer (to really like something). Now she has a whole new motto: KIFFE KIFFE TOMORROW."Moving and irreverent, sad and funny, full of rage and intelligence. [Guène's] characters are unforgettable, her voice fresh, and her book a delight." -- Laila Lalami, author of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits

Kildee House

by Rutherford Montgomery

When Jerome Kildee, a solitary man, builds a home in a redwood forest in California, he takes in some skunks and raccoons, but as they begin to multiply, Kildee looks to two human neighbors for help. <P><P> Newbery Honor Book.

Kill Switch

by Chris Lynch

Some things are best left forgotten. A gripping account of espionage and loyalty from National Book Award Finalist Chris Lynch.All Daniel wants to do is spend one last summer with his grandfather before he moves away for college and his grandfather's dementia pulls them apart. But when his dear old Da starts to let things slip about the job he used to hold--people he's killed, countries he's overthrown--old work "friends" show up to make sure he stays quiet. Was his grandfather really involved in a world of assassinations and coups, or are the stories just delusions of a crumbling mind? On the run from the police (and possibly something worse) before he has time to find out, Daniel may have to sacrifice everything to protect his grandfather from those who would do him harm.

Killer Frost

by Jennifer Estep

I've battled the Reapers of Chaos before--and survived. But this time I have a Bad, Bad Feeling it's going to be a fight to the death. . .most likely mine. Yeah, I've got my psychometry magic, my talking sword, Vic, and even the most dangerous Spartan on campus at my side in Logan freaking Quinn, but I'm no match for Loki, the evil Norse god of chaos. I may be Nike's Champion, but at heart, I'm still just Gwen Frost, that weird Gypsy girl everyone at school loves to gossip about. Then someone I love is put in more danger than ever before, and something inside me snaps. This time, Loki and his Reapers are going down for good . . . or I am. Praise for the international bestselling Mythos Academy series"Lots of twists and turns and a surprise ending will leave the reader breathless!" --RT Book Reviews on Kiss of Frost,/I>, 4 Stars"Humor, snark . . . a world you won't want to leave." --Heroes & Heartbreakers

Killers of the Dawn (Cirque Du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan #9)

by Darren Shan

Outnumbered, outsmarted and desperate, the hunters are on the run, pursued by the vampaneze, the police, and an angry mob. With their enemies clamoring for blood, the vampires prepare for a deadly battle. Is this the end for Darren and his allies?

The Kin

by Peter Dickinson

It is two hundred thousand years ago. A small group of children are cut off from their Kin, the Moonhawks, when they are driven from their "Good Place" by violent strangers. While searching for a new Good Place, they face the parched desert, an active volcano, a canyon flood, man-eating lions, and other Kins they've never seen before. Told from four points of view, with tales of the Kins' creation interspersed throughout, this epic novel humanizes early man and illuminates the beginning of language, the development of skills, and the organization of society. It is a triumphant book from one of the genre's most revered authors.

King Lear

by William Shakespeare David Bevington David Scott Kastan

A king foolishly divides his kingdom between his scheming two oldest daughters and estranges himself from the daughter who loves him. So begins this profoundly moving and disturbing tragedy that, perhaps more than any other work in literature, challenges the notion of a coherent and just universe. The king and others pay dearly for their shortcomings-as madness, murder, and the anguish of insight and forgiveness that arrive too late combine to make this an all-embracing tragedy of evil and suffering.Each Edition Includes:* Comprehensive explanatory notes * Vivid introductions and the most up-to-date scholarship * Clear, modernized spelling and punctuation, enabling contemporary readers to understand the Elizabethan English* Completely updated, detailed bibliographies and performance histories * An interpretive essay on film adaptations of the play, along with an extensive filmography

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