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Dandelion Fire (The 100 Cupboards #2)

by N. D. Wilson

Henry York never dreamed his time in Kansas would open a door to adventure--much less a hundred doors. But a visit to his aunt and uncle's farm took an amazing turn when cupboard doors, hidden behind Henry's bedroom wall, revealed themselves to be portals to other worlds. Now, with his time at the farm drawing to a close, Henry makes a bold decision--he must go through the cupboards to find the truth about where he's from and who his parents are. Following that trail will take him from one world to another, and ultimately into direct conflict with the evil of Endor.N. D. Wilson and his wife live in Idaho. Also visit the Hardcover edition.

Danger at the Fair

by Peg Kehret

Ellen receives a spirit message during a séance at the county fair, warning that her brother Corey is in danger and that she must rescue him.

Danger Canyon

by Margo Sorenson

Calvin and Rob decide to go on a long hiking trip. Soon they are trapped in a narrow gorge with two prison camp escapees and a hungry mountain lion on the loose.

The Danger (Dive #3)

by Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman's adventurous DIVE trilogy comes to an action-packed conclusion with THE DANGER.<P> In 1965, a British vessel named the Griffin sank with a priceless amount of gold on board.Now, centuries later, four kids are trying to raise the Griffin's treasure from the sea. Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star must take the biggest risk of their lives...and discover that they won't be able to trust anybody-even themselves. A thrilling, shark-infested conclusion to Gordon Korman's underwater trilogy.<P>

Danger Goes Berserk

by Mac Barnett Matt Myers

A twelve-year-old sleuth goes undercover--and underwater--to tackle three cases in this hilarious Brixton Brothers mystery.It's a routine case... ...or at least as routine as a cases get when you're a twelve-year-old private detective who's been sleuthing for just a few months: Steve Brixton must don a neon wetsuit and work undercover to retrieve a stolen surfboard. But when the assignment goes all wrong, Steve finds himself caught inside mysteries involving wild surfers, pirate smugglers, thick-necked goons, and a sixth-grader who can't find his gym shorts.

Danger Guys

by Tony Abbott Joanne Scribner

Noodle and Zeek love danger, but when a real adventure comes their way, will they be ready?Best friends Noodle and Zeek are among the first in line when a new store, Danger Guy, opens in their local mall. It has all the survival gear the boys could dream of, and their excitement is lessened only when they notice two big, angry men yelling at the owner. When Noodle and Zeek wander into a small room on the other side of the store, they're shut inside. That's when the two realize they're in the back of a truck heading out of town.After a terrifying ride, Noodle and Zeek arrive at an ancient temple full of treasures. There they discover that their kidnappers are the two men from the store, and the boys are not the only ones who have been captured. The Emersons, a famous husband-and-wife explorer team, are there too. It's up to Noodle and Zeek to rescue the prisoners and save the day--before they're trapped in the temple forever!

Danger Guys and the Golden Lizard

by Tony Abbott Joanne Scribner

The Danger Guys head to the jungle on a quest to find an ancient treasureIt's Noodle and Zeek's greatest adventure yet! The boys are excited to learn that they are going on a quest for the mysterious Golden Lizard with the Emersons, the famous husband-and-wife explorer team. What could be more daring and fun than a treasure hunt in the jungle? But as the group soon discovers, they aren't the only ones after the Golden Lizard. When the Emersons are kidnapped, Noodle and Zeek know it is up to them to save the day.The boys must rescue the Emersons, fight off ninja linebackers, and find the Golden Lizard before the bad guys can. But the truth about the legendary Golden Lizard is something that Noodle and Zeek could never have imagined.

Danger Guys Blast Off

by Tony Abbott Joanne Scribner

Noodle and Zeek team up again to beat an evil scientist and save their schoolWhen best friends Noodle and Zeek get on a rocket ride at the carnival, they have no idea that they are about to be blasted into danger. The rocket turns out to be real, and when Noodle and Zeek crash-land, they are sucked into a secret laboratory under Mayville School. There they find their old science teacher Mr. Vazny--who's about to blow it up!The boys must snap into action to stop Vazny from going through with his evil plan. But to do so, they must defeat a giant robot, learn to fly the rocket, and defuse the bomb before it's too late. Can Noodle and Zeek save their school in time? The boys have their work cut out for them in this exciting Danger Guys adventure.

Danger Guys Hit the Beach

by Tony Abbott Joanne Scribner

Can Noodle and Zeek stop international treasure hunters and rescue their town?The Danger Guys are at it again! During a trip to the beach, best friends Noodle and Zeek try to relax and have a quiet, danger-free afternoon. But trouble follows these boys wherever they go. Before they know it, Noodle and Zeek find themselves stranded on a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean. To escape, the boys jump on a surfboard and ride a giant wave to a nearby island. The island is where their town's founder, Captain May, was shipwrecked hundreds of years ago.Noodle and Zeek soon discover that treasure hunters are on the island, searching for Captain May's lost gold. But to find it, the hunters are going to blow the ship out of the water, which would cause a tidal wave big enough to destroy Mayville! With some quick thinking--and a little bit of help from some old friends--the boys fight to save their town from disaster.

Danger Guys: Hollywood Halloween

by Tony Abbott

The Danger Guys find themselves in a real-life scary movie, and the ending is up to themIt's Halloween, and best friends Noodle and Zeek have decided to make a horror movie in honor of the holiday. To show the boys how real films are made, Zeek's family takes them to Paragon, the oldest studio in Hollywood. During the tour, a huge lightning storm separates Noodle and Zeek from the rest of the group. The two boys suddenly find themselves in a world of famous sets and exciting props. It's the perfect location for their own movie!But it turns out that Paragon Studio has more than a little danger--and not just the staged kind. The lightning damaged the studio's central control center, and all the electronic props are now going crazy. Noodle and Zeek must battle an evil robot, a sneezing dinosaur, and a deadly mummy in order to find and warn Zeek's family. Little do they know that Zeek's family is also under attack! With some luck and a lot of movie drama, the Danger Guys show Paragon Studio what real heroes look like.

Danger Guys on Ice

by Tony Abbott Joanne Scribner

When an old nemesis reappears, Noodle and Zeek must save their town from a band of frozen cavemenBest friends Noodle and Zeek are on a skiing trip for Zeek's birthday when they uncover more than just snow hidden away in the mountain: The boys have stumbled across cave dwellers who are thousands of years old! But when Noodle and Zeek come across their old nemesis, the evil Mr. Vazny, the boys are shocked to learn that he plans to resurrect the cavemen and make them destroy Mayville.Once again, the boys must work together to take down Mr. Vazny and stop his wicked scheme. But what happens if one of the cavemen escapes? It's Noodle and Zeek to the rescue in this thrilling installment in the Danger Guys series.

Danger in Disguise (Nancy Drew Files #33)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy finds a mystery while doing volunteer work for Councilman Tim Terry's reelection campaign. There seems to be some people with secret identities.

Danger in the Harbor (Barbour Book's The American Adventure, Book 6)

by Joann A. Grote

Beth isn't happy. The war with the French is over, but everything in Beth Smith's life has changed. Hardly anyone has much money, and Beth's parents have cut way back on buying the things she's used to enjoying. Beth's widowed sister, Mary, has moved in and is working at a dressmakers, so Beth has to take care of her three-year-old nephew instead of playing with her friends. But Beth isn't the only one with problems. Most of her friends lost their fathers in the war, and many of them can't afford to buy food and clothing. Can Beth look beyond her own problems and find a way to help her friends? $5.95

Danger in the Palace (Circle of Magic 2, Book 4)

by Debra Doyle James D. Macdonald

When Randal and his best friend, Lys, are invited to join the theater troupe in the court of a kind and wealthy prince, they think they have it made! But Randal soon stumbles upon a plot against the prince and discovers that his wizardry skills are needed now more than ever. Can Randal expose the prince's enemies before it's too late?

Danger Is Everywhere

by David O'Doherty Chris Judge

This fully illustrated, totally wacky handbook is about an everyman who is afraid of everything! Dr. Noel Zone, the greatest (and only) dangerologist in the world, is ready to teach readers how to avoid danger at all costs--from sneaky snakes posing as toothbrushes, to sharks hiding in toilets, to robots disguised as kindly grandmas. After all, DANGER IS EVERYWHERE, and we need to be prepared!With art on every page, this hilarious and truly creative handbook will have readers laughing out loud (very safely) from start to finish.

Danger Is Everywhere

by David O'Doherty Chris Judge

This fully illustrated, totally wacky handbook is about an everyman who is afraid of everything! Dr. Noel Zone, the greatest (and only) dangerologist in the world, is ready to teach readers how to avoid danger at all costs--from sneaky snakes posing as toothbrushes, to sharks hiding in toilets, to robots disguised as kindly grandmas. After all, DANGER IS EVERYWHERE, and we need to be prepared!With art on every page, this hilarious and truly creative handbook will have readers laughing out loud (very safely) from start to finish.

Danger On The Railroad (The American Adventure #21)

by Susan Martins Miller

There's danger on the railroad. Charles Fisk likes to run risks with the trains on the railroad tracks outside Cincinnati. But when his sister Tina accidentally discovers that a friend's family is involved in the Underground Railroad, the two Fisks run into more trouble than either one had bargained for. When they see an escaping slave being followed by a slave catcher. Tina and Charles know they must help. But what can they do without raising the slave catcher's suspicions?

Danger Unlimited (Hardy Boys Casefiles #79)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: Flight of fury! Joe's girlfriend, Vanessa Bender, has introduced the Hardys to an old friend of her family, Brett Cooper. Bret is the pilot and designer of Brett's Beauty, the high powered piston-engine prop plane set to compete in the upcoming Bayport Unlimited Air Races. But while he's aiming to break the world speed record, someone else has targeted him for terror! The' key to the case is the mystery of Brett Cooper himself-his hidden past, his hidden enemies. For Frank and Joe, the investigation quickly turns into a crash course in danger, as they fly blind into a web of blackmail, sabotage, and murder. They're about to learn that in a world of daredevil pilots and death-defying stunts, the risks can be sky-high. ============= From inside the book: BIRD OF PREY Joe rolled down the window of the van and gazed up at the plane. Suddenly the landing gear descended from the Mustang. "Now what?" Joe muttered as the plane's nose dipped. When the plane swooped down in front of the van, Frank veered to the side of the road and slammed on the brakes. "Get out!" he shouted. Joe and Frank ran into the field beside the road and fell to their stomachs. An instant later, the Mustang thundered over the van The wheels of the plane connected with the roof, and the van tipped over and crashed onto its side. Joe got up and shook his fist at the airplane. "Come down and fight us face-to-face, you coward!" "Get down!" Frank yelled, pulling Joe into the grass. The wind from the propeller threw grass and dirt into the air, and the wheels were so low they almost skidded across Joe's back. "We're trapped!" Frank shouted. "The van is out of commission and there's nowhere to hide!"

Danger! Wizard at Work! #11

by Kate Mcmullan Bill Basso

When Wiglaf and his pals from Dragon Slayers' Academy meet up with the wizard Zelnoc, all they ask is for a little magic to help them get through the Dark Forest fast. But unfortunately, Zelnoc's spells always end with an "Oops! Sorry about that!" So, yes, the boys are able to travel much faster now...but that's because they have wings, can fly, and have been turned into dragons! And they become the newest students at Dragon Slackers' Academy, a school that teaches knight-slaying! This funny turnabout in which the kids from DSA suddenly see life from a dragon's point of view makes a wonderful addition to this popular series!

Danger Zone (Hardy Boys Casefiles #37)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: A crisis hits home When an ultrasecret project takes Fenton Hardy to Massachusetts, the Hardy Boys come home one afternoon to find that kidnappers have taken their mother. The kidnappers demand to talk to Frank and Joe's father within twenty-four hours-or the boys may never talk to their mother again! The key to the case is at Prometheus Computing, where Fenton is in charge of security. The company's latest product is a highly advanced computer chip, sure to shape the future of artificial intelligence. But to protect the chip and their family, the Hardys will have to rely on their natural intelligence and courage. They must find their father and infiltrate the DANGER ZONE before time runs out on their mother! ================ From inside the book: AMBUSHED! The security guard directed Frank and Joe into a courtyard surrounded by ivy-covered walls. "What is this place?" Joe asked. They both spun around at a loud metallic boom behind them. A metal gate had crashed to the ground, sealing off the exit. Then each window in the building was thrown open, and from the second floor up, long ropes flopped to the ground. "I think we have visitors," Frank said. Suddenly the walls came alive. Clutching the ropes, a dozen people rappeled downward. Within seconds, they surrounded the brothers. Frank gulped. The black uniforms weren't very welcoming, nor were the flak vests and gas masks. But the worst-definitely the worst-were the submachine guns, pointed at their heads!

The Dangerous Breakup

by Anne Schraff

High school junior Reece tried to break up with Natalie, but Natalie didn't like that idea. One of her favorite activities with Reece was to watch gory movies, the more gruesome the better. She liked to choose what they would do. She got jealous if he spent time with anyone, including his family. After the breakup, she began doing more and more to try to get him back, like sending dead flowers to his new girlfriend's parents, scratching words on his car, and eventually even kidnapping him. Will Reece survive being locked up in a remote spot while she has him at gunpoint?

The Dangerous Canoe Race (Ladd Family Adventure #4)

by Lee Roddy

Ages 8-12. Josh and his friends are swept into adventure when the bully King Kong challenges them to an outrigger canoe race. The boys accept the dare, but Kong determines to win the race by any means. A swamped boat, a life-threatening storm and a high-sea rescue all add to the peril of the race. In this page-turning story for 8- to 12-year-olds, Josh and his friends learn that it's not winning that counts but how you play the game. Other books in the Ladd Family Adventure series include: Secret of the Shark Pit, The Legend of Fire, Mystery of the Island Jungle, Mystery of the Wild Surfer and Secret of the Sunken Sub.

Dangerous Depressants & Sedatives

by Celicia Scott

Depressants and sedatives can be very dangerous even when prescribed by a doctor. These drugs can hurt your body and brain, and they can land you in trouble with the police. They're even more dangerous because they're so addictive. Find out the true risks of taking these drugs. Discover the downside of depressants and sedatives!

Dangerous Game

by Tracey West

Fascinating fiction features ordinary kids in extraordinary situations Young readers relate to this engaging, original fiction. Up-to-the-minute action adventures include a wilder-than-expected wilderness weekend and a rafting trip gone awry. Rita challenges David to a one-on-one round of the chase game Quarry. Then they find they are not the only ones playing

A Dangerous Plan (Left Behind: The Kids #20)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Vicki and the stateside Young Tribulation Force must decide if they will risk their lives to help believers held by the Global Community. Vicki is thrilled at the return of an old friend. In New Babylon, Lionel watches a celebrity receive Nicolae Carpathia's mark, while Judd discovers some startling information from a new friend. Follow the kids as they try to help others see the truth and struggle to survive the deadly consequences of refusing to obey the world's most evil ruler.

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