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Our Flag

by Celia Benton

Phonics Readers is a recognized leader in helping you teach phonics and phonemic awareness, within the context of content-area reading. Content area focus: Symbols of America Phonics Skills: final e, diagraph wh

Owl at Home

by Arnold Lobel

Whether Owl is inviting Winter in on a snowy night or welcoming a new friend he meets while on a stroll, Owl always has room for visitors! [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at]

Paddleduck! #2: Julie, Living in Texas

by Aunt Julie

Just when you thought you read all about Julie, A Little Girl From Texas, there is more. Julie went swimming and her Grandfather said she looked like a duck paddling in the water. He called her, "Paddleduck." Paddleduck Julie also loved to jump off the diving board. Her friend Tama did belly busters. Paddleduck talks about Ashley and Kendall's mom, when she cooked her roast it looked like a log and when she fried her chicken, it looked boiled. Paddleduck tells about her summer in San Antonio, Uncle Albert's smelly feet, the family picnic and she remembers the, "Alamo." Her cousin Allison and Jean visit from New York and Ginnye, their driver, gets a speeding ticket on the way to the beach. Paddleduck sees Ms. Kandy with two men in white space suits. Honey Bees? A bird named, Ronnie, knocked on the window and said, "yee-ha". At Vicki's birthday party, someone hid onions in Kelly's hot dog and Paddleducks cupcake had a bite taken out, Rhonda had chocolate on her face. The Girl Scouts went on a trip to Busch Gardens and they rode a sweet elephant named, Alma. At the YMCA, Peggy told Darlene not to go near the alligators. See what happens when she does. Aron and Andie feed the goats they named, Dougy and Holdy. Did they see a ghost? Jessica and her dog, Baby, eating hamburgers, a snoopy cat named Little Debbie, and more. Enjoy as Paddleduck Julie shares her lively childhood stories.


by Maggie Smith

Paisley has been sitting on the shelf at Big & Little Toys too long. He's seen other animals come and go, but somehow he's never found his perfect match. And so, taking matters into his own hands, Paisley sets off on a quest to find the special someone he knows is out there for him. He braves many perils in his search, but his intrepid determination is rewarded when he finds the girl of his dreams at last. Well, that's the way Paisley tells the story. Maggie Smith's wonderfully warm and touchable pictures tell a different tale. In truth, Paisley is mistakenly thrown away, tossed about, and then left in the lost and found at Lolly's Laundry, where a curious little girl happily discovers him. But when Pearl and Paisley get together, it doesn't matter who found who--they are a perfect match. Children will laugh at Paisley's almost-true telling of his tale and will readily understand his need to feel like he's in control. Sure to melt your heart, this is a love story that celebrates the power of a positive outlook. From the Hardcover edition.

The Paper Crane

by Molly Garrett Bang

A mysterious man enters a restaurant and pays for his dinner with a paper crane that magically comes alive and dances. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at]

The Parable Of The Prodigal Son

by Erik Rottmann

This book retells the story of The Prodigal Son, found in Luke, chapter 15. Other Arch books are available in this library.

The Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25:14-30 for Children

by Nicole E. Dreyer

This book retells Jesus' parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-27). The Arch Book series tells popular Bible stories through fun-to-read rhymes and bright illustrations. This well-loved series captures the attention of children, telling scripturally sound stories that are enjoyable and easy to remember. Other Arch books are available in this library.

ParaNorman: Attack of the Pilgrim Zombies!

by Laika Annie Auerbach

Norman can see and talk to ghosts. No one believes him, of course-everyone just thinks he's weird (including his parents). So when pilgrim zombies attack the town, it's all up to Norman to save the day!

ParaNorman: Meet the Ghosts

by Laika Lucy Rosen

In a small town, local boy Norman can see and talk to ghosts. He watches TV with the ghost of his grandmother and says hi to the ghosts he meets on his way to school. He even plays fetch with his best friend's ghost dog! Meet Norman and all his ghost friends in this early reader based on the new movie!

The Passover Lamb

by Tatjana Mai-Wyss Linda Elovitz Marshall

When a sheep on her family's farm starts acting strangely, Miriam is worried. Spring lambing season is over, so what could be wrong with Snowball? Then--surprise--the sheep gives birth to triplets! When she realizes that the mother has enough milk for only two of her newborns, Miriam knows that the third baby will have to be bottle-fed every four hours. But it's almost Passover, and the family is about to leave for her grandparents' seder. And it's Miriam's turn this year to ask the Four Questions, which she's been practicing for weeks! When Miriam's father decides that they must stay home to care for the lamb, it's up to Miriam to think of a clever and--hilariously fitting--way to rescue both the baby lamb and her family's holiday. Author Linda Marshall based this out-of-the-ordinary Passover tale on a true event that took place on her own farm, weaving in details about sheep farming and infusing it with the warmth shared by a loving family. Readers will root for Miriam and her Passover lamb!

Pat the Cat

by Sarah Golden Ken Spengler

A book about a cat that doesn't allow a dog to pat it.

The Patchwork Quilt

by Valerie Flournoy

Tanya loved listening to her grand-mother talk about the patchwork quilt as she cut and stitched together the pieces of colorful fabric. A scrap of blue from brother Jim's favorite old pants, a piece of gold left over from Mama's Christmas dress, a bright square from Tanya's Halloween costume-all fit together to make a quilt of memories. But one day Tanya's grandmother becomes ill, and Tanya doesn't know how to help her. It's then she decides to finish Grandma's masterpiece herself, and with the help of Mama and the whole family, she sets to work. All the trust and sharing between a young girl and her treasured grand-mother is captured in Valerie Flournoy's story, lovingly illustrated in Jerry Pinkney's evocative paintings.

Paul Bunyan and the Love-Struck Ox

by Cheyenne Cisco

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Peanut Butter Party: Including the History, Uses, and Future of Peanut Butter

by Remy Charlip

[picture of three people at a table saying: I LOVE PARTIES. I'M GLAD WE GOT INVITED. I HEAR IT'S A PEANUT BUTTER PARTY.] [picture of a creature with one hair sticking straight up, wearing a long dress, holding a spoon up in one hand, saying: I HOPE IT'S A PEANUT BUTTER PARTY.] Back cover: [picture of three children at a table saying: WHAT A GREAT IDEA, A PEANUT BUTTER PARTY! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE DIFFERENT WAYS OF SERVING IT.] [picture of the creature saying: I LIKE IT PLAIN, ON A SPOON.]

Pee Wee Scouts: Pee Wees on Parade

by Judy Delton

What's the Fourth of July without a good old-fashioned parade down Main Street? The Pee Wees will get to ride real, live ponies down the street! Uh-oh. Molly can't remember ever meeting a real horse. She's seen pictures of them. She knows they are big. Very big. With big feet. She's the only one who doesn't know how to ride. Can you put training wheels on a horse?

Pee Wee Scouts: Stage Frightened

by Judy Delton

The Pee Wees are putting on a talent show. They plan to sell tickets so they can raise money for a trip to Minnesota Magic, a huge and fantastic amusement park. But right away there is trouble. Roger doesn't have a dummy to use in his ventriloquist act. Tracy doesn't have a model to use in her hair-styling act. And Molly...well, Molly doesn't have a talent at all. How can she be in the show without an act?

Pee Wee Scouts: Wild, Wild West

by Judy Delton

The Pee Wees are visiting the Lazy T Ranch, where they get to wear cowboy hats, learn how to throw a lasso, and go horseback riding. There's even a spooky ghost town to explore. The only down side is the big square dance scheduled for the end of the weekend. None of the girls wants Roger or Sonny for a partner. Molly has a plan to avoid dancing with them. Will it work?.

Peg Leg Peke

by Brie Spangler

PEKE, AN ADORABLE little Pekingnese, has a boo-boo. But when he uses his imagination, he's no longer a pup with a broken leg, he's a pirate with a peg leg on the high seas! Can he find the buried treasure? In her picture book debut, Brie Spangler celebrates the power of imagination and introduces a lovable Pekingnese puppy who refuses to let his boo-boo keep him from having fun.

People and Places (Grade 1, Texas edition)

by James A. Banks Richard G. Boehm Kevin P. Colleary Gloria Contreras A. Lin Goodwin Mary A. Mcfarland Walter C. Parker

The book contains Literature, Biography Reference Section, charts and graphs and maps, etc.

Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories

by W. Awdry

Straight from the latest Thomas video come three delightful new tales from the Island of Sodor. Thomas fans will laugh when Percy has an accident at the chocolate factory; meet a new engine named Salty, who has a secret; and go through a tough day with Harold the Helicopter. Filled with gentle humor and lots of photo illustrations.

Percy's Cycle, Level 1

by Alan O'Dell Rémy Simard

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Perfect Thanksgiving

by Eileen Spinelli

Our smoke alarm is wailing. Our turkey, burnt as toast. Dad spills the gravy down his shirt--a less-than-perfect host. Enter two families who couldn't be any more opposite! Family one seems just PERFECT--with a plump golden turkey, gorgeous whipped cream swirls atop their pie, and lace napkins on the table. Family two, on the other hand, seems FAR FROM IT! The turkey burns, the Jell-O wiggles and jiggles right to the floor, and Dad's shirt serves as napkin. What could these two very different families possibly have in common? Full of whimsy and spirit, this funny picture book is sure to add spice to any Thanksgiving feast.

Perro Grande... Perro Pequeno

by P. D. Eastman

Illus. in full color. Trans. by Pilar de Cuenca & Inés Alvares. "The presence of the English text beneath the Spanish makes it especially helpful in the primary-grade bilingual classroom."--Booklist.

A Pet Named Sneaker

by Joan Heilbroner Pascal Lemaitre

Fifty years after the publication of Robert the Rose Horse comes Joan Heilbroner's second Beginner Book--A Pet Named Sneaker, with illustrations by Pascal Lemaitre. A madcap tale reminiscent of The Cat in the Hat, Go, Dog. Go!, and Put Me in the Zoo, Sneaker is the story of a pet-store snake who longs for a real home. When he is finally adopted by Pete--a young boy charmed by Sneaker's uncanny ability to twist himself into different shapes--Sneaker not only proves himself a good pet, but proves to be a good student (sneaking into school with Pete and learning to read and write); a good citizen (saving a drowing toddler at a community pool); and a goodwill ambassador for the entire animal kingdom (inspiring the community to open the pool to all animals)! With delightfully understated, wickedly funny illustrations by Pascal Lemaitre, this is a fantastic, funny book that will sneakily get beginning readers reading on their own!

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