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Anna's Summer Songs

by Mary Q. Steele

Trees, flowers, ferns, and fruit-- Anna's joyous songs celebrate everything that grows. Delightful children's poetry with picture descriptions present.

Annie and Snowball and the Dress-up Birthday

by Cynthia Rylant

Annie and her pet bunny, Snowball, love living next door to Annie's favorite cousin, Henry and his dog, Mudge. Whether it's playing Frisbee or watching old movies, there's no shortage of fun to be had when these four are together. Annie's birthday is coming up, and she can't wait to invite Henry and Mudge over for a dress-up party. But when the guests arrive, it's Annie who gets the big surprise! Picture descriptions present.

Anno's Counting Book

by Mitsumasa Anno

First there is an empty field. The it is January, the first month of the year. All alone in the snow stands 1 yellow house. In front, 1 child builds a snowman. Behind the house is 1 tree and 1 black cow. Now, five months later, it is June. There are 6 buildings in the field, 6 children playing, and 6 adults working. One adult tends 6 ducks. Another drives a trains with 6 cars. From 1 to 12, through the months of the year, the town grows. More houses and trees and animals and people can be seen until December arrives with all it's magic.

Antarctica (Earth's Continents)

by Mary Lindeen

EARTH'S CONTINENTS lets you begin exploring Earth's seven continents. Learn about each continent's land, people, animals, and cultures just by turning the pages! Read all the books in the EARTH'S CONTINENTS series: Africa; Antarctica; Asia; Australia; Europe; North America; South America. Picture captions and descriptions present.

An Anteater Named Arthur

by Bernard Waber

In a story told through his mother's eyes, Arthur is seen as a sometimes annoying, but always lovable, anteater.

Anybody at Home?

by H. A. Rey

The short verses in Anybody at Home? ask children to identify various homes and the animals and objects that live there

Apples!, Level K

by Javier Costa Doug Thompson

NIMAC-sourced textbook

April Foolishness

by Teresa Bateman Nadine Bernard Westcott

It's a spring morning on the farm. Grandpa is fixing breakfast for his visiting grandkids. Suddenly his grandson reports that the cows have got loose! He thinks Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose! But Grandpa isn't at all upset at this news- he just pours himself a glass of milk! Why is Grandpa so cool? Because he knows the kids are trying to play an April Fool's trick! And then Grandma steps in with a trick of her own.

Are You My Mother?

by P. D. Eastman

When Baby Bird hatches from his egg, his mother is off looking for food. What's a bird to do? Go find his mother, of course! So begins Baby Bird's hilarious, and at times very touching, hunt for his mother. Children will love this deluxe cloth edition of P. D. Eastman's all-time favorite. Soft and snuggly pages, complete with an adorable plush baby bird, let children interact with each wonderful character our little hero meets as he asks again and again, "Are you my mother?" [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at]

Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy

by Marc Brown

D. W. is jealous when her big brother Arthur loses a tooth and gets a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Arthur explains that the Tooth Fairy comes only when you lose a tooth and put it under your pillow at night, so D. W. dreams up some hysterical (but unsuccessful) plans to trick her into coming.

Arthur's Birthday

by Marc Brown

Their friends must decide which party to attend when Francine schedules her birthday party for the same day as Arthur's birthday party.

Arthur's Chicken Pox

by Marc Brown

This adventure revolves around whether or not Arthur will get over his chicken pox in time to go to the circus with his family. In the meantime, D.W. makes her own plans to invite a friend to go as Arthur's replacement and feigns chicken pox herself in a bid for attention from her family. At the end of the story, in a nod to justice, Arthur recovers in time, but D.W. comes down with spots on the morning of the circus.

Arthur's Family Vacation

by Marc Brown

Arthur is unhappy about going on vacation with his family, but he shows them how to make the best of a bad situation when they end up stuck in a motel because of rain.

Arthur's First Sleepover

by Marc Brown

Children can read about Arthur's antics in his own backyard with Buster and the Brain.

Arthur's Halloween

by Marc Brown

Arthur and his friends dress in costumes and enjoy refreshments at the school Halloween party. Later that night, he, D.W., and his friends trick-or-treat to a very frightening house. When D.W. goes in, Arthur knows he must go rescue her. His friends are sure he will never come out. Inside, he finds not fear, but a new friend. Other books about Arthur are available from Bookshare.

Arthur's Jelly Beans

by Marc Brown

Muffy is having a Spring party with games and prizes. Arthur is so slow he is late to the party, and slow at the games. Will he win a prize? Includes a jelly bean game you can play at the end of the book.

Arthur's Loose Tooth

by Lillian Hoban

For use in schools and libraries only. Emergent readers will identify with Arthur, the young chimpanzee who is the star of the classic series, as he loses a tooth, finally parts with his beloved Honey Bear, and goes on a campout.

Arthur's Mystery Babysitter

by Marc Brown

When Arthur's parents go out for the evening, they tell Arthur and D.W. that a mystery babysitter will take care of them.

Arthur's Reading Race

by Marc Brown

Arthur doesn't believe that his little sister can really read, so he challenges her to prove it.

Arthur's Teacher Moves In

by Marc Brown

Arthur is overcome with dread when he hears that his teacher is coming to stay at the Reads' house. But soon Arthur discovers that Mr. Ratburn wears casual clothes like everyone else, loves cartoons, and actually knows how to have fun. Arthur thinks his problems are over, until he gets an A on his next test and his friends call him a teacher's pet. In the end the joke's on them, as Arthur and Mr. Ratburn set the record straight once and for all. Here's another Arthur Adventure that will tickle the funny bones of Arthur fans old and new.

Arthur's Teacher Trouble

by Marc Brown

Arthur's new teacher is demanding - assigning homework on the very first day of school. Though resentful of not having it as easy as kids in other classes, Arthur works hard to master spelling and is rewarded for his hard work in the class spelling bee.

Arthur's Thanksgiving

by Marc Brown

Arthur the Aardvark finds it's hard to direct the Thanksgiving play. His classmates forget what to say, their costumes don't fit, and they're going to quit if he can't find someone to be the turkey. Ages 4-8. The pictures are described. A short fun read aloud or alone book. Read more about Arthur, his sister D. W. and his Friends. Bookshare has: Arthur Goes to Camp, Arthur Helps Out, Arthur Loses A Friend, Arthur Lost and Found, Arthur lost in the Museum, Arthur Tells A Story, Arthur Tricks The Tooth Fairy, Arthur and the Dog Show, Arthur to the Rescue, Arthur's April Fool, Arthur's Birthday, Arthur's Chicken Pox, Arthur's Eyes, Arthur's Family Vacation, Arthur's Halloween, Arthur's Mystery Babysitter, Arthur's Reading Race, Arthur's TV Trouble, Arthur's Teacher Moves In, Arthur's Teacher Trouble, Arthur's Tree House, Arthur's Underwear, D. W.'s Guide To Good Manners, D. W. Flips, D. W. Go To Your Room, Glasses for D. W. and more.

Arthur's Tooth

by Marc Brown

Arthur is the only one in his class who hasn't yet lost a baby tooth. Will his loose tooth ever fall out?

Arthur's Tree House

by Marc Brown

Arthur tries to find a quiet place to read his new Bionic Bunny comic book. He ends up reading it in a tree!

Arthur's TV Trouble

by Marc Brown

It all started while Arthur was watching The Bionic Bunny Show... When Arthur sees the commercial for the amazing doggy Treat Timer, he knows it's the perfect thing for his puppy, Pal. He can't get it out of his mind--in fact, every time he turns around, another ad is staring him in the face! Arthur's attempt to earn money just gets him into more trouble. Arthur's TV trouble gets worse before it gets better. Will Arthur and his family ever find a solution? Stay tuned.

Showing 26 through 50 of 917 results
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