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Infinity and Me

by Kate Hosford Gabi Swiatkowska

Uma can't help feeling small when she peers up at the night sky. She begins to wonder about infinity. Is infinity a number that grows forever? Is it an endless racetrack? Could infinity be in an ice cream cone? Uma soon finds that the ways to think about this big idea may just be . . . infinite.

It Is Good!: Growing Up in a Messianic Jewish Family

by Steffi Karen Rubin

Meet Tovah! Tovah (Hebrew for "good") is growing up in a Messianic Jewish home, learning the meaning of God's special days. Ideal for young children. Teaches the biblical holidays and celebrates faith in Yeshua (Jesus).

Itch! Itch!

by Annie-Jo

Itch. Itch. Scratch. Scratch. Why is everyone so itchy?

It's Party Time: A Purim Story

by Jonny Zucker

A mother, father, and three young children in a typical Jewish family celebrate their most important holidays in the attractively illustrated Festival Time books, which speak not only to Jewish children but to boys and girls of all faiths. Ages 3-7

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow

by Shirley Neitzel Amy Cohr

Rhyme follows rhyme as layer after layer of winter clothing ("bunchy and hot, wrinkled a lot, stiff in the knee, and too big for me!") is first put on and then taken off to the relief of the child bundled inside. The Jacket I Wear in the Snow especially fun for prereaders and new readers.

Jake Goes Fishing

by Crystal Bowman

Spilled worms and a snagged hook threaten to ruin Jake's fishing trip. He wants to have fun with his father. But what if there are no fish to bring home for dinner? Although he makes some mistakes at first, Jake spends a wonderful day fishing with his father, then enjoying a very special fish dinner. Picture descriptions present.

Jake Helps Out

by Crystal Bowman

Jake wants to help Mother and Father with the chores so they can go to the beach for the day. As he tries to help out, a series of mishaps leaves him feeling frustrated and useless.

Jake's Brave Night

by Crystal Bowman

Jake's scared to be in his new room alone. He turns on a light. He cuddles with his stuffed animals. But he still can't sleep. Can Jake discover the one thing that will help? Picture descriptions present.

Jamie Goes on an Airplane

by Jill Krementz

Jamie likes to watch the airplanes take off! He likes to ride on airplanes! And, he loves to visit his grandparents! Other book by this author are available in this library.

Joseph and the Splendid Coat

by Alice Joyce Davidson

Colorfully illustrated with rhyming verse that children will understand and enjoy, the story of Joseph shows the triumph of faith in action.

Just Ali Cat

by Dandi Daley Mackall

A Lesson in Recognizing Inner Beauty. Ali Cat is a very friendly cat. And Katy thinks she is beautiful! But will the pet show judges think so too?

Kitten's First Full Moon

by Kevin Henkes

[This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at]

The Knee-High Man and Other Tales

by Julius Lester

Tales of why dogs chase cats, why the little man wants to be big. Lester skillfully retells these tales from black folklore.

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy

by Jacky Davis

At the playground, Lulu asks her friend Sam if he wants to play with her. Sam likes Diggers, while Lulu thinks Monkeys is the best game. Sam suggests playing under the castle, but Lulu knows that the top is the most fun. They just can't agree! And then Lulu asks, 'Have you ever played Ladybug Girl?'As Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy, Lulu and Sam save the playground from hairy monsters and big mean robots, and have their very own parade on the bouncy dinosaurs. They figure out that when they work together, they can create fun games that they both like to play.

Ladybug Girl at the Beach

by Jacky Davis

Be courageous with Ladybug Girl! There's a lot for Lulu and Bingo to do at the beach: Build sand castles, Fly a kite, Collect shells. Lulu loves the ocean, but it is so big and noisy. Will she be brave enough to go in? Just remember, Ladybug Girl can do anything!

Lanterns and Firecrackers: A Chinese New Year Story

by Jonny Zucker

A Chinese family prepares for their New Year festivities they decorate the house with flowers, then set off firecrackers to scare away bad spirits and welcome the coming year. Family and friends sit down together for a festive dinner, then go outside to watch the parade of dragon dancers. The festival ends on its final night with a display of colored lanterns. Festival Time books depict the activities of typical families, as Mom, Dad, and children celebrate holidays that have special religious or cultural significance for them. Cheerfully attractive color illustrations supplement a simply-told story of the holiday's origins and a description of the festivities that are part of that holiday. Festival Time books can be read aloud to toddlers, but are easy enough for many first and second graders to read to themselves. Each book's final two-page spread is written mainly for parents, offering suggestions for ways to communicate the holiday's meaning to kids. (Ages 3-7) Picture descriptions present.

The Legend of Sleeping Bear

by Kathy-Jo Wargin

It is believed that the Ojibwe of Michigan were the first to tell the story of Sleeping Bear and her cubs, a legend that has since become known as The Legend of Sleeping Bear. The tale originated as a way to explain the sandy area that we know today as the Sleeping Bear Dune. In this story, Mother Bear and her two cubs must escape a forest fire in Wisconsin. As they struggle to make this journey across Lake Michigan, the loyalty and dedication they show for one another is powerful and heartwarming. It took more than a year for painter Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen and author Kathy-jo Wargin to bring this enchanting and popular tale to life. The richness and depth of their work underscores the beauty of the legend, preserving this story for generations to come. Picture descriptions present.

Let Them Eat Cake! (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)

by Fabio Laguna James Gallego

DreamWorks Animation brings Jay Ward's classic cartoon Mr. Peabody & Shermanto the big screen in an all-new comedy adventure for the whole family. Mr. Peabody is the world's smartest person who happens to be a dog. When his "pet" boy, Sherman, uses their time-traveling WABAC machine without permission, the events in history spiral out of control to disastrous and comical results! It's up to this most unexpected of father-son teams to put things back on track. Children ages 3-7 will enjoy this full-color Pictureback storybook that retells one of the movie's most exciting time-traveling adventures.

The Lion and The Mouse

by Jerry Pinkney

Textless retelling of the Lion and the Mouse fable, with beautiful images. Winner of the 2010 Caldecott Award.

Little Bear

by Else Holmelund Minarik

In one story, "Birthday Soup," Little Bear cannot find his mother and presumes she has forgotten his birthday. With the prospect of guests arriving and no cake in sight, he sets out to make birthday soup (all his friends like soup). Just as the gathering is sitting down for soup, Mother Bear shows up with a big, beautiful birthday cake. "I never did forget your birthday, and I never will," she says to her son as he hugs her leg. In "Little Bear Goes to the Moon," Little Bear declares that he will fly to the moon in his new space helmet. Mother Bear tells him to be back by lunch, and he is. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at]

Little Fern's First Winter

by Jane Simmons

"The snow is coming!" said Mama Rabbit. Little Fern and her brother, Bracken, decide to play hide-and-seek while their mother prepares for the first snowfall. But wherever Fern hopes to hide, another creature needs the space for the winter. And when it's Fern's turn to seek, she can't find Bracken anywhere! Then it starts to snow. . . . This warm and reassuring tale will appeal to little ones all year long.

The Little Island

by Margaret Wise Brown

There is a little island in the ocean--and this book is about how it is on that little island, how the seasons and the storm and the day and night change it, how the lobsters and seals and gulls and everything else live on it, and what the kitten who comes to visit finds out about it.

The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah

by Leslie Kimmelman

Oy gevalt! The Little Red Hen likes baking matzah, but she's not so crazy about doing everything herself. Would it be too much to ask her friends Dog, Horse, and Sheep to help plant and harvest some wheat for the delicious Passover treat? Couldn't they at least help schlep the wheat to the mill? In this rollicking version of a favorite folktale, a harried, hardworking hen finds the true meaning of Passover. A recipe for making your own matzah is included, along with the story behind the weeklong holiday and its traditions.

Little Robin's Christmas

by Jan Fearnley

A short read-aloud book which illustrates the spirit of Christmas giving as it counts down the seven days before Christmas. Having given away all his warm vests to his cold animal friends during the week before Christmas, Little Robin receives a special reward from Santa. Here is a Christmas tale about how the little brown robin got its red breast. Pictures are described.

Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China

by Ed Young

In this Chinese version of the classic fairy tale, a mother leaves her three children home alone while she goes to visit their grandmother. When the children are visited by a wolf, pretending to be their Po Po, or granny, they let him in the house, but ultimately are not fooled by his deep voice and hairy face This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts for K-1 at

Showing 101 through 125 of 202 results


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