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Laura Ingalls Wilder: Growing Up in the Little House (Women of Our Times)

by Patricia Reilly Giff

A biography of the author of the "Little House" books, including the years of her marriage to Almanzo Wilder.

Laurel: Orphan Train West

by Jane Peart

although she had been adopted by a loving couple followig her mother's death, laurel searches for her biological roots before finally finding her "real" home.

Lauren's Double Disaster (Sleepover Friends #33)

by Susan Saunders

What a week! Lauren can't believe her bad luck. First, her teacher, Mrs. Mead, announces that everyone's expected to do a project for this year's art fair--and Lauren is a total art klutz! Then, she finds out she's got not one, not two, but three cavities! The rest of the Sleepover Friends try to help Lauren with her art project--and her dental problems. (They even agree to eat rice cakes and drink diet Dr Pepper instead of enjoying their usual sleepover treats!) But it isn't until their new friend, Hope, comes to the rescue that Lauren discovers maybe she's a better artist than she'd thought.


by Jeffrey Salane

The Lawless School provides the right education for kids on the wrong side of the law. M Freeman has been homeschooled her entire life. So M has no idea just how unusual her education has been - not until she leaves home to attend the prestigious (and mysterious) Lawless School. Suddenly, it's very clear to M that her tutors have been preparing her all along for a life of crime. She excels at escape tactics. She's a whiz at spotting forgeries. Her years of piano lessons pay off when picking pockets and cracking safes. M's newfound talent for criminal mischief soon brings her to the attention of the Masters, the secretive school's most secretive clique. M's interest in the Masters is personal - joining this international dishonor society is her best chance to learn the truth about her father's life . . . and his death. But when her first real-world heist goes wrong, M is left wondering: Is there truly honor among thieves? Jeffrey Salane's first novel is full of twists and turns, reveals and reversals. Spoiling the ending for your friends would be criminal!

Leap Into Danger

by Leif Hamre

Seen from the air, the white-and-green beauty of the vast Norwegian forest hardly seemed a portrait of peril. Yet the moment the motor of their plane had failed, the two young Air Force pilots knew that the routine patrol had turned into a rendezvous with impending disaster. The parachute descent into the frozen wilderness below is merely a prologue. Then begins their struggle for survival while a blizzard rages, preventing search planes from making a rescue operation. Their ingenious plans to keep alive-a rough shelter of branches, fishlines rigged through the ice in a nearby lake, and snares set for ptarmigan -at first help to sustain them. But when-despite a roaring fire outside their flimsy shelter entrance-a pack of ravening wolves draws closer and closer, both men are filled with the chilling doubt that they will ever be found alive. Leif Hamre, a lieutenant-colonel in the Norwegian Air Force, has written from firsthand knowledge a taut, absorbing, and authentic story that takes the reader into the very heart of danger.

Learning for Earning: Your Route to Success

by John A. Wanat E. Weston Pfeiffer Richard Van Gulik

Focuses on helping students understand self first, then making a career match. Identifies the workplace know-how needed for success on the job, as determined by the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

Leashed Lightning

by Jo Sykes

When his prizewinning dog is killed, a fifteen-year-old boy, whose whole world revolves around dogs and their training, becomes attached to a German shepherd but has to overcome many obstacles before he is allowed to keep her.

Leave It to Beany (Beany Malone Series, #3)

by Lenora Mattingly Weber

Beany Malone liked to manage things. She thought she could even manage Sheila McBride when Sheila appeared at the big friendly house on Barberry Street. The Malones had invited their "much removed" Irish cousin, whom they had never seen, because she was an orphan and lonely in America. Beany pictured her as being wistful and starry-eyed like Peg o' My Heart, and thought she would be as eager to share their interests as they were to include her in their merry circle. Pretty Mary Fred would take Sheila under her wing at college, literary Johnny would discuss Irish poets and plays with her, and Beany, whose warm heart could play odd pranks on her practical mind, resolved that Sheila must always wear gay clothes, sparkle with wit, and never do household chores. It never occurred to them that Sheila might have her own ideas and plans, and the character (Beany called it stubbornness) to carry them out. But Beany plunged with headlong enthusiasm into a newspaper job while still in high school, pleased to have something to take her mind from her troubles with her best beau, and Sheila's stubbornness. One afternoon she brought home from the paper a stray baby, name and age unknown, as anyone else might bring in a stray kitten! The baby played havoc with the household routine, and caused so many surprising complications that sometimes Beany forgot to worry about having lost the charm bracelet that Norbett had given her. Meanwhile troubles multiplied, and Beany found that trying to manage everything and everybody was a big job.

Leave It to Christy

by Pamela Curtis Swallow

Kind-hearted Christy enters seventh grade worrying about what to do for a science project, yearning for the attention of a gorgeous male classmate, surprisingly winning the lead in "Peter Pan," and helping out a boy with really serious problems.

The Leaving Summer

by Donal Harding

Miss Dixie called me Mister. My name is actually Austin Carroll. If she was right and the earth did tremble under her bedroom slippers, it must have all started the week before my eleventh birthday. That's when Daddy brought the convicts home. When Austin discovers the convicts have run away from the fields of his family's North Carolina farm, he knows trouble lies ahead in the summer of 1958. Later, he finds one of the convicts, Bass, seriously injured, and Austin faces the decision of whether to help the man. Under the cloak of night, he and his aunt, Ada, bring Bass to a secret shelter. They soon realize that keeping the wounded man safe has placed them in danger-especially with the volatile Hitcher boys on Bass's trail. Donal Harding's suspenseful adventure story will hook readers from page one and will stay with them long after the final page is turned.

L'effet manga

by Jacqueline Pearce

Dana is excited about her school trip to Japan despite the fact that she is surrounded by the Melly Mob, "in-crowd" kids who make fun of her. Dana is certain she will be less of an outsider in Japan, home of manga and anime. But she soon discovers that it's just as difficult to fit in with a foreign culture as it is to fit in at school. And the only other manga fan that she meets refuses to talk to her. As Dana learns to meet people halfway and gains some friends in Japan, Melissa, leader of the Melly Mob, makes every effort to remind her that she's still an outsider.

The Legend of Buddy Bush

by Shelia P. Moses

The day Uncle Goodwin "Buddy" Bush came from Harlem all the way back home to Rehobeth Road in Rich Square, North Carolina, is the day Pattie Mae Sheals' life changes forever. Pattie Mae adores and admires Uncle Buddy, he's tall and handsome and he doesn't believe in the country stuff most people believe in, like ghosts and stepping off the sidewalk to let white folks pass. He unsettles the dust and brings fresh ideas to Rehobeth Road. But when Buddy's deliberate inattention to the protocol of 1947 North Carolina lands him in jail for a crime against a white woman that he didn't commit, Pattie Mae and her family are suddenly set to journeying on the long, hard road that leads from loss and rage to forgiveness and pride.

The Legend of Miner's Creek (Nancy Drew #107)

by Carolyn Keene

Carson Drew's old friend Charlie invites Nancy and her friends to his eight-hundred-acre Highland Retreat in the Cascade Mountains where the legend of an untapped gold mine lingers.

Legend of the Ghost Dog

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

A thrilling mystery set against a stark landscape and the inspiration of Nome's real-life dog hero, Balto. Twelve-year-old Tee has just moved to Nome, Alaska, with her writer father and sullen little brother, Jack. Jack isn't happy about the idea of living in the middle of nowhere, but Tee and her dog Henry are thrilled -- so much open space to run around and sniff! But on a walk near their new house, Henry spots something that has him seriously spooked. Tee sees a mysterious shadow, and it seems to be following them. Have they disturbed a restless spirit? And what other secrets might this dark place be holding?

A Lemon and a Star

by Elizabeth Choate Spykman

A sense of adventure and the thrill of outwitting the grown-ups are driving forces in the lives of the four Cares children. Theodore, at thirteen, can be bossy and mean, and the others find ways to rebel against him. To ten-year-old Jane her big brother is both a tower of strength and a source of endless frustration and outrage. Eight-year-old Hubert can bring forth amazing nuggets of insight, and five-year-old Edie is always scrambling to keep up with the others and ready to tattle to Nurse or Father. Because their mother is dead and their father is often away from home, the Cares children have the freedom to hatch their schemes and fight their battles with little interference. Theodore catches a fox and hides it in the woodshed; Jane and Hubert sneak away for a day in the city; the boys train their ponies for a real steeplechase over the fields. When the drugstore in town is robbed, they all set to work to apprehend the burglar. The novel portrays very real children and their world of nearly a century ago.

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up

by Mark Peter Hughes

This is what happened after five outcasts in Opequonsett High School found each other, found the music, and went on to become Rhode Island's most influential band. What's next for this group of musical misfits? Whatever is it, it will be nothing short of revoluntionary.

Leon and the Champion Chip

by Allen Kurzweil

Leon's back. Having survived the sweatshop methods of Miss Hagmeyer, his needle-wielding fourth grade teacher at the Classical School, Leon braces himself for fifth grade. He arrives armed with a backpack full of pens and pencils, binders and notebooks . . . plus a rag doll that's the spitting image of Henry Lumpkin, the bully who has Leon in his sights. If the doll works the way it's supposed to, Leon (and his buddies P. W. and Lily-Matisse) won't have to worry about Lumpkin the Pumpkin! Better still, Leon has a fabulous new teacher, Mr. Sparks, who conducts science experiments using that most miraculous of research materials -- the potato chip. And a good thing, too. Mr. Sparks's lab work will come in handy when Leon is forced to take on Alphonse "The Chippopotamus" Cipollini at the annual Chipapalooza! Chip-Off. Once you've sunk your teeth into Leon and the Champion Chip, the hilarious sequel to Leon and the Spitting Image, you'll never eat potato chips the same way again!

Let There Be Light: A Book about Windows

by James Cross Giblin

Windows are our eyes on the world. Through them we can gaze at our surroundings and, looking out, feel connected to the larger world outside. Windows transform our interiors, filling a room with light and letting cool breezes in. Windows protect us. But windows are vulnerable, too. A well-aimed rock can shatter one in an instant. For as long as there have been buildings, there have been windows. A simple roof hole, a narrow slit-these served as windows in early structures. Later windows might be covered with anything from mica to paper to a fish bladder; the transparent pane of glass we take for granted today took many centuries to develop. In the Middle Ages, with the achievement of stained glass, windows became the focus of a great outpouring of artistic expression. Today the "walls of glass" of the modern skyscraper represent the ultimate window. In this wide-ranging history, we also learn of the role windows have played in many dramatic events, from castle sieges to the infamous Kristallnacht of Nazi Germany to riots that scarred American cities in the 1960s. With the aid of splendid pictures, James Cross Giblin traces the intriguing development of windows-in our homes, our houses of worship, our offices, and public buildings, and shows how they illuminate our lives.

Let's Investigate Marvelously Meaningful Maps

by Madelyn Carlisle

Introduces all kinds of maps including weather, topographic, road, and undersea; and explains such terms as scale, projections, symbols, latitude, and longitude. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 4-5 at]

Let's Visit A Space Camp

by Edith Alston

Tours the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, describing exhibits, spacecrafts, and activities at the space camp where children can experience what space travel feels like and participate in a simulated space shuttle mission

Letters from a Slave Boy

by Mary E. Lyons

Like his mother and grandmother before him, Joseph Jacobs was born into slavery. Joseph lives with his grandmother and sister in North Carolina, but he has not seen his mother for more than seven years. Unbeknownst to Joseph, his mother, Harriet, has been hiding from her owner in the attic of the house that Joseph lives in. But when Harriet's hiding place is in danger of being revealed, she is forced to flee north to safety only moments after being reunited with her family.Devastated by losing his mother for the second time, Joseph begins to ponder the nature of the world he lives in. Soon Joseph, seeking freedom and a place where he can be himself, follows his mother north. As he searches for answers, Joseph experiences life in Massachusetts, California, Australia, and aboard a whaling ship--but there's no place where Joseph feels that he can truly be free.In this companion novel to Letters from a Slave Girl, Joseph's stirring quest for freedom and identity is told through letters imagined by the author. Based on the real-life stories of Harriet and Joseph Jacobs, Letters from a Slave Boy is set against the backdrop of some of the most exciting and turbulent times in American history.

Lewis and Clark (In Their Own Words)

by George Sullivan

Drawing on the explorers' journals and other primary sources, this book recounts the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition, exploring the uncharted western wilderness, placing it in its historical context. Includes historic prints, maps, photos, chronology, bibliography, and further reading lists.

Lex Trent

by Alex Bell

Lex Trent managed to win the last Games through skill, quick-wittedness and no small amount of outright cheating. And that's exactly how he intends to win them this time round too. Particularly as he can select his own companion for these Games and won't be lumbered with tiresome and decrepit lawyer Mr Schmidt. Given that he knows one of the rounds will be taking place in the Wild West he's determined to pass himself off as a cowboy so that he can scam his way into Dry Gulch house and get his hands on the legendary sword of life!

Liar, Liar

by Gary Paulsen

Kevin doesn't mean to make trouble when he lies. He's just really good at it, and it makes life so much easier. But as his lies pile up, he finds himself in big--and funny--trouble with his friends, family, and teachers. He's got to find a way to end his lying streak--forever.From the Hardcover edition.

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