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The Making of the West, Peoples and Cultures: A Concise History (Combined Edition-Volume I & II, 4th Edition)

by Barbara H. Rosenwein Bonnie G. Smith Lynn Hunt Thomas R. Martin

With a chronological narrative that offers a truly global context, The Making of the West: A Concise History tells the story of the cross-cultural exchanges that have shaped Western history.

The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures Since 1340 (3rd Edition)

by Lynn Hunt Thomas R. Martin Barbara H. Rosenwein R. Po-chia Hsia Bonnie G. Smith

The history of the West includes many different peoples and cultures. It is a sustained story of the West's development in a broad, global context that reveals the cross-cultural interactions fundamental to the shaping of Western politics, societies, cultures, and economies.

Making Waves (Nancy Drew Files #81)

by Carolyn Keene

from the book jacket FROM THE NANCY DREW FILES THE CASE: The disappearance of boat designer Nick Lazlo leads Nancy into an investigation of murder. CONTACT: Parker Wright's cousin Andy ran the boat building company with Nick. SUSPECTS: Stan Yadlowski -- a private detective hired to investigate Lazlo Designs' insurance claims. What was he really looking for when he broke into Nick's office? Annabel Lazlo -- Nick's wife wants a divorce but doesn't want to lose her investment in the company ... did she kill two birds with one bullet? Andy Devereux -- Seeing that Nick stood in the way of his getting to know Annabel better, did he find a way to dissolve the partnership ... for good? COMPLICATIONS: Bullet holes ... bloodstains ... but no body! How can Nancy find a murderer when she can't even locate the victim?

Malibu Summer (Sweet Valley High Super Edition #4)

by Francine Pascal Kate William

Summer dreams... Summer's here, and the Wakefield twins can't wait to join Lila Fowler in fabulous, beach-lined Malibu. Elizabeth and Jessica have arranged jobs as mother's helpers and are looking forward to a dream vacation filled with Hollywood stars and gorgeous guys. But the girls soon find out things aren't always as they seem in sunny Malibu. Elizabeth's heart is won by someone much too old for her. Even though she feels guilty about it, she begins to see him secretly. While Elizabeth tries desperately to keep her sister from finding out, Jessica is busy trying to get bronzed Cliff Sherman to notice her. Can the girls straighten out their summer romances, or will Malibu's magic be only an illusion?


by John Varley

An eccentric billionaire commissions a hunt for a frozen mammoth and gets more than he bargained for. Next to the beast lies the body of a human being wearing a wristwatch and with a box (a time machine?) nearby. The billionaire hires a scientist to fix the time machine and hires an elephant vet to clone a new mammoth via the use of the time machine.

The Man Without a Face

by Isabelle Holland

Charles didn't know much about life ... until he met The Man Without a Face. "I'd never had a friend, and he was my friend; I'd never really, except for a shadowy memory, had a father, and he was my father. I'd never known an adult I could communicate with or trust, and I communicated with him all the time, whether I was actually talking to him or not. And I trusted him ...... Fourteen-year-old Charles desperately wants two things: a father and a way out. Little love has come his way until the summer he befriends a mysterious scarred man named Justin McLeod, nicknamed ""The Man Without a Face." Charles enlists McLeod's help as tutor for the St. Matthew's school entrance exams, his ticket away from the unpleasant restrictions of his home life. But more important than anything he could get out of a book, that summer Charles learns from McLeod a stirring life lesson about the many faces of love.

Managing Life Skills

by Patricia Clark Sue Couch Ginny Felstehausen

Build students' independent living skills and prepare them for success beyond high school withGlencoeManaging Life Skills. Students are prepared for career or college with full-page Career Pathway or College Readiness features. Career readiness focuses on thorough resume writing, job interview prep, and portfolio building activities and guidance. College Readiness includes information on scholarships, financial matters, and the college application process. Project-based pedagogy is used throughout the program through Unit Portfolio Projects, and financial education is thoroughly integrated.

Managing Your Personal Finances

by Joan S. Ryan

While focusing on the student's role as citizen, student, family member, consumer, and active participant in the business world, Managing Your Personal Finances 6E informs students of their various financial responsibilities. This comprehensive text provides opportunities for self-awareness, expression, and satisfaction in a highly technical and competitive society. Students discover new ways to maximize their earning potential, develop strategies for managing their resources, explore skills for the wise use of credit, and gain insight into the different ways of investing money. Written specifically for high school students, special sections in each chapter hold student interest by focusing on current trends and issues consumers face in the marketplace.

Managing Your Personal Finances

by Joan S. Ryan

Current and fresh, yet firmly rooted in proven personal financial management techniques, this text features a conversational writing style that is highly readable and understandable. Covers the individual's roles and financial responsibility as a student, citizen, family member, consumer, and employee.

Maniac Magee and Related Readings (Literature Connections)

by Mcdougal Littell

Maniac Magee, winner of the 1991 Newbery Medal, is the story of a homeless young wanderer who can move like no one else the town has ever seen. "Maniac" Magee intercepts a football on a field of players twice his size, hits an inside-the-park home run without a baseball, and wins a race running backwards. Two challenges he can't outrun: the strong racial divisions in his hometown, and his need for a loving family.

Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future

by Jennifer Baumgardner Amy Richards

Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, themselves young feminists, provide an overview of feminism today and describe how it is still relevant in the lives of young women. Offers suggestions on how individuals can get involved in affecting positive change in their homes, their communities, on campuses, and all over the world. Richards and Baumgardner express a hope that feminists of all generations can learn to listen to one another and work together. The book authors insightful reflections on topics such as activism, the media, women's history, the Equal Rights Amendment, mothers, reaching out to teens, feminist books and magazines, diversity, and more. Conveys the message that, while feminism is often perceived as something negative, girls in the "Third Wave" of the women's movement are redefining it into something that a woman can be proud of. This book was written when the authors were in their late twenties. Amy Richards is a contributing editor at Ms. and heads the Third Wave, an activist group for young women. Jennifer Baumgardner is a former editor at Ms. and writes regularly for The Nation, Jane, Glamour, and Out.

Manta's Gift

by Timothy Zahn

I am not a fan of science fiction, but I have to admit that this is a clever, creative and well-crafted novel. My favorite review: What if James Dean were a twin-tailed manta ray swimming in Jupiter's atmosphere? Bestselling Star Wars novelist Zahn (Angelmass) gives us a tale of teen coming-of-age angst set in the herd society of the Qanska, intelligent herbivores who inhabit the equatorial band of the gas giant. Suspecting them to be non-native life, Earth's corporate masters, the Five Hundred, send in a spy to find their hidden star drive. Facing their own disaster, the Qanska agree, hoping to gain a human perspective on the impending exhaustion of their ecology. What neither side can count on is how the person injected into the Qanskan world will react. Matt Raimey, a 22-year-old paralyzed by a skiing accident, agrees to have his brain transplanted into a Qanska fetus. Given a second chance to be mobile, he also unexpectedly gets another chance to mature. Zahn concentrates more on the psychological processes at work than on the technological. Solutions to problems arise from better emotional and intellectual integrity, not simply larger databases. While the author doesn't get as deep into his characters as they do into Jupiter's depths, his portrayal of Matt/Manta is direct and involving. Qanskan life, looking much like marine reef life on Earth, is intriguingly portrayed, even if the biology of the Qanskan problem is suspect. YA readers looking for more than the usual SF action-adventure should be well pleased. (Publisher's Weekly)

Maria Who? (Sweet Valley High Senior Year #8)

by Francine Pascal

It's not easy for Maria to be so sure that her family loves her sister best. Maria Slater could scream! Just once she would like them to notice her. Instead of perfect, genius, never-had-a-bad-hair-day Nina. But that's never going to happen. Because everyone in the Slater family knows who's important. And it definitely isn't Maria.

Marie, Dancing

by Carolyn Meyer

from the book jacket: the music soars. the curtain lifts. Marie van Goethem rises onto her toes and floats across the stage of the Paris Opera. And in that moment, fourteen-year-old Marie is happy. Unfortunately, that's almost the only joy in Marie's life. When she's not dancing, she is tormented by hunger, overwhelmed by her mother's uncontrolled drinking, and angered by her older sister's chronic selfishness. However, when Edgar Degas demands Marie's presence in his studio, it appears that her life will he transformed. Each week as she poses for the famous artist, Marie dreams-of a life without poverty, of being with her one true love, and of becoming a star of the ballet. But can being Monsieur Degas's model bring her all that she imagines? Here is the story of the girl immortalized in Degas's most famous sculpture, Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. It's a heartbreaking tale of passion for ballet, of loyalty to family, and of enduring love.

Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, Book 4)

by Brian Jacques

Mariel of Redwall is a captivating and magical adventure story in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. At times gentle, but mostly packed with adventure and heroism on the grandest of scales, this tale is at once delightful and devastating in its proportions. Jacques weaves his customary magic, taking the reader to the heart and soul of the mythical Redwall--welcoming, terrifying, magical, and at times all too real. The place, the characters, and the adventure spring to life in a bout of indefinable magic, mystery, and mayhem. An excellent book that will leave readers begging for more. (Fortunately, there's plenty more where this came from!)

Marine Biology

by Michael E. Huber Peter Castro

This fifth edition covers the basics of marine biology and takes a global, non-regional perspective to emphasize that the world's oceans and seas are an integrated system that cannot be understood by looking in any one person's own backyard. For many students this is a new perspective. One aspect of this global approach is the deliberate inclusion of examples from many different regions and ecosystems so that as many students as possible, not just in North America but around the world, will find something relevant to their local areas or places they have visited. This introductory, one-semester text is designed for non-majors.

Marine Science

by Thomas F. Greene

Written for high school students, this book provides complete coverage of a one-year high school course in marine biology/oceanography.

Marion's Angels (Pennington #4)

by K. M. Peyton

Marion's Angels is an unusual novel about a lonely girl and her love for an impressive medieval church on the river marsh near her father's cottage. "That queer little Marion", the villagers would say, "Why would she want a church of her own?" But Marion, in an emotional tangle after her mother's death, didn't care what they thought of her strange fascination. She carefully tended the church and its twelve beautifully carved angels that seemed to her almost alive, praying intensely for the money to save it from ruin. A miracle seems to result from her passionate prayers for her angels. A world famous violinist takes up the cause and arranges a series of benefit performances. Marion is tumbled into a world of concerts and professional musicians - and a confusing web of relationships and connection with the supernatural. In the end crisis, one of Marion's angels seems to save her life - another miracle or just chance?

Mark of the Beast (Left Behind: The Kids #28)

by Tim Lahaye Jerry B. Jenkins Chris Fabry

Natalie's quick thinking helps Vicki, Darion, and Charlie escape the Global Community's grasp. But will the GC satellite tracking help hunt them down? A teenager with problems in New Babylon contacts the kids and Lionel believes it might be a trick. Will Judd take the chance of a secret rendezvous? As the world prepares to take the mark of Nicolae Carpathia, the kids try to convince people of the consequences. Join the Young Tribulation Force as they discover a clever way to spread their message via computer and struggle to free their friends.


by James L. Burrow

MARKETING 3E is the program that introduces you to the foundations and functions needed to successfully market goods, services and ideas to consumers. While you study business foundations, economics, selling, human relations, communications, distribution, promotion, product planning, and pricing, you will also see marketing as a career choice from a "big picture" perspective. Because most marketing programs have active DECA memberships, there is a strong correlation of content to DECA's performance indicators.


by Carl Mcdaniel Charles W. Lamb Joseph F. Hair

New edition of a text that introduces the key principles of marketing. Lamb (business, Texas Christian U. ), Joseph F. Hair (Entrepreneurship Institute, Louisiana State U. ) and Carl McDaniel (marketing, U. of Texas) present 20 chapters that discuss the world of marketing; analysis of marketing opportunities; product, distribution, promotion, and pricing decisions; and technology driven marketing. The included CD-ROM features two new video cases, PowerPoint slides, E-Marketing planning worksheets, practice quizzes, and supplemental Competitive Intelligence information, and other material. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Marketing Dynamics

by Brenda Clark Jennie Sobel Cynthia Gendall Basteri

This textbook will help you explore the exciting and dynamic world of marketing and provide the foundation for a career or future study in marketing. The book is organized into nine parts. Each part opens with a big question. The chapters of the part are designed to answer that question. Throughout each chapter are questions called "Reality Checks." These questions are designed to help you apply the concepts you just learned to the world around you.

Marlfox (Redwall, Book 11)

by Brian Jacques

A new presence is aprowl in Mossflower Woods-- the Marlfoxes. Stealthy, mysterious, they can disappear at any time, in any place, and they are out to plunder and destroy everything in their path.

Marriage and Holy Orders: Your Call to Love and Serve

by Michael Amodei

Designed for high school students who will soon be embarking, initially on college and career planning, then considering vocational choices such as marriage, religious life, or priesthood.

Married and Single Life

by Audrey Palm Riker

Relationship textbook for students

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