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Black Troubadour Langston Hughes

by Charlemae H. Rollins

Langston Hughes was an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist. He was one of the earliest innovators of the then-new literary art form jazz poetry. Hughes is best known as a leader of the Harlem Renaissance.<P><P>Winner of the Coretta Scott King Medal

The Prom: A Novel Based On The Hit Broadway Musical

by Saundra Mitchell

O livro da nova aposta da Netflix: a adaptação do grande êxito musical da Broadway The Prom! Emma e Alyssa só queriam dançar juntas, não pretendiam dar início a uma revolução… Emma Nolan sonha apenas com uma coisa neste mundo: dançar com a namorada Alyssa no baile de finalistas. Mas na sua pequena cidade de Edgewater, Indiana, é quase como pedir a lua. Alyssa Greene é a rapariga mais popular do liceu, presidente do Conselho de Estudantes e filha da presidente da Associação de Pais. Mas esconde um segredo: o seu relacionamento com Emma. Quando se espalha a notícia de que Emma tenciona levar uma rapariga ao baile, há tanto alvoroço que a Associação de Pais ameaça cancelá-lo. Até que Barry Glickman e Dee Dee Allen entram em ação: quando as duas estrelas da Broadway ouvem falar do caso, decidem assumir a causa para obter um pouco de publicidade em troca. Mas quando chegam a Indiana para travar a luta em nome de Emma, as suas boas intenções dão para o torto. Com Emma a enfrentar o preconceito, Alyssa a perguntar-se se deveria sair do armário, e Barry e Dee Dee a desfrutar de toda a atenção dos media, a tempestade perfeita está prestes a rebentar. Cabe a Emma e Alyssa mostrar à sua pequena cidade de Indiana - e ao mundo - que vale sempre a pena lutar pelo amor. Agora também um filme na Netflix, com Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, Keegan-Michael Key, James Corden, Andrew Rannells e Ariana DeBose! «Uma abordagem divertida e atual do drama dos bailes de finalistas.» Kirkus Reviews

Nevermoor: The Trials Of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor Ser. #1)

by Jessica Townsend

O dia em que veio ao mundo — o dia de Eventide — marcou o início de uma era de azares para os habitantes de Jackalfax. O infortúnio que atrai para todos à sua volta condenou Morrigan e todas as crianças nascidas naquele dia a morrer na noite do seu décimo primeiro aniversário. <P><P> Ensombrada por esta maldição e sem qualquer perspetiva de futuro, tenta enfrentar o seu destino com bravura, apesar da indiferença dos pais. Mas, pouco antes de o relógio bater a hora marcada para a sua morte, a nossa heroína ganha uma nova esperança quando conhece Jupiter North, que a resgata do seu destino e a leva para a cidade secreta de Nevermoor, onde poderá ficar a salvo da maldição que a persegue. No entanto, para aí poder permanecer, terá de provar o seu valor e superar alguns desafios com a ajuda de um talento muito especial que insiste não ter

Moby Dick: Moby Dick, Afrikaans Edition (Literatura Juvenil (panamericana Editorial) Ser.)

by Herman Melville

La ambigüedad con la que se juzgan el bien y el mal en Moby Dick, la convierte en heredera de la Odisea e incluso de La Divina Comedia. Moby Dick, la novela que William Faulkner hubiera querido escribir, ha alcanzado el reconocimiento y el elogio constante que merece una construcción narrativa impecable. La lucha del capitán Ahab, su terrible obsesión y la mítica persecución de la enorme ballena han traspasado fronteras, consiguiendo así la indiscutible categoría de obra maestra de la literatura universal. «Moby Dick es el paradigma novelístico de lo sublime: un logro fuera de lo común.» Harold Bloom

Questions Young People Ask, Answers That Work: Volume 1

by Watch Tower Bible Tract Society of Pennsylvania

This book explores many of the problems that face teenagers and their respective families today. It is documented with excerpts from psychologists and more importantly shows the practicality of following the instructions given by the Creator of mankind himself. It is not as restrictive as many would have us believe.

Little Lord Fauntleroy

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Frances Hodgson Burnett's conviction that love conquers all is memorably embodied in this classic rags-to-riches tale of an American boy who is transported from the mean streets of nineteenth-century New York to the splendor of his titled grandfather's English manor. Polly Hovarth writes that Little Lord Fauntleroy "was the Harry Potter of his time and Frances Hodgson Burnett was as celebrated for creating him as J. K. Rowling is for Potter." During the 1880s, fashions in the book became popular with velvet Lord Fauntleroy suits being sold, as well as other Fauntleroy merchandise such as velvet collars, playing cards, and chocolates. The Reginald Birch illustrations for the 1886 edition sparked a very romantic style of dress for boys which would endure into the early twentieth century.

The Blue Horse and Other Amazing Animals from Indian History

by Nandini Sengupta

It?s not just humans who make history, you know. So move over, chroniclers and historians. For centuries, we?ve been ignored, forgotten, occasionally footnoted (thanks a lot). It?s time we took centre stage. Strongest allies, faithful friends?we?ll even go so far as to say we were the soulmates of great kings and queens, princes and princesses, warriors and administrators. From saving their lives (while putting ours at risk) and leading them to victory in war to being a constant source of joy and love, we?ve done it all. Take a tour of Akbar?s dazzling court with his favourite cheetah, Samand Manik. Learn about the heroic battle of Haldighati ? straight from Chetak?s mouth. Find out what Chhatrapati Shivaji was really like ? from his dog, Waghya. Full of daring exploits, epic romances and heart-wrenching moments, these underdog (oh calm down, Bucephalus, it?s just a term!) stories are unlike anything you?ve ever read before!

The Phoenix in the Sky: Tales of Wonder and Wisdom from World Religions

by Indira Ananthakrishnan

Why does a prince give up everything in the search of truth? What can a little squirrel do to help Rama build a bridge across the sea? How does a coat end up becoming a guest at a banquet? This fascinating collection of stories answers these questions and more, while introducing you to the everyday wisdom of ancient scriptures. Handpicked from a range of texts ? from the Mahabharata and the Upanishads to the Bible and the Quran, from the Jatakas and Jain parables to Lao Tzu?s teachings ? these are tales of wise kings and wandering monks, of ordinary people and their extraordinary deeds, of great escapes and mighty miracles, of clever creatures and foolish gods. Heart-warming, uplifting and sprinkled with gentle wit, these stories will comfort and inspire you every time you read them.

The Eye of the Archer

by Giti Chandra

`The worse it gets, the harder we?ll fight ? it?s what we do? Deep in the cosmic centre, Yggdrasil, the battle between Edasich the Hyena, and Elrai the Good Shepherd, is not going well. The signs that warn of unmitigated destruction are everywhere, and Harish Chandra?s Clan must fight for its very life and the future of the world. Lives will be given and lives will be taken when the gods themselves join forces with the Coven, Hsimah the Fang Collector and Álfhildur, Queen of Elves, to fight the final war against the evil Edasich. Once more into the breach, the twins lead the charge ? while Adit has to journey to the centre of the Earth with Vera, a powerful witch gone rogue, Akshat must bring the Book of Guardians alive. Amar and Ananya, Tarini and Noor take their powerful gifts and indomitable hearts to war, risking everything in this last stand. Meanwhile, urgent questions loom: Who will hold the centre steady when Ragnarök, the Churning of the Ocean, begins? Can their uncle H?s new avatar, the centaur, foresee the future in the stars? Does someone hold another Starstone, the repository of supreme powers? And the most terrible knowledge of all: Who is the most formidable foe on the battlefield? Spellbinding and intense, The Eye of the Archer concludes the tenacious campaign of six extraordinary young people against a fearsome force that threatens to destroy everything good, everything worth saving, everything alive.

Oop and Lila: Lost in the Scarabean Sea.

by Olivier Lafont

The Scarabean Sea. Ruled by gigantic sea scarabs that hunt whales and ships. Claimed by the mighty Brutish Empire. Home to a hundred proud kingdoms fighting for freedom, and haunt of fierce pirates. For Oop, nothing could be worse than babysitting his little sister, Lila, at the Mega Mela. And where does she take him? To some fake fakir so she can have her fortune told. Things take a frightening turn, however, when Lila discovers the fakir?s bag of 99 wish-fulfilling candies. Accidentally transported by the candy to the Scarabean Sea, right in the middle of a midnight raid on the Brutish Empire?s treasures, the two end up being hunted by the devious fakir. But Oop and Lila have allies: the fearsome Captain Angry and his crew of cut-throat pirates! Grab your eyepatch and cutlass and climb aboard this rollicking adventure on the high seas!

Amazing Space Mysteries and Marvels

by Gayathri Ponvannan

? It rains diamonds on Saturn. And on Jupiter. And on Neptune too! ? A comet once fell into the sun?and came out of the other side! ? Some stars turn into black holes! Humans have been gazing at the skies for ages, trying to figure out just what lies beyond us. Over the years, we have calculated the speed of light, the brightness of stars and the size of galaxies. We have landed spacecraft on our moon and on Saturn?s moon too. We have even sent probes that are currently travelling beyond the solar system, complete with messages for aliens! From the Big Bang to the Big Freeze, from the greatest theories to the weirdest mistakes, from the far reaches of the universe to our closest celestial neighbours, Amazing Space Mysteries and Marvels covers stars, moons, planets, comets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies, black holes and many more out-of-the-world topics that will make you go `ooh? and `aah?! With bite-sized information and photographs, this well-researched book is perfect for aspiring astronauts and anybody curious about the mysteries of the universe. What are you waiting for? Step into the 501 Facts Factory for a spectacular journey through space. '

Hachette Childrens Yearbook and Infopedia 2020

by Inhouse

11th UPDATED EDITION! KNOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE! * If you want a fact-finder... * If you?re looking to expand your GK... * If you wish you had a ready reckoner of must-know information... * If you need to know what in the world is going on... This book is indispensable for you! The Hachette Children?s Yearbook & Infopedia brings you news, general knowledge, current affairs, fascinating facts and loads more about your favourite focus points in every annual bestselling edition. With well-researched and updated content and data, this book is the essential companion for every smart student who wants to stay ahead. Pick it up and start to explore ? for reference, homework and projects! Plus facts and stats on India and every country in the world! What You?ll Find Inside ? 1. News Highlights from India and around the World 2. People Who Made Headlines 3. Inside the Earth 4. Out There in Space 5. History Timelines 6. Science Basics That Matter 7. Literature Info 8. Sports Spotlights 9. Geographical Records 10. The Year Ahead

Young Pandavas: School for Warriors

by Anupam Arunachalam

Even princes have to go to school! Arjun’s dream is finally coming true! The elders of Hastinapur are sending the Kuru princes off to boarding school, so that they can learn the art of war from the legendary Guru Dronacharya. His brothers – Yudhishthir, Bhim, Nakul and Sahadev – are, however, less than thrilled. School is hard, and training to be magic-wielding warriors isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. Also, getting into Guru Drona’s good books is next to impossible, especially when he has a clear favourite – his own son, Ashwatthama. But Arjun’s determined to be the BEST student in the gurukul, even if it means defying Drona himself. Meanwhile, Bhim has to be careful not to destroy everything he touches… The second book in the exciting Young Pandavas series is packed with even more surprises, action and magic than the first!

Young Pandavas: The School for Warriors

by Anupam Arunachalam

Even princes have to go to school! Arjun?s dream is finally coming true! The elders of Hastinapur are sending the Kuru princes off to boarding school, so that they can learn the art of war from the legendary Guru Dronacharya. His brothers ? Yudhishthir, Bhim, Nakul and Sahadev ? are, however, less than thrilled. School is hard, and training to be magic-wielding warriors isn?t nearly as fun as it sounds. Also, getting into Guru Drona?s good books is next to impossible, especially when he has a clear favourite ? his own son, Ashwatthama. But Arjun?s determined to be the BEST student in the gurukul, even if it means defying Drona himself. Meanwhile, Bhim has to be careful not to destroy everything he touches? The second book in the exciting Young Pandavas series is packed with even more surprises, action and magic than the first!

Young Pandavas: The City of Elephants

by Anupam Arunachalam

Nine-year-old Sahadev and his four brothers ? Yudhishthir, Bhim, Arjun and Nakul ? are happy in their little forest home, until a forgotten curse changes their lives forever. They return as princes to Hastinapur, a city full of riches ? and secrets. Soon enough, the young Pandavas soon discover that being royalty means a lot more than endless bowls of almond kheer from the fabled palace kitchens, rides on prized warhorses, and having an army of attendants to do their every bidding. There is danger lurking round every corner of their new home, and the five have to use all their wits and skills to get out of sticky situations ? especially the ones that involve their 101 cousins, the Kauravas. Lively and action-packed, this illustrated reimagining of the Mahabharata will bring alive the fantastical world of the great India epic like never before!

Let’s Go Adventuring: 25 Exciting Trips around India

by Supriya Sehgal

Misty mountains and secret forest trails Roadside dentists with terrible teeth Gods with permission to bunk school Chutneys made from red ants Battles fought in the sky Join Supriya Sehgal as she tumbles down a frothy river on a raft, swooshes through the snowy slopes of a mountain, visits a spooky shrine, tastes an unusual dish, crosses a bridge made of roots and discovers a whole bunch of delightful things to see, do and experience around India. Filled with quirky illustrations, activities, travel tips, fabulous facts and travel stories more essential than anything in your bags, Let?s Go Adventuring is perfectly packed for history hunters, nature nomads and every other kind of explorer!

The Mad and Magical World of Sukumar Ray

by Sukumar Ray

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Sukumar Ray ? King of Humour and Wizard of Wordplay! A gifted poet, writer, playwright and illustrator, Ray wrote stories of various shapes, colours and flavours, transforming words into things of wonder and whimsy for generations of readers. Featuring broken stars and enchanted forests, cures for anger and greed, lazy pigs and sly parrots, wicked sorcerers and talking dolls, many of the tales in this unusual medley have been translated into English for the first time. The collection highlights not only Ray?s crazy imagination but also his ability to breathe life into fables from faraway lands. Brimming with wit and magic, this dazzling display of Sukumar Ray?s storytelling genius is sure to leave you utterly spellbound.


by Hachette India

The highest railway bridge in the world is being built in India. The person who has climbed the Everest the most number of times is an Indian. The world?s largest film poster was made in India. India has the largest WhatsApp user base in the world. Yes, India is always bursting at the seams with awe-inspiring achievements, fantastic feats, inspiring inventions and terrific triumphs. Every day, someone somewhere in our vast nation is trying to break an existing record and set a new one in fields ranging from building to business, sports to movies, nature to transport and art to astronomy, besides others such as education, dance and music. Bringing together the most fascinating and useful facts selected from the iconic Limca Book of Records, India?s only comprehensive book of records for more than 30 years, Wow! India tells you all about India?s firsts, mosts, bests and more. With snack-sized information, photographs and activities, this book is your smart route to better GK as well as a ready reckoner for everything you wanted to know about the country?s hits and wins. DON?T MISS! o DID-YOU-KNOWs: Exciting snippets to add to your info-bag o ACTION STATION: Fun things to do and your own dream records to think of

The Spark That Changed Everything: Stories of the Greatest Discoveries, Ideas and Inventions

by Veena Prasad

First, they made fire. With fire, they made food? and later tools to cultivate more food. With cultivation came homes? which became societies and then civilizations. And humans are still thinking of extraordinary ideas every day! Countless discoveries, ingenious inventions and lucky accidents have gone into shaping the world as we know it today. This book delves into science, history and every subject in between, revealing the stories behind the most significant breakthroughs that humans have made through the ages ? from clothing, cartography and chemistry to music, maths and metallurgy. Find out who had the biggest brainwaves, how these set other innovations in motion and why some great ideas are not necessarily good ideas! Peppered with illustrations, photographs and fabulous facts, The Spark That Changed Everything is a lively and fascinating account of the marvels of human imagination and enterprise. So what are you waiting for? Take a trip to our thrilling past and see how we got here.

501 Facts Factory: Amazing Countries of the World

by Ananya Subramani

France covers the most number of time zones in the world, with 12 of them. Libya is the driest country in the world, with 99 per cent of its land covered in desert. China accounts for about 30 per cent of global carbon-dioxide emissions. In Denmark, parents have to choose baby names from a list of 7,000 government-approved names. Every nation on earth is brimming with amazing people, places, events, lifestyles, customs, laws and quirks, and this book takes you on a fun, fact-packed trip through the most fascinating, remarkable and colourful of these. From what happened in the past to current happenings, from language to landscapes, from festivals to flags, from food to famous people, and from transport to technology in the most well-known and the remotest of locations, Amazing Countries of the World covers a range of topics and themes that will make you go `ooh? and `aah?! With bite-sized information and photographs, this wellresearched volume gives you an entertaining peek into countries worldwide. What are you waiting for? Step into the 501 Facts Factory for a whirlwind world tour!

A Treasury of Tales from the Kathasaritasagara

by Jayashree Bhat

Fantastic Fables and Where to Read Them Pssst? come here. A little closer. Yes, yes, right here. Now, what sort of story are you looking for? One with action and adventure, wily villains and valiant warriors? Or something that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts? Or perhaps you?d prefer a tale with some good old-fashioned magic? Well, whatever it is, you?ll find it all here ? in this delightful trove of stories picked from one of India?s oldest classics, Somadeva?s Kathasaritasagara (The Ocean of the Streams of Story), dusted and polished for a new generation of readers. Go on, step in, but be careful ? the shape-shifters aren?t quite what they seem (obviously), the tricksters are always looking for someone to fool, and don?t be shocked if you meet a talking animal. Oh, and one last thing ? make sure you ace the vetala?s quiz. Or else ?

Temple Tales: Secrets and Stories from India's Sacred Places

by Sudha G. Tilak

Which holy place in India has the mysteries of the universe hidden away in an icy cave? Where would you find a shrine for a goddess of veggies? At which deity?s temple is the daily offering a tonic, of all things? This delightful and enchanting book opens the doors to the secrets and surprises hidden in temples across the country. These unique temples are not just places of worship, but living museums of architectural wonders, mind-boggling sculptures, graceful dances, colourful crafts and many other cultural activities. More than anything, they are treasure troves of lore and legend, teeming with tales of gods and goddesses, demons and devotees, plants and beasts, the magical and the mysterious ? all just waiting to be discovered by you. Join Sudha G. Tilak as she takes you on an unusual journey to the country?s most sacred places, where the lines between fact and faith are blurred and stories come alive!

Mouse Invaders

by Magnolia Magnolia

ARVEE, THE SMARTEST MOUSE IN THE HOUSE, IS UP AGAINST A TWISTY CHALLENGE! Arvee is back at Paradise Villa after his round-the-world travels! But his friend Ellie and her family are in deep trouble in their garden home. The Shrew Police are in control, with their hateful rules and bullying ways. And what?s worse ? baby mice have been regularly vanishing from their homes. Worst of all is the slithering terror that haunts Lantana ouse Enclave. Something huge, black and . . . smelly. Desperate to help his friends, Arvee plunges into the fray. But the unexpected arrival of Cutie Pie, a glamorous mouse from his home laboratory, overturns his plans. In the fight between the tiny and the mighty, even a small slip can be very risky. Will Arvee be able to save his buddies, or has he nibbled off more than he can possibly chew?

Mouse Attack

by Magnolia Magnolia

THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN WHEN THERE?S A SMART MOUSE IN THE HOUSE! Arvee, a clever and scholarly mouse, is horrified to find that he must leave his laboratory to live as a house pet. His new home, Paradise Villa, is charming and comfortable but boring. And lonely. All that changes when Arvee meets bright, feisty Ellie and the rest of her family of house mice. They tell him about Pasha, a huge, fearsome rat who, along with his thugs, has taken over Paradise Villa, harassing and enslaving the mice. A small, brave band of rebels is ready to fight back. But how? Arvee brings his thinking skills to the struggle, pulling in the help of other house creatures. But Pasha has very different plans for him. And Alphonso the cat is not too far behind either. Will Arvee succeed in helping Ellie, her family and all the other mice under attack?

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