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Young Artists Draw Manga (Christopher Hart's Young Artists Draw)

by Christopher Hart

Do you love manga? Now you can learn to draw your own! This book has everything the beginning manga artist needs! You'll learn how to draw the basic manga head and body types...but that's just the beginning! Over 100 manga characters--from magical shoujo girls and their super-cute chibi friends to mysterious ninjas and double-crossing villains-- are broken down into easy-to-follow steps so you can start drawing all of your favorite manga characters right away!From the Trade Paperback edition.

Young Cam Jansen and the 100th Day of School Mystery (Young Cam Jansen #15)

by David A. Adler

It's Cam Jansen's first day of fifth grade and she and her friend Eric can't wait to meet their new teacher. But the first day turns out to be way more exciting than they expected when the teacher gets hauled away by the police. <P><P><i> Lexile Levels: 210-450</i>

Young Captain Jack / The Son of a Soldier: The Son Of A Soldier (The World At War)

by Edward Stratemeyer

Horatio Alger, Jr.; January 13, 1832 – July 18, 1899) was a prolific 19th-century American author, best known for his many juvenile novels about impoverished boys and their rise from humble backgrounds to lives of middle-class security and comfort through hard work, determination, courage, and honesty. His writings were characterised by the "rags-to-riches" narrative, which had a formative effect on America during the Gilded Age. His popularity—and income—dwindled in the 1890s. In 1896, he had (what he called) a "nervous breakdown"; he relocated permanently to his sister's home in South Natick, Massachusetts. Before his death, Alger asked Edward Stratemeyer to complete his unfinished works.[56] In 1901, “Young Captain Jack” was completed by Stratemeyer and promoted as Alger's last work. Alger once estimated that he earned only $100,000 between 1866 and 1896; at his death he had little money, leaving only small sums to family and friends. His literary work was bequeathed to his niece, to two boys he had casually adopted, and to his sister Olive Augusta, who destroyed his manuscripts and his letters at his wish. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

Young Champions: It's All About Attitude

by Linda Barr

Introduces people who have overcome their handicaps to become extraordinary athletes.

The Young Citizen's Reader

by Paul Reinsch

Describes the essential methods of political action at the town, state, and national level to lead boys and girls to notice and understand what is going on about them. Attention is then directed to the structure of the state in all its parts with a view to informing intelligent action in matters of politics.

Young Goodman Brown

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

A nocturnal journey with the devil and a strange vision in the forest lead Goodman Brown to regard his fellow townspeople as devil worshipers.

A Young Hero with a Big Heart: The Story of Ana Dodson (Fountas & Pinnell LLI Gold #Level P)

by Barbara Fierman

A Young Hero with a Big Heart: The Story of Ana Dodson

Young Inventors

by Anne Miranda

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow

by Katherine Bateman

Explaining the language of finance and the skill of investing, this guide gives kids an early start at making their money grow. The book explains the general concept of money and demonstrates how saving works based on the concepts of simple and compound interest. Children then learn where Wall Street is located, what stocks and bonds do, and, with the help of an adult, the right way to buy or sell a stock, mutual fund, or savings bond. Dozens of projects illustrate how to balance a checkbook, read a stock table, and understand common financial terms such as inflation, recession, and the Federal Reserve Board. This updated edition details the current financial environment, including what is meant by a global economy, economic clues for recovery, and a special section on what mortgages are and how they work. Updated resources for further information online are also included.

The Young Life of Sister Faustina

by Claire Jordan Mohan

The book explores the early life of Sister Faustina, a worldwide known apostle of Divine Mercy and one of the greatest mystics of the Church, who had her first calling to religious life at the age of 7.

The Young Man and the Sea

by Rodman Philbrick

Twelve-year-old Skiff Beaman's mom just died, and his fisherman dad is too depressed to drag himself off the couch and go to work. So these days Skiff has to take care of everything himself. But when his dad's boat sinks, Skiff discovers it will cost thousands to buy a new engine. Skiff's lobster traps won't earn him enough, but there are bigger fish in the sea -- bluefin tuna. If he can catch one of those monster fish, Skiff just might save the boat -- and his family.

The Young Man and the Sea

by Rodman Philbrick

A story of determination and survival from the acclaimed author of FREAK THE MIGHTY. "This thrilling and elegant book . . . will hold the interest of even the most stalwart landlubber. " -- PW Twelve-year-old Skiff Beaman's mom just died, and his fisherman dad is too depressed to drag himself off the couch and go to work. So these days Skiff has to take care of everything himself. But when his dad's boat sinks, Skiff discovers it will cost thousands to buy a new engine. Skiff's lobster traps won't earn him enough, but there are bigger fish in the sea -- bluefin tuna. If he can catch one of those monster fish, Skiff just might save the boat -- and his family.

Young Pandavas: The School for Warriors

by Anupam Arunachalam

Even princes have to go to school! Arjun?s dream is finally coming true! The elders of Hastinapur are sending the Kuru princes off to boarding school, so that they can learn the art of war from the legendary Guru Dronacharya. His brothers ? Yudhishthir, Bhim, Nakul and Sahadev ? are, however, less than thrilled. School is hard, and training to be magic-wielding warriors isn?t nearly as fun as it sounds. Also, getting into Guru Drona?s good books is next to impossible, especially when he has a clear favourite ? his own son, Ashwatthama. But Arjun?s determined to be the BEST student in the gurukul, even if it means defying Drona himself. Meanwhile, Bhim has to be careful not to destroy everything he touches? The second book in the exciting Young Pandavas series is packed with even more surprises, action and magic than the first!

The Young Visiters: Or Mr. Salteena's Plan

by Daisy Ashford

From the Book Jacket: What a treat is in store for every reader who has not yet encountered The Young Visiters, and what added pleasure awaits those who have a fond, if dim, memory of this ageless classic of unintentional humor- a romantic novel written by a nine-year-old girl. As a child, Daisy Ashford possessed a keen ear for the conversations of her elders, and was an avid reader of the Victorian novels of her day. From these sources, and with her own considerable talent, she fashioned the fabulous love story of naively sophisticated Ethel, handsome, wealthy Bernard, and poor Mr. Salteena, the disappointed suitor. Her genuinely delightful combination of childish and adult viewpoints, the unconscious caricature and satire of romance, make this tale still one of the funniest books ever written. In its present edition, the flavor and humor of the book are accented by a specially styled binding and forty-eight line cuts by the noted artist, William Pene du Bois. This book was first published thirty-two years ago, when its author, then a full-grown woman, discovered the manuscript with other childhood mementos among the effects of her lately deceased mother. Upon publication, the book met with instant and howling success. Sir James Barrie wrote the preface for the first edition, and to the great surprise of the author, publisher, and Sir James himself, the public and critics alike chose to believe that the book was a hoax, written by Barrie. Daisy Ashford, however, is very authentic and very real. Today she is Mrs. James Devlin, living quietly on a farm near Norwich, England, a mother of four and grandmother of two. The original manuscript of The Young Visiters, childishly scrawled in a twopenny notebook, may be viewed in the London Exhibition of the Festival of Britain.

Younguncle Comes to Town

by Vandana Singh

In a small town in northern India, three siblings await their father's youngest brother, Younguncle, who is said to be somewhat eccentric.

Your Amazing Skin from Outside In (Your Amazing Body Books)

by Joanne Settel Bonnie Timmons

It’s itchy, it’s sweaty, it’s embarrassing...but most of all, it’s fascinating! Dr. Joanne Settel has all the answers to our most burning questions in this wacky and informative book of poems about our skin.Have you ever wondered… Why you blush when you’re embarrassed? Why you’ve got freckles everywhere? Why your fingers wrinkle in the pool? Why your friends come in all different colors? Why mosquitoes think you’re delicious? Why you’ve got that giant pimple on your nose? Look no further! With supercool facts, clever rhymes, and hilarious illustrations by Bonnie Timmons, acclaimed author Joanne Settel answers all these questions (and more!) in this fascinating, fun exploration of the science of our skin from head to toe. When she’s through, you won’t believe what your skin can do!

Your Best Friend, Meredith

by Melissa Glenn Haber

Twelve-year-old Meredith's world is rocked when her best friend Anjali dies from a sudden and severe viral infection. In letters to Anjali, Meredith puzzles through how to cope with the ongoing challenges of school and regular life without her BFF by her side. Complicating matters is the new friendship she develops with Noah, the object of Meredith's and Anjali's shared crush, which leads first to guilt as Meredith and Noah grow closer and then ultimately to revelations that could change everything about what Meredith understands of friendship. Your Best Friend, Meredith is moving and sometimes sad but equal parts funny and accessible--never heavy--via the extremely authentic and relatable voice.

Your Bones

by Terri Degezelle

Introduces bones, their make-up and function, bone diseases, and how to keep bones healthy.

Your Calf: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing Beef and Dairy Calves (Storey's Your )

by Heather Smith Thomas

Designed for kids ages 9 and up, this friendly and encouraging guide introduces children to the fun and rewarding experience of raising a calf. With age-appropriate instructions, clear photographs, and easy-to-read diagrams, Heather Smith Thomas covers the basics of choosing the right calf, feeding and housing, showing, and calf health care. Whether they’re interested in raising an animal for beef or dairy, children will find everything they need to know to safely and successfully care for their very own calf.

Your Chickens: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing (Storey's Your )

by Gail Damerow

Full of expert advice and plenty of encouragement for the youngest poultry farmers, this introductory guide is designed to show children ages 9 and up how to safely and successfully raise their own chickens. With age-appropriate language and clear diagrams, Gail Damerow provides everything kids need to know to choose, purchase, house, and show their own chickens. Whether they’re interested in raising chickens for pleasure or to make money, this easy-to-use guide will help children achieve their chicken-raising goals.

Your Former Friend, Matthew

by Louann Gaeddert

[from the back cover] "Gail and Matthew are best friends. They like doing the same things. They spend a lot of time together. They even share their biggest secrets. Then, unexpectedly, Matthew stops walking to school with Gail. What's happened to Matthew? Why is he acting so strangely?"

Your Goats: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

by Gail Damerow

Suitable for farm work, as pets, and a source of fiber, goats are amazingly versatile animals. This informative and encouraging guide, designed for kids ages 9 and up, explains everything children need to know to safely and successfully raise and show their own goats. In age-appropriate language, Gail Damerow offers expert advice on selecting, purchasing, housing, and feeding goats, as well as important information on goat behavior and the basics of goat health care. Discover how fun and rewarding keeping goats can be.

Your Guinea Pig: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

by Wanda L. Curran

Your Guinea Pig tells you everything you need to know to succesfully choose, buy, raise, and show all types of guinea pigs.

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