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A Horse in the House

by William Corbin

Melanie Webb was one of those girls who can't live without a horse. She wouldn't have minded if it had been a scrubby little pony, so long as she had one, but the horse she had was a winner, a white palomino stallion called Orbit. Orbit had been given to Melanie when she was ten and he was only three months old, and they had been growing up together ever since. Orbit was never out of her thoughts, and he waited all day for the moment she came home from school to ride him. Then Mom and Pop went away to San Francisco for a week, giving Melanie the perfect opportunity to put her cherished plan into action--her secret wish to bring Orbit inside the house. And any worries she had about the suspicious horse-dealer who had been haunting the neighbourhood were pushed to the back of her mind. Then one night Melanie went out to the barn to say good night to Orbit. But when she got there, there was no one to say it to. Orbit was gone, and the unoccupied stable was intolerably desolate and empty. Melanie felt useless, like a captain without a ship. Yet somewhere, somewhere in this nightmarish world, Orbit existed. And somewhere, she was sure of it, locked in her head was some little memory, a shred of a clue to the thief.

Gustav, a Son of Franz

by S. P. Meek

When the big Doberman pinscher Gustav was brought to the Panama Canal Zone, the reputation of his great father, Franz, had already preceded him. No dog could entirely live up to that, but under the careful guidance of Lieutenant Fielding, Gustav began to show his brilliant qualities. The general was doubtful, but when the dog tracked and captured a native in the jungle, the commanding officer was won over. The war in Europe brings the canal into imminent danger of sabotage, and it is there that the young dog must really prove himself.

The Clue in the Old Album (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Original #24)

by Carolyn Keene

At a doll collector's request for help, a young sleuth searches for an old album, a lost doll, and a missing gypsy violinist. In the late 1950s, the first 34 Nancy Drew mysteries were revised and condensed. This version is the one published prior to the revision.

The Secret Of The Wooden Lady (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #27)

by Carolyn Keene

Mr. Drew has been retained to clear the title of a clipper, the Bonny Scot. Nancy, Bess, and George travel to Boston Harbor to assist Captain Easterly and solve the mystery of ghostly visitors on board his ship. The ship's figurehead of a wooden lady is missing. Once the mystery is solved, the history of the ship will be revealed. First written in 1950, the ghost writer was Margaret Scherf, writing as Carolyn Keene. In the late 1950s, the first 34 books in the Nancy Drew series were revised and condensed. This is the version published before the revision.

What Katy Did At School (Katy #2)

by Susan Coolidge

Katy's aunt believes she and her younger sister, Clover, should go to boarding school to learn the social graces. Their father is skeptical, but agrees to send them for a year. This book tells the story of their adventures, and what Katy did at school.

The Clue in the Cobweb (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories #8)

by Carolyn Keene

Jean and Louise Dana continue as students at Starhurst School. Jean come up with a new invention. Will she be able to make it work correctly? Their uncle, Captain Ned, lost a passenger. Can Jean and Louise help their uncle unravel this new mystery? Follow Jean and Louise, and their new friend, Frances Roy as they untangle a mystery of illegal immigrants and jewelry thieves from Penfield to New Mexico and back again.

The Brown Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang

Classic collection of 32 less familiar folk tales narrated in clear, lively prose. Different enough to capture all imaginations, the tales are drawn from many different cultures: the American Indians, Australian Bushmen, African Kaffirs, and from Persia, Lapland, Brazil, and India.

The Mystery of the Tolling Bell (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #23)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy becomes involved in a maze of mystery when she accepts an invitation from Mrs. Chantrey, a client of Mr. Drew, to vacation at her cottage in a picturesque seaside town. Carson Drew has promised to join his daughter, but fails to arrive. The alarming disappearance of Mr. Drew and the odd circumstances surrounding his rescue are only the start of a series of highly dangerous adventures for Nancy and her friends Bess and George. In the late 1950s, the first 34 Nancy Drew books were condensed and revised. This is the version published before that revision.

Thudding Hoofs

by Blanche Chenery Perrin

When Mr. Stanton tells his son, Dirck, that he may think of Sampson, the beautiful palomino, as his own horse, Dirck is beside himself with joy. Not only do he and Sampson understand each other perfectly, but Sampson will probably be one of the lead ponies when the thoroughbreds at Lone Holly, Mr. Stanton's Virginia training stable, are taken for their morning "breezes." With luck Dirck may be allowed to help train them for the coming season. But catastrophe intervenes. Sampson has an accident which means that he will have to be kept in isolation--even from his master, Dirck--for many months. At first Dirck is inconsolable. However the long separation is filled with all the excitement of life at a stable for breeding and training race-horses. Dirck helps rescue a colt from drowning; he is among the first to lead the terrified horses out of range of a blazing barn; and it is he who discovers that The Irishman, the most vicious horse at Lone Holly, is a born jumper. An exciting story, filled with action and stable lore, for all young horse-lovers.

The Ghost Of Blackwood Hall (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #25)

by Carolyn Keene

A search for stolen jewelry takes Nancy to New Orleans where she uncovers a swindling racket in which a medium uses her trade to relieve victims of their valuables. When a family of thieves work together by preying on trusting individuals, they robbed them of their inheritance and work pay. By preying on their good nature, the gang of thieves rob people of their treasures and their money under the guise of helping orphans. Follow Nancy and her friends along with a good dose of help from Mr. Drew and her faithful dog, Togo, as they catch the thieves and restore what was stolen. This is the version published in 1948, before the revisions that occurred to the first 34 Nancy Drew books beginning in the late 1950s.

Hundred Horse Farm (Cherrydale Farm #2)

by Blanche Chenery Perrin

After their parents are killed in a car crash, twelve-year-old Ann and her younger brother Roddy come to live with Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary at their horse farm in Kentucky. At first their cousin Suzy feels a bit jealous at having to share not only her room with Ann but her beloved horses with both her cousins. Gradually, though, as Ann more and more displays a natural gift for riding, Suzy begins to take an interest in teaching her cousin the fine points of horsemanship. Even Roddy, after first trying to run away, perks up when he's given his own pony to ride and care for. The three cousins find themselves in plenty of adventures: When a prize horse is injured in a storm, Ann decides to look after him and make him hers; the horse-napping of one of the thoroughbreds leads to unexpected consequences. But to Ann and Roddy, the most important thing is being accepted as part of their new family, something that to Ann is closely connected with her own growing love for horses and riding. It isn't until Roddy and Ann enter their first horse show that all the cousins realize the real feelings they have for each other and their beloved Hundred Horse Farm. An exciting true-to-life story by a Thoroughbred racing insider whose real-life family bred and raced Secretariat and Riva Ridge.

Born to Race (Cherrydale Farm #1)

by Blanche Chenery Perrin

When Whickery is born, Suzy knows this Thoroughbred is a winner. She has to be, as Cherrydale Farm has had serious setbacks and needs its racing luck to change. The future of Cherrydale Farm depends on Whickery. No other horse on the farm is good enough for the big races. To make matters worse, there is a thief on the farm--expensive feed is mysteriously disappearing. Suzy sets out to do two things--to catch the thief and to help Whickery become the race horse she was born to be! An exciting true-to-life story by an insider whose family bred and raced Secretariat and Riva Ridge.

The Clue In The Crumbling Wall (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #22)

by Carolyn Keene

While trying to locate a missing dancer who is about to gain a large inheritance, Nancy Drew finds a clue leading to the solution of yet another mystery. Beginning in the late 1950s, the Nancy Drew mysteries were revised and condensed. This is the version published before the revision.

Golden Slippers

by Lee Wyndham

Through the mist before her eyes Maggie saw Kirk Sherwood, the only boy she had dated in high school. He had said good-bye the night before, not wanting to intrude on the last-minute family farewells. Maggie suddenly realized that never again --no matter what happened --even if she flopped dismally in her dancing career--would anything be the same for her in Spring Valley. She stared at the concrete ribbon of highway spinning out ahead, beckoning them toward New York.

Slipper Under Glass (Maggie Jones, Ballerina #1)

by Lee Wyndham

The Exotic World of The Dance... For seven years Maggie Jones has dedicated herself to the dance, dreaming of the day when she'll be Magda Jonescu, prima ballerina. She must prove herself not only to her generous Aunt Jo, who has paid for the lessons and sent fabulous gifts from exotic places, but also to her doubting family. Neither Maggie's father, who is allergic to her feathery costumes, nor her younger brother, who thinks dancing is for sissies, can understand the forces which drive Maggie to practice for hours on end. On Maggie struggles, assailed by doubts, but sustained by her dreams and a yellowed ballet slipper--kept under glass--in which Pavlova danced The Swan. Success comes to Maggie in a strange, unbelievable way and, faced with a golden opportunity, she must learn how to compromise reality with her dreams.

The Monster of Wolf Point (Robin Kane #6)

by Eileen Hill

When an earthquake interrupts science class, Mr. Smith, the science teacher, tells the class about animals it might bring up from the sea. Then he sees a strange animal at Wolf Point. Enter a famous sea creature documenter and a couple of pranksters with a score to settle and how can Robin and her friends separate fact from fiction? In this sixth book in the series, Robin and her friends work to solve the mystery of the monster that surfaced near their home. Picture descriptions added.

Mystery In the Clouds (Robin Kane #5)

by Eileen Hill

The kids from Pacific Point are creating a float for the Rose Parade, and Robin and her friends will ride palomino horses, including Robin's favorite, Nugget, in the parade. But first, they have to solve a mystery that includes kidnapping, burglary, and a terrifying plane ride. Who can the girls trust? Can people be both good and bad? Picture descriptions present.

The Mystery of the Blue Pelican (Robin Kane #1)

by Eileen Hill

Thirteen-year-old Robin Kane and her friends are excited to meet a movie star and be extras in her next movie. But excitement turns to fear when Robin's favorite horse, Nugget, disappears. She and her friends must find out who stole him, and what a blue pelican has to do with it. Picture descriptions added.

The Secret of the Red Scarf (Kay Tracey Mystery #1)

by Frances K. Judd

#1 The Secret of the Red Scarf Kay Tracey regards the pale young man in electrified silence when he stares at her and cries out, "Sis! Sis! At last I've found you!" These strange words are the beginning of a baffling search by Kay for clues that will restore the memory of the appealing youth to whom she gives the nickname of Bro. This unexpected guest in the Tracey household, a victim of total amnesia, knows only that he must find his beautiful sister Helene. Kay's striking resemblance to the missing girl is to lead her through many risky episodes, but the young sleuth is determined, even against threats, to assist the unhappy boy. Kay has few clues. Why does Bro become frantic upon catching sight of a red scarf Kay plans to wear to a masquerade? And after its disappearance, Kay is plunged even deeper into the dangerous mystery. Her goal is to disprove certain sinister accusations, about which she learns, against Bro and Helene and to bring the brother and sister together.

The Flamingo Feather

by Kirk Munroe

It was 1564. Young René de Veaux had just passed his sixteenth birthday. A month before, the terrible fever had swept France. René's father and mother had died René was their only child. Only old Frank, his father's servant, was left.

A Time of Darkness

by Sherryl Jordan

From the book jacket: Rocco Makepeace is about to make a very unexpected trip. He will meet people that seem as primitive as any he has read about in history books; people who live in caves, who hunt with bows and arrows, who believe in magic and superstition. Some of those people will become very, very special to him. And because of that, Rocco will have a hard time going home. For Rocco believes that, somehow, he has just been sent on a trip back through time, back to the ancient past. With the help of Ayoshe, the wise woman and healer, he must learn to accept his fate. He must learn to become part of the sometimes savage, sometimes beautiful, and often mysterious culture to which he has been sent. But then Rocco begins to realize that something is wrong-deadly wrong. Ayoshe knows a secret. Rocco must find that secret out. But when he does, it may mean the end of him. And it may mean the end of his world. Compelling and provocative, this powerful first novel by New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan will grip readers in breathless suspense from start to finish.

Dinah and the Green Fat Kingdom

by Isabelle Holland

Dinah has a sweet tooth, and it is causing her a lot of trouble! But her imagination, and her little dog, keep her going. And, she gets help from a very special friend!

Hound-Dog Man

by Fred Gipson

12-year-old Cotton is disappointed when he doesn't get a dog for Christmas. Then he bonds with a young hound while on a hunting trip with his friend and an unusual man named Blackie.

TIM: Defender of the Earth

by Sam Enthoven

TIM (that's Tyrannosaur: Improved Model), is the product of a top-secret military experiment, and up to now he's been living in a comfy lab beneath London's Trafalgar Square. But his world is about to change. Humanity is facing the greatest threat it has ever known: the brilliant, demented Professor Mallahide and his growing swarm of vicious nanobots. Tim must form an unlikely alliance with fourteen-year-old Chris and his classmate Anna-Professor Mallahide's daughter-to prevent our whole planet from becoming one seething tide of machines. The stage is set for the smackdown of the century. Who will prevail-the awesome, all-consuming Mallahide and his swarm? or TIM, DEFENDER OF THE EARTH!

When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw and Other Stories

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Eight stories based on traditional Jewish themes from Eastern Europe including Shrewd Todie & Lyzer the Miser; Tsirtsur & Peziza; Rabbi Leib & the Witch Cunegunde; The Elders of Chelm & Genendel's Key; Shlemiel, the Businessman; Utzel & His Daughter Poverty; Menaseh's Dream; When Shlemiel went to War<P><P> Newbery Medal Honor Book

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