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Animal Stories: Heartwarming True Tales from the Animal Kingdom

by Jane Yolen Adam Stemple Jui Ishida National Geographic Kids Staff Jason Stemple

Amazing animal stories that span the centuries come to life in this beautifully written and illustrated book. Some are sweet, some funny, some surprising, but all are emotionally powerful - the Capitolene geese who saved the Roman empire, Balto the Alaskan sled dog, Smoky the Bear, the passenger pigeon of WWI Cher Ami, and the latest internet sensation Christian the lion. A collection such as this comes along only once in a generation, full of heart-warming tales that families will read, re-read, and remember.

The Emancipation Proclamation: Asking Tough Questions (Questioning History)

by Nel Yomtov

What was the Emancipation Proclamation and why was it important? How did it affect the Southern states' ability to fight in the Civil War? How did the proclamation change the lives of black slaves in the South? When President Abraham Lincoln created the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, it had far-reaching effects on the course of the Civil War and U.S. history. Using an inquiry-based approach, primary sources, and quick-reference infographics, readers will discover how the Emancipation Proclamation helped end slavery and led to historic changes in the United States and in the lives of all U.S. citizens.

Explorers of the Coldest Places on Earth (Extreme Explorers)

by Nel Yomtov

For many decades, courageous men and women have ventured to our planet's foreboding icy regions. These brave explorers risk life and limb in the name of science or for the thrill of adventure. Who are these thrill seekers and why do they do it? Turn the pages to find out!

Explorers of the Remotest Places on Earth (Extreme Explorers)

by Nel Yomtov

Of all the places to explore on Earth, remote places are often said to be the most challenging. Yet brave explorers travel to the most remote corners of the world, pushing through vast forests, icy polar regions, and other landscapes. Who are these adventurers and why do they do it? Turn the pages to find out!

Internet Security: From Concept to Consumer (Calling All Innovators: A Career for You)

by Nel Yomtov

Learn about the history of internet security and find out what it takes to make it in this exciting career field.

Voting: A Kid's Guide (Kids' Guide to Elections)

by Nel Yomtov

The votes are in! What is voting all about? Readers find out why voting is important and how it plays a part our elections.

Please Write... I Need Your Help!

by Carol Beach York

From the back of the book: "Please Write Erin has a problem. Her mother is seeing a mysterious man who is supposed to be an old friend of the family, but Erin doubts it very much. Would an old friend take her to the zoo and leave her all alone, forcing her to find her own way? Would an old friend drive past her on a cold and windy day and force her to walk all the way home? Erin knows this man dislikes her, but the only person she can tell is her friend, Dorrie--and Dorrie is a letter away! I Need Your Help!" RL 5, ages 10-12 About 50 more books you may like are listed at the end of this book. They are books about families, school, mystery, and adventure. A list of scary Goosebumps books is included. Almost all of these books are in the Bookshare library so look them up for lots more great reading for boys and girls your age.

Washington Irving's Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman

by Carol Beach York

On the quiet banks of the Hudson River in New York, Washington Irving first wrote the tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. This tale of ghosts and terror takes place in Sleepy Hollow--a village as quiet as its name. Although the hero, Ichabod, was not strong or brave, like so many other American folk heroes, his story has been handed down to us over the years. Just as the stories told by the villagers of Sleepy Hollow made life just a bit more exciting, Ichabod's tale shows how the power of imagination and story-telling can spice up our own everyday lives.

How Do You Live?

by Genzaburo Yoshino

The first English translation of the classic Japanese novel, a childhood favorite of anime master Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl&’s Moving Castle), with an introduction by Neil Gaiman. First published in 1937, Genzaburō Yoshino&’s How Do You Live? has long been acknowledged in Japan as a crossover classic for young readers. Academy Award–winning animator Hayao Miyazaki has called it his favorite childhood book and announced plans to emerge from retirement to make it the basis of a final film. How Do You Live? is narrated in two voices. The first belongs to Copper, fifteen, who after the death of his father must confront inevitable and enormous change, including his own betrayal of his best friend. In between episodes of Copper&’s emerging story, his uncle writes to him in a journal, sharing knowledge and offering advice on life&’s big questions as Copper begins to encounter them. Over the course of the story, Copper, like his namesake Copernicus, looks to the stars, and uses his discoveries about the heavens, earth, and human nature to answer the question of how he will live. This first-ever English-language translation of a Japanese classic about finding one&’s place in a world both infinitely large and unimaginably small is perfect for readers of philosophical fiction like The Alchemist and The Little Prince, as well as Miyazaki fans eager to understand one of his most important influences.

Capoeira: A Battle Hidden in Dance (Fountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 5)

by Andrea Young

A MARTIAL ART LIKE NO OTHER Is capoeira dancing? Is it fighting? It is both of these and more. This Brazilian martial art reveals its power through a combination of music, dance, and fighting moves. NIMAC-sourced textbook

Clay Mazing and the Emergency Circus (ountas & Pinnell Classroom, Guided Reading Grade 5)

by Andrea Young

Emergency! The siren sounds; a team mobilizes in minutes, gathering costumes and props. The ambulance that blasts through the streets is not filled with doctors or nurses. It's filled with clowns! The Emergency Circus rushes from place to place, bringing laughter to people who are struggling to cope in difficult times. But now the circus has a new, even harder mission. It needs to race across the world to cheer up kids who have lost all touch with the life they once knew. NIMAC-sourced textbook

Finny and the Boy from Horse Mountain

by Andrea Young

Against the backdrop of the high-stakes and intensely competitive equestrian sport of show jumping, Finny, a fifteen-year-old girl in California, adopts an emaciated, untrained horse without her parents' knowledge. Soon after adopting Sky, Finny meets Joe, a sixteen-year-old, who has run away from his cruel uncle in Montana. His love for horses and desire to be a trainer matches Finny's dream of competing in the show jumping arena--against rich girls on fancier horses--and together, they train Sky to become a first-rate show jumper.But the path is fraught with danger. Sky is not like other horses and is so destructive and difficult he gets them kicked out of the barn where Finny has been working and training. Helped by a kind woman who owns a horse rescue, Joe is able to prove both his and Sky's incredible talents. When Joe is kidnapped by his violent uncle, Finny and Sky are the only ones who can save him. In a breathtaking finale, Sky and Finny must enter the underworld of the rodeo circuit, an after-hours, illegal race, where they will risk their lives to save the boy they love. Young demonstrates a masterful ability to set a breakneck pace and keep it up until the end of the novel. Finny and Joe are enduring characters who are sure to appear in upcoming sequels.

Healer of the Water Monster

by Brian Young

Brian Young’s powerful debut novel tells of a seemingly ordinary Navajo boy who must save the life of a Water Monster—and comes to realize he’s a hero at heart. When Nathan goes to visit his grandma, Nali, at her mobile summer home on the Navajo reservation, he knows he’s in for a pretty uneventful summer, with no electricity or cell service. Still, he loves spending time with Nali and with his uncle Jet, though it’s clear when Jet arrives that he brings his problems with him. One night, while lost in the nearby desert, Nathan finds someone extraordinary: a Holy Being from the Navajo Creation Story—a Water Monster—in need of help. Now Nathan must summon all his courage to save his new friend. With the help of other Navajo Holy Beings, Nathan is determined to save the Water Monster, and to support Uncle Jet in healing from his own pain. The Heartdrum imprint centers a wide range of intertribal voices, visions, and stories while welcoming all young readers, with an emphasis on the present and future of Indian Country and on the strength of young Native heroes. In partnership with We Need Diverse Books.

The Pumpkin War

by Cathleen Young

"Cathleen Young's characters will forever have a place in my heart." --Holly Goldberg Sloan, author of Counting by 7sFormer best friends compete to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin and win the annual giant pumpkin race on the lake. A great pick for fans of Half a Chance and Gertie's Leap to Greatness.At the end of every summer, Madeline Island hosts its famous pumpkin race. All summer, adults and kids across the island grow giant, thousand-pound pumpkins, then hollow one out and paddle in it across the lake to the cheers of the entire town. Twelve-year-old Billie loves to win; she has a bulletin board overflowing with first-prize ribbons. Her best friend Sam doesn't care much about winning, or at least Billie didn't think so until last summer's race, when his pumpkin crashed into hers as she was about to cross the finish line and he won. This summer, Billie is determined to get revenge by growing the best and biggest pumpkin and beating Sam in the race. It's a tricky science to grow pumpkins, since weather, bugs, and critters can wipe out a crop. Then a surprise visit from a long-lost relative shakes things up, and Billie begins to see her family, and her bond with Sam, in a new way.

See No Evil (Orca Currents)

by Diane Young

When Shawn and Daniel witness a gang beating behind the local mall they flee the scene, terrified that they've been seen. They recognize one of the attackers as a locally infamous gang member. When they learn that the kid who was attacked is in critical condition, Shawn wants to go to the police, but Daniel convinces him that they are in more danger if they speak up. The threats they receive from other members of the gang reinforce the boys' fears. When the gang attacks Daniel, Shawn has to put his own safety at risk to help his friend.

Bicycle Rider [Grade 5]: Student Book Level 5 Wk 20 (Soar to Success Ser.)

by Ed Young Mary Scioscia

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Celtic Wonder-Tales

by Ella Young Maud Gonne

Irish poet and mythologist Ella Young recounts 14 age-old yarns of ghosts, banshees, haunted castles, and mischievous sprites. Imaginatively illustrated by noted Irish artist and patriot Maud Gonne, these exciting narratives of magical doings in the twilit world of Celtic legend will enchant readers of all ages.The tales include "The Earth-Shapers," "The Spear of Victory," "The Cow of Plenty," "The Great Battle," "The Golden Fly," "The Children of Lir," and eight others, all abounding in the sly charm, whimsy, and flights of fancy that give Celtic folklore its special appeal.

The Monkey and the Crocodile: and Other Fables from the Jataka Tales of India

by Ellsworth Young Ellen C. Babbitt

Children will be enchanted by the quaint humor and timeless wisdom of these age-old fables drawn from Buddhist texts. Timid rabbits, noble deer, quarrelsome quails, greedy merchants, and other memorable animal and human characters populate the tales, all of which offer thought-provoking morals. "The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking" illustrates the folly of offering a reply when silence is the best answer; "The Ox Who Won the Forfeit" testifies to the effectiveness of kindness rather than brute force; and "The Golden Goose" and "The Penny-Wise Monkey" demonstrate how greed can ruin good fortune. These and dozens of other captivating stories are further enhanced by charming silhouette images.

Storm: The Ghost Machine

by Emma Young

Get swept into the second, even more explosive STORM! Will, Andrew, and Gaia are a trio of teen geniuses, and they’re taking Venice by STORM. All over Italy, mysterious burglaries are making headlines—news footage shows a strange, spectral form at the crime scenes. The thefts are dubbed the work of Il Fantasma: the Ghost. Through a series of exhilarating twists, Will, Andrew, and Gaia discover that the Ghost is part of a larger and more sinister plot than they could have imagined, one involving a decrepit Venetian castle, a dangerous cult, microscopic selforganizing robots, and quantum computers with a vile purpose and horrific consequences. Armed with high-speed boats, sonar helmets, and tons of cool gear, STORM must face all manner of obstacles— even cyborg sharks!—to find and stop the mind behind the mayhem. Little do they know, the enemy just might be a dear old friend.

STORM: The Infinity Code

by Emma Young

STORM is a gadget-packed, high-adrenaline adventure?a middlegrade spy novel sure to leave readers white-knuckled and breathless. It?s also the name of the ambitious organization formed by the story?s three brainiac kids: Will, the loner, inventive genius, and creator of cutting-edge gadgets. Andrew, the software whiz-kid, millionaire, and fashion disaster. Gaia, the brilliant and mysterious teen chemist, fluent in French, Italian, Mandarin, and blowing stuff up. Will first scoffs at STORM?s grand plans to combat global strife. But when the group uncovers a plot to create a deadly revolutionary weapon, the three race from England to Russia, determined not only to find and dismantle the weapon, but to confront the psychopathic scientist behind it all. .

Oregon Trail: The Road to Destiny

by Frank Young David Lasky

*** This book is images only and may not read with certain types of assistive technology **** Based on their extensive research into personal accounts of the Oregon Trail, comic authors David Lasky and Frank Young have created a graphic narrative of one family's epic journey. The main character is an 11-year-old girl whose family sets course for the West to seek new opportunities and to escape the eastern city where they had been living. Oregon Trail reveals all of the planning, equipment, and logistics that went into traveling across an untamed continent in the 1800s. In addition to its visualization of the family's journey, the book features a series of two-page spreads detailing a visual inventory of everything the family took with them, including the parts of a covered wagon and a personally annotated map of the trail. Readers get a ground-level feel for what it was like to be part of this storied migration west-not a dry recitation of dates and facts, but an immediately memorable living history.

Alfred Wegener: Uncovering Plate Tectonics: Earth and Space Science (Science Readers)

by Greg Young

In this appealing biography, children will read about the fascinating life, theories, and discoveries of Alfred Wegener. From his time in Greenland studying meteorology with hot balloons to his theory of Pangea, readers will be eager to learn more about Wegener's contributions to science and the strides he took towards developing the study of plate tectonics. The easy-to-read text, accessible glossary, helpful index, and intriguing facts work in conjunction with the lively images and captivating lab activity to engage readers from beginning to end! <P><P>Lexile Measure: 630L

Minnow And Rose: An Oregon Trail Story

by Judy Young

In the mid-1800s, Minnow lives in one of the many native villages scattered across the plains. One day she meets Rose, who is traveling West with her family on a wagon train, and two different cultures come face to face with life-changing results.

Buzz Takes Over (Focus Forward #Green Level)

by Karen Young Carmel Reilly

Fast Lane is a brand new reading intervention series developed for 8 to 14-year old struggling readers. It provides them with a variety of engaging, wonderfully illustrated stories and non-fiction texts which will appeal to even the most reluctant child reader. The series provides a complete program for junior reading intervention, and each book comes with a mini-audio disk for supporting and reinforcing children's fluency in reading.

Beware of the Giant Brain!: What's The Matter With Newton?; Monsters Among Us!; The Robot Who Knew Too Much; Beware Of The Giant Brain!; The Creature In Room #yth-125; The Good, The Bad, And The Accidentally Evil! (Franken-Sci High #4)

by Mark Young

The hijinks continue in the fourth book in Franken-Sci High, the wacky series created with The Jim Henson Company. Franken-Sci High is the only school in the world for aspiring mad scientists and it&’s located on a craggy island in the Bermuda Triangle, of course! While some mad scientists are power-hungry maniacs, the school was founded in 1536 as a refuge for generations of brilliant—and sometimes eccentric—young minds. Students are encouraged to use their brainpower for good, but the teachers accept that some kids will want to take over the world…and the school cafeteria. Odifin Pinkwad exists as a brain in a jar, and when he sets his mind to something…watch out! He finds out about a special Franken-Sci High event: A Mad Scientists and Brilliant Brains Trivia Night, and he is determined to win the special prize for first place. His plan to win? Plug into the jars holding famous brains in the school library&’s Brain Bank and transfer their knowledge to himself. Odifin thinks he has Trivia Night in the bag, but as he gets greedy for more and more brainpower and figures out how to connect to all the brains at once, he starts to grow, and grow, and grow. Soon he&’s a giant brain who exists in a shark tank instead of a jar! He&’s smarter than ever, but being a massive brain has some downsides: He needs more and more challenges—like doing the homework of every student in school for fun and making the lights flicker every time someone says &“Odifin&”—just to keep his brain busy. The strangest thing of all, though, is what happens next…when Newton Warp finds out a surprising detail about Odifin&’s past that could change everything! TM & © 2020 The Jim Henson Company

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