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Molly Learns A Lesson: A School Story (American Girls #2)

by Valerie Tripp

From the book: "When the teacher announces the Lend-a-Hand Contest to help the war effort, Molly is determined that the third grade girls will plan the winning project. Instead, they choose an idea that Molly knows will never work out. So she talks two friends into planning their own project and keeping it a secret from the rest of the girls in the class. But the secret project turns out to be harder than Molly thought it would be. She begins to worry that it might not win after all and decides to spy on the other girls to see how they are doing. When Molly and her friends get caught peeking in a window, they learn some important lessons."

Molly Moon & the Monster Music

by Georgia Byng

Molly has developed even more amazing powers in the sixth and final hypnotic installment of the New York Times bestselling Molly Moon series--perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket and Pseudonymous Bosch! Molly Moon can hypnotize or morph into anyone she chooses, travel through time, read minds--and now, thanks to a mysterious and magical coin, she can play EVERY instrument. The harmonica! The guitar! The drums! The piano! You name it. But will Molly be able to free herself from the coin's powers to save her friends--and herself? In the fun-filled sixth and final book of the Molly Moon series, Molly must face the music--the hypnotic music--of a magical coin that has the power to turn its owners into monsters!

Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story (American Girls Collection, #5)

by Valerie Tripp

From the book: "Everyone loves Camp Gowonagin, but Molly loves it most of all. She spends two wonderful weeks there singing, hiking, canoeing, and making arts and crafts projects with her friends Linda and Susan. When the camp director announces the beginning of Camp Gowonagin's Color War, Molly is afraid that the fun may end. Molly and Susan are on the Blue Team. They have to capture the flag hidden on Chocolate Drop Island by the Red Team. Linda is on the Red Team. She is their enemy and their friend. Will the Color War ruin camp for everyone, or can Molly think of a way to save the day?"

Molly's Promise

by Sylvia Olsen

When Molly learns a talent competition is coming to town, her friend Murphy (A Different Game, Murphy and Mousetrap) becomes her manager. Molly is certain she is a good singer--she has been singing in her head for as long as she can remember. She doesn't sing out loud because of a promise she made to herself. Years ago, Molly vowed that her mom would be the first one to hear her sing. The only problem is, Molly knows nothing about her mom, who left when Molly was a baby. With the talent competition only weeks away, she has to decide whether to break her promise to herself and let her voice out into the world, or wait for her mother's uncertain return before singing for anyone else. <

Mom's Best Friend

by Sally Hobart Alexander

This book explains the impact on the family of someone getting a successor dog guide, and also many of the tools that blind people use.

The Money Hunt (Hardy Boys #101)

by Franklin W. Dixon

The kidnapping of Frank Hardy's girlfriend at an anti-terror convention in Washington, D.C., sends the brother sleuths running straight into a terrorist deathtrap.

The Monkey Thief

by Aileen Kilgore Henderson

While visiting his uncle in a Costa Rican rain forest, Steve meets a monkey which he wants to tame and a smuggler who forces him to some very responsible decisions.

Monster High: Ghoulfriends Forever

by Gitty Daneshvari

Ghoulfriends Forever is a brand-new Monster High series, introducing three new monster characters. As new students, the trio must navigate the bewildering array of cute monster boys, established cliques, and monster-rific subjects like Mad Science, G-ogre-phy, and Physical Deaducation. As if that weren't hard enough, something strange and sinister seems to be happening at the school. Popular girls like Frankie Stein and Cleo de Nile are acting weird-and all signs point to everyone's new favorite teacher, Miss Sylphia Flapper. Can the new GFFs expose the fave as a fraud, or will they succumb to peer pressure?

Monster High: Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun

by Gitty Daneshvari

GFFs Rochelle, Robecca, and Venus begin to settle in at Monster High and are having a fangtastic time getting involved in the student body. Rochelle is tutoring the trolls, Robecca is blasting onto the Skulltimate Roller Maze team, and Venus is starting a compost pile with Lagoona Blue! The ghoulfriends are even recruited to help Toralei and Cleo plan the Hex Factor Talent Show. But during Mr. Mummy's Catacombing class, the ghouls find hints of a new threat to the school. And when white cats start showing up around the Creepateria-a bad omen for monsters!-the GFFs begin to wonder if their fun is over. Is Toralei playing pranks? Or is something more sinister haunting the halls of Monster High?

Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend?

by Gitty Daneshvari

The three ghoulfriends, Robecca Steam, Venus McFlytrap, and RochelleGoyle, are on the case to solve the mystery of the missing headmistress! First up is investigating the creeperiffic attic on the Monster High campus, where someone appears to have been hiding out amongst the lacy webs! Who is she, and what's her secret? The ghoulfriends soon find out and uncover a much bigger plot that puts the future of the entire student body in danger!

The Monster in the Mountains

by Anne Schraff

A hoax goes awry at Camp Roadrunner when Lauren disappears. Can Carmela and Jeff find out if there is really a monster in the mountains?

Monster of the Year

by Bruce Coville

[from the back cover] "Don't these monsters know a joke when they see it? When Mike and Kevver announced their MONSTER OF THE YEAR contest, it was just a funny way to liven up a dull summer. Of course, not everyone starts a joke with a 12-foot high billboard. But not everybody's mother owns a billboard company, either! Mike and Kevver thought they'd lucked out when Mike's mother gave them jobs as assistants at the McPhee Outdoor and Billboard Advertising Company. Of course, that was before the contest. Before the telegram from Transylvania. Before Igor and the first contestant arrived. Before the Count moved his coffin into Mike's basement. It was definitely before Mike and Kevver met Lulu Toomaloo. It was a contest that none of them would ever forget!" Check out the Bookshare collection for more than 65 books about monsters, unicorns, aliens and more by Bruce Coville, a popular author of books of humor, mystery and the unexpected.

The Monster of Wolf Point (Robin Kane #6)

by Eileen Hill

When an earthquake interrupts science class, Mr. Smith, the science teacher, tells the class about animals it might bring up from the sea. Then he sees a strange animal at Wolf Point. Enter a famous sea creature documenter and a couple of pranksters with a score to settle and how can Robin and her friends separate fact from fiction? In this sixth book in the series, Robin and her friends work to solve the mystery of the monster that surfaced near their home. Picture descriptions added.

The Monsters of Otherness

by Kaza Kingsley Melvyn Grant

Trouble is brewing in quiet, pleasant Alypium, and only Erec Rex can make it better. All of the baby dragons have mysteriously disappeared, and King Piter has lost the trust of his people. Worse, the evil Stain brothers will become the new rulers of the Kingdom of the Keepers unless Erec returns to Alypium and challenges them. but if Erec becomes king, the power of the royal scepter could destroy him completely. As Erec performs deadly quests in pursuit of the throne, he discovers that the right path brings many risks and few rewards -- and when he must delve into the Substance that holds our world together, he must summon all of his strength just to survive.

Montana History: Discovering Tomorrow Through Yesterday

by Tom Thayer Shar L. Murphy Montana Speaks Inc Staff

Montana History is a textbook for middle school grades; the reading level is sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Some chapters are easier reading for lower grades and some chapters are better suited for upper grades. Chapters three, four, five, six and seven are relevant to curriculum for upper elementary students. Most middle school teachers may use chapters one through eleven. Eighth grade, ninth-grade and tenth-grade teachers may employ chapters eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen.

The Moon of the Alligators (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

Describes an alligator's desperate search for food in the Florida Everglades during the month of October. Other books in The Thirteen Moons series are available in this library.

The Moon of the Bears (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

Chronicles a year in a black bear's life, beginning with her emerging from hibernation in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains during the spring thaw in February.

The Moon of the Chickarees (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

Describes the activities of a mother red squirrel during the month of April as she nurtures her newborn babies in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana.

The Moon of the Deer (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

A young buck weathers a hurricane that strikes the coast of Connecticut in September.

The Moon of the Fox Pups (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

Describes the experiences of five fox pups during the month of June in the farmland of Pennsylvania. Picture descriptions included.

The Moon of the Moles (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

During December and January, a young mole in Kansas spends her waking hours searching for food in her network of underground tunnels.

The Moon of the Monarch Butterflies (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

The story of the monarch butterfly's cross-continent migration during the month of May. Other books in The Thirteen Moons series are available in this library.

The Moon of the Mountain Lions (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

Describes the experiences of a young mountain lion during the month of August in his natural habitat on the side of Mount Olympus, in Washington State.

The Moon of the Owls (Thirteen Moons)

by Jean Craighead George

A great horned owl's stirrings to mate carry him across a forest in January in the Catskill Mountains, where he observes the nocturnal activities of other animals. Other books in this series are available in this library.

Showing 2,476 through 2,500 of 4,195 results


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