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The Key to Shimr Citrines

by Roopa Pai

Mithya's eight worlds - Shyn, Lustr, Sparkl, Glo, Dazl, Shimr, Syntilla and Glytr - were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa, Tufan and Zvala - three bright and brave Taranauts with special gifts - set out to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. After five successful missions - each of which has tested their wits, courage and team spirit - the Taranauts head for the blazing hot world of Shimr in search of the golden Citrines. Meanwhile, determined to stop them, a brand new army of Mithya's Most Ruthless, goes into full combat mode. Will all three Taranauts make it safely through the Bhoolabyrinth? Can Tufan survive the oxdrogen-deprived darkness of the underground city of Oop R' Ville? What is the secret of the Drip-Trip Cave? And how in Kay Laas will they tackle the most unexpected problem of them all - Mithyakos who don't want their stars rescued? Will the Citrines return to Tara? Read and find out!

Mythquest: Uchchaishravas

by Anu Kumar

'Uchchaishravas broke through the frothy white waters and galloped across the ocean bed...' He was the magnificent seven-headed heavenly steed who flew across the skies faster than human thought. A symbol of Lord Indra's glory Uchchaishravas carried him in grand processions dangerous battles and exciting adventures. Read about his splendid life...>

Mythquest: Narasimha

by Anu Kumar

'Narasimha caught Hiranyakashipu as easily as a snake seizing a tiny mouse and the great asura was helpless in his grip...'>

Rajula and the Web of Danger

by Deepa Agarwal

One night fifteen-year-old Rajula's carefree life in the green hills of Kumaon is changed forever. A mysterious man begins to haunt her dreams and he turns out to be no other than the ruler of Katyur King Malushahi! The problem is her father: the formidable sorcercer Sunapati Shauka. He has promised her hand to a Tibetan chieftain and now weaves a web of deceit and danger between Rajula and Malushahi. When Rajula learns that Malushahi and she had been sworn in marriage by their mothers much before she follows her heart and her fate on a perilous journey to the Katyuri capital Bairath. Despite her mother's magical spells she has to use all her courage and wits to battle the odds she faces. And for Malushahi winning her hand poses a death-defying challenge. The epic tale of Rajula's bravery and Malushahi's steadfastness has been sung by bards in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand for centuries and is retold here for the first time in English. Packed with magic humour

The Mystery of the Syntilla Silvers

by Roopa Pai

One half of Mithya shining another half still in the dark – glide away with the Taranauts on another thrilling ‘chilling’ adventure! Mithya’s eight worlds – Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla and Glytr – were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa Tufan and Zvala – three bright and brave Taranauts with special gifts - set out to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. At the end of four missions the score reads 4-0 in favour of the Taranauts. Nervous and desperate Shaap Azur’s Ograzurs are in attack mode taking the war to the enemy at impregnable Kay Laas! The attempt fails and the Taranauts zip away to the icy world of Syntilla but Eye-in-the-Sky has other tricks up his sleeve. Will the giant Syntillakos still grieving over the sudden drying up of their life-giving Bisibrooks Waterway rise up to help the Taranauts? Can our heroes negoti

Bookmine: A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The courageous Theseus in battle with the snake-haired Medusa. Midas, the greedy king who was given the `golden touch? but lost so much more. The curious Pandora and the monstrous contents of her mysterious box. The greatest hero, Hercules, who set out to steal the three Golden Apples guarded by a hundred-headed dragon. The gods Zeus and Quicksilver, who, disguised as mortals, tested their human subjects. And brave Bellerophon, who slew the dreaded Chimaera. Superheroes and monsters, gods and tricksters, fantasy and epic battles?they all began with Greek myths. Famous American author Nathaniel Hawthorne retells six of the most exciting myths in A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys. Join Eustace Bright and his young friends in this action-packed Wonder-Book, complete with conquering heroes, grotesque monsters, and gods who can shape and shake worlds with nothing but a thought.

MythQuest 6: Sheshanaga

by Anuradha Kumar

`Shesha appeared in his true form as the magnificent many-hooded snake and reared up his heads above Vasudeva, forming a protective umbrella over the child who was no other than Lord Krishna?? He was all-powerful, he was as old as the universe, he was the wise serpent-king. Sheshanaga, the endless snake, was a celestial being with the power of a deva. He carried the underworld on his many hoods and Lord Vishnu himself rested on his immense coils. Read about his multiple avatars and magical transformations?

MythQuest 5: Airavata

by Anuradha Kumar

`The mighty Airavata would stretch his trunks into water reservoirs, suck up the water and then spray it into the clouds?? He was the mighty white elephant, who could weave clouds and create rain. He was Lord Indra?s magnificent mount, who could make any demon quake in fear. First among all elephants, Airavata could cross the universe in a few strides and was gentle, loyal and brave. Read about his marvellous feats?

MythQuest 4: Garuda

by Anuradha Kumar

`The vanara army looked on awestruck as Garuda approached the battlefield, flapping his immense red wings?? He was as magnificent as a beacon of fire in the sky and as splendid as the gods. Garuda, the devourer of snakes, carried Lord Vishnu as he fought great battles against powerful enemies. Garuda appeared on earth whenever it was threatened by the evil serpents. Read about his wondrous adventures?

Mythquest 3: The Immortal Bear King

by Anuradha Kumar

`Jambavan came face to face with Ravana. He moved with a speed and fought with a ferocity that was unbelievable?? He was endowed with incredible strength, he had the wisdom of the sages and he was a born leader. Jambavan, the great bear king, led the army of vanaras in their search for Sita. He helped Rama fight Ravana and even helped restore the Syamanatakmani gem to clear Krishna?s name. Read his spectacular story...


by Anuradha Kumar

`Nandi was fearless?he gored all the powerful asuras to death in a fierce and swift motion?? He was ever obedient, he was brave and he was the most favoured of Shiva?s followers. Nandi, the great bull and gatekeeper of Shiva?s abode, carried the Three-Eyed One across the universe. Always at Shiva?s side, he danced the mystical tandava with him, fought great battles and even drank a deadly poison to prove his complete devotion to his lord. Read his amazing story. . .


by Anuradha Kumar

`The battle raged in the skies ? Jatayu refused to give up, taking on Ravana with his giant claws and mighty wings?? He was majestic, he was strong, he was the wise king of birds. Blessed by the gods and armed with celestial powers, Jatayu races to the sun, saves Dasharatha from Shani?s deadly glance and, inthe end, fights the powerful Ravana, sacrificing all he had in the name of justice and loyalty. Read his inspiring story?

The Race for the Glo Rubies

by Roopa Pai

Three worlds shining on to the fourth! Race away with the Taranauts to another heart-stopping adventure – at Glo! Mithya’s eight worlds - Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla and Glytr – were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until Zarpa Tufan and Zvala - three bright and brave Taranauts with special gifts - set out to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. With three successful rescues under their belts the Taranauts head west determined to notch up another win against their foes. But things take a nasty turn right at the start - the Marani of Glo is taken hostage! What’s worse Ograzur Dusht now has a secret agent in the Taranauts’ camp a spy who is known only by the code name Dro Hie. Can the Taranauts get safely across the fearsome Budbudana and the treacherous cliff paths of Pur Butte? Will they survive the motion-sensitive lightning hurlers of Wilderwolf Gorge? Does t

The Secret of the Sparkl Amethysts

by Roopa Pai

8 Tarasuns rescued 24 to go! Can the Taranauts pull off another win at Sparkl? Mithya's eight worlds - Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla and Glytr - were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all the 32 stars of Tara. All seemed lost until Taranauts Zarpa Tufan and Zvala - three bright brave and gifted mithyakins - set out on the difficult and dangerous quest to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. This time the Taranauts travel to Zarpa's home world of Sparkl to rescue the four Amethysts only to discover that Shaap Azur has upped the stakes like never before. They have to win four deadly games against wily opponents seen and unseen! What's more Shaap Azur's henchman Ograzur Dusht has launched a secret search for a spy in Shoon Ya's camp! Will Zarpa be able to beat the sandinger at 3-D SeeZee? Can Tufan rout Mog Ambow at Lunascoot Latang? Does Zvala have what it takes to crack the mindbenders in Brain Drain? And can the Taranauts defeat th


by Moti Nandi

A poor but feisty tomboy, `Koni? Kanakchampa Paul. A fiery coach, with an eye for talent and a passion for making it shine. A championship that sets up privileged competitors against one who is constantly sidelined. The stage is set for an explosive contest. And a sport stops being just a game. In a city where sports clubs are guided by favouritsm, a coach with a dream, Kshitish Sinha, plucks Koni from a slum and trains her to swim. The spunky teenager battles her way past hardship, rivalry and humiliation to negotiate a decisive lap against all odds. If she fails, she loses everything that matters. And if she succeeds, she blazes a trail out of her sorry circumstances. For the first time in translation, this story of faith, grit and sportsmanship is a modern classic by Moti Nandy, the master teller of sports stories.

The Riddle of the Lustr Sapphires

by Roopa Pai

Zip away with the Taranauts on another thrilling mission - in a different world! Mithya's eight worlds - Shyn Lustr Sparkl Glo Dazl Shimr Syntilla and Glytr - were plunged into darkness when the wicked Shaap Azur captured all the 32 stars of Tara. All seemed lost until Taranauts Zarpa Tufan and Zvala - three bright brave and gifted mithyakins - set out on the difficult and dangerous quest to bring back light and cheer to Mithya. Having set free the four Emeralds of Shyn the Taranauts are now racing against the dingdial to track down the Sapphires of Lustr. But the wily Shaap Azur has made the challenge tougher than ever - this time all the riddles are hidden in Lustr's baffling brain-scrambling Mayazaal! To make things worse the Demazurs are hot on their trail. Can the Taranauts call upon all their reserves of strength skills and talent as they battle vicious flowers weeping trees vengeful minimits and their own doubts about their mysterious companion Zubreymunyun. Will

The Quest for the Shyn Emeralds

by Roopa Pai

Exactly where Earth and Sky meet lies a whole different universe called Mithya! In Mithya is a great ocean, Dariya, and from it rises Kay Laas, the mighty, moody volcano. At it stop, is the home of the absolute Ruler of Mithya, the brave and kind Shoon Ya. He rules over the eight worlds that bob peace fully in Dariya, lit by the Tarasun and its 32 stars that light each world in different colours ?emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red? But danger lurks beneath the surface. In the fiery lands under the ocean bed, is imprisoned Shoon Ya?s evil twin, the fearsome demon Shaap Azur, just as powerful but All Bad. How much longer can Shoon Ya keep him under control? Not too long. When Shaap Azur escapes, he seizes all the stars, leaving Mithya?s eight worlds in darkness. The people of Mithya are horrified and separate, until three young, brave children of Mithya, gifted with special abilities come to their rescue. Will Mithiya shine again? Read and find out!

El Mago de Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Arrancada de su hogar en Kansas por un tornado, la pequeña Dorothy aterriza en un lugar desconocido junto a su perro Toto. La única persona capaz de devolverla a casa es el Mago de Oz, que vive en la Ciudad Esmeralda. Así empieza la travesía de Dorothy por un país maravilloso, una aventura plagada de obstáculos y peligros en la que contará con inestimables aliados: un espantapájaros sin cerebro, un león sin coraje y un hombre de hojalata sin corazón. Ciento once años después de su publicación original, y al medio siglo de su primera edición de bolsillo, restauramos el esplendor de El Mago de Oz con un prólogo iluminador y las ilustraciones que la han acompañado desde sus inicios.«L. Frank Baum ha llenado nuestro siglo, de principio a fin, de ingenuos gozos e insospechados deleites.»Ray Bradbury

Eric: Wm Format (Mundodisco #Volumen 9)

by Terry Pratchett

Eric es el aspirante a demonólogo del Mundodisco. Lástima que no se le dé muy bien. Todo lo que pide es que se le concedan... Todo lo que pide es que se le concedan tres deseos: el dominio sobre todos los reinos del mundo, la mujer más bella que haya existido jamás y vivir por toda la eternidad. Vamos, lo de siempre. Solo tendría que chasquear los dedos... Si hubiera invocado al ser adecuado. Los seguidores de Terry Pratchett llevaban años esperando este libro. Llega Eric, una divertida parodia de clásicos como Fausto, la Ilíada y La divina comedia. Una irónica visión de lo que puede ocurrir cuando se intenta gestionar el Infierno (una empresa como otra cualquiera, ¿o no?) de una manera eficiente.

Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte

by J. K. Rowling

Mientras se sube al sidecar de la motocicleta de Hagrid y trepa a los cielos, dejando Privet Drive por última vez, Harry Potter sabe que Lord Voldemort y los mortífagos no están lejos. El encanto protector que ha mantenido a Harry a salvo hasta este momento se rompió, así que no puede seguir escondiéndose. El Señor Oscuro está inspirando miedo en todo lo que Harry ama y, para detenerlo, Harry tendrá que encontrar y destruir los Horrocruxes restantes. La batalla final debe comenzar; Harry debe enfrentar a su enemigo...


by Hermann Hesse Antton Olariaga David Lindemman Irati Trebiño Goikoetxea

Siddharthak bilatzen zuena edo azken helmuga aurkitu duena esan nahi du sanskritoz. Azken helmugara iristeko bidean, lagungarri izan daitezke irakaspenak, Buda edo Mesiasak, baina baita natura bera ere: Ibaia, naturaren pertsonifikazio gisa, irakasle gorena izango da Siddhartharentzat, Vasudeva txalupariak iragarri bezala. Hinduismo, budismo, taoismo eta kristautasuneko osagaiak aurki daitezke Siddharthan. Buda historikoaren ibilbidearekin antz handia du Siddharthak: kasta eta etxea utzi eta aszetismoaren bitartez nitasuna gainditu nahi du lehenengo atalean. Taoismoarekin bat egiten du irakasle eta irakaspenekiko mesfidantza erakustean, jakinduria ezin dela hitzez eman ulertzen duenean. Modernitatearekin lotua den eta horrekin batera porrot egin zuen patriarkatu falozentristari ere ordezkoa aurkitzen dio Hessek Indiar tradizioan, Siddhartha emakumezkoen ezaugarritzat har zitezkeen bertuteak bereganatzen ahalegintzen den heinean: entzuten jakitea, hurkoaren sentimenduekin bat egiten jakitea, berdintasunean oinarritutako sexu-harremanak hobestea.

Mujercitas: Prólogo Con Reseña Crítica De La Obra, Vida Y Obra Del Autor, Y Marco Histórico (Los mejores clásicos #Volumen)

by Louisa May Alcott

Los mejores libros jamás escritos. Mujercitas, el clásico de Louisa May Alcott ambientado en la guerra de Secesión, fue publicado en Estados Unidos en 1868. Han pasado casi ciento cincuenta años desde entonces, pero la complicidad de las cuatro hermanas March, quienes a través de sus gestos y palabras resumen el espíritu crítico de una época, sigue siendo fuente de inspiración y disfrute para las generaciones de lectores que se asoman a las páginas de esta fascinante obra. Elaine Showalter, catedrática de la Universidad de Princeton, está considerada una de las voces más representativas de la crítica literaria feminista. En su brillante introducción analiza en detalle las influencias de la autora, así como el impacto de Mujercitas en la obra de escritoras de la talla de Simone de Beauvoir, Joyce Carol Oates o Cinthya Ozick. «Si fuese un chico, me escaparía contigo y lo pasaríamos en grande, pero soy unapobre chica y he de comportarme con propiedad y volver a casa.»

Romeo y Julieta (edición bilingüe)

by William Shakespeare

Los mejores libros jamás escritos. «¡Oh amor nacido de un extraño prodigio:tener que amar a un odiado enemigo!» El tiempo no ha cerrado las heridas de los Montesco y los Capuleto, dos familias de Verona enemistadas por antiguos pleitos cuyo origen ya casi nadie alcanza a recordar. Con el odio llegó la violencia, y con la violencia, las primeras víctimas inocentes. Pero del odio nació también el amor entre dos jóvenes predestinados a la desventura: Romeo y Julieta. La suya es una de las historias más populares de todos los tiempos, a la vez que su trágico desenlace se ha convertido en un hito de la literatura universal, «pues jamás hubo tan triste suceso como este de Julieta y de Romeo». Presentada en la extraordinaria versión del traductor Josep Maria Jaumà, esta edición bilingüe se abre con la esclarecedora introducción de Adrian Poole, catedrático del Trinity College de Cambridge, quien nos acerca a este gran canto a la juventud, a la pasión, al amor y a los peligros insoslayables del odio. Victor Hugo dijo...«Shakespeare representó las dos caras del corazón humano y los dos extremos del arte con personajes que vivirán eternamente: llenos de un vigor misterioso, impalpables como las nubes, inmortales como el aliento.»

Don Juan (Los mejores clásicos)

by Molière Tirso De Molina Lorenzo Da Ponte

Los mejores libros jamás escritos. «A mí la belleza me encanta dondequiera que la encuentre y cedo con facilidad a esa dulce violencia a la que nos arrastra.»Molière Leyenda popular, Don Juan se convirtió en personalidad literaria con el drama trágico El burlador de Sevilla, de Tirso de Molina. A partir de entonces protagonizó como héroe-villano obras de teatro, novelas y poemas, hasta convertirse en un carácter universal, comparable a Don Quijote, Hamlet y Fausto. Además del texto fundacional de Tirso de Molina, en este volumen recogemos por su relevancia el drama de Molière y el libreto de Lorenzo da Ponte para la ópera de Mozart Don Giovanni, que aquí presentamos en edición bilingüe. Un análisis del Don Juan como arquetipo de la literatura y el cine, a cargo de Jordi Balló y Xavier Pérez, acompaña las tres grandes obras que asentaron las bases del mito. De este modo, el presente volumen nos acerca a un personaje que ha seducido, como solo él puede, a lectores de todas las épocas. Gustave Flaubert dijo...«Las tres cosas más hermosas del mundo son: el mar, Hamlet y Don Juan.»

El Mago de Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Los mejores libros jamás escritos. «Es un buen mago. Si es un hombre o no, es cosa que ya no puedo decirte, porque nunca le he visto.» Arrancada de su hogar en Kansas por un huracán, la pequeña Dorothy aterriza en un mundo desconocido. Comienza así una travesía junto a su perro Toto en busca de la única persona capaz de devolverlos a casa: el Mago de Oz. Durante el viaje hasta Ciudad Esmeralda, donde el hombre vive, se enfrentarán a un sinfín de obstáculos y peligros, pero contarán también con inestimables aliados: un espantapájaros sin cerebro, un león sin coraje y un hombre de hojalata sin corazón. Más de un siglo después de su publicación, la magia de L. Frank Baum se despliega ante nosotros como si el tiempo apenas hubiera transcurrido. Con la iluminadora introducción del profesor y estudioso Jack Zipes y las ilustraciones que han acompañado a la novela desde sus inicios, esta edición rinde homenaje a una de las aventuras más entrañables de todos los tiempos. Ray Bradbury dijo...«L. Frank Baum ha llenado nuestro siglo, de principio a fin, de ingenuos gozos e insospechados deleites.»

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